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Genealogical and family history of northern New York: a record of the achievements of her people and the making of a commonwealth and the founding of a nation.
New York: Lewis Historical Pub. Co. 1910.


Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

Hall is an ancient surname derived from a place-name and common in both England and Scotland at an early date. The Hall family was established from earliest times in Haddingtonshire and Roxuburghshire, Scotland. A branch located in Ulster province, north of Ireland, at the time James I granted it to the Scottish and English province in 1610 and later.
In 1619 Nicholas Pynnar reported to the English government that John Hall ws one of the Scottish tenants of John Hamilton, a grantee of Claude Hamilton, precinct of Fewes, county Armagh. In the same report we find another John Hall tenant of fifteen hundred acres of Malcolm Hamilton, grantee of Sir Robert Hamilton, precinct of Magheriboy, county Fermanagh.
About 1646 Rev. Thomas Hall was ordained the Presbyterian minister at Larne. At the present time the Halls are especially numerous in counties Antrim and Armagh, Ireland.

(I) George Hall was born in Belfast, Ulster province, Ireland, about 1800. He came to this country when a young man, settled at Lisbon, New York, and followed farming the remainder of his active life.
He married Jane Patterson.
James, George, Robert, who was a wheelwright in Lisbon; Alexander, mentioned below; and William, deceased.

(II) Alexander, son of George Hall, was born in Lisbon, N.Y. 1839, and is now (1910) living at Flackville, N.Y. He was educated in the common schools. He was a soldier in the civil war, enlisting in Company D, California regiment, being at the time on the Pacific coast. He was sent to guard the country threatened by Indian uprisings, and served three years and one month.
After the war he followed farming for an occupation in Lisbon, N.Y. In politics he is a Republican. He served nine years on the board of assessors, and was a member of the general assembly of Flackville. He is a member of Ransom Post, Grand Army of the Republic, and of the Presbyterian church.
He married Mary Jane, born 1840, daughter of Anthony Paul.
1. Milton G., born Aug. 21, 1869; mentioned below.
2. Millie, married James Thompson, farmer of Louisville, N.Y.
3. Anthony W., born Sept. 13, 1878.

(III) Milton G., son of Alexander Hall, was born in Lisbon, N.Y. Aug. 21, 1869. He was educated there in the public schools, in Ogdensburg Academy, and the Rochester Business College. He taught school for seven years in his native town. From 1899 to 1906 he was clerk in the store of Akins & Long, general merchants of Lisbon, and since that time has followed farming at Lisbon.
He is an active and prominent Republican, and was elected supervisor of the town of Lisbon in Feburary, 1909. He is a member of Acacian Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons, of Ogdensburg, N.Y.; of Independent Order of Foresters, and Modern Woodmen of America, of Lisbon. He is a member of the general assembly of Flackville, N.Y.
He married, June 30, 1902, Jessie, born Jan. 25, 1876, daughter of Robert and Martha (Waddell) Adair, of Lisbon, granddaughter of Robert Adair, who was native of Ayrshire, Scotland.
Mary Pauline, born June 28, 1903.
Elsa Adair, Jan. 31, 1906.


William Hall was an English soldier stationed at the garrison in Schenectady, N.Y. He married, April 13, 1695, Tryntje Clark, widow of Elias Van Guysling, of Schenectady.
William and Tryntje Hall had:
1. William (2), born Jan. 8, 1696, see forward.
2. Maria, 1697, died Dec. 23, 1739; married, Jan. 3, 1726, Aaron Stevens.
3. Nicholas, Sept. 1, 1700; married July 11, 1724, Maria Van Antwerpen.
4. John, Jan. 24, 1703; married, Sept. 30, 1740, Jillistyje Van de Bogert.

(II) William (2), son of William (1) and Tryntje (Clark) Hall, was born in Schenectady, N.Y, Jan. 8, 1696. He was a prominent and highly esteemed citizen of Schenectady. During the war with France he was taken prisoner by the French and carried to Canada, where he died.
He married, April 10, 1730, Anna Cooper, of New Jersey.
1. William (3).
2. Anna, born June 14, 1740; married Dec. 7, 1763, Samuel Fuller, a builder and contractor of Schenectady, descendant of Dr. Samuel Fuller of the "Mayflower." His son, Jeremiah, married Mary Kendall, and had ten sons and four daughters. Nine of the sons were educated at Union College, Schenectady.
3. John, see forward.
4. Maria, Dec. 31, 1749; married Thomas Bath.

(III) John, son of William (2) and Anna (Cooper) Hall, was born July 6, 1746. He married, Sepet. 16, 1770, Catherine, daughter of Albraham Groot. He had several children, among them sons John and William.

(IV) William (3), son of John and Catherine (Groot) Hall, was born in 1790. He settled in Herkimer county, N.Y., in the town of Newport. He married Dulcina ____, and had issue.

(V) Henry, son of William (3) and Dulcina Hall, was born in Newport, Herkimer county, N.Y., April 23, 1827, died Oct. 16, 1900. He was a grain and dairy farmer of the town of Martinsburg, Lewis county, N.Y., where he owned a fine farm of two hundred and seventy-five acres. He settled in Lewis county in 1845.
He married, Nov. 27, 1848, Harriet Wetmore, born Feb. 26, 1823, died Oct. 31, 1900, two weeks later than her husband. They had a happy married life of nearly forty-two years, and were not long separated.
1. Franklin W., see forward.
2. Alice H., born April 26, 1859; married Dec. 18, 1889, John D. Bradbury (2).
3. Charles H., Feb. 20, 1863, died Sept. 19, 1885; married Dec. 23, 1884, Alice L. Carter.

(VI) Franklin W., son of Henry and Harriet (Wetmore) Hall, was born in the town of Watson, Lewis county, N.Y., Aug. 9, 1851. He was educated in the public schools and reared on the farm. He continued with his father and assisted in the management and cultivation of the farm until the death of Henry Hall in 1900. For a time Franklin W. remained there, but later rented it to is son, Leon Hall, and puchased a residence in the village of Lowville, where he has since lived a retired life.
He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, which his family also attends. Politically he is a Democrat.
He married, Dec. 24, 1872, Amanda Boshert, born April 18, 1853.
1. Henry J., see forward.
2. Leon E., born Oct. 4, 1878; married Ora M. Falling, and has a son, Earl F., born July 6, 1904.
3. Sadie A.
4. Jennie M., July 25, 1881.
5. Hattie H., July 26, 1883.
6. Gertie R., July 1, 1885, died April 3, 1888.
7. Marvin F., Sept. 27, 1887, died April 6, 1888.
8. Dorothea A., Feb. 18, 1889.
9. Alice A., Nov. 10, 1890.
10. Charles, Oct., 1893, died April 1, 1894.

(VII) Henry J., eldest child of Franklin W. and Amanda (Boshert) Hall, was born in the town of Martinsburg, Lewis county, N.Y. Nov. 20, 1874. He was educated in the public schools, and reared on the farm, where he became thoroughly familiar with the business he later adopted as his own. He purchased a farm in the town of Denmark, pleasantly located on the old state road near the village of Denmark overlooking the Black river valley. Here he located after his marriage, and has since devoted himself to modern dairy farming. His herd is a fine collection of blooded Holsteins, many of them holding records for milk production. Mr. Hall is a lover of all domestic animals, and they obtain the best of care on the farm known far and near as "Sunnyside." He devotes his time and gives personal attention to the farm management, and is known as one of the successful, substantial farmers of the county. Neatness, good feeling and kindly hospitalisty are the characteristics of "Sunnyside," and the warm-hearted owner has the remspect and confidence of his community.
He is a Democrat, and a member of Denmark Grange, Patrons of Husbandry. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, as are the others of his family.
He married, Aug. 10, 1898, May R., born Sept. 14, 1878, daughter of Archibald and Mary (Hines) Getman.


John Hall, immigrant ancestor of the Halls of Wallingford, Conn., was born about 1605 in England, and came to America in 1633, and was a freeman of the Massachusetts Colony in 1634. His autograph signature is found in the colonial records of New Haven, Conn., in 1639. His name appears often in these records, mostly in reference to piece of land. He fought in th Pequot war, and was freed from training in 1665, being then in his sixtieth year of age. Several of his sons joined a company and settled in Wallingford in 1670. The father went with them at that time, or soon after, and became one of the original proprietors.
He married Jean or Jane Woolen. She had lived with William Wilkes in Boston, and probably came over with him, as he paid her fare and gave her three pounds a year for services in his family for five years. He also promised her ten pounds when she should marry, but did not do so, and her huband obtained it from his estate by litigation, an account of which is found on the records of New Haven. He died March 3, 1676-77, making an oral will on his deathbed.
1. John (twin), baptized Aug. 9, 1646.
2. Sarah (twin), baptized Aug. 9, 1646.
3. Richard, born July 11, 1645.
4. Samuel, May 21, 1646.
5. Daniel, about 1647 or 1648.
6. Thomas, March 25, 1649, mentioned below.
7. Jonathan, April 5, 1651.
8. David, March 17, 1652-53.

(II) Thomas, son of John Hall, was born March 25, 1649, in New Haven, died in Wallingford, Sept. 17, 1731. He married, June 5, 1675, Grace ____, died May 1, 1731. This was the first marriage in Wallingford.
1. Abigail, born Jan. 7, 1674.
2. Thomas, July 17, 1676.
3. Mary, Nov. 22, 1677.
4. Jonathan, July 25, 1679, mentioned below.
5. Joseph, July 8, 1681.
6. Esther, Feb. 23, 1682.
7. Benjamin, April 19, 1684.
8. Peter, Dec. 28, 1686.
9. Daniel, Jan. 27, 1689.
10. Rebecca, Jan. 6, 1691.
11. Israel, Oct. 8, 1696.

(III) Jonathan, son of Thomas Hall, was born July 25, 1679, died Jan. 15, 1760. He lived in Wallingford. He married, May 12, 1703, Dinah Andrews, born 1684, died 1763.
1. David, born Oct. 16, 1705.
2. Jonathan, Jan. 13, 1708.
3. Joseph, May 31, 1710.
4. Anna, Jan. 18, 1713.
5. Isaac, July 11, 1714, mentioned below.
6. Phebe, Feb. 12, 1717, died May 14, 1735.
7. Ezekiel, May 13, 1719.
8. Thankful, Sept. 20, 1722.
9. Benjamin, Oct. 20, 1726.
10. Temperance, April 16, 1727.

(IV) Dr. Isaac, son of Jonathan Hall, was born July 11, 1714, in Wallingford, died March 7, 1781. Dr. Isaac Hall practiced medicine in Wallingford and was the first physician in Meriden. He took a deep interest in the church in Meriden. His name occurs first on a petition to the general court in 1768 and another in 1770, in behalf of the minority of the church who opposed the settlement of Rev. John Hubbard, who was accused of heresy and had been disowned by the consociation of Saybrook.
He lived in the east part of the town. He married, Nov. 5, 1739, Mary Morse or Moss, born April 22, 1716, died Oct. 9, 1791, probably daughter of John and Elizabeth (Hall) Moss. Her father, John Moss, born Nov. 10, 1682, was the son of John and Mary (Lathrop) Moss, son of John Moss Esq., the distinguished immigrant ancestor, and one of the prime movers of originating the settlement of Wallingford. He was in New Haven as early as 1645, and frequently represented that town, and in 1670 procured the incorporation of his new settlement as Wallingford, which he also represented. Her mother, Elizabeth (Hall) Moss, daughter of Samuel Hall, son of John Hall, the immigrant, was born March 6, 1690, died Jan. 27, 1754. She married John Moss Feb. 25, 1708, and had eight children.
Children of Dr. and Mrs. Hall:
1. Mary, Oct. 6, 1742.
2. Isaac, May 7, 1745.
3. Joel, April 3, 1747.
4. Esther, March 18, 1751.
5. Elizabeth, June 11, 1752.
6. Jonathan, mentioned below.

(V) Jonathan (2), son of Dr. Isaac Hall, was born Dec. 11, 1757, in Meriden, Conn., died June 6, 1832. Her married, May 13, 1777, Martha Collins, who died May, 1841, aged eighty-three. He was a physician and removed to New Hartford, New York, in 1787.
1. Isaac, born Feb. 22, 1778, mentioned below.
2. Keturah, Nov. 17, 1780.
3. Sylvia, Sept. 18, 1782.
4. Jonathan, Aug. 14, 1784.
5. Eli, May 14, 1786.
6. Ira, July 10, 1788.
7. Mary Moss, April 12, 1790.
8. Agnes Collins, Aug. 6, 1793.
9. Amos Hull, Feb. 12, 1796.
10. Jedediah Sanger, Nov. 2, 1797.
11. Sarah T., May 6, 1799.

(VI) Isaac (2), son of Jonathan (2) Hall, was born Feb. 22, 1778, and married Ruth Wetmore. They had a daughter, Clarissa, born Feb. 27, 1808, married Nathan Bassett (see Bassett, VIII).


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