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Welcome to our personal family history site.

GENEALOGY Definition: A study of family and identification of ancestors and their pertinent information (birth, death, etc.) Pronunciation: [Jen-ee-all-o-gee] (noun) Also Known As: Family History, family search, ancestor search, family tree, lineage, personal ancestry.

We made this site to try and help further our genealogy research, find roaming cousins, and to help those who may be related to us... Very Special Thanks go out to all who have helped us.

FYI: Many living persons may not be listed on our site, and those who are will usually have very limited information to protect their privacy. We don't give their information publicly or privately without their consent. Thanks for understanding.

family photosThe information we have on our families has been taken from; newspaper articles, birth certificates, death certificates, services records, cemetery transcripts and other documents as well as family files and stories. There is a possibility of unconfirmed information or mistakes. It is also possible that there are some typgn typing errors, broken links etc.. Hey, it happens.

So, You can select a surname from the drop down menu above on any page or click "Surname List" to see information on that family. If you find your family ties into ours, Or if our site has helped you in any way, we'd love to hear about it. Corrections or additions to these pages are also very welcomed. Feel free to contact us at

We also have made some free printable sheets that might help you keep track of some things. They are in .pdf format which requires a free Adobe Acrobat Reader® software that can be downloaded at .

We have also included links to software and books which can help in your research and also help keep our site running. And other websites with Free Surname searches that we have found helpful.




TAYLOR - Scotland > Canada | DODDS - Scotland > Canada | OSBORNE - Guernsey > Canada | HORRELL - Guernsey/England > Canada | HOSKINS - UK > Canada | FERRARO - Italy > Canada | SANSALONE - Italy / Argentina > Canada | REES - Swansea Wales > Canada | WALES - England > Canada CARTER, COADY, STACK, HARTWELL, LASH, PRICE of Witless Bay, Bay Bulls, St.John's Newfoundland Canada.

Other names include: BAKER, BUTSON, CONELEY, DE SiLVA, DURANTE, GRUT, LONG, RAMSEY, ROFO, STEEL, TONEY, BANNEN, BIGGAR, COLLING, COXE, FUDA, GAMBINO, GILES, GRENIER, HUTTON, MARSHALL, McKAY, NESBITT, RACCO, ROBINS, RUFFAT, WEISE, WEESE, WHITLOCK. Of Ontario Canada. Newfoundland. United kingdom. Plympton Devon England. Milton Abbot. Channel islands, St. Peter Port. Island Of Guernsey. Swansea Wales. Mammola calabria italy. Clackmannashire Alloa Scotland.




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