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1790 Federal Census

Aaron, Shapleigh, York, ME
Asa, Francisboro Pln, York, ME
Benja, Berwick, York, ME
Danl, Shepleigh, York, ME
Diamond, Wells, York, ME
Heard, Francisboro Pln, York, ME
James, Shapleigh, Yok, ME
James, Wells, York, ME
Jere, Wells, York, ME
John, Berwick, York, ME
John H, Wells, York, ME
Joseph, Berwick, York, ME
Joseph, Berwick, York, ME
Joseph, Wells, York, ME
Levi, Plantation No. 4, Cumberland, ME
Lydia, Berwick, York, ME
Moses, Wells, York, ME
Philip, Kittery, York, ME
Reuben, Plantation No. 4, Cumberland, ME
Ricd, Shapliegh, York, ME
Saml, Berwick, York, ME
Thomas, Berwick, York, ME
Warwick, Wells, York, ME

1800 Federal Census

Aaron, Shapleigh, York, ME
Amos, Portland, Cumberland, ME
Caleb, Spaulding, Kennebec, ME
Daniel, Shapliegh, York, ME
Dorothy, Wells, York, ME
Dudley, Berwick, York, ME
Dumon, Wells, York, ME
Francis, Fayette, Kennebec, ME
Heard, Lemington, York, ME
Ichabod, Berwick, York, ME
Isaac, Pownalboro, Lincoln, ME
James, Berwick, York, ME
James, Shapleigh, York, ME
James, Newfield, York, ME
Jeremiah, Wells, York, ME
John, Readfield, Kennebec, ME
Jonathan, Shapleigh, York, ME
Joseph, Fairfield, Kennebec, ME
Joseph, Berwick, York, ME
Joseph, Wells, York, ME
Joseph, Newfield, York, ME
Joshua Esq., Kittery, York, ME
Levi, Paris, Cumberland, ME
Moses, Wells, York, ME
Moses, Wells, York, ME
Moses, Berwick, York, ME
Noah, Wells, York, ME
Richard, Shapleigh, York, ME
Samuel, Berwich, York, ME
Tabatha, Wells, York, ME
Timothy, Brunswick, Cumberland, ME
William, Wells, York, ME

1810 Federal Census

Aaron Dr., Shapleigh, York, ME
Aaron Jr, Shapleigh, York, ME
Daniel, Belfast, Hancock, ME
Daniel, Patricktown, Lincoln, ME
Daniel, Shapleigh, York, ME
Dimond Capt., Wells York, ME
Dominicus, Berwick, York, ME
Dorcas, Elliot, York, ME
Dudley Esq., Berwick, York, ME
Francis, Fayette, Kennebec, ME
Heard, Limington, York, ME
Isaac, Wiscasset, Lincoln, ME
James, Wells, York, ME
James, Berwich, York, ME
Jeremiah, Wells, York, ME
Joel, Temple, Kennebec, ME
John, Readfield, Kennebec, ME
Jonathan, Shapleigh, York, ME
Jonathan, Berwick, York, ME
Joseph, Berwick, York, ME
Joseph Col., Wells, York, ME
Leroy, Fairfield, Somerset, ME
Mehitable, Shapleigh, York, ME
Meribah, Wells, York, ME
Moses 3rd, Wells, York, ME
Moses Jr, Wells, York, ME
Nathaniel, Canaan, Somerset, ME
Philip, Shapleigh, York, ME
Richard, Shapleigh, York, ME
Samuel, Wiscasset, Lincoln, ME
Samuel, Berwick, York, ME
Samuel, Shapleigh, York, ME
Sarah Mrs., Berwick, York, ME
Tabithy, Wells, York, ME
Thadeus, Belfast, Hancock, ME
William, Wells, York, ME
William, Shapleigh, York, ME

1870 Federal Census

Aaron, age 39, South Berwick, York, ME
Adelia, age 17, 4-WD Lewiston, ME
Agustus, age 42, North Berwick, York, ME
Alburna F, age 43, (f), Biddeford, York, ME
Allen, age 75, Limington, York, ME
Alonzo, age 27, Wells, York, ME
Angelin, age 30, North Berwick, York, ME
Ann, age 33, Wells, York, ME
Ann B, age 52, Wiscasset, Lincoln, ME
Benjamin, age 36, Kennebunk, York, ME
Benjamin, age 45, Wells, York, ME
Betsy, age 48, 6-WD Bangor, Penobscot, ME
Boyd, age 53, Wiscasset, Lincoln, ME
Brooklins P, age 40, Garland, Penobscot, ME
Calvin, age 48, Camden, Knox, ME
Calvin A, age 23, 3-WD Belfast, Waldo, ME
Charles, age 57, Kennebunk, York, ME
Charles, age 12, Saco, York, ME
Charles H, age 25, 2-WD Belfast, Waldo, ME
Chas H, age 38, Palmyra, Somerset, ME
Chs C, age 26, Berwick, York, ME
Cyrus, age 24, Knox, Waldo, ME
Edward, age 16, Dexter, Penobscot, ME
Edward, age 57, Canaan, Somerset, ME
Eliza, age 32, 1-WD Bangor, ME
Ella, age 21, Lewiston, Androscoggin, ME
Ella F, age 19, Biddeford, York, ME
Esther, age 73, Hartland, Somerset, ME
Eugene, age 23, Wiscasset, Lincoln, ME
Francis, age 33, Newport, Penobscot, ME
Frank, age 47, North Berwick, York, ME
Geo W, age 48, Palmyra, Somerset, ME
George, age 45, Bucksport, Hancock, ME
George, age 40, Waterville, Kennebec, ME
George, age 33, Kennebunk, York, ME
George A, age 21, Clinton, Kennebec, ME
Gorham P, age 31, Charleston, Penobscot, ME
Granville, age 42, Fayette, Kennebec, ME
Greenleaf, age 69, Cambridge, Somerset, ME
Guy T, age 79, Waterville, Kennebec, ME
Hanah, age 49, Thorndike, Waldo, ME
Hannah, age 53, Waterville, Kennebec, ME
Harriett R, age 47, 7-WD Portland, Cumberland, ME
Hattie J, age 14, Limington, York, ME
Helen, age 23, 5-WD Lewiston, Androscoggin, ME
Henry, Canaan, Somerset, ME
Henry R, age 45, Wells, York, ME
Hiram, age 58, Paris Oxford, ME
Isadore A, age 15, Readfield, Kennebec, ME
James, age 42, Eliot, York, ME
James, age 66, Lebanon, York, ME
James L, age 49, Augusta, Kennebec, ME
James M, age 62, Wells, York, ME
Jerremiah, age 74, York, Wells, ME
John, age 51, Bucksport, Hancock, ME
John, age 42, b MA, Fayette, Kennebec, ME
John, age 43, 6-WD Bangor, Penobscot, ME
John, age 71, Bradford, Penobscot, ME
John, age 74, North Berwick, York, ME
John, age 73, Shapleigh, York, ME
John, age 21, Wells, York, ME
John A, age 49, Limington, York, ME
John B, age 65, Biddeford, York, ME
John H, age 39, Biddeford, York, ME
John P, age 52, Hiram, Oxford, ME
John P, age 23, Thorndike, Waldo, ME
John U, age 46, Waterville, Kennebec, ME
Joseph, age 70, Glenburn, Penobscot, ME
Joseph, age 32, Kennebunk, York, ME
Joseph, age 48, Wells, York, ME
Joseph C, age 47, Unity, Waldo, ME
Joshua, age 62, Porter, Oxford, ME
Laura E, age 12, Porter, Oxford, ME
Lemuel S, age 66, Wiscasset, Lincoln, ME
Leonard L, age 32, b VT, Franklin Plantation, Oxford, ME
Lewis, age 32, b RI, Old Town, Penobscot, ME
Lydia, age 75, Sanford, York, ME
Martha, age 37, Jay, Franklin, ME
Martha, age 75, Waterville, Kennebec, ME
Martha C, age 20, Thorndike, Waldo, ME
Mary, age 70, Cambridge, Somerset, ME
Mary, age 64, Palermo, Waldo, ME
Mary, age 77, Kennebec, York, ME
Mary E, age 52, b ENGL, 7-WD Portland, Cumberland, ME
Moses, age 31, Fayette, Kennebec, ME
Moses H, age 51, Parkman, Piscataquis, ME
N H, age 57, (m), Winterport, Waldo, ME
Nathaniel, age 51, Canaan, Somerset, ME
Noah B, age 44, Hiram, Oxford, ME
Oramandel, age 25, Brunswick, Cumberland, ME
Orin, age 32, Canton, Oxford, ME
Orren, age 50, Canaan, Somerset, ME
Phebe, age 78, North Berwick, York, ME
Philip, age 29, 6-WD Portland, Cumberland, ME
Philip, age 69, Acton, York, ME
Philip, age 40, North Berwick, York, ME
Phillip, age 83, Palmyra, Somerset, ME
Phillip Jr, age 60, Palmyra, Somerset, ME
Polly, age 70, North Berwick, York, ME
Rebecca S, age 27, Kennebunk, York, ME
Reuben, age 26, Thorndike, Waldo, ME
Rose, age 16, Unity, Waldo, ME
Salley, age 74, Acton, York, ME
Sallie, age 78, Eliot, York, ME
Sally, age 82, Wells, York, ME
Samuel F, age 54, Canaan, Somerset, ME
Samuel, age 69, Fayette, Kennebec, ME
Samuel, age 64, Berwick, York, ME
Samuel, age 54, Wells, York, ME
Sarah, age 74, Hallowell, Kennebec, ME
Sarah, age 54, Wiscasset, Lincoln, ME
Sarah B, 70, Limington, York, ME
Sebastian, age 61, Kennebunk, York, ME
Seth L, age 56, Wells, York, ME
Sewall, age 38, Corinth, Penobscot, ME
Silas, age 19, Parsonsfield, York, ME
Stephen, age 60, Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland, ME
Stephen, age 57, b NH, Waterville, Kennebec, ME
Stephen, age 85, Exeter, Penobscot, ME
Stephen, age 78, Berwick, York, ME
Thomas L, age 47, Hiram, Oxford, ME
Timothy, age 34, Biddeford, York, ME
Wales, age 56, Wiscasset, Lincoln, ME
Warren, age 52, Fairfield, Somerset, ME
Waterman, age 35, Wiscasset, Lincoln, ME
Wesley, age 41, Wells, York, ME
Wilbur, age 41, Wells, York, ME
William, age 18, Fairfield, Somerset, ME
William, age 35, Wells, York, ME
William F, age 25, St. Albans, Somerset, ME
William L, age 61, Porter, Oxford, ME



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