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1. Johan Christain 1st HÄUß

Johan was married twice once in Alden stadt to a women as yet not known, at 40 or 45 he came to the us thru halland and married Marie

1by Rev. Joshua Kocherthal, Lutheran Minister.of st. Groegory, FHL Number 982336, 27 Sep 1710. "Johann Christian Haus and Maria Catherine Becker were married by Rev. Joshua Kocherthal, a Lutheran Minister. Johann was a Carpenter." This information from Josephine Bogart Gregory, 10 E. 300 North Street, St. george,. "Information on date of marriage comes from FHL Number 982336, Recorded in: Saint Pauls Evangelical Lutheran, West Camp, Ulster, New York." West Camp, Ulster, New York.

Maria Catherine BECKER

1Hessan troops. , Johan could be pressed into military service, as the various Hessian rulers often sold off their subjects for military service to other countries. In the 1670's, a French move to expand into the Empire during the 1670's started another war. Then in 1677-1678, Hessian troops fought in/for Denmark, against Sweden. In 1688, Hessian troops in Venetian fought for Venice, against the Ottoman Empire, on Morea. In 1702, nine thousand Hessians served under the maritime powers, and in 1706 eleven thousand five hundred men were in Italy. England was the best customer. Through a large part of the eighteenth century she had Hessians in her pay (in fact, our family would end up fighting mercenaries from Hessen in the American Revolution).