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Compiled from Wills & Estate Sales  

Allen Harper, Morgan County, 1830 Estate Sale

Arthur Harper,  Richmond County, Georgia, 1832

Bannister Harper, Wilkes County, 1793

          Sarah, wife

          Abrilear Harper, daughter

          Robert, son

          William, son

          John, son


Benjamin I. Harper, Hancock County, Georgia, 1829 son of William Harper

Edmond Harper, Elbert County, Georgia, 1819

Elijah Harper, Chattooga County, Georgia, 1887

Elizabeth Harper, Harris County, Georgia, 1837

          Collin S. Harper, son

          William Y. Harper, son

          Durant H. Harper, son

          Delaney, daughter

          Lovey N., daughter

          Avis H., daughter

          Robert Hasty, son-in-law

          William Hasty, son-in-law


George Harper, Jones County, Georgia, October 7, 1838-December 9, 1839

George W. Harper, Clarke County, Georgia, 1813

Henry A. Harper, Newton County, Georgia, 1846

          Rhody, wife

          Edward, son

          Margarett Ann Parker, daughter

          David M. Parker, son-in-law

           Nuel M. Harper, son

          Sarah Ann, daughter


John Peterson Harper, Elbert County, Georgia, 1801

        Last Will and Testament

        Inventory of Estate

        Also, see Last Will and Testament of Sally Harper


John R. Harper, Pike County, Georgia 1866, Son of William Harper,

       of Hancock County, Ga. 


John W. Harper, Clarke County, Georgia, 1829

          Joseph M. Harper, son

          Nathaniel Harper, son

          Mary E. Echols, daughter

          Martha Hewell, daughter

          Thomas Echols, son-in-law


Martha M. Harper, Lincoln County, Georgia, 1830

          James N. Harper, son

          Nancy S. Simmons, daughter (wife of Thomas Simmons)

          Margaret N. Tate, daughter (wife of Zimri Tate)

          Beatrix Tate, granddaughter


Mary M. Harper, Green County, Georgia, 1802

Mary Harper, Hancock County, Georgia, 1840 .  Wife of William Harper

Hancock County, Ga. Died 1823

          Elizabeth Bass, daughter

          Benjamin Bass, grandson

          Nancy Bass, granddaughter


Mildredge Caraway Harper, Upson County, Georgia, 1851


Miles Harper, Chattooga County, Georgia, 1877


Pleasant Harper, Wilkes County, 1799

          William Harper, brother, administrator


Presley Harper, Hancock County, Georgia, 1848, son of William Harper of

          Hancock County, Georgia

Presley Harper, Hancock County, Georgia, Inventory & Appraisement 1853


Robert Harper, Greene County, Georgia, 1809


Sally Harper, Elbert County, Georgia, 1802


William Harper, Hancock County, 1823

        Letter of Administration

        Inventory & Sale of Estate


William Peterson Harper I, Morgan County, Georgia, Died, June 3rd, 1825,

 son of William Harper of Hancock County, Georgia, who died, 1823.

          Mary Dennis Harper, Wife. She died in Rock Mill, Randolph

        County, Alabama after 1883. She had applied for and received in 1855,

         Bounty Land from her husband who had fought in the War of 1812. He

        fought from November 1814 to March 1815. In the 1820 Census for             

        Hancock Co. William Harper had seven sons.                                                         

          Green R. Harper, Son, Post master of Rock Mill, Randolph County,


          Miles J. Harper, Son

          Jesse V. Harper, Son

          Benjamin D. Harper, Son

          Avington W. Harper, Son,

          William Peterson Harper Jr., Son

          Alvis A. Harper, Son


William Harper, Lincoln County, Georgia, 1827

          Anne Halada Harper, wife

          Peggy, daughter, (married to Andrew Lee Jr.)

          Polly, daughter,

          Betsey, daughter, (married to Thomas W. Murray)

          Louisa, daughter, (married to Sterns Simmons Jr.)

          Sally, daughter

          Susan, daughter

          William H. Harper, son

          Matilda Walker, granddaughter


William Harper, Wilkes County, 1808

          Edward Harper

          Judith Harper

          Polly Harper

          Henry Harper


William Harper, married to Mary Cowen in Jackson Co. Ga.

 from the book Harden Creek, Harpers.



Wyatt Appleton Harper Jr., Died in prison at Rock Island, Illinois after being

 captured by yankees, he was in Co. A. 4th Georgia Regiment C.S.A. He died

 September 1863. Grandson of William Harper of Hancock County Georgia,

who died in 1823.

          Louisa M. Harper, Wife



Wyatt Harper, Morgan County, 1873 son of Allen and Lucy Ann Harper

          Martha, wife

          Children from first marriage to Jane Elizabeth “Jennie” Shields.

          He left nothing for them in his will:

          Thomas Jefferson Harper Married to Mary Jane Almond

          William A. Harper married to Mary Ann E. Chapman

          Ann J. Harper

          James Wyatt Harper

          Seaborn Augustus Harper

          Mary Lucinda Harper

          John Bledsoe Harper

          Julius Calvin Harper


          He left his four children from Martha White Harper everything

           after her death.

          Frances A. Harper

          Luther Harper

          Sidney Harper

          Alfred Harper


William Ingram, Hancock County, Ga. 1804

Benjamin Ingram,  minor Son

Robert Ingram, minor Son

Benjamin Ingram Harper, Executor


These people bought articles from William Ingram’s estate.

William P. Harper

William Harper

Presley Ingram

John Harper

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