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Der Häuß family Welcommen sie sum unser site hopflich mer kanst die helphen.

Here are some of my German sites they also deal with what is happening in the western New York Region.

Though the Family Hauss came into the US in 1710 with a group of people from Holland we scattered throughout upper NY and the rest of the US. I have found that there are many spelling some related some are not. Like in all families ours is no different as we went from one area to another the name changed in how people heard it. German was full of wars, take overs, and leader that only thought for themselves after the great freeze Germany and most of the European families had in 1690 when so many died Johann at 40 years of age took his family and left looking for a better world for his children.

A true Konzert Kapeele and one of the few left in the USA (


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