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Anthony Stoddard, immigrant ancestor, was born in England and settled early in Boston, Mass. He was a linen draper. He was admitted to the Boston church, Sept. 28, 1639, and made a freeman, May 13, 1640. He was deputy to the general court in 1650 and held various town offices.
He married (first) Mary, whom the Stoddard Genealogy states to have been the daughter of Mr. Emanuel Downing, and she may be the "kinswoman to Governor John Winthrop," who was admitted to the church of Boston in Sept. 1633. He married (second) August 24, 1647, or soon after this, the date of his marriage contract, Barbara Clapp, of Venn Ottery, England, widow of Joseph Weld, of Roxbury, Mass. She was received into the church of Boston from Roxbury, Dec. 25, 1647; she died April 15, 1655. He married (third) Christian _____.
1. Benjamin, baptized Aug. 23, 1640, aged abouat eleven days.
2. Solomon, baptized Oct. 1643, aged about four days.
3. Samson, born Dec. 3, 1645.
4. Grace, baptized July 16, 1648, aged about two days.
5. Samuel, baptized Jan. 20, 1849, aged about six days.
6. Simeon, baptized May 25, 1651.
7. Sarah, born Oct. 21, 1652.
8. Stephen, baptized Jan. 8, 1653.
9. Anthony, born June 16, 1656..
10. Christian, born March 22, 1658.
11. Lydia, March 27, 1660.
12. Joseph, born and died Dec. 1661.
13. John, born April 22, 1663.
14. Ebenezer, July 1, 1664. 15. Dorothy, Nov. 23, 1665.
16. Mary, March 25, 1668.
17. Jane, July 29, 1660.

(II) Samson, son of Anthony Stoddard, was born Dec. 3, 1645. He married Susanna _____.
1. Samson, graduate of Harvard College in 1701.
2. Anthony, born May 24, 1672.
3. Martha, June 13, 1678.
4. Christian, May 11, 1680.
And others.

(III) Eliezer, son or nephew of Samson Stoddard, is first found of record at Newton, Mass., a twon adjoining Roxbury, where the Stoddards lived and the records of which are destroyed. Captain Astor Stoddard (or Stodder as the name of all the family was commonly spelled down to recent time) also lived in Newton and died there May 21, 1793, aged eighty-six; his wife Ruth died July 14, 1794, aged eighty-three. He was doubtless related to Eliezer Stoddard.
Eliezer Stoddard married, Jan. 1, 1718-19, Susanna, born at Newton, Jan. 1, 1696-97, daughter of Andrew and Susan Hall. Andrew Hall may have been son of an Andrew Hall, of Boston, a mariner, in 1677. Andrew Hall came, it is known, to the south part of Newton in 1695 and bought a farm of Thomas Wiswall.
Children, born at Newton:
1. Eliezer, March 11, 1719.
2. Ebenezer, March 8, 1721; settled in Windham county, Conn., ancestor of many in Pomfret, Connn., and Vermont.
3. Phineas, Feb. 27, 1723; settled at Durham, Maine, died in 1810; married betsey Alley.
4. David, Nov. 27, 1726; mentioned below.
5. Daniel (either a twin of David, or the name is a mis-reading of the records by someone). 6. Susanna, April 1, 1729.
7. Joshua, April 3, 1732, died at Westminster, Vermont.

(IV) David, son of Eliezer Stoddard, was born in Newton, Mass., Nov. 27, 1726. He came to Chesterfield, New Hampshire, about 1767, and settled on the farm lately owned by Truman A. Stoddard. He may have gone with his brothers to Windham county, Conn., before coming to Chesterfield. There is no trace of the family at Rutland, Worcester county, Mass., whence the Chesterfield history suggests they came. Phineas was at Woodstock for a time. David was a soldier in the revolution, third sergeant in the summer of 1775, in Captain Jacob Hind's company, Colonel James Reid's regiment,and was pair four dollars for a coat. The Chesterfield historian states that he was in the battle of Bennington, and died on the way home from the army. He may have volunteered in a company of which no payroll has been saved, of a company that aksed no pay. (See New Hamp. State Papers, vol. xiv, pages 84 and 199). He was selectman of Chesterfield in 1771-72.
He married Joanna _____.
1. Eliezer (named for his grandfather), married, in 1778, Alice Coburn; he was also a soldier in the revolution.
2. Lemuel, mentioned below.
3. David, born 1754; married Sarah French.
4. Abigail, married Shadrach Herrick; died March 26, 1835.
5. Samuel, May 11, 1767.
6. Asa, Aug. 27, 1770.
7. Joseph, Dec. 30, 1771.

(V) Lemuel, son of David Stoddard, was born at Chesterfield about 1752. He was a soldier in the revolution among the reinforcements of the northern army from New Hampshire in 1777. He was in Captain Kimball Carlton's company, Colonel Moses Nichols' regiment, at the battle of Bennington. He resided at Chesterfield, at Dummerston, Vermont, and in northern New Hampshire, and died at a great age at Chesterfield, N.H.
1. Asa.
2. Calvin.
3. Erastus, lived in Boston and was living in 1846.
4. Jacob A., mentioned below.
5. Elsie, married Luke Bond and lived in Vermont.

(VI) Jacob A., son of Lemuel Stoddard, was born at Westfield, N.H., Oct. 15, 1797. He settled at Dummerston, and lived about seven miles from Brattleborough, Vt. He died in Lowville, N.Y., the middle of Septebmer, 1892. He was a soldier in the war of 1812. He removed to Ellisburg, Jefferson county, N.Y. in 1830, and thence to New Bremen, Lewis county, same state, and in 1844 to Lowville. He was an itinerant merchant of "tin pedlar," in common parlance. He was also a well-to-do farmer, making a specialty of sheep raising. He was a faithful and zealous member of the Methodist church. In politics he was a Republican.
He married (first) Nancy Jane Whitman. He married (second) Miranda Warren, who died in April, 1871, daughter of Silas Warren, of the same family of General Joseph Warren, of revolutionary fame.
Children of first wife:
Nancy Jane, James Luther, child died in infancy.
Children of second wife:
Mercy E.
Jacob N.
Hiram W.
Rosetta M.
Elliott M., mentioned below.
Mary J.

(VII) Elliott M., son of Jacob A. Stoddard, was born in Lowville, N.Y., Sept. 21, 1848, and was educated there in the public schools. He engaged in the business of manufacturing brick and in farming in his native town. He was appointed a patrolman on the police force of New York City, Feb. 26, 1873, and served faithfully for a period of twenty years. Upon his own application he was retired Feb. 28, 1893, and since then [1910] has made his home in Martinsburg, N.Y., devoting his attention to the management of his property. He has served the town as town clerk, and at the present time is a justice of the peace by virtue of that office a member of the town board. He is a member of Turin Lodge, No. 184, Free and Accepted Masons. In religion he is a Methodist, and in politics an uncompromising Republican.


Various conjectures have been promulgated regarding the origin of this name. One which is evidently quite mythical relates that there was a William Stoddard, knight, cousin of William the Conqueror, who came from Normandy, England, in 1066. As the cousins of William the Conqueror are pretty well accounted for, this idea should recieve but little weight. There may be some color to the theory that the name arose from the occupation of its bearer, who was the standard bearer, and was called de la Stoddard (of the Standard), which could be easily modified, as is practically every English name into the present form. It is found with great variety of spellings in the English and early New England records, such as Stodder, Stodart, Stoddert, Stodherd, Stothers, Stodhart and Stodhard.
The name is undoubtedly of northern origin and is well respresented in the Scottish Lowlands. In that section of the world stot is a word used for ox, and the stotherd was one who cared for the oxen, just as the shepherd cares for the sheep. For some generations there was a rather prominent family of this name in London, England. Several were very early in New England, Anthony Stoddard being found in Boston about 1630, and three John Stoddards in various sections, one at New London and another at Wethersfield. Though there can be little doubt the immigrant ancestor of this family was related to the others, no evidence appears to establish the fact.

(I) Ralph Stoddard, born about 1666, probably in England, lived for a short time in Boston, Mass., whence he removed to Groton, Connecticut, where he died Dec. 17, 1753, at the age of eighty-seven years. In 1695 he purchased the south grant of the John Gadger lands in the northern part of Groton, in the vicinity of Gale's Ferry, the present town of Ledyard. In 1872 the site of his settlement was still in the possession of a descendant in the neighborhood and was known as Stoddard's Landing. Groton continued to be a part of the town of New London until 1705. In the vicinity of Ralph Stoddard were Robert and Thomas Stoddard; one being in the neighborhood of Norwich and the other at what is now New London, and the records of business transactions shows them to have been mutually interested, but there is no evidence that they were related.
He married, about 1696, Mary Ames, of Boston, born 1664, died Feb. 3, 17728, aged sixty-four years, and was the first person buried in the old cemetery at Gale's Ferry.
Ralph, mentioned below.
Mark, born Feb. 14, 1702.
Mary, July 20, 1705.
There were perhaps others, but these are all shown by the records.

(II) Ralph (2), eldest child of Ralph (1) and Mary (Ames) Stoddard, was born May 31, 1697, in Groton, and died there as the result of sunstroke, Aug. 24, 1744. He was a farmer, residing all his life in Groton.
He married, Jan. 3, 1722, Hannah Lester, born 1681, daughter of Andrew and Lydia (Bayley) Lester, formerly of Gloucester, Mass. After his death she married a Williams.
Ralph, mentioned below.
Mark, born May 1, 1725.
Hannah, May 4, 1727.
Wait, July 14, 1729.
Jonathan, Oct. 9, 1731.
Mary, Dec. 12, 1733.
Eunice, March 9, 1736.
Priscilla, March 12, 1733.
Eunice, March 9, 1736.
Priscilla, March 12, 1738.
Esther, May 1, 1741.
Elkanah, Aug. 5, 1742.

(III) Ralph (3), eldest child of Ralph (2) and Hannah (Lester) Stoddard, was born July 30, 1723, in Groton, where he was a farmer and passed most of his life. He was a commander of a company in Colonel Beebe's regiment of the revolutionary army, enlisting Sept. 8, 1776, and was discharged Nov. 17, of the same year. His son Ralph was a sergeant and his son Vine an ensign in his company.
He married, April 3, 1746, Susanna Elderkin, widow of Isaac Avery.
Vine, born Feb. 27, 1749.
Ralph, mentioned below.
All born in Groton. There may have been others. In 1781 Vine Stoddard was an ensign in the provisional regiment in Groton.

(IV) Ralph (4), son of Ralph (3) and Susanna (Avery) Stoddard, was born in Groton, Connecticut, Feb. 4, 1751, died Feb. 4, 1831, in Harrisburg, Lewis county, New York. About 1794 he removed to Westfield, Mass., where he lived a few years, and in 1803 emigrated to New York. The "Black River Country" in the state of New York was opened up to settlement about 1796 and in 1797 Leyden was settled; a few settlers came to Lowville, June 2, 1797. Several went to this new country from Westfield at this time and also at the beginning of the new century. Ralph Stoddard lived to see the unbroken wilderness cleared and well settled.
He married Charlotte, daughter of Samuel Newton, and they had sons George A. and Wait S. T.

(V) George A., son of Ralph (4) and Charlotte (Newton) Stoddard, was born May 4, 1772, in Groton, Conn., died June 11, 1844. He was the seventh settler of Harrisburg, N.Y., and one of the earliest of Lewis county, removing there from Westfield, Mass., where he had spent some years.
He married, Oct. 28, 1793, Temperance Allen, who was born in April, 1772, and they cleared and proved their title to a large farm near Harrisburg, N.Y., where they reared a large family. The two eldest of their children died in infancy; the others were:
1. Lydia, born May 17, 1798, in Westfield, Mass., died Nov. 25, 1847; married June 8, 1828, William O. Lasher of Westfield.
2. Cynthia, born Oct. 7, 1800, in Westfield, Mass.; married March 16, 1820, William Thompson.
3. Maria, born May 14, 1802, married Amasa Dodge Jr., June 30, 1823.
4. Anson, born Oct. 26, 1804, died August, 1828.
5. Polly, born Oct. 10, 1806; married Henry Humphrey, June 23, 1828.
6. Charles S., born March 23, 1809.
7. Loren A., born Feb. 16, 1811, married Clarissa Dewey, Feb. 19, 1835.
8. Mabel S., born March 16, 1813, married Avery Root, Nov. 14, 1853.

(VI) Charles S., son of George A. and Temperance (Allen) Stoddard, was born March 23, 1809, in Harrisburg, N.Y. and died in 1888. He received his education in the local public schools, and engaged in farming, purchasing a farm near his father, located at Lowville. He was very successful, and retired in 1865 from active life, spending the remainder of his life in the village of Lowville. He had about six hundred acres of land, which he put into good condition, and here carried on dairying extensively.
Charles S. Stoddard married Nancy, daughter of Micah Humphrey.
Cornelia, born July 4, 1833; married, Dec. 3, 1853, J. Goodrich Scott.
George A. and
Amasa S., twins, born Nov. 27, 1835.
Ssuan M., born July 20, 1841, died June 20, 1844.
Morgan A.
Susan M., born Oct. 25, 1847, died April 2, 1867.
Delphine N., born April 1, 1852; married Warren L. Scott.
George A. Stoddard married Elizabeth Livingston. Further mention is made of Morgan A.

(VII) Amasa S., son of Charles S. Stoddard, was born at Lowville, N.Y., Nov. 27, 1835, died June 22, 1910. He attended the public schools and Lowville Academy, and worked on his father's farm until he reached his majority. He then spent four years as clerk in a dry goods store in Lowville, after which he returned to the farm and remained until his marriage. He and his wife spent six years on a farm, and then Mr. Stoddard sold out and settled in Lowville, where, in company with George J. Mager, he opened a dry goods store April 1, 1867, in the building at the corner of State and Dayan streets, where they carried on business under the name of Stoddard & Mager. They were associated in business fourteen years, at the end of which time they sold out and Mr. Stoddard retired.
After six years of inactivity Mr. Stoddard became dissatisfied, and in 1888, in company with Russell E. Bateman, again engaged in mercantile business under the firm name of Stoddard & Bateman, and became one of the leading dry goods firms in Lowville. Both being men of business enterprise, and integrity, they were looked upon as leading citizens.
Politically Mr. Stoddard was a Republican, and served four years as president of the village, also three years as trustee. Jan. 18, 1879 he became treasurer of the Lowville Academy and served as such until his death. Besides his dry goods business, Mr. Stoddard had other financial interests; he was director and treasurer of the Asbestos Burial Casket Company, of which he was one of the largest stockholders; director of the Lowville & Beaver River Railroad Companyp; president of the Rural Cemetery Association, and interested in other investments.
Mr. Stoddard was an active member of the Baptist church of Lowville, and for more than twenty-seven years was a member of the choir. He was well known and highly respected in the community, where the family has been represented more than a century. He was actively interested in public affairs, and gave his hearty endorsement to any cause or object worthy of it.
Mr. Stoddard married, Jan. 22, 1861, Julia A., daughter of Samuel and Ada (Mason) Smith, who settled in Lee, Oneida county, N.Y., about 1849; she was born in Cheshire, Mass., Aug. 22, 1839, and died Aug. 22, 1906. To this union was born one son, Frank S., July 29, 1862. He received his education at Lowville Academy, in his native town, and Colgate Academy, of Hamilton, N.Y. He has had charge of the office and clerical work of the Asbestos Burial Casket Company for upwards of twenty years, and is a director and assistant treasurer of the company. He is also a member of the choir of the Baptist church.
He married Dec. 27, 1894, Belle Nanson Sousley, of Nebraska City, Nebraska, daughter of Captain Jesse Robert and Martha (Cheatham) Sousley.

(VII) Morgan Allen, third and youngest son of Charles S. Stoddard, was born April 11, 1844, in Lowville, N.Y. He was reared on a farm, attended the public schools, and afterward took a course at Lowville Academy. He spent some time working in the store of W. H. Greeley, and for five and a half years was clerk in the employ of Stoddard & Mager. He was employed ten years as railway mail clerk on the Black River Railroad between Watertown and Utica, and Jan. 1, 1883, he purchased a hardware establishment in Lowville, which he has since carried on with success. Mr. Stoddard has paid close attention to his business interests, and has won success by his energy and thrift. He is one of the foremost merchants and most influential men of Lowville, where he is held in high esteem. He is interested in public welfare and progress, and in political views is independent. He attends the Presbyterian church, and is a prominent member of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, bein affliated with Lowville Lodge, No. 134; Lowville Chapter, No. 223, R.A.M.' Watertown Commandery, No. 11, K.T.; Watertown Lodge of Perfection, P. of J.; Central City Chapter, R.C.' Central Consistory, S.P.R.S.; and Media Temple, A.A.O.N.M.S.
Mr. Stoddard married, March 1, 1881, Anna M. Porter.

(V) Wait S.T., son of Ralph (4) (q.v.) and Charlotte (Newton) Stoddard, was born in New London, Connecticut, Jan. 14, 1781, died March 12, 1866. When he was thirteen years of age his father removed his family to Westfield, Mass., and here he spent his remaining years of minority on the farm. In 1802 he removed to Lewis county, N.Y., where he settled on a tract of heavily timbered land, the timber being subsequently removed, and the land brought under cultivation. The farm laid within the borders of the town of Harrisburg, which town Mr. Stoddard served in various public capacities. During the war of 1812 with Great Britain he enlisted and served in the U.S. Army. He always supported the candidates of the Whig party until the formation of the Republican party, whe he transferred his allegiance to that young organization that was destined to govern the nation almost uninterruptedly for the following half century.
In religious conviction he was a Baptist. He married, in 1809, Rosamond Bates, born in Massachusetts, daughter of William and Sarah (Snow) Bates.
Harvey N.
Ralph E.
Newton, see forward.

(VI) Newton, eighth child of Wait S. T. and Rosamond (Bates) Stoddard, was born at the homestead in Harrisburg, Lewis county, N.Y., Jan. 31, 1831, died Feb. 7, 1891. He was reared on the farm and educated in the public schools of the town. He remained on the farm until he arrived at his majority, when he began life for himself. He purchased a farm in the near vicinity and engaged in agriculture all his active days. He was eminently successful in all his undertakings and accumulated a large estate. He was a charter member of Harrisburg Grange, Patrons of Husbandry, and firmly believed and supported that organization, thorough which he believed much good could be accomplished in the farming community.
He married, Dec. 28, 1858, Sylvia E. Allen, born in Denmark, New York, Oct. 29, 1838, died Oct. 7, 1874, daughter of William Avery and Asenath (Whiting) Allen.
1. Nettie S., born May 11, 1867, died Aug. 14, 1891.
2. May Elizabeth, July 13, 1868; married, Feb. 6, 1901, Timothy J. O'Connor.
3. Wait J., see forward.

(VII) Wait J., youngest child of Newton and Sylvia E. (Allen) Stoddard, was born at Harrisburg, N.Y., Oct. 7, 1870. He was educated in the public schools, and remained on the farm to the ownership of which he succeeded. He is one of the largest and most successful dairy famers of the section, owning and operating two fine farms and maintaining a dairy of sixty-five choice cows, and has numberous interest outside his farms.
He is a Republican in politics, and served the town of Harrisburg as assessor four years. In 1902 he removed to the vilage of Lowville, and since residing there served the town in the same official capacity for six years. He is a member of Lowville Lodge, No. 134, Free and Accepted Masons; Lowville Chapter, No. 223, Royal Arch Masons; and a charter member of Harrisburg Grange, Patrons of Husbandry.
He married, Feb. 6, 1894, Alva A. Roberts, born in Lewis county, N.Y. Oct. 23, 1872, daughter of Henry L. and Marion (Stoddard) Roberts.
1. Sylvia, born Dec. 13, 1895.
2. A son who died in infancy.