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Genealogical and family history of northern New York: a record of the achievements of her people
in the making of a commonwealth and the founding of a nation.
New York: Lewis Historical Pub. Co. 1910.


Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

John Bailey, immigrant ancestor, is first heard of as being shipwrecked at Pemaquid (now Bristol) Maine, in the great storms of Aug. 15, 1635. Owing to this terrible experience he never recrossed the ocean. He came from Chippenham, England, and was a weaver by trade. He settled first at Newbury, Mass., in the vicinity of Parker river. In 1637 he went further into the forest, and established a solitary home beyond the Merrimac, near the mouth of the Powow river. Here he built a log cabin, and with one man, William Scholar, made a living by fishing and cultivating the soil. The sole right of fishing in the Powow river was granted to him, but a certain proportion of the fish taken were to be given to the town.
In 1639 the settlement of Colchester, afterward calle Salisbury, began, and on the list of names of those wo had lots granted to them in the first division is the name of John Bailey Sr. It has been shown by old deeds that his homestead lot was situated on the banks of the Merrimac, running to that river on the westerly side, and to the Powow on the northerly side. It was triangular in shape, and comprised about fifty acres.
John Bailey left a wife, son Robert, and two or more daughters in England.
A son John came with him and a daughter Johanna, either came with him or joined him soon after. In 1651 he was sentenced by the court to return to England by the next vessel or send for his wife to come over to him, but the order was never pbeyed, as he died soon after. He left his home in Salisbury to his son John during his lifetime, then to the latter's son John. He gave to his daughter Johanna, wife of William Huntington, the house and five acres of land which he had bought of Mr. Rowell; to his son Robert and his daughers ten pounds apiece if they came over to New England, five pounds if they did not. He died Nov. 3, 1651.
1. John, mentioned below.
2. Johanna, married William Huntington, of Amesbury, 1640.
3. Robert, remained in England.
One or more daughters remained in England.

(II) John (2), son of John (1) Bailey, was born in England in 1613, and came to New England with his father in 1635. He married Eleanor Emery, sister of John and Ann Emery. He settled in Newbury, Mass. in 1650, on the plain, about a mile from Deer Island and opposite Carr Island. Before that he lived in Salisbury.
1. Rebecca, born 1641.
2. John, May 18, 1643, died July 22, 1663.
3. Sarah, Aug. 17, 1644.
4. Joshua, died April 7, 1652.
5. Joseph, born April 4, 1648.
6. James, Sept. 12, 1650.
7. Joshua, Feb. 20, 1652, died 1663.
8. Isaac, July 22, 1654, mentioned below.
9. Joshua, April 20, 1657.
10. Rachel, Oct. 19, 1662.
11. Judith, Aug. 13, 1668.

(III) Isaac, son of John (2) Bailey, was born July 22, 1654, in Newbury. He married (first) June 13, 1683, Sarah, daughter of John and Mary (Shatswell) Emery. She died April 1, 1694. He married (second) Rebecca Bartlett, Sept. 5, 1700. He died April 26, 1740.
1. Isaac, born Dec. 30, 1683.
2. Joshua, Oct. 30, 1685.
3. David, Dec. 12, 1687.
4. Judith, Feb. 14, 1689.
5. Sarah, Feb. 11, 1691.

(IV) Joshua, son of Isaac Bailey, was born Oct. 30, 1685, in Newbury. He was a farmer in his native town, and died Oct. 6, 1760. He married Feb. 4, 1706, Sarah Coffin, who died Nov. 27, 1768.
1. Stephen, born March 1, 1708.
2. Joshua, mentioned below.
3. Abner, Jan. 15, 1715.
4. Enoch, Sept. 20, 1719.
5. Sarah, Feb. 14, 1721.
6. Judith (twin), Feb. 13, 1724.
7. Abigail (twin), Feb. 13, 1724.
8. Jacob, July 19, 1726.
9. John, May 4, 1729.

(V) Leiut. Joshua (2), son of Joshua (1) Bailey, was born April 7, 1712, in Newbury. He married, Aug. 17, 1734, Elisabeth Chase. April 1, 1769, he and his wife were dismissed and recognized in the second church of Newbury (the first church of West Newbury). June 26, 1770, he was chosen deacon of the latter church, and accepted the position March 1, 1771. He died Sept. 29, 1786, and was buried in Rockbridge cemetery, West Newbury.
1. Sarah, born Feb. 7, 1742.
2. Bettie, June 2, 1750.
3. Anna, Aug. 17, 1753.
4. Elizabeth, Oct. 26, 1755.
5. Joshua, May 11, 1757; mentioned below.
6. Rhoda, March 7, 1759.
7. Paul, July 16, 1763.
8. Ebenezer, March 3, 1766.

(VI) Joshua (3), son of Lieut. Joshua (2) Bailey, was born May 11, 1757, in Newbury. He married there Dec. 4, 1779, Sarah or Sally, daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Stewart) Chase. She was born Jan. 10, 1761. They lived in Newbury, Vermont, until 1790, and then removed to Berlin, Vermont. He was a successful farmer. He died March 15, 1809.
1. Cyrus, born March 8, 1781, died May 10, 1783.
2. Betsy, Sept. 19, 1782.
3. Cyrus, May 21, 1784.
4. Sally (twin), Feb. 4, 1786.
5. Anna (twin), Feb. 4, 1786, died young.
6. Joshua, Nov. 19, 1787.
7. Mary, Oct. 7, 1789.
8. William, Feb. 28, 1793.
9. Emma, July 14, 1794.
10. Samuel, May 6, 1796.
11. George Washington, July 27, 1798, mentioned below.
12. Hannah, July 8, 1800.
13. Joseph, Nov. 20, 1802.
14. Sophia, April 2, 1805.
15. Almira, April 7, 1808.

(VII) George Washington, son of Joshua (3) Bailey, was born July 27, 1798, in Berlin, Vermont, died in Middlesex, Vermont, Aug. 19, 1868. By occupation he was a farmer. He was also a politician, a Whig and then a Republican, and held many town offices. He was representative to the state legislature, state senator, and probate judge of Washington county, Vermont. He was president of the Vermont Mutual Life Insurance Company and held that position at the time of his death.
He married Rebecca, daughter of Joel Warren, of Berlin, Vermont. She was born there April 9, 1802, and died in Elmore, Vermont, April 24, 1886.
1. Rosamond, born April 10, 1822.
2. Joel Warren, May 1, 1824, died April 21, 1880.
3. George W., Nov. 17, 1825, died Aug. 26, 1831.
4. Ednah, Nov. 5, 1827, died Jan. 25, 1829.
5. Charles Wesley, Feb. 4, 1831, died Sept. 23, 1876.
6. George W., April 6, 1833, died July 17, 1865.
7. Dr. James H., mentioned below.
8. Theron Osborn, June 14, 1838.
9. William Edward, Aug. 31, 1843, lives in Chicago.

(VIII) Dr. James H., son of George Washington Bailey, was born in Elmore, Vermont, May 1, 1835. He was educated there in the district and select schools, and entered the medical department of the University of Vermont at Burlington, graduating in 1857, with the degree of M.D. He then accepted the appointment of physician on a packet ship to Liverpool. Upon leaving this position he was located for a year at Waukegan, Illinois. In November, 1863, he enlisted in Company K, Eighth Vermont Regiment of Volunteers, and went into the service as surgeon. After six months he was obliged to resgin on account of ill health. He served in the Red River campaigns in Louisiana. After recovering his health he resumed the practice of medicine at Barre, Vermont, and remained there two years. In 1867 he came to Ticonderoga, N.Y., where he continued in practice for a period of forty years.
Since 1907 he has been retired. He was formerly a member of the Vermont Medical Association. In politics he is a Republican and has held various offices of trust and responsiblity. He is a member of Mount Defiance Lodge, No. 794, Free and Accepted Masons, of Ticonderoga, and is a past master of the lodge.
He married, July 25, 1860, Persis Pamelia, born at Williamstown, Vermont, daughter of Deacon Orcutt and Mary (Davis) Abbott.
1. Georgiana, born at Williamstown, Vt., died aged thirty.
2. Charles Edward, born at Ticonderoga; killed on the railroad at the age of twenty years.


(I) John Bailey, was the progenitor of the Scituate family of that name, and was located in that town before 1670. Jan. 25, 1672, he married Sarah, daughter of Gowin White.
He died in 1718.
John, born Nov. 5, 1673.
Sarah, October, 1675.
Mary, December, 1677.
Joseph, October, 1679, mentioned below.
Benjamin, April, 1683.
William, February, 1684.
Hannah, January, 1687-8.
Samuel, August, 1690.

(II) Joseph, son of John Bailey, was born in October, 1679, and married Jerusha, daughter of Benjamin Pierce and Martha Adams; she was granddaughter of Captain Michael Pierce, a great Indian fighter, killed in battle with the Indians in 1676.
Joseph, born November, 1704, mentioned below.
Martha, April, 1707.
Ruth, Dec. 4, 1709.
Benjamin, Feb. 28, 1712.
Ebenezer, July 20, 1714.
Seth, Sept. 17, 1717.
Caleb, Aug. 13, 1720.
Adams, Nov. 24, 1722.

(III) Joseph (2), son of Joseph (1) Bailey, was born in November, 1704, and lived in Scituate. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Timothy and Rebecca Simons White. She was born July 18, 1710. Her father, Timothy White, was a grandson of the Gowin White mentioned above. His mother was Abigail Rogers, a great-granddaughter of John Rogers, the martyr who was burned at the stake at Smithfield in 1555.
Elizabeth, born Jan. 11, 1733.
Joshua, June 17, 1735, mentioned below.
Caleb, Dec. 11, 1738.
Joseph, 1743.
Rebecca, Jan. 21, 1746.
Miranda, 1749.

(IV) Joshua, son of Joseph (2) Bailey, was born June 17, 1735, and married, in 1756, Abigail, daughter of Benjamin and Grace (Tilden) Clapp. She was born Aug. 1, 1736. After his marriage he removed from Scituate to Chesterfield, Hampshire county, Mass.
Benjamin, mentioned below.
Nabby, married John Fobes.

(V) Benjamin, son of Joshua Bailey, was born at Chesterfield, Mass.
1. Eliza, married William Rich; their daughter Sybil married Henry Oakley, and their daughter Olive Oakley Holt, who married Judge Clarence Seymour Ferris, was adopted by Laura Dart Holt, daughter of Charles and Olive (Bailey) Dart.
2. Olive, married Charles Dart.


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