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Genealogical and family history of northern New York: a record of the achievements of her people
in the making of a commonwealth and the founding of a nation.
New York: Lewis Historical Pub. Co. 1910.


Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

John Searl, immigrant ancestor, was born in England. This surname is identical with Surles, Searles, and was also spelled Sale. He was among the first settlers of Springfield, Mass., and the records of that town show that he was a lot-measurer for the proprietors as early as 1637, a proprietor and taxpayer in 1638.
He married March 19, 1639, Sarah Baldwin, and he died Sept., 1641, and was buried Sept. 6. His widow married (second), April 28, 1642, Alexander Edwards.
John Searl's will was dated Dec. 21, 1640, and proved eight days before the widow's second marriage.
John, mentioned below.

(II) John (2), son of John (1) Searl, was born at Springfield, May 30, 1641. He settled at Northampton, Mass., and died there Oct. 31, 1718. He was a subscriber to the Harvard College Fund, a well-to-do farmer. He was admitted a freeman in 1690.
John Searl married (first) July 3, 1667, Ruth, daughter of William Jones. She died Nov. 20, 1672 and he married (second) May 10, or 30, 1675, Mary North, who died Nov. 5, 1726.
Children by first wife:
1. Child, unnamed, born and died March, 1668.
2. John, born March 11, 1669, died young.
3. John, born Aug. 6, 1670.
(At the massacre March 11, 1704, at Passaconnuck, John Searl and children, Abigail, aged seven, John, aged four, and Caleb, aged two, were slaim; his wife Abigail (Pomeroy) Searl, was tomahawked, but recovered. Elisha saved his life by offering to carry a bundle and wa taken to Canada. He was baptized in the Roman Catholic church at Montreal, Sept. 29, 1705. He lived with Mr. John Baptist Beloran, Esq., Seigneur de Blainville, and captain of a company of the detachment of the marine; John Baptist wsa godfather and his wife, Mary Anne le Mayne, godmother, the new name given the boy being Michael.
When he was twenty-eight years of age, he returned to Northampton, in 1722, to get his share of his father's estate. He could not speak English and was not recognized at first. It is said that he found a pair of stilts that he used to walk on, and that fact served as a means of identification. He was determined to return to Canada, but finally yielded to the inducements offered him and was commissioned sergeant by the general court, granted ten pounds and served at Deerfield in the war of 1724 and at Fort Dummer next year.
4. Child, died Nov. 20, 1672.
Children of second wife:
5. James, Feb. 12, 1676.
6. Mary, 1678.
7. Ebenezer, Jan. 9, 1680.
8. Ruth, Dec. 17, 1681.
9. Sarah, Feb. 28, 1684.
10. Nathaniel, mentioned below.
11. Lydia, Aug. 22, 1688.

(III) Nathaniel, son of John (2) Searl, was born at Northampton, May 3, 1686. He had a grant of three acres and a half at Southampton in 1748. His son, Nathaniel Jr., had a grant at the same time. Nathaniel Searl was the richest settler of Southampton and the only one boasting of a house of two rooms. Before the meeting-house was built, his house was used as a place of worship. His homestead was a number of rods north of the house now, or lately (1910) owned by George W. Foley, and on the same side of the street. The cellar hole is still discernable. He entertained the council when Rev. Mr. Judd was ordained. He drew his first lot in 1730 and built about 1732-35.
He had nine sons, of whom Nathaniel is mentioned below.
He also had James and Eliphaz.

(IV) Nathaniel (2), son of Nathaniel (1) Searl, was born about 1720. He came with his father from Northampton to Southampton. His name first appears in 1748 as a grantee of land. He was an ensign in the French and Indian war in the companyof Captain Elisha Hawley, 1755.
Sons or nephews of Nathaniel were Zophar, Abijah, Simeon, Darius, Bildad, Enoch, Moses, Aaron, Philip, all of Southampton, and served in the revolution.

(V) Moses, Aaron, Enoch and Pyhilip Searl, of the above family, settled in Addison county, Vermont, and had families there in 1790.

(VI) Quartus Searl, of the Vermont family mentioned above, was born Oct. 22, 1793, in Vermont. He came with his father's famikly to Lewis county, New York, and settled in Lowville. He was a well-to-do farmer. He died at Lowville, May 2, 1858.
He married Anna Ellsworth, born Oct. 21, 1798, died June 12, 1859. Among their children was Gilbert, mentioned below.

(VII) Gilbert, son of Quartus Searl, was born at Lowville, N.Y. May 20, 1822. He had a common school education, followed the occupation of farmer, and was a progressive, prominent and popular citizen. He was anti-slavery in his opinions before the war and strongly supported the administration of President Lincoln. He was honest, industrious and perservering, and accumulated a handsome property. His home was known as "The Willows."
He married, Feb. 20, 1850, Janette Mathews.
1. Quartus M., born March 30, 1853.
2. Elvie J., Oct. 5, 1855.
3. Ethelbert J., mentioned below.

(VIII) Ethelbert J., son of Gilbert Searl, was born Dec. 24, 1860, at Lowville, N.Y. He ws educated there in the public schools and Lowville Academy. He assisted in the management of his father's farm and soon had the entire management, continuing until 1901, when he bought a farm near the village of Lowville. It is highly productive and one of the most valuable in the county. Mr. Searl believes in having the best stock for his dairy and constantly seeks to improve his herd. In addition to the management of his farm, he is interested in various other properties, buying old farms from time to time and putting them in order, remodeling the buildings and making them profitable. He is thoroughly up-to-date in his methods, and very active and industrious. His own home is the best evidence of his thrift, good taste and success in business.
He is a member of Harrisburgh Grange, Patrons of Husbandry. He and his family attend the Baptist church.
He married, Sept. 15, 1897, Lydia A. Reape, born July 20, 1866, at Montague, N.Y., daughter of James and Harriet (Combs) Reape. Her father ws born in Ireland and came to America with his widowed mother when a mere youth, settling at Chamont, Jefferson county. N.Y.; married Harriet Combs at Chamont in 1860, and shortly afterward located in Lewis county, where he became a prosperous farmer.
Mr. Searl has a brother James, and sisters Eliza, Emma and Mary.
Children of Ethelbert J. and Lydia A. (Reape) Searl:
1. Gilbert E., born Dec. 24, 1900.
2. Elvie M., May 27, 1905, died Dec. 21, 1907.
3. Hazel E., SEpt. 1, 1907, died Nov. 1, 1907.
[Transcriber's note: This material was published in 1910, so if this couple had more children after this date, they aren't on the list.]


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