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Genealogical and family history of northern New York: a record of the achievements of her people and the making of a commonwealth and the founding of a nation.
New York: Lewis Historical Pub. Co. 1910.


This is an ancient Irish family, famous in the history of its native island home. Its members are widely dispersed, and in the United States are represented in every honorable walk of life.

(I) Philip Fitzpatrick, son of Philip Fitzpatrick, was born at Killnussen, Ireland. He was a large land owner there. He came to America in 1826 and settled at Plattsburgh, New York, where he died in 1828. He followed the trade of a carpenter in this country. He was a member of the Catholic church.
He married Mary Cooney.
Lawrence, James, Michael, Matthew, John, Simon, Margaret, Thomas.
James is the only one of the children living at this date [1910]. All the sons remained in northern New York except Michael, who went west and died in San Francisco, California. He was an engineer; married Catherine Broda. Lawrence was a farmer in Clinton county; married Ellen Connor. James was a brickmaker; married Catherine Eagan. Matthew was a farmer; married Maria Cowley. John, farmer, married Fannie Cowley; Simon, also a farmer, married Margaret O'Brian. Margaret married John O'Brian.

(III) Lawrence, son of Philip (2) Fitzpatrick, was born in Ireland, near the city of Dublin. He learned the trade of brick-making in Ireland, and came with his father to this country in 1826, locating in Plattsburgh, where he died at the age of eighty years. He followed farming and brick-making at Plattsburgh. He married Maggie Connors.
Philip H.
John D.
George L.
all of whom are deceased, except John D., mentioned below.

(IV) John D., son of Lawrence Fitzpatrick, was born at Schuyler Falls, N.Y., in 1838, and is now living at Plattsburgh. He recieved a common school education and learned the trade of brickmaking. He was a prosperous farmer.
He married, in 1871, Anna L. Bathurst, born at Dalhousie Mills, Glengarry county, Ontario, daughter of William and Sadie (Thayer) Bathurst.
1. Margaret, died in infancy.
2. Lawrence W., an officer in Dannemora state prison; married Lucy Grattan; children: John, Charles E., Lawrence W.
3. Sarah E., a teacher in the public schools of Plattsburgh.
4. John Masterson, resides at Minneapolis, Minnesota; is a member of the construction corps of the United States engineering service; married Delle Fay; children: Genevieve and John.
5. Abigail, married James Conroy, a farmer of Plattsburgh; children: James, Thomas, Anna, one child died in infancy.
6. Thomas J., mentioned below.
7. Mary J., lives in Plattsburgh.
8. Twin of Mary, died young.
9. James Peter, a farmer of Plattsburgh.
10. Lemuel B., a farmer of Plattsburgh.
11. Child, died young.

(V) Thomas J., son of John D. Fitzpatrick, was born at Plattsburgh, Oct. 6, 1881, and was educated there in the public schools, including the high school and also at the State Normal School at Plattsburgh. He taught school for a period of ten years. He began to study law in the office of John B. Riley, of Plattsburgh, and graduated from the Albany Law School in 1907. He was admitted to the bar the same year and opened an office at Chateaugay, N.Y., where he has practiced since 1908.
He is independent in politics.
He is a member of the Knights of Columbus.
He married, March 28, 1910, Mary E., daughter of Michael and Catharine (McLaughney) Nolan, of Chateaugay, New York.


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