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Matlock Pictures

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This is a project under developement.  I hope to include many pictures from my own family as well as some of the collateral lines.  Please be patient while I am working.   Thank you very much.

Jess Matlock 

Jess and Bessie Cheek Matlock  1905 


 Ruth and Ruby Matlock about 1907

Wilma Matlock

Jesse Matlock and Bessie Cheek married in 1905.  They had seven children and helped to raise the children of Frank Matlock, Jesse's brother.


Wanda Matlock

Joy Matlock

Gladys and Otto "Bill" Matlock.

The seven Matlock girls and their mother, Bessie

Ruth Matlock, Spud Callahan  and Wilma Matlock  

Fae Matlock


left - right: Wilma, Gladys, Ethel, Wanda, Jessie, Joy Fae.

Pappy's Chapel Church

Matlock kids and dog

L-R Joy, Wilma, Wanda, and Jessie Matlock

Ruth and Ruby Matlock

Matlock farm, Yellville, AR.  about 1923

Jessie Matlock and Uncle Frank Matlock


Jess Matlock, Farm in Temple, TX

Frank and Leanord Matlock Twin sons of  Smith and Harriet Hamm Matlock


Leonard Matlock and Mildred Patterson


Wilma Matlock



Matlock Girls


Ruth Matlock Miller and Lester Miller.



Slim Matlock and friends

Uncle Franks Cave

Jessie and Joy Matlock


The third picture was taken in front of Uncle Frank's cave.  During the hot part of the summer they would hold church services in the largest room in the cave.


Dallas Kyles

Wilma Matlock Kyles and Dallas Kyles

James Johnson and Wanda Matlock Johnson

Fae Matlock Hill and Harold Hill

Henry Camp and Ruby Matlock Camp

Luther G. Riles and Joy Matlock Riles

Troy Lester Davenport Miller & Ruth Matlock Miller

Joy Matlock Riles and Harriet Riles   about 1947

Henry Camp, Lester Miller, and Luther Riles   Riles Farm in Hot Springs, AR



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