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The Great Migration Begins: 1620-33, Part 2: Edmund HOBART, By Coralynn Brown - Aug 2, 2000 

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Migrated in 1633, settled in Charlestown (MA), removed to Hingham in 1635.

Made freeman Marach 4, 1633-34 as Edmund Hubbert'

The offices to which he was elected and appointed and the educational attainments of his sons indicate that Edmund Hobart had received an education above average for his time.

He was Charlestown Constable, 1635, lotlayer and assessor Jan 9, 1633-34.

Deputy for Hingham to MA Bay General Court, May 22, 1639, 9/4/1639, 10/7/1640 9/8/1642. Commissioner to end small causes for Hingham, 1638, 1639, 1641. Grand Jury, 9/19/1637. Committee to levy a colony rate, 6/6/1639.

"Edmund Hobart" was one who drew his houselot at Hingham 9/18/1635.

Although there are no records that purport to be the settlement of Edmund's estate at his death, the grant by Peter Hubbard of Hingham to his brother, Thomas Hubbard of Hingham of "ten acres of land...also twenty acres of land with five acres of meadow....also one great lot containing thirty acres...all which was granted by a deed of sale dated 11/20/1647" may have had some relation to Edmund's estate, perhaps left in the hands of his son Rev. Peter, who evidently kept his step-mother for several years after Edmund's death.

Edmund's birth: abt 1575 based on date of marriage.

Death: Hingham, 3/8/1646-47.


(1) Margaret Dewey in Hingham, on Sept 7, 1600. She died before Oct 1634 when her husband remarried. It is not certain that she survived to come to New England, especially since she did not join the Charlestown church with her husband on 10/19/1633.

(2) Sarah (_______) Lyford Oakley, in Charlestown 10/10/1634. She born abt 1586, widow of Rev. John Lyford. She died in Hingham on 6/23/1649. Edmund Hobart was guardian to the children of his second wife, and was otherwise inolved in securing their inheritance from their father.

1. Nazareth, bp 6/7/1601, m (1) Robert Turner in 1626, (2) John Beal, as his second wife, 7/13/1630. John Beal m (3) Mary Gilman Jacob in 1658=59, widow of Nicholas Jacob.

ARE YOU as confused as I AM?

2. Edmund, bp 1/16/1602-3, m Elizabeth Elmer in 1632 in Hingham.

3. Peter, bp 10/13/1604, m (1) Rebecca Ibrook 10/12/1628 in Covehithe, Suffolk. dau of Richard Ibrook. (2) Rebecca Peck, in 1646?, dau of Joseph Peck.

4. Thomas, bp 2/23/1605-06, m Anne Plomer in Wymondham, Norfolk on 6/2/1629 (2) m Jane_______who d as his widow on 2/18/1690.

5. Alice, bp 3/22/1606-07, married Thomas Chubbuck in Hardingham, Norfolk on 2/28/1631-32.

6. Anthony, bp 10/8/1609, buried 12/22/1609.

7. Edward, bp 11/4/1610, buried 11/28/1610.

8. Rebecca, bp 12/29/1611, admitted to Charlestown church 1633, no further record. (some say she became the wife of Edward Bangs, but this volume does not think so.)

9. Joshua, bp 10/9/1614, admitted to Charlestown church 1633, m Ellen Ibrook in Cambridge, March 1637-38. She dau of Richard Ibrook.

10. Sarah, bp 12/26/1617, no further record.

In 1951 Clarence Almon Torrey summarized the family of Edmund Hobart, with inclusion of all the English records known at that time. Rev. Peter Hobart maintained a record of many of the vital events occurring in HIngham during his lifetime, and this was published in 1967.

DO YOU NOTICE THAT EDMUND HOBART HAD NO SON NAMED GEORGE?? This helps us keep those George Hubbards OUT of Edmund's descendants, as well they should be.




The Great Migration Begins: 1620-33 Benjamin Hubbard, By Coralynn Brown - Aug 2, 2000 

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First: My understanding is that this Great Migration lasted until the end of the 1630s. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I was also under the impression that both George Hubbards had emigrated by 1633, but, according to this chronicle, the only Hubbards they acknowledge are:

1. BENJAMIN HUBBARD, migrated 1633 to Charlestown (MA?) then returned to England permanently in 1644.

He was a syrveyor, very well educated, was Clerk of the writs for Charlestown in 1641. Owned property in Charlestown.

Married by 1633 Alice________. Alice is named as mother of all Benjamin's children and she remained in New England when her husband left for Eng in 1644. Son James may have been born after the father's departure.

(This man is becoming more charming by the minute, aye what?!)


1. Benjamin b 3/24/1634, bp 3/30/1634.

2. Elizabeth b 4/4/1636, bp 5/16/1636.

3. Thomas b 5/31/1639, bp 6/3/1639.

4. Hannah b 12/16/1641.

5. James b 9/9/1644.

Edmund HOBART of Hingham, Norfolk, and his sons resided in Charlestown briefly in the mid-1630s before moving on to Hingham. There is no indication whatever that they were related to Benjamin Hubbard.

Roger Williams, in a letter to John Winthrop dated 11/10/1637 noted that "I received a letter from some in Charlestown (in special from one Benjamin Hubbard) intimating his and others desire to be my neighbors in some place near adjoining.

On 2/25/1644-45, Benjamin Hubbard wrote two letters from London to John Winthrop Sr. and John Winthrop Jr. These letters imply clearly that Hubbard had recently sailed to England (with the assistance of the Winthrops) and that he had left his wife (& presumably children) behind. In both of these letters, Hubbard indicates that he has arrnaged "a trial of my invention concerning longitude before artists."

Hubbard's quick disposal of most of his land indicates that he was not supporting himself through agricultural pursuits. His status as "Mr" hints that he may have arrived with considerable resources, and several bits of evidence indicate that he aspired to make a name for himself among experts in surveying and navigation, and partially at least supported himself in these pursuits. There is no indication that he returned to New England, and there is no further record of his wife or children in New England either. A search for him in England could be rewarding, as he had soon established contacts in the academic world after his return.

A widow Elizabeth Hubbard made a will in Boston in Dec 1643, naming sons Benjamin and Richard & daughters Hannah, Sarah and Rachel. Savage and Wyman claim that this is the mother of this Benjamin Hubbard, but there is no particular reason to belive this.

Wyman inserts a son, Ichabod, from Hobart's Journal, but this must belong to one of the Hobarts of Hingham.

In 1895 Edward Warren Day made a number of claims about the English origin and later fate of Benjamin Hubbard, but this author's work is generally unreliable.

MY TAKE on all of this:

If Benjamin's wife, Alice and the five children seem to have disappeared off the radar screen genealogically, I am wondering if she remarried and her new husband adopted the children, changing their last names to match his. It would certainly help them in matters of inheritance...if such a thing could be done.

IF Alice kept the surname Hubbard and her five children as well, ONE of us would certainly have them pop up on our pedigree charts, wouldn't you think?? Somewhere out there are Hubbard descendants who have no clue that they indeed are.

Ve-ry in-ter-es-ting.



More MASS. Vital Records (all surnames) at: JANE'S SITE

Some Hubbard men married Mayflower descendants, By Coralynn Brown - Jan 14, 2000 

I was looking at this big chart I made up of my lines back to Edward Doty, Richard Warren, Francis Cooke, Thomas Rogers and Stephen Hopkins and wondered how many other Hubbard descendants could actually be descended from the last two mentioned through the people the Hubbard men in their lines married. Unfortunately, we tend to more heavily research the individuals who carry the family name, and the women they marry may have some wonderful lineages we don't always pursue.

Another thing is: how many of these women's parents gave birth to a whole raft of children and we only have access to the name of our ancestress. Her siblings would partake of this Mayflower heritage as well. Something to work on, yes? (start researching out the maternal lines more fully.)

Right now I have before me my fancy-shmancy chart of Mayflower passengers that shows:

Timothy Hubbard (b 1767 Haddam CT) m Eunice Thomas (same)

Eunice's father, Ebenezer Thomas (1727,Barnstable MA)

m Abigail Brooks (b 1732 Haddam, CT)

Ebenezer's father, Roger Thomas m Susanna Snow

back one more: Ebenezer SNOW m Hope Horton

back one more: Stephen Snow m Susannah Deane Rogers

back one more: Nicholas Snow m Constance Hopkins.

Constance Hopkins' father was Mayflower passenger Stephen Hopkins.

This is just one example of how you have to look for surnames that 'click'. Snow, for one.

Delano is a name that could possibly lead you back to:

Richard Warren (M/flr), and, in some cases, Edward Doty (M/flr), Remember Franklin Delano Roosevelt? Where do you think that middle name came from? Bingo!!

I know we aren't a Mayflower genealogical website, but there are goodies out there that are almost as fun as tracking down missing Hubbard (???).





NH, CT & MA (George/Mary Bishop lineage?), By Coralynn Brown - Jun 27, 2000 (Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth) 

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from History of Charlestown, NH, Fort No. 4- by Rev. H.H. Saunderson


Capt. Jonathan Hubbard was desc from John Hubbard who came to Concord MA with Rev. John Jones abt 1635. He removed from Concord MA thence to Hatfield where he d 1707.

Jonathan Hubbard the 2d son of John Hubbard who inherited property from his uncle, Deacon Robert Merriam of Concord, MA, m Hannah Rice of Marlborough MA and d July 17, 1728 aged 70. She d Apr 9, 1747 aged 89 - both are buried at Concord, MA

Major Jonathan Hubbard 1st son of Jonathan and Hannah (Rice) Hubbard m Rebecca Brown and d Apr 7, 1761. His wife d Nov 2 , 1751 and both are buried at Townsend, MA.

Their children:

1. Rebecca Hubbard m Col. Joseph Blanchard of Dunstable.

2. Hannah Hubbard m Col. Josiah Willard 1st of Lunenburg, MA then of Winchester, NH

3. Ruth Hubbard m (1) Rev. Steams of Lunenburg, and (2) Rev. Whitney of Petersham.

4. Mary Hubbard m (1)_____Jennison of Lunenburg, m (2) Col. Benjamin Bellows, founder of Walpole.

5. Jonathan Hubbard (see p 417)

6. John Hubbard d in infancy.

7. John Hubbard 2d who was father of John Hubbard, Prof. of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy at Dartmouth College.

p. 417

Capt. Jonathan Hubbard was a surveyor at Fort No. 4 as early as Marach 1743. He was a member of a company of 20 men under command of Benjamin Bellows posted on Connecticut River in 1755. He d June 1, 1759. He m Abigail Jennison of Lunenburg, VT.

Their children:

1. Abigail Hubbard m Richard Glidden

2. Jonathan Hubbard m Eunice Wheeler dau of Moses and Elizabeth Wheeler. She d Oct 8, 1755. Their children:

1. Fanny Hubbard m Gideon Kidder of Weathersfield, VT

2. Samuel Hubbard b Aug 1782 m Mrs.Mary Allen in 1811. He d March 18, 1859.

3. Abigail Hubbard m Godfrey Cook of Claremont, NH

4. Sophia Hubbard m Edward Reed a Scotchman, Res: Dalton, NH

5. Jenison J. Hubbard b 1793 m Eliza Fitch b 1800. Their children:

1. Henry Fitch Hubbard b 1820 Res: CA

2. Sarah Hubbard b 1822 m 1848 Amasa Rice of Chesterfield, MA (4 children)

3. Gorham Hubbard b 1825 killed in steamboat explosion on Ohio River.

4. Robert Hubbard b 1830 m at St. Louis 1858 Sarah Ross b Newburyport, MA

3.____m______Giles of Newport, NH

4. David Hubbard m Abigail Labaree dau of Peter and Ruth (Putnam) Labaree, b 1760 Res" N. Charlestown.


Jotham Hubbard b 1779 d young

Roswell Hubbard b 1781 m 1807 Sophia Wilson dau of Joseph and Annes (Holder)Wilson, b 1789.

5. Asa Hubbard b 1787 d young

6. Abigail Hubbard b 1789 m 1810 Moses Judevine.

7. David Hubbard b 1791 m 1815 Rosalinda Westcott.

8. Susan Hubbard b 1794 m 1813 Lemuel Grow.

9. Jonathan Hubbard b 1796 m 1820 Annes Whipple.

p. 419

The earliest known ancestor of the Hon. John Hubbard the 1st settler of Charlestown was George Hubbard who came from MA and settled in Weathersfield CT as early as 1638. Then to Guilford CT and thence to Milford also CT where he died. John Hubbard the son of this ancestor, usually designated John Hubbard 1st on acct of there being several of the same name in the line of descent, resided 1st at Weathersfield thence to Hadley, MA abt the yr 1660 in which place he spent the greater part of his life but ultimately died at Hatfield in the home of his son Isaac Hubbard abt 1705.


Isaac Hubbard 4th son, 8th child of the above was born in Hadley, MA Jan 16, 1667 m Ann Warner, dau of Daniel Warner. They removed from Hadley to Sunderland in 1714 where he became a deacon of the church. He d 1750. His wife died the same year. John Hubbard, the eldest son of Dea Isaac and Ann (Warner) Hubbard was b at Hatfield Apr 20, 1693 m Hannah Cowles of East Hartford, CT and d 1778.

p 420

John Hubbard the 2d son and 4th child of Dea John and Hannah (Cowles) Hubbard often designated as John the 3rd was b at Hatfield, Nov 5, 1726. He grad Yale 1747. Entered ministry and settled May 30, 1750 over the Congregational Church in Northfield, MA where he remain 45 yrs. He d Nov 28, 1794.

Rev. John Hubbard m Dec 26, 1753 Ann Hunt dau of Capt Samuel Hunt of Northfield and his wife Ann (Ellsworth) Hunt of Windsor, CT. He had ten children of whom John the eldest setttled at Charlestown, NH

p 420

John Hubbard often designated as John the 4th was bp at Northfield Oct 13, 1754 - his date of birth not ascertained. He m soon after arriving at Charlestown NH in 1776 or 1777, the 8th child of Capt. Phineas Stevens b at the Fort Nov 6, 1750 (her name not given)

Their children:

1. Nancy Hubbard b 1779 m Hon John Chamberlain.

2. Laura Hubbard b 1781 m Vryling Loving, Esq.

3. Henry Hubbard b 1784.

4. John Hubbard Jr. b 1788 d 1841, m Harriet who d same year. Their children:

1. Nancy Hubbard d 1842 age 20.

2. Richard Hubbard drowned 1842 age 20.

5. Elizabeth Hubbard b 1792 m Henry H. Sylvester.

6. Richard Hubbard went west and died early.



Massachusetts Hubbards/John O'Bird/Acadians/Nova Scotia, By Arthur  M Hubbard - Dec 6, 1999 

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I found the following interesting,

Copied this from Genforun:

Those Hubbards living in the Massachusetts area may be descendants of John O'Bird (Irish)who married an exiled Acadian during the English expulsion of the french Acadians. John and his wife returned to Nova Scotia, and because of the french pronunciation of his name it was converted to Hubbard. Many of his descendants then returned to the US and are still living there.

The Hubbard name in Nova Scotia (Yarmouth Co) owes its existance to one John O'Bird or O'Burd of the Irish Nation (according to his marriage certificate).The name O'Bird first appears as Hubbard in the records kept by the English gov't. In contrast, census enumerators of different years used various spellings of O'Bird or O'Burd. This probably occurred because an English speaking person compiling these gov't records listened to the name pronounced by a French speaking person, and thought the name was Hubbard as the French do not pronounce the letter "H"

The majority of HUBBARD names in Nova Scotia were always in the southernmost region of Yarmouth County. There is a community called Hubbards Point near Tusket in Yarmouth County. There was always a lot of contact between that end of NS and New England and New York areas, and many people from NS went to the USA to work when times were hard here.

Many of the Hubbard's in Yarmouth County have French as their first language (all would be bilingual English/French).

You can find out how many Hubbard's are found throughout Canada by going to - - use "Search All" or name of Province. For ALBERTA, you must use - - For SASKATCHEWAN, you must use - -.

Hubbards in Nova Scotia have spread out from the Yarmouth end, but most are still found in that part of the province. If you look up the names in the phone listings, the ones around Yarmouth would have phone numbers starting with 742-, 749-, 643-, 648-, 663-, 649-, and maybe 761-, 762-, or 645-.

Anyone wanting to post questions on the NS Online site can go to - -.





Gleanings - Rev. William HUBBARD of Ipswich, By   - Aug 27, 2000

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History of Ipswich, Essex, and Hamilton; Joseph B. Felt; Massachusetts. 1966.

1681, May 3d. Mr Richard HUBBARD of the Hamlet d. His wife Sarah survived him. She is supposed to have been a daughter of Governor Bradstreet, and, for her second husband, m. Samuel Ward, of Marblehead, before July 24th, 1684, who lost his life in Canada expedition as Major, 1690. Mr. HUBBARD left children; Sarah, m. to the Rev. John Cotton of Yarmouth, Richard, Nathaniel, John, and Simon. His estate was 1457 5s. He was son of Mr. Wm. HUBBARD, and brother of the Rev. Wm. HUBBARD. He graduated at Harvard College 1653, held principal offices in the town, and was Deputy to the General Court 1660.


WILLIAM HUBBARD, Minister of the First Church, Ipswich, MA He was son of William, who was an eminent inhabitant of Ipswich, and afterwards of Boston. He was born in England 1621, came with his father to Massachusetts about 1630, and took his degree with the class who first graduated at Harvard College in 1642. --- 1656, July 4th. He is desired to preach for the Society here, as colleague with Mr. Cobbet. --- 1667; He was one of the seventeen, who bore testimony against the Old Church in Boston, when they settled John Davenport from New Haven. -- 1671, May 31st. He is one of the fifteen, who send in a long and able protest to the General Court, against the censure passed on them by a Committee of the Legislature of 1670, for being of the Council who formed the South Church of Boston. To this protest the Court replied, and apologized for some severe and improper expressions of the committee. --- 161675, Nov. 4th. With other clergymen, Mr. Hubbard advises the Church at Rowley to cease from their contention about Mr. Jeremiah Shepard, who had preached for them, and was much wanted by some for their pastor, and not by others. --- 1676. He preaches an able Election Sermon. --- 1677. He is tried in having a part of his people at Chebacco much engaged in endeavours to have Mr. Shepard for their minister. His chief objection to this candidate was, that he had not become a member of any church. March 29th, his first Historical work receives the approbation of the colonial licensers, and was soon published in Boston. It contained "A Narrative of the Troubles with the Indians in 1676 and 1677, with a Supplement concerning the War with the Pequods in 1637," and a Table and Postscript; also, "A Narrative of the Troubles with the Indians in New England from Piscataqua to Pemaquid." The same book was licensed in London, June 27th, and was immediately printed there under the title, "Present State of New England." Mr. Hubbard was on a visit to England in 1678, and was probably there to superintend the publishing of this work. He returned from this voyage by October, to the great satisfaction of his parishioners. What he thus gave to the public, was afterwards thrown into the present form of his "Indian Wars." --- 181680, May 19th. " As Mr. Hubbard hath compiled a History of New England, a committee are chosen to peruse the same and report, so that the General Court may judge about having it printed." 1682, June 24th. He delivers a Fast Sermon, and, in September, a Discourse on the Death of General Dennison. Both of these were superior productions, and were printed. Oct. 11th. The Legislature vote him 50 for his History of New England. --- 1683, Feb. 17th. They order a half of this sum to be paid him now, if "he procure a fayre coppie to be written, that it be fitted for the presse." Such a copy was obtained, and was amended by his own hand. The Massachusetts Historical Society, aided by a liberal donation from the General Court, had it printed in a volume, distinct from those of their Collections, which contain it, in 1815. This History of Mr. Hubbard was chiefly indebted for its facts to the Journal of Governor Winthrop. Had his parochial labors allowed him to increase the information in his book, much more than they did, so that he could have saved a greater share of credible traditions, and of events passing in his time, the worth of its pages would have been proportionably enhanced. Still, as it is, this work has been of much service to the most eminent New England historians. There is reason to believe, from the known fairness of his character, that, had not the introductory leaves of his manuscript History been lost, there would be found in them not only a reference to Winthrop and Johnson, but to other authorities, as the sources of his materials, so that no suspicion of pretence to originality, for the greater part of these materials, could be justly charged to him. His History was long under the supervision of an intelligent committee, appointed by the General Court. This committee could judge whether, with the helps, as then existing, for the compilation of such a work, Mr. Hubbard had done it in a commendable manner. They did report to the Legislature, that his exertions in this respect were worthy of praise, and that he ought to receive, what was then thought a liberal compensation. Their opinion weighed much in his favor then, and it should not be light with us now. Though his History is much less consulted since the documents for much of it have been published, yet its author should be held in grateful and honorable remembrance for doing far more than any of his contemporaries, for resorting to secret lights, and bringing them out to the view of the public, so that they might more clearly and interestingly look back on the events of their beloved country. The voyager who dares exceed the lines of latitude, within which most others sail, and by such enterprise, though guided by rare charts, brings us the rich productions of a climate, where we will not go ourselves, should share largely in our esteem, however the track he pursued may afterwards become a common one, and the guides he followed become familiar to all. --- 1684. Eliot says, "Mr. Hubbard presided at Commencement. This was after the death of President Rogers." It appears that Mr. Rogers died very suddenly the day after Commencement, that the duties of that occcasion hastened his end, and that Mr. Hubbard did not then preside. It is probable, that the statement of Dr. Eliot was derived from the following. 751688, June 2d. Mr. Hubbard is appointed by Sir Edmund Andros to officiate as President of the College the following Commencement. As there were no degrees conferred this year, it is doubtful whether Mr. Hubbard complied with this honorary appointment. --- 1686. Mr. Hubbard receives a visit from John Dunton, who gave the subsequent description of him. "The benefit of nature, and the fatigue of study, have equally contributed to his eminence. Neither are we less obliged to both than himself; he freely communicates of his learning to all, who have the happiness to share in his converse. In a word, he is learned without ostentation and vanity, and gives all his productions such a delicate turn and grace (as seen in his printed Sermons and History of the Indians), that the features and lineaments of the child make a clear discovery and distinction of the father; yet he is a man of singular modesty, of strict morals, and has done as much for the conversion of the Indians, as most men in New England." This is no flattery. It had the sanction of truth. -- Mr. Hubbard receives aid in the ministry from John Dennison. --- 21694, March 15th. He contracts to marry Mary, widow of Samuel Pearce, who died 1691. This marriage soon took place. It was not agreeable to most of his parish. They would allow her to be a worthy woman, but not of sufficient note to be their minister's wife. Mr. Hubbard, however, set more by intellectual, moral, and pious qualifications, as he ought, than by those, which rest on the arbitrary, and oftentimes incorrect, decisions of public partiality. --- 1696, June 26th. An interesting letter of this date, written from Ipswich to John Archdale, Governor of South Carolina, about emigrants going from this town to that Colony, bears conclusive marks of being Mr. Hubbard's. --- 1699. Mr. Hubbard, with others, protests against the declaration of Brattle Street Church in Boston, as too lax in doctrine, the ordinance of baptism, and admission to communion. --- 1701. He publishes with his friend, Mr. Higginson of Salem, "Dying Testimony to the Order of the Churches." --- 1702. Mather says, in his Magnalia, " Mr. J. Higginson and Mr. W. Hubbard have assisted me and much obliged me with information for many parts of our History." Aug. 2d, on account of his inability through age, to carry on the ministry, Mr. Hubbard desires his church to get him more help. --- 1703, May 6th. He gives up all ministerial labor, and his people vote him 60 as a gift. --- Thus gradually approaching his latter end, with which he had held frequent communion, he died Sept. 14th, 1704, Ʈ 83. Oct. 26th, his congregation vote 32 to pay his funeral charges. --- His house was about one hundred rods from the late Dr. Dana's meeting-house, near the bank of the river, commonly called Turkey Shore. His first wife was Margaret, the daughter of the Rev. Nathaniel Rogers. She was a lady of excellent reputation. He had three children, John, Nathaniel, and Margaret, who m. John Pynchon of Springfield. His last wife, Mary, was living in 1710, when his people administered to her necessities. Though Mr. Hubbard had a large patrimony, yet he expended this as well as his salary in the support of his family, and in discharging the duties of hospitality and other beneficence. As an intelligent and judicious adviser, he was called on many councils, and had a prominent part in them. He spent his days, he toiled, for knowledge both human and divine; he put forth the energies of his mind, he faithfully complied with his obligations, as a member of society and a minister of the gospel; he sought the salvation of the heathen, as well as of the civilized, not to lay up his chief treasure on earth, but in heaven, -- not to gain the applause of men, as his supreme good, but the approbation of God. His object has its unchangeable commendation in the Word of Eternal Truth. Though he lived long, he labored till the last to be found faithful. Nor was his exertion unnoticed nor unrewarded by Him, who rules over all. He was made an instrument for turning back the captivity of many souls. Mr. Hubbard "certainly was for many years the most eminent minister in the County of Essex, equal to any in the Province for learning and candor, and superior to all his contemporaries as a writer." Thus approved by human testimony, there is cause to believe, that he found his "record on high," as a passport to the mansions of blessedness.

From the NEW ENGLAND MAGAZINE, Vol 7, Issue 3, p 257-258 "History of Ipswich, Essex & Hamilton, by Joseph B. Felt: on William HUBBARD [on line at Cornell Univ. MOA sit;]

"Ipswich owes not a little of its ancient renown to that worthy & excellent man, the Rev. William HUBBARD. For an account of him as well as others, who should be mentioned, we can only refer out reader to the work of Mr. Felt. But as every thing is of the greatest interest which in any way concerns that eminent individual, we note the following facts which happen to be known to us:--

"15 Feb 1665. William HUBBARD of Ipswich & Mary his wife deed to Robert & Samuel Williams of Roxbury, 'all that hie fowerteen acres of Salt Marsh, be it more or sesse Lying at the lower end of the field called ye Lower Calves Pasture, within the precincts of Roxbury, and not farre from the tyde mill in Dorchester,' &c.

"Concerning what the author has said about Mr. HUBBARD's presiding at the commencement in 1688, we offer the following extract from an old manuscript letter, dated 2 July of that year, by Mr. John Richards. Said letter was for Dr. Increase Mather, then in London:-- 'The commencement is to be managed this year by Mr. William HUBBARD of Ipswich. The Govr. sent to Mr. Lee to do it, who likewise intended, but was not positive in his answer, and so Mr. HUBBARD is to manage it. [He] hath been here about it.'

"In Judge Sewall's celebrated Diary is this entry:- 14 Sept 1704, Thursday. Mr. William HUBBARD of Ipswich, goes to the Lecture, after to Col. Appleton's, goes home & dies that night."



Peter HUBBARD, Last Will & Testament, 8 Jun 1665, By   - Aug 3, 2000 

Categories: Hubbard Gleanings!!!

Vol 9, p 38: Early Wills: Peter HUBBARD witnessed the will of Stephen Lincolne of Hingham and was deposed 18 Nov 1658. Inventory taken by Joshua HUBBARD & Mathew Hawke. 18 Oct 1658.

Vol 15, p 74: Abstracts of Early Wills: Peter HUBBARD, 8 Jun 1665: I, Peter HUBBARD, now resident in the Island of Barbadoes, Mariner, being sick of Body, but sound and perfect minde & memore, Doe make this my Last will. *** Debts to be paid. Unto my wife Susanna HUBBARD, and to her heires, forever, all yt parcell of Land, conteining by estimation 100 Acres, Lying in Hingham, near Coad Pond in New England, wch was formerly giuen mee by my Father, Capt. Joshuah HUBBARD. Unto my said wife, my House and ground in Boston. In case my said wife should be with Childe and the said Child should liue to yeares of understanding, then my minde is, that from & after the Decease of my said Wife Susanna, the said Childe shall haue and enjoy my said house & Ground in Boston aforesaid to him or her & his or her heires foeuer. Unto my said wife, the remaining part of my estate, both Reall and personall, as also all my Debts, Horses, Mares, Catle, household stuffe, goods & chattells, my debts, Legacyes & Funerall expenses being First paid. And my further will is, that my wife haue and enjoye all such part & portion of Estate as shall fall to mee out of my Father's estate. I appoint my wife Executrix of this my Last Will, and my Father Capt. Joshua HUBBERD, of Hinghan, Ensigne John Hull of Boston, and my Brother, Jacob Elliot, to be Executors in Truste of this my Will, Desyring them, as they will Answer the same before the Judgement seat of Almighty God, to see this my Last will & Testament performed, according to the true meaning thereof, as before is Declared. I Likewise Desyre my said wife in consideration of the Care & paines which my Executors may haue & take upon them in her Behalfe, to giue unto each of them & the rest of my Friends and kindred such seuerall Legacyes and summes of Money in Remembrance of my Loue as shee, in her Discretion, shall thinke fitt and Conuenient. Peter HUBBARD

In the presence of Nath. Hathorne, Nathan Rainsford, Beuiman Bram.

Nathan Ransford, aged 24 yeares or thereabouts, sworne, saith that he being in the Barbadoes, in the Beginning of June last, uisiting Peter HUBBERD, late of Boston, then Lying sicke there, he heard ye sd. Peter HUBBERD Desire Edward Hunt, of said Barbadoes, to write his will, for he sayd I Know I shall Dye; & when the sd Hunt had writt three or foure Lynes from him, he caused him to read it to Him, and so did till all was writen & reade ouer, and then Caused ye sd Hunt to read ouer all the whole, which he Liked, & Declared that that was his will, Desiring him to get it fairly transcribed, & when hee Did this, he was in his good & perfect understanding to the Deponents best Knowledge & Discretion, only adds that two Dayes after, when it was brought to the said Peter HUBBARD, Fairly written; & hee desired to sighne & seale the same. He was then present, being not abue twenty foure houres before his Death, & saw him sighne & seale the same, but did not Judge him at yt Instant to bee Composmentis. Sworne by the sd. Nathan Rainsford, 21st Nouember 1665; Edward Rawson Recorder.

Nathaniel Hwthorne, aged twenty sixe yeares, & Benj. Bran, aged 25 yeares or thereabouts, Deposed, that hauing subscribed yr manes to the fourth sheete of paper which the Late Peter HUBBARD Did sighne & seale as his Last will, They wre present & did so doe, but at that Instant they Judged him not to be Compos Mentis. Taken upon Oath ye 21st Nouember 1665; Edward Rawson Recorder.

May it please the Honoured Court, wee, whose names are underwritten, Doe humblye Conceiue that the written will of the Late Peter HUBBERD, which was brought from Barbadoes, was the true mind & will of the said Peter. First, because it is testified by one that was present with him in his Sicknesse, that when he was in good memory & understanding he Desired that his will might be written, & did Dictate to ye scriuener what he should write, & Caused the seueral sentences therein to be read to him, wch he did owne & expresse that it was his will, and although through the vilence of his Disease, infirmitie so fare preuaile on him, that at the time, when hee Did sighne & seale the same, hee was not thought to be Compos mentis, yet we are perswaded to beleiue that it was his Reall Will, because theire is particular mention of such things as we supposne none there but himselfe knew of. And the substance of the written will is the same with wt he had before expressed to us.

Those Deponents say, that the Late Peter HUBBERD, at his going away to Barbadoes, he Desired us to take notice that if god shuld take him away by Death that he should not haue time to write his will. His will was that his wife, Susanna HUBBERD, should enjoy all that estate he had in this world, or that should bee Coming to him from his Father, Capt. Joshua HUBBERD. To the truth ofthis expressed, as spoken to us by the avouesaid Peter HUBBERD, wee are ready to be Deposed if the honoured Court shall see cause. John Hull, Jacob Elliot, Theoph. Frayre; January 31, 1665.

Jacob Elliot & Theophilus Frayre deposed from the beginning of the Interlyne (These Dispondents, &c.) Edward Rawson, Recorder.

[Will allowed and Approved by the Court.]

Inventory of theEstate taken by John Thaxter, Thomas Linkhorne. Amt. 197-08. Susannah HUBBERT, Relict of the Late Peter HUBBERD, deposed, 27th Aprill 1666.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~, comp. Concord, Massachusetts Town Officers, 1861. [database online] Provo, UT:, 2000. Original data: Concord, Massachusetts, Selectmen. Reports of the Selectmen, and other officers of the Town of Concord, from March 5, 1860, to March 4, 1861: Including the Marriages, Births and Deaths in Town in 1860, also the Report of the School Committee for the Year ending April 1, 1861. Concord, MA: Benjamin Tolman, 1861.

Section: Intermediate School

Pupil: Susan Hubbard

Age: 12

Section: West Primary School

Pupil: Fannie Hubbard

Age: 7

Section: West Primary School

Pupil: Cyrus Hubbard

Age: 11

Section: West Primary School

Pupil: George Hubbard

Age: 10


NEHGR 9:170; Early Records of Boston, Hingham Births: HUBBARD, Daniel, sonne of Edmund & Elisabeth born 18 (1) 1649.

NEHGR 9:309; Early Records of Boston, Boston Births:

HUBBARD, Daniell sonne of Robert & Margaret borne 9 May 1655

HUBBARD, John sonne of Robert & Margaret borne 18 May 1656


NEHGR 19:45; Muster Roll of Concord Minute Men: Thomas HUBBARD, David HUBBARD, Isaac HUBBARD, Ebenezer HUBBARD, Capt. Thomas HUBBARD, Coprl Samuel HUBARD, Saml HUBBARD


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NEHGR 23:191 Records of the First Church of Charlestown, MA

1633 6: Mo : day 2i: Edmond HUBBARD Jurnior with Elizabeth his wife were Admitted

1633 6: Mo : day 30 Beniamine HUBBARD & Alice his wife were Admitted

1633 6: Mo : day 27: Josuah HUBBARD & Rebeckah his sister were Admitted

1635 6: Mo : day 30: Peeter HUBBERD was Admitted


NEHGR 57:182; Records of the Second Church of Scituate [MA]

26 May 1678 Nathaniel the sonn of Israell HUBARD

<br> Recekah the daughter of Israell HUBARD

5 Sep 1680 Jael the daughter of Israell HUBURD

1 May 1687 Israell the son of Israel HUBIRD

[note: all of the above are indexed as Israel HUBBARD]


NEHGR 10:57; Inscriptions from the Old Graveyard at South Berwick, Maine:

Dudley HUBBARD Esq. Died April 26th 1816 aged 53 years

Mrs. Sophia HUBBARD died Nov 10th 1828, aged 56.


NEHGR 3:319; Notices of the Descendants of Secretary Rawson

Gardner Hubbard Dodge, b. 17 Jun 1821, son of Jacob Dodge, a farmer of East Sutton, MA, & Elizabeth Rawson, daughter of Ebenezer Rawson, Sr., married Charlotte, daughter of Dr. Benjamin HUBBARD, of Rome, N.Y.


NEHGR 13:333 - Abstracts of Early Wills: Caleb HUBBERD, along with Frauncis Elliot, inventoried the estate of the Widow Anne Rockwood of Braintree, MA, 1 Mar 1664.


NEHGR 8:158; Early Settlers of Salisbury, Mass: HUBBARD, Richard, w. Martha. Ch. Comfort 17 Jan 1681; Jemima & Keziah 11 Nov 1684; Richard 9 Mar 1686/7, d. 1687; Eleazer 27 Oct 1689; (Mary, 1691)? [torn] a ch. d. 1672.


Higham Marriages:

Caleb HUBBARD was marryed vnto Elizabeth Church the 20th of January 1657


NEHGR 16:145; Grantees of Narraganset Townships:

Bridgewater, Abigail HUBARD for hur Father


NEHGR 4:267; Early Records of Boston [Charlestown]

Benjamin the sonne of Benjamin HUBBARD & Allice his wife was borne 24 (1) 1634

Elisabeth the daughtr of Benjamin HUBBARD & Allice his wife was borne 4 (2) 1636

Thomas the sonne of Benjamin HUBBARD & Allice his wife was borne 31 (3) 1639

Hannah, the daughtr of Benjamin HUBBARD & Allice his wife was borne 16 (10) 1641


NEHGR 8:346; Early Records of Boston [Charlestown]

HUBBARD, James son of Benjamin & Alice borne 9 (7) 1644


Hubbard Boston Births 1700-1800, By Coralynn Brown - Jun 16, 2000 

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Not a complete list, I'm sure.


Simon Ray Hubbard b 9/19/1749 Thomas Hubbard and Judeth his wife.

Martha Hubbard b 6/13/1758 Daniel Hubbard & Mary his wife

Elizabeth Hubbard b 3/17/1760 Daniel Hubbard and Mary his wife.

Daniel Hubbard b 1/27/1762 Daniel Hubbard and Mary his wife.

Thomas Green Hubbard b 2/13/1764 Daniel Hubbard & Mary his wife.

Lydia Hubbard b 7/10/1765 William Hubbard & Lydia his wife.

John Hubbard b 12/4/1765 Daniel Hubbard & Mary his wife.

William Hubbard b 12/5/1767 William Hubbard & Lydia his wife.

Lucretia Hubbard b 9/18/1767 Daniel Hubbard & Mary his wife.

Henry Hubbard b 10/26/1769 Daniel Hubbard & Mary his wife.

Gilbert Harrison Hubbard b 8/2/1771 Daniel Hubbard & Mary his wife.

Elizabeth Hubbard b 2/29/1747 Thomas Hubbard & Judeth his wife.

Charles Hubbard b 11/16/1773 Daniel Hubbard & Mary his wife.

I'm sure there are more, so if you don't find someone on this list, that does not mean they do not exist. Record keeping was iffy back then.


NEHGR 12:365; Marriages & Deaths

Hubard, Mr.s Allice, Oldtown, ME, 14 Jun, ae 86


NEHGR 4:129; Family of Elder Thomas Leverett "At the death of his wife, he directs his estate to be divided into eight parts -- two for his son Hudosn, and one part for each of six daughters, Elizabeth Cooke, Ann HUBBARD, Mary Dudley, Hannah, Rebecca & Sarah. [Will of John Leverett,16 Mar 1678/9] [Ibid, p 133]: Ann,(3) the second of the surviving daughters of Gov. Leverett, married John HUBBARD, son of Rev. William HUBBARD, by his first wife, Mary Rogers. He was born in Ipswich, about 1648, and died at Boston, 8 Jan 1709/10, aged 61. She died in 1717, and was buried on the 29th of September.


NEHGR 5:317; Memoir of Rev. Nathaniel Rogers' Family: Margaret [daughter of Nathaniel Rogers] m. Rev. Wm. HUBBARD of Ipswich. Children:

I. John, of Boston, b. at Ipswich, 1648, d. at Boston, 8 Jan 1709-10, leaving a wife, Ann, b. Nov 23, 1652, a daughter of Gov. John Leverett of MA. She d. in 1717.

II. Nathaniel: Hon. Nathaniel, "a grandson of Rev. Wm. HUBBARD, of Ispwich" (was probably their son) graduated at Harvard College, 1698. .."and for many years resided at Bristol, in Bristol Co., of C.C. Pleas of which he was Judge from 1728 till 1745; also appointed, in 1729, by Nathaniel Byfield, a Deputy Judge of Admiralty for Co. of Bristol, MA., the Colony of Rhode Island, and the Naragansette country. In 1741, he was of the Council, and Jan. 24, 1745, was appointed a Justice of the Superior Court of MA, to succeed Hon. Paul Dudley, promoted to be Chief Justice; he left this bench in 1747, which was probably the year of his death at Bristol, in that part of the town which retains the Indian name of Poppy Squash, where may be seen his tomb. He inherited his father's virtures, especially that amiable spirit of benevolence."

III. Margaret, m. John Pynchon, Esquire, of Springfield, b. Oct 17, 1647. He filled many important offices, in his county (Hampshire) among which was that of Cleark of the Courts & Register of Deeds; was appointed Judge of the Common Pleas Court, in 1708, and d. April 25th, 1721, AE 74.


NEHGR 15:114; Rev. William Tompson: William, the 3rd son of Rev. Edward Tompson & Sarah, b. 26 April, 1697, Harvard College 1718, minister of Scarborough, ME, 1728, d. 13 Feb 1759, ae. 62. He married Anna HUBBARD of Salisbury, MA, b. 22 Jul 1702, d. 1775.


NEHGR 7: ; Abstracts From the Earliest Wills on File in the County of Suffolk, Mass.: In the will of Michall Bacon of Dedham, MA, 14:2:1648 - Memorandum. Anthony HUBBERT is to paye to for that bulock he bought, the same price he agreed for vpon purchase he is to paye the executor; as for that bullock of 3 yeare old, Anthony HUBBERT receaved vpon condicion to bring vp another steere to the same age, he is discharged of that engagement, if the Testator recover not. Anthony HUBBERT is to pay for the testator 10s. to Mr. Allen, pastor, & 7s. 6d. to John Morse.


[from Ulster Co. GenWeb site]

Pynchon Births, Marriages & Deaths from Families of the Pioneer Valley, Regoonal Publications, West Springfield, MA, 2000

Hadley, Hampshire Co., MA:

Hubbard, Daniel, s. John, b. Mar [], 1660/1; p 177

Hubbard, Hannah, d. John, d. 25 May 1662; p. 237

Hubbard, Isaak, s. John & Mary, b. 16 Jan 1666; p 179

Hubbard, Mary, d. John & Mary, b. 10 Apr 1669; p 179

Hubbard, Mercy, d. John & Mary, b. 23 Feb [16]64; p 177

Hubbard, Sarah, d. John & Mary, b. 13 Nov 1672; p 180

Springfield, Hampden Co., MA

Hubbard, Bethiah, d. Samuel, b. 10th mo. 29th day, 1646; p

Hubbard, Naomi, d. Samuel, bd [born, died?] 3rd mo. 5th day, 1643

Hubbard, Rachel, d. Sam[uel], b. 11 Mar 1642/3

Hubbard, Ruth, d. Samuel, b. Jan 10, 1640[/41]

Hubbard, Samuel had a stillborn son, bd. [ ,16[]]


Vital Records of the Town of Ashfield, Franklin Co. MA

Miss Mary Ann HUBBARD, d. 17 Jul 1842, age 26


Vital Records of the Town of Buckland, Franklin Co. MA

Charles Baker HUBBARD, son of Joseph & Rowena (TAYLOR), b. 25 Sep 1842

Joseph HUBBARD, at Leverett, b. 27 Feb 1888 [PR.39]

Joseph HUBBARD, son of Joseph & Azubel, bp. 8 May 1823

William HUBBARD, son of Joseph, b. ____, 1818

____ HUBBARD, dau of Joseph, mechanic, & Henrietta, b. 22 Jul 1845

____ HUBBARD, son of Joseph, Mechanic, & Henrietta, b. 28 Feb 1847


Vital Records of the Town of Buckland, Franklin Co. MA

Arabel HUBBARD, of B., & Samuel TOWNSLEY, mechanic, of West Brookville, NY, 5 Sep 1843

Joseph HUBBARD, 2d m., of B. & Rowena TAYLOR of B., dau of Lemuel & Lucy (BRIGGS), 10 Nov 1839

William HUBBARD, of B., son of Joseph, & Juliana TAYLOR, of B., daug of Enos & Pamelia (LAZELL), 2 Sep 1839