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William Hawghton

M, #69731



John Hawk

M, #108660, b. 17 March 1849, d. 13 January 1914
     John Hawk was born on Mar 17, 1849. He married Alice Houghton, daughter of Edward Stuart Houghton and Rebecca J. Cotter, in Mar 2, 1901 at Scott Co., IL, USA. John Hawk died on Jan 13, 1914.


Alice Houghton b. 25 May 1858, d. 7 Sep 1921

Catherine Hawkes

F, #45816, b. circa 1876
     Catherine Hawkes was born circa 1876 in MA, USA. She married John Leo Houghton in circa 1901.


John Leo Houghton b. 23 Mar 1877, d. b 1920

Elvina Hawkes

F, #37993, b. 4 March 1891, d. 4 March 1965
     Elvina Hawkes was born on Mar 4, 1891 in Melbourne, Australia. She married Theodore Sedgwick Houghton, son of Dr. Alfred Swift Houghton M.D. and Harriet Louisa Smith, in May 7, 1910 at New York, New York Co., NY, USA. Elvina Hawkes died on Mar 4, 1965 at St. Albans, VT, USA.


Theodore Sedgwick Houghton b. 18 Mar 1888, d. 13 Oct 1971

Victoria Manning Hawkes

F, #81556
     Victoria Manning Hawkes married Major David Maurice Clark, son of Maurice Harry Clark and Priscilla Ann Houghton, in Dec 9, 1972. Victoria Manning Hawkes and Major David Maurice Clark were divorced on Aug 6, 1986.


Major David Maurice Clark b. 15 Aug 1949

(?) Hawkins

F, #59835



(?) Hawkins

M, #89753
ChartsDesc. Chart John Houghton
     (?) Hawkins married Jane Leigh Hyde, daughter of James William Hyde and Sue Irene Thomson.


Jane Leigh Hyde b. 24 Nov 1955

Mr. (?) Hawkins

M, #57085
     Mr. (?) Hawkins married Harriet Houghton, daughter of Asa Houghton and Mary Bradford.


Harriet Houghton b. 25 Apr 1796, d. Oct 1865

Charity Hope Hawkins

F, #20503, b. 24 February 1992
FatherWilliam Hawkins
MotherBetsy Jean Houghton b. 10 Feb 1963
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Charity Hope Hawkins was born on Feb 24, 1992 in Okeechobee, FL, USA.

Charlene Hawkins

F, #57924, b. 28 November 1921, d. 16 September 2005
     Charlene Hawkins was born on Nov 28, 1921 in Summit, MS, USA. She married James Franklin Dickinson, son of Walter Wesley Dickinson and Frances Estelle Cain. Charlene Hawkins died on Sep 16, 2005 at Memphis, TN, USA.


James Franklin Dickinson b. 2 Jun 1920, d. 23 May 1999

Dorothy Hawkins

F, #40383

Edith M. Hawkins

F, #82083, b. circa 1895
     Edith M. Hawkins was born circa 1895 in NH, USA. She married (?) Houghton in circa 1917. Edith M. Hawkins married Benjamin Harrison.

Family 1

(?) Houghton d. b 1930

Family 2

Benjamin Harrison b. c 1891

Eliza Hawkins

F, #59057, d. 11 January 1865
     Eliza Hawkins was born in NY, USA. She married John Houghton in Dec 27, 1821 at NY, USA. Eliza Hawkins died on Jan 11, 1865.


John Houghton

Fred J. Hawkins

M, #28407
ChartsDesc. Chart John Houghton
     Fred J. Hawkins married Lillian J. Lett, daughter of Henry Lett and Ann Maria Hapgood.


Lillian J. Lett b. 3 Aug 1871

George Hawkins

M, #81659
     George Hawkins married Lydia Luther, daughter of (?) Luther and Maria Ann Houghton.


Lydia Luther b. 26 Jul 1847

Harriet Ann Hawkins

F, #65305, b. 12 August 1938
     Harriet Ann Hawkins was born on Aug 12, 1938 in Shelbina, Shelby Co., MO, USA. She married Howard Dudley Platz, son of Gayle Buhl Platz and Lena Houghton, in Jun 17, 1978 at Shelbina, Shelby Co., MO, USA.


Howard Dudley Platz b. 13 Oct 1934, d. 29 Apr 2006

Lily Hawkins

F, #101737, b. circa 1952
     Lily Hawkins was born circa 1952. She married Larry Dale Houghton, son of Larry P. Houghton, in Jul 14, 1990 at Midland Co., TX, USA.


Larry Dale Houghton b. 1962

Lucretia Hawkins

F, #41117, b. 11 February 1818, d. 7 March 1895
     Lucretia Hawkins was born on Feb 11, 1818 in VA, USA. She married James Wade Houghton, son of Job Reuben Houghton and Lucy Sims, in Dec 9, 1841 at Lewis Co., VA, USA. Lucretia Hawkins died on Mar 7, 1895 at Upshur Co., WV, USA.


James Wade Houghton b. 6 Feb 1819, d. 16 Nov 1902

Marjorie Louise Hawkins

F, #54596, b. 27 March 1944
     Marjorie Louise Hawkins was born on Mar 27, 1944. She married James Ford Hunter, son of William Ford Hunter and Hazel Maurine Streeter, in Apr 30, 1964.


James Ford Hunter b. 11 Oct 1940

Martha Hawkins

F, #87464
     Martha Hawkins married Eli Cook, son of Isaac Cook and Mary Houghton, in 1772.


Eli Cook b. c 1741

Nancy Hawkins

F, #76482
     Nancy Hawkins married James Henry Howton Sr, son of Jonathan Curtis Howton and Ann Elizabeth Trover, in Sep 23, 1824.


James Henry Howton Sr b. 12 Aug 1807, d. 30 Jul 1865

Nathan Hawkins

M, #67350
     Nathan Hawkins married Ann Cook, daughter of Isaac Cook and Mary Houghton, in Jul 8, 1773.


Ann Cook b. c 1739

Tommie Hawkins

M, #96198
     Tommie Hawkins married Delma Houghton, daughter of (?) Houghton.


Delma Houghton d. b 2008

William Hawkins

M, #20502
     William Hawkins married Betsy Jean Houghton, daughter of Robert Claude Houghton and Dorothy Heffner, in Mar 30, 1991 at Ft. Pierce, Lucie, FL, USA.


Betsy Jean Houghton b. 10 Feb 1963

Alice Hawks

F, #13116, b. 10 March 1796, d. 10 June 1879
ChartsDesc. Chart John Houghton
     Alice Hawks was born on Mar 10, 1796 in Lancaster, Worcester Co., MA, USA. She and Phinehas Houghton declared their intentions of marriage on Oct 28, 1821 Lynn, Essex Co., MA, USA. Alice Hawks married Phinehas Houghton, son of Phinehas Houghton and Sarah Knight, in Jan 13, 1822 at Lancaster, Worcester Co., MA, USA. Alice Hawks died on Jun 10, 1879 at Lancaster, Worcester Co., MA, USA. She was buried at Old Settler's Burial Ground (Middle Cemetery), Lancaster, Worcester Co., MA, USA. She appeared in the mortality census of 1880 of Lancaster, Worcester Co., MA, USA.


Phinehas Houghton b. 17 Aug 1794, d. 7 Jul 1874

Avecta L. Hawks

F, #67557, b. October 1830
ChartsDesc. Chart John Houghton
     Avecta L. Hawks was born in Oct, 1830 in ME, USA. She married Cyrus P. Houghton, son of Lt. Cyrus Houghton and Leonora Thorpe.


Cyrus P. Houghton b. c 1827

Edwin A. Hawks

M, #72255
     Edwin A. Hawks married Ella F. Houghton in Sep 9, 1877 at Knox Co., IL, USA.

Georgiane Hawks

F, #32173, b. May 1858, d. 1946
     Georgiane Hawks was born in May, 1858 in PA, USA. She married John Wesley Houghton, son of James Houghton and Margaret (?), in circa 1876. Georgiane Hawks died in 1946. She was buried at Lewisburg, PA, USA.


John Wesley Houghton b. c 1847, d. 1913

Silas Hawks

M, #77710
     Silas Hawks married Elmira Houghton in Jul 4, 1855 at Rockingham, VT, USA.

Gerald B. Hawksworth

M, #95156, b. circa 1939
     Gerald B. Hawksworth was born circa 1939. He married Ruth N. Houghton in May 26, 1967 at Merced Co., CA, USA.


Ruth N. Houghton b. c 1950

Anna Hawley

F, #53053, b. circa 1867
     Anna Hawley was born circa 1867. She married Charles Walter Hill, son of Edward Stearns Hill and Catharine Houghton.


Charles Walter Hill b. 12 Feb 1842

Moses Hawley

M, #26756, b. circa 1718, d. 24 January 1802
     Moses Hawley was born circa 1718. He married Eunice Houghton in Jan 10, 1744 at Hadley, Hampshire, MA, USA. Moses Hawley died on Jan 24, 1802 at Hadley, Hampshire, MA, USA.


Eunice Houghton d. b 1750

Sarah Virginia Hawley

F, #93570, b. 17 July 1875
     Sarah Virginia Hawley was born on Jul 17, 1875 in Blunt Point, Warwick Co., VA, USA. She married John Morris Haughton, son of Armistead B. Haughton Jr and Sarah Elizabeth McIntosh, in Nov 18, 1896 at Warwick Co., VA, USA.


John Morris Haughton b. 1 Mar 1873, d. 10 Nov 1912

Sarah Alice Haworth

F, #29933
     Sarah Alice Haworth was born in England. She married Henry Houghton.


Henry Houghton

(?) Haws

M, #57464
ChartsDesc. Chart John Houghton
     (?) Haws married Dawn Williams, daughter of Hugh Welch Williams.

Eliza Hawson

F, #33744
     Eliza Hawson married John Schooly Comstock, son of John Comstock and Elizabeth Houghton, in Nov 16, 1837.


John Schooly Comstock b. 2 Dec 1809, d. 4 Nov 1891

William Hawtan

M, #25399, d. before 1709
     William Hawtan died before 1709.



Anne H. Hawtin

F, #50511, b. August 1865
FatherHenry Hawtin b. Aug 1828
MotherElizabeth (?) b. Oct 1827
     Anne H. Hawtin was born in Aug, 1865 in IN, USA.

Frannie Hawtin

F, #50510, b. March 1857
FatherHenry Hawtin b. Aug 1828
MotherElizabeth (?) b. Oct 1827
     Frannie Hawtin was born in Mar, 1857 in England.

Henry Hawtin

M, #50508, b. August 1828
     Henry Hawtin was born in Aug, 1828 in England. He married Elizabeth (?).


Elizabeth (?) b. Oct 1827

Benony Hawton

M, #25410
FatherWilliam Hawton
     Benony Hawton was born.

John Hawton

M, #25401
FatherWilliam Hawton
     John Hawton was born.

Joseph Hawton

M, #25409
FatherWilliam Hawton
     Joseph Hawton was born.

Thomas Hawton

M, #25403
FatherWilliam Hawton
     Thomas Hawton was born.

William Hawton

M, #25400
FatherWilliam Hawtan d. b 1709
     William Hawton was born.

William Hawton

M, #25402
FatherWilliam Hawton
     William Hawton was born.

Minnie Alice Hay

F, #70204, b. 2 January 1911, d. 16 April 2000
     Minnie Alice Hay was born on Jan 2, 1911. She married an unknown person . She married Ernest Barton Blett II, son of Ernest Barton Blett I and Bertha Wheeler, in Jul 6, 1946. Minnie Alice Hay died on Apr 16, 2000.


Ernest Barton Blett II b. 13 Oct 1908, d. 6 Jul 1992

Albert Haycox

M, #58010
     Albert Haycox married Emma May Houghton, daughter of Windsor Hoten and Lucretia Webb. Albert Haycox and Emma May Houghton were divorced between 1897 and 1902.


Emma May Houghton b. 4 Mar 1875

(?) Hayden

M, #20254
     (?) Hayden married Almira (?), daughter of Delia Corliss.


Almira (?)

Ada Louella Hayden

F, #82032, b. 17 October 1884, d. 25 January 1958
     Ada Louella Hayden was born on Oct 17, 1884 in Palmyra, Marion Co., MO, USA. She married Frank Albert Houghton, son of James F. Houghton and Nancy E. Davidson, in circa 1909. Ada Louella Hayden died on Jan 25, 1958 at Maple Lawn Rest Home, Palmyra, Marion Co., MO, USA. She was buried on Jan 27, 1958 at Greenwood Cemetery, Palmyra, Marion Co., MO, USA.


Frank Albert Houghton b. 27 Mar 1871, d. 1 Apr 1955