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Information regarding this part of the family see the Folts ancstral site on the web. here you will find the family of Jane Wieczorek who is the great grand daughter of Jane Steele.

26. George A. JR. HOUSEMAN

7.  GEORGE A JR4 HOUSEMAN (GEORGE M3, GEORGE2 HAUSS, JOHANN CHRISTIAN1) was born May 25, 1792 in Adams, Seneca Co, NY, and died May 01, 1856 in Town of Yates, NY.  He married SALLY COVERT, daughter of PETER COVERT and AMY PARKER.  She was born March 03, 1797 in VA.

George Jr came to Yates in 1815, settled on the land his father purchased.  George served in the War of 1812.  George and Sally's marriage was the first one in the Town of Yates, NY.

Burial: 1856, Corner Ward & Platten Cemetery

27. Jacob M. HOUSEMAN

.  JACOB M4 HOUSEMAN (GEORGE M3, GEORGE2 HAUSS, JOHANN CHRISTIAN1) was born September 10, 1796 in Adams, Jefferson Co, NY, and died October 31, 1860 in Orange, Ionia, MI.  He married POLLY LOUDEN 1818 in Yates, NY.  She was born March 06, 1799 in PA, and died October 14, 1843 in Blackman, Jackson, MI.

Jacob moved to MI in 1835.

56. George W. HOUSEMAN

Gw Houseman Listed with  Co I, 21st Michigan Inf. I would assume that the brother may have been in the same unit but as of yet have not found him on any scrolls

28. Daniel A HOUSEMAN

.  DANIEL A4 HOUSEMAN (GEORGE M3, GEORGE2 HAUSS, JOHANN CHRISTIAN1) was born October 05, 1802 in Adams, Jefferson Co, NY, and died May 08, 1891 in Orleans Co, NY.  He married ALLETTY COVERT September 20, 1822 in Ovid, NY, daughter of PETER COVERT and AMY PARKER.  She was born April 12, 1801 in Ovid, Seneca Co, NY, and died December 10, 1881 in Orleans Co, NY.

From the 1897 Historical Album of Orleans Co, NY  Daniel Houseman, now living, was born 10/5/1802 in Adams, Jefferson Co, NY and came to Yates, NY in 1809 and located on a farm now occupied by his son George, three miles east of Lyndonville, NY (which is now Wellington Stisser's farm). His nearest store was Batavia, and on the Genesee River, the nearest grist-mill.  Wild animals had to be killed to supply the family with meat, which boiled and eaten as a substitute for bread, and leeks and other herbs of the forest served for vegetables.  A few years ago Daniel moved to Lyndonville where he still resides. Stephen B Johnson, Baruch H Gilbert, Daniel Houseman, Hiram McNeil and John Tyler represented the Town of Yates in the War of 1812.

1976  Houseman by Albert D. Houseman (Albert's father is Kenneth b1894, his grandfather is Warren b1871, his ggrandfather is Peter b1829, his gggrandfather is Daniel b1802, and his ggggrandfather is George-d in 1814.  "Azella Bale, who lives in the old homestead on Maple Av, in the village of Lyndonville, NY, where Daniel and Alletty Houseman lived, followed by their daughter Mrs Sarah Morehouse, followed by her daughter Mrs Nella Joslyn, and at present (1976) her daughter Mrs Azella  Bale, who showed me many of the old family belongings, such as a handturned sewing machine used by Alletty Houseman. She also told me that she had an original deed issued for this grant of land in the town of Yates to Houseman from the Holland Land Co. Warren Houseman, who was my grandfather which is now in the hands of Albert my Uncle , operated a dairy farm which was located on the north side of Alps Rd, just west of Greenman Rd.  From here he bottled milk under the name of Locust Hill Dairy and peddled it in Lyndonville in he early 1900's.  On this farm in 1910 he had the present house built at a cost of $10,000 dollars, which presently is owned by the Richard Oliver family.  These records are from family Bibles, newsclippings, and stories I have heard from older famiy members.  To my knowledge these facts are as near to truth as possible"

Burial: 1891, Lynhaven Cem, Lyndonville, NY

Charlotte VEDDER

Charity it is possible that she remarried after John died her married name may have been see below text from the Michigan Ionia county seat quest page.

That when John Houseman died his wife Charity (which could be a nickname for Charlotte) remarried a Hiram Hunt. Charity and Charlotte show to be the same age. Hiram is 40 and Charlotte is 53. The families the Houseman children married into were "BARRY, BETTS, HAMILTON, HUNT and BADDER. The name VEDDER could possible be Charity or Charlotte's maiden name.