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Third Generation

5. Anna Elisbetha HAUß (Johann Christian 2nd HAUß , Johan Christain 1st ) was born about 1714 in Albany County, NY. She died about 1770 in Schoharie, NY.

Anna married Johann Conrad REICHARDT on 1727 in Schoharie, New York. Johann was born 16 Jan 1702/1703 in Albany County, NY. He died about 1760 in Schoharie, NY.

They had the following children:

  9 M i Johannes RICKERT was born 19 May 1728. He died about 1824.
  10 M ii Johannes George RICKERT was born 7 Jun 1729 in Middleburgh, NY. He died 1788 in Berks County, PA.
  11 M iii Conrad RICKERT was born 7 Jul 1729. He died about 1801.
  12 F iv Anna Eva RICKERT was born 5 Oct 1732. She died about 1801.
  13 F v Elizabetha RICKERT was born 19 Mar 1732/1733. She died about 1779.
  14 F vi Maria Elisabetha RICKERT was born 8 Aug 1734. She died about 1789.
  15 M vii Christian RICKERT was born 25 Aug 1736. He died about 1792.

6. Jurrian HAUß "George" (Johann Christian 2nd HAUß , Johan Christain 1st ) was born about 1715/1716 in Stone Arabia, New York.

George married Maria Catherina EHRHARDT "Kate" about 1728/1730 in New York, Schoharie. Kate was born about 1716/1718 in New York.

They had the following children:

  16 F i Ann Elisabetha HAUß "LIZZY OR SIS" was born 30 Oct 1734 in Schoharie, NY.
        LIZZY OR SIS married Edward BLAKE on 2 Mar 1764 in Stone Arabia, NY.
  17 F ii Maria Dorothea HAUß was born Bap.07Jan.1736 in Schoharie, NY.
        Maria married John TYSEN on 30 Dec 1780 in Stone Arabia, New York.
+ 18 M iii Johan George HAUß was born Bap.18 Nov 1737.
  19 M iv Jurgen HAUß was born 7 Oct 1749 in Schoharie, NY.
  20 M v Aart HAUß was born about 1740 in Stone Arabia, New York.

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