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Livingston Co., MI, GenWeb site; History of Howell, pub. 1868

Joseph HUBBARD, farmer in section 26, settled 1861





HUBBARD, Horatio C.  (Karen Megerle), By Coralynn Brown - Feb 18, 2001 

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Record of Marriages, Genesee County, MI

Book 7  1901-1911 Part 1

pg 111, record 6783

June 28, 1905

Horatio C. Hubbard (age 28,)

Richfield Twp.

Born Richfield Twp.

Occupation: farmer

Father:  George B. Hubbard

Mother:  Eliza Phillips

Prev marriages:  0

TO: Chrischana Paul age 37

Flint City

Born:  New York

Occupation: Domestic

FAther:  Timothy May

Mother:  Mary J. Allen

Prev. marriages: three

DAte of Marriage:  June 28, 1905 in Flint, MI by O. Whitney, Clergyman.

Witness: G. H. Whitney, Flint, MI

Raymond Whitney, Flint, MI


Sophia HUBBARD marriage 1860, By Karen Megerle - Dec 8, 2000

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1 July 1860

Henry O’DELL (27) of Shiawassee to Sophia HUBBARD age 17

Genesee CO, MI


Michigan Census


Henry D. HUBBARD 1880 MIDLAND MI age 27, By Karen Megerle - Jan 14, 2001 

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1880 Census Michigan

Midland, Edenville Twp.

Vol. 18  215 sheet 6 or 1  line 8

HUBBARD, Henry D  (w) male           27        New York Lydia            wife             28          NY

Willie A.      Son                 6           Michigan

Charles L.   Son                 4           Michigan

Edith M.     Daughter         2








Willis HUBBARD, Tuscola CO, MI, By Karen Megerle - Dec 12, 2000

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WILLIS HUBBARD. Our subject is one of the Professors who has longest been connected with the deaf-mute school of Flint. Although he is entirely deprived of his hearing, he has not lost the ability to articulate distinctly and understandably. He is a diligent reader, and is informed on all subjects. Mr. Hubbard was born, March 8, 1845, at Cropsyville, near Troy, N.Y. He is the son of Francis E. and Jerusha (Howe) Hubbard. The former was a native of South Hubbard, of England, who was one of the earliest Puritan settlers in Massachusetts. The family finally drifted to Hadley.

Our subject's father came West when a young man and became a leather manufacturer in Cropseyville, later removing to Oswego, N.Y., where he died in 1876, at the age of sixty-one years. His wife was born in Grafton, N.Y., and was a daughter of Daniel Howe, a native of Massachusetts but a manufacturer in Grafton. Mrs. Jerusha Hubbard died in Oswega, N.Y., in 1883, at the age of sixty-eight years. She was a devout Christian woman, and the mother of five children: Charles, a well-known wholesale drug merchant of Syracuse, N.Y.; Josiah, who died in 1868; Willis, our subject; Alonzo, also a druggist of New York; and Maria, who resides with her brother Charles.

Willis Hubbard attended the common schools near his home until ten years of age, when a long and nearly fatal attack of the brain fever deprived him of his hearing, he retaining, however, the power of speech. In the fall of 1856 he entered the New York institute for the deaf and dumb in New York City, under the able management of the Peets, father and son. This school stood at the head of all institutions of the kind in the country, and probably in the world. A high class had been formed which enabled those students who were qualified, to pursue advanced studies. Mr. Hubbard graduated with honors, and was valedictorian of the Class of "63.

In the fall of the same year, on the recomendation of Dr. Peet to Prof. Fay, he was appointed a teacher in this institution, and he has filled the position acceptably and successfully ever since, with the exception of the years, 1867-68, when he was engaged in similar work in New York. Soon after losing his hearing, our subject's grandfather, seeking to console the boy's mother, who naturally felt very sad over her child's affliction, said to her, "probably your son will yet live to do a great deal of good in this world for his fellow-men." And this is indeed true, for many years he has been bringing light into the lives of those whose senses have been deficient.

Prof. Hubbard was married in Flint, in 1865, to Miss Emma S. Wesson, a daughter of the late Leonard Wesson, of this city. She was born in Clarkston, this State. They have two children: Edward, who is a business man in Denver, Col.; and Fred, who is at home with his parents. In their religious belief our subject and his wife worship the Congregational denomination. Socially he is a member of the Ancient Order of United Workmen. He and Prof. Thomas L. Brown were the first deaf mutes, with one exception, who have been admitted to the order. He has a comfortable and well-arranged home, located at No. 48 Court Street. His chief pleasure there, outside of the inmates, is his library, which is indeed fine.




Civil War, Henry D. HUBBARD, MI, By Karen Megerle - Dec 10, 2000

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This is not my great grandfather, but must be related.  Information from Don Harvey,, expert on MI Civil War.

"Henry D. HUBBARD of the 1st Engineers, Company G enlisted at Richfield, Michigan on Spetember 17, 1861. He died at Marshall, Michigan on December 14, 1861. Looks like this man took sick and died before he even left the state."

I wonder if this is the one who was on Midland, MI census?




HUBBARD Gleanings #5 - Michigan Death Index, By   - Aug 6, 2000

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The following HUBBARDS are listed as having died in the state of Michigan between the years 1868 & 1882.  The death records are available on this site [cause of death, age, mother & father's names if recorded, etc] by clicking on the name from the search list.

Decedent's Name<br><br>Date of Death<br>Father's LastName  County of Death

HUBBARD, AIZZIE  <br>12-Nov-1881    <br>Sheppard              <br>Saginaw

HUBBARD, AMOS O  <br>15-Aug-1871    <br>Unkown                <br>Wayne

HUBBARD, ANNA F  <br>29-Nov-1873    <br>Hubbard               <br>Ingham

HUBBARD, ANNA     <br>0-Dec-1874    <br>Condon                <br>Saginaw

HUBBARD, ARTIE    <br>2-Jan-1880    <br>Not recorded          <br>Kalamazoo

HUBBARD, AUGUSTA  <br>2-Oct-1879    <br>Biu                   <br>Lenawee

HUBBARD, BELLE   <br>22-Aug-1869    <br>Hubbard              <br>Mecosta

HUBBARD, BENJAMIN F   <br>1-Jan-1878  <br>Hubbard             <br>Genesee

HUBBARD, BRADLEY A    <br>26-Aug-1878 <br>Not recorded        <br>Washtenaw

HUBBARD, CATHERINE <br>9-Feb-1876   <br>Ford                 <br>Marquette

HUBBARD, CATHERINE <br>27-Dec-1881   <br>Not recorded         <br>Wayne

HUBBARD, CHAUNCY M  <br>10-Aug-1871  <br>Hubbard              <br>Ionia

HUBBARD, CORA C     <br>17-May-1880  <br>Fox                  <br>Monroe

HUBBARD, EBENEZER   <br>29-May-1879  <br>Hubbard              <br>Lapeer

HUBBARD, EDITH      <br>23-Jul-1868   <br>Not recorded        <br>Saginaw

HUBBARD, EDWIN      <br>26-Nov-1870   <br>Hubbard  <br><br>Montcalm

HUBBARD, ELDRIDGE<br>25-Jul-1876 <br>Not recorded<br><br>Livingston

HUBBARD, ELIZA<br><br>5-Nov-1877 <br>Raymond  <br><br>Jackson

HUBBARD, EUGENE <br>18-Sep-1876<br>Hubbard <br><br>Saint Clair

HUBBARD, EZRA GLEN <br>14-Feb-1880<br>Hubbard<br><br><br>Muskegon

HUBBARD, FLORENCE G <br>5-Jan-1876 <br>Hubbard <br><br>Saint Clair

HUBBARD, FRANK S L<br>18-Nov-1875 <br>Hubbard <br><br>Van Buren

HUBBARD, FRANK <br><br>22-Oct-1874<br>Hubbard<br><br><br>Lenawee

HUBBARD, GEORGE H <br>10-Sep-1872 <br>Hubbard <br><br>Shiawassee

HUBBARD, GEORGE  <br>26-Apr-1870<br>Unknown <br><br>Wayne

HUBBARD, GILES  <br>6-Nov-1876  <br>Hubbard  <br><br>Macomb

HUBBARD, GORDON <br>13-Apr-1873 <br>Hubbard<br><br><br>Genesee

HUBBARD, GRACIE  <br>0-Sep-1876 <br>Hubbard <br><br>Midland

HUBBARD, HANNAH<br><br>17-May-1873 <br>Whitman <br><br>Jackson

HUBBARD, HENRIETTA <br>12-Jul-1880 <br>Not recorded <br><br>Saint Clair

HUBBARD, HENRY W <br>19-Oct-1876<br>Hubbard <br><br>Barry

HUBBARD, HENRY W <br>27-Apr-1871 <br>Hubbard  <br><br>Wayne

HUBBARD, ISAAC  <br>31-Oct-1874  <br>Unknown  <br><br>Wayne

HUBBARD, JACOB<br><br>14-Oct-1872<br>Hubbard<br><br><br>Ottawa

HUBBARD, JAMES W<br>15-May-1871<br>Not recorded<br><br>Macomb

HUBBARD, JANE<br><br>15-Sep-1874<br>Dane<br><br><br>Lenawee

HUBBARD, JEREMIAH<br>17-Oct-1867<br>Not recorded<br><br>Kalamazoo

HUBBARD, JESS S<br><br>29-May-1868<br>Hubbard<br><br><br>Monroe

HUBBARD, JOHN R<br><br>23-Dec-1870<br>Hubbard<br><br><br>Allegan

HUBBARD, JOHN W<br><br>0-Dec-1879<br>Hubbard<br><br><br>Gratiot

HUBBARD, JOHN<br><br>22-Aug-1874<br>Hubbard<br><br><br>Marquette

HUBBARD, JOHN<br><br>6-Dec-1871<br>Hubbard<br><br><br>Clinton

HUBBARD, JOHN<br><br>31-Dec-1876<br>Hubbard<br><br><br>Monroe

HUBBARD, JOSEPH<br><br>21-Oct-1875<br>Unknown<br><br><br>Calhoun

HUBBARD, LENORA<br><br>8-Apr-1869<br>Hubbard<br><br><br>Saint Clair

HUBBARD, LESLEY<br><br>9-Dec-1876<br>Hubbard<br><br><br>Newaygo

HUBBARD, LORA<br><br>27-Mar-1875<br>Pace<br><br><br>Saint Clair

HUBBARD, LOVINIA<br>31-Jul-1875<br>Not recorded<br><br>Hillsdale

HUBBARD, LUCY<br><br>13-Nov-1878<br>Davis<br><br><br>Branch

HUBBARD, MARGARET<br>24-Apr-1881<br>Hicks<br><br><br>Kent

HUBBARD, MARTHA P<br>25-Jul-1871<br>Hubbard<br><br><br>Barry

HUBBARD, MARY ANN<br>13-Jul-1878<br>Not recorded<br><br>Bay

HUBBARD, MARY C<br><br>20-Jul-1878<br>Hubbard<br><br><br>Bay

HUBBARD, MARY E<br><br>22-Jul-1871<br>Hubbard<br><br><br>Barry

HUBBARD, MARY JANE<br>6-Aug-1876<br>Not recorded<br><br>Genesee

HUBBARD, MARY<br><br>4-Sep-1869<br>Hubbard<br><br><br>Saint Clair

HUBBARD, MARY<br><br>13-Mar-1873<br>Vickery<br><br><br>Saint Clair

HUBBARD, MICHAEL<br>14-Aug-1874<br>Hubbard<br><br><br>Marquette

HUBBARD, NETTIE<br><br>12-Aug-1875<br>Cotton<br><br><br>Calhoun

HUBBARD, NO NAME<br>21-Dec-1876<br>Hubbard<br><br><br>Wayne

HUBBARD, NORRIS A<br>8-Nov-1871<br>Hubbard<br><br><br>Saginaw

HUBBARD, OLIVE<br><br>29-Jun-1871<br>Unknown<br><br><br>Wayne

HUBBARD, ROBERT L<br>16-Jul-1873<br>Hubbard<br><br><br>Ottawa

HUBBARD, SARAH E<br>30-Mar-1871<br>Unkown<br><br><br>Wayne

HUBBARD, SARAH L<br>11-Apr-1872<br>Lee<br><br><br>Barry

HUBBARD, SILAS D<br>1-Aug-1882<br>Hubbard<br><br><br>Van Buren

HUBBARD, WILLIAM R<br>28-Jul-1877<br>Hubbard<br><br><br>Jackson

HUBBARD, WILLIE N<br>20-Jun-1873<br>Hubbard<br><br><br>Van Buren

HUBBARD, WILLIE<br><br>29-Jun-1870<br>Hubbard<br><br><br>Ottawa

HUBBARD, WM A<br><br>12-Mar-1867<br>Hubbard<br><br><br>Barry

HUBBARD, ZADNIK<br><br>6-Jun-1874<br>Unknown<br><br><br>Allegan

HUBBARD, ZOE E <br><br>27-Apr-1881 <br>Hubbard <br><br>Kent