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Parker Gutierrez

M, #94121, b. 1998
FatherPatrick Roy Gutierrez b. 1952
MotherCynthia Lea Farr b. 14 Feb 1963
     Parker Gutierrez was born in 1998 in CA, USA.

Patrick Roy Gutierrez

M, #94117, b. 1952
     Patrick Roy Gutierrez was born in 1952 in Concord, CA, USA. He married Cynthia Lea Farr, daughter of Walter John Farr II and Carol Lea Thibodeaux, in 1990.

Payten May Gutierrez

?, #61943, b. 25 May 1999
FatherJason Gutierrez
MotherAndrea May Foushee b. 8 Apr 1980
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Payten May Gutierrez was born on May 25, 1999 in Oregon City, OR, USA.

Saul Gutierrez

M, #101719
     Saul Gutierrez married Candice Darlene Houghton, daughter of Lee Alton Houghton and Cathy Darlene Boyles, in May 21, 2005 at Georgetown, TX, USA.


Candice Darlene Houghton b. 5 Jun 1971

Dewitt C. Gutman

M, #95557
     Dewitt C. Gutman married Grace B. Houghton, daughter of John Fulcher Houghton and Kate I. Wilson, in Apr 26, 1911 at New York, New York Co., NY, USA.


Grace B. Houghton b. Dec 1882

Alida Helen Louise Gutow

F, #43353, b. 11 February 1888, d. 28 November 1964
     Alida Helen Louise Gutow was born on Feb 11, 1888 in Detroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA. She married Emmett Houghten, son of George Houghten and Augusta Hoffman, in Sep 6, 1916 at Detroit, MI, USA. Alida Helen Louise Gutow died on Nov 28, 1964 at Livonia, MI, USA.


Emmett Houghten b. 27 Jun 1890, d. 29 Nov 1968

(?) Gutridge

M, #61373
     (?) Gutridge married (?) Houghton.


(?) Houghton

Georgia Mae Gutridge

F, #61375, b. 6 July 1933, d. 20 March 1995
Father(?) Gutridge
Mother(?) Houghton
     Georgia Mae Gutridge was born on Jul 6, 1933 in CA, USA. She married (?) Stallings. Georgia Mae Gutridge died on Mar 20, 1995 at Sacramento Co., CA, USA.

Sal Guttilla

M, #98031
     Sal Guttilla married Deborah Matthews, daughter of Oscar Matthews and Loretta Claire Houghton.

Julia E. Guyette

F, #56951, b. December 1864
     Julia E. Guyette was born in Dec, 1864 in MI, USA. She married John Wesley Houghton, son of William Houghton and Elizabeth (?), in circa 1891.


John Wesley Houghton b. Apr 1865

Carrie Stillwell Guyon

F, #38909
     Carrie Stillwell Guyon married Thomas Eugene Jameson, son of Thomas Bennett Jameson and Mary Lucretia Houghton, in Aug 22, 1883.


Thomas Eugene Jameson b. 8 Jun 1855, d. 3 Sep 1927

Florence Gwilliam

F, #64499
     Florence Gwilliam married Horace Greeley Nebeker, son of Ira Nebeker and Delia Lane.


Horace Greeley Nebeker b. 30 May 1878, d. 27 Feb 1918

Susan Jean Gwyn

F, #32242
     Susan Jean Gwyn married Mark Crane Fifield, son of Clifford Crane Fifield Jr. and Fay Ann Brownell, in May 8, 1993 at Seneca, NY, USA.


Mark Crane Fifield b. 10 Mar 1954

Lydia Gypson

F, #89843
     Lydia Gypson married Thomas Hooton, son of John Hooton and Sarah Wye, in 1773.


Thomas Hooton b. 1 Jul 1723

Damarius Haag

F, #84770
     Damarius Haag married Jeffery Dean Houghton, son of Robert Dale Houghton and Shirley Jean Maher, in Sep 30, 1995 at Freeport, Stephenson Co., IL, USA.


Jeffery Dean Houghton b. 7 Jan 1964

Donna Lou Haag

F, #42156, b. 27 August 1926, d. 9 December 1965
     Donna Lou Haag was born on Aug 27, 1926 in Topeka, KS, USA. She married William Howard Houghton, son of Elmer Lowell Houghton and Nellie Jeanette Rintoul, in Aug 29, 1948 at Holton, KS, USA. Donna Lou Haag died on Dec 9, 1965 at Detroit Lakes, Becker Co., MN, USA.


William Howard Houghton b. 14 Jul 1925, d. 21 Jun 1987

Hilda Haag

F, #80241, b. circa 1911, d. 17 January 1994
     Hilda Haag was born circa 1911 in KS, USA. She married Ora Ray Houghton, son of Albert Leonard Houghton and Clara (?), in circa 1929. Hilda Haag died on Jan 17, 1994 at Wichita, KS, USA.


Ora Ray Houghton b. c 1905, d. 20 Jun 1996

Benjamin Franklin Haas

M, #38066
     Benjamin Franklin Haas married Florence Phillips, daughter of Prof. William Henry Harrison Phillips and Carrie Eliza Houghton.


Florence Phillips b. 24 Jun 1881

Charity Cooper Haas

F, #329, b. 22 March 1848, d. 1 July 1935
     Charity Cooper Haas was born on Mar 22, 1848 in Union City, Darke, OH, USA. She married Martin Boynton Houghton, son of Aaron L. Houghton and Lydia Ann Lawrence, in Feb 11, 1869 at Liscomb, Marshall, IA, USA. Charity Cooper Haas died on Jul 1, 1935 at Marshalltown, Marshall Co., IA, USA. She was buried at Albion Cemetery, Albion, Marshall Co., IA, USA.


Martin Boynton Houghton b. 26 Jun 1844, d. 20 Apr 1925

Charles N. Haas

M, #11691, b. 13 January 1865, d. 1945
     Charles N. Haas was born on Jan 13, 1865 in Clayton, Jefferson Co., NY, USA. He married Elvia Candace Houghton, daughter of Joseph P. Houghton and Jane Clark, in 1890. Charles N. Haas died in 1945 at Alexandria, Jefferson Co., NY, USA.


Elvia Candace Houghton b. 15 Jul 1871, d. 1953

Dorotha Louise Haas

F, #38068, b. 8 February 1913, d. 12 July 2001
FatherBenjamin Franklin Haas
MotherFlorence Phillips b. 24 Jun 1881
     Dorotha Louise Haas was born on Feb 8, 1913. She married Emerson Joseph Wolfe in Sep 18, 1936 at Volga, SD, USA. Dorotha Louise Haas died on Jul 12, 2001 at McMinnville, OR, USA.


Emerson Joseph Wolfe d. 25 Sep 2002

Jean Haas

F, #84892
FatherPhillips Benjamin Haas b. 9 Mar 1915
     Jean Haas was born. She married (?) Saballus.


(?) Saballus

Jerry Haas

M, #84894
FatherPhillips Benjamin Haas b. 9 Mar 1915
     Jerry Haas was born. He married Donna (?).


Donna (?)

Kathy Haas

F, #84890
FatherPhillips Benjamin Haas b. 9 Mar 1915
     Kathy Haas was born. She married (?) Roberts.


(?) Roberts

Kit R. Haas

M, #94668, b. circa 1949
     Kit R. Haas was born circa 1949. He married Linda Mae Houghton, daughter of Albert Leroy Houghton and Lorena Mae Copsey, in Jun 18, 1968 at Alameda Co., CA, USA.


Linda Mae Houghton b. 18 Dec 1949

Lillian Jessamine Haas

F, #11704, b. 1895
FatherCharles N. Haas b. 13 Jan 1865, d. 1945
MotherElvia Candace Houghton b. 15 Jul 1871, d. 1953
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Lillian Jessamine Haas was born in 1895 in Alexandria, Jefferson Co., NY, USA. She married Kenneth S. Edgely.

Marjorie Altverer Haas

F, #99277
     Marjorie Altverer Haas married Theodore R. Haughton.


Theodore R. Haughton

Phillips Benjamin Haas

M, #38067, b. 9 March 1915
FatherBenjamin Franklin Haas
MotherFlorence Phillips b. 24 Jun 1881
     Phillips Benjamin Haas was born on Mar 9, 1915.

Stephen Nelson Haas MD

M, #84888, b. 18 March 1941
FatherPhillips Benjamin Haas b. 9 Mar 1915
     Stephen Nelson Haas MD was born on Mar 18, 1941.

Bertha M. Habel

F, #107036, b. circa 1925
Step-fatherAlbert Stanley Houghton b. c 1904
MotherJennie J. Nowland b. c 1903
     Bertha M. Habel was born circa 1925 in MI, USA.

William F. Habel

M, #107037, b. circa 1927
Step-fatherAlbert Stanley Houghton b. c 1904
MotherJennie J. Nowland b. c 1903
     William F. Habel was born circa 1927 in MI, USA.

Christina Lee Habib

F, #54805, b. 10 December 1978
FatherRobert Alan Habib b. 1 Sep 1949
MotherPhyllis Jean Craft b. 24 Apr 1951
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Christina Lee Habib was born on Dec 10, 1978.

Elana Lynn Habib

F, #54806, b. 11 September 1983
FatherRobert Alan Habib b. 1 Sep 1949
MotherPhyllis Jean Craft b. 24 Apr 1951
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Elana Lynn Habib was born on Sep 11, 1983.

Robert Alan Habib

M, #54804, b. 1 September 1949
     Robert Alan Habib was born on Sep 1, 1949. He married Phyllis Jean Craft, daughter of Lewis John Craft and Clara Ellen Adrian, in Jan 12, 1974.


Phyllis Jean Craft b. 24 Apr 1951

Tamara Ann Habib

F, #54807, b. 3 May 1985
FatherRobert Alan Habib b. 1 Sep 1949
MotherPhyllis Jean Craft b. 24 Apr 1951
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Tamara Ann Habib was born on May 3, 1985.

Dorothy Hacher

F, #95021, b. circa 1902
Step-fatherHenry Clay Houghton b. 7 Jul 1850, d. 17 Jan 1935
MotherAmanda M. Brooks b. c 1865
ChartsDesc Chart John Houghton NJ
     Dorothy Hacher was born circa 1902 in IN, USA.

Kenneth L. Hack II

M, #66288
     Kenneth L. Hack II married Lori Ann Houghton, daughter of Ray Carl Houghton and Norma Kuebler, in Jul 2, 1983.


Lori Ann Houghton b. 15 May 1963

Kenneth L. Hack III

M, #66289, b. 12 March 1984, d. 26 June 1987
FatherKenneth L. Hack II
MotherLori Ann Houghton b. 15 May 1963
     Kenneth L. Hack III was born on Mar 12, 1984 in Plymouth, IN, USA. He died on Jun 26, 1987 at South Bend, IN, USA.

Amanda M. Hacker

F, #17348
     Amanda M. Hacker married Henry Clay Houghton, son of Aaron Houghton and Catherine Agnew, at Martin, IN, USA.


Henry Clay Houghton b. 7 Jul 1850, d. 17 Jan 1935

Agnes F. Hackett

F, #75925, b. circa 1907, d. before 2002
     Agnes F. Hackett was born circa 1907 in CA, USA. She married Walter E. Houghton, son of Charles H. Houghton and Sarah Hensley, in circa 1921. Agnes F. Hackett died before 2002.


Walter E. Houghton b. 23 Oct 1901, d. 28 May 1973

Lydia Hackett

F, #63403, b. 8 November 1775, d. 8 March 1845
     Lydia Hackett was born on Nov 8, 1775 in Westmoreland, NH, USA. She married Elijah Houghton Jr., son of Abijah Houghton and Rebecca Adams, in Nov 25, 1802. Lydia Hackett died on Mar 8, 1845 at Hudson, Walworth Co., WI, USA.


Elijah Houghton Jr. b. 25 Jul 1777, d. 23 Nov 1845

Helma Hackler

F, #454
     Helma Hackler married Stanley Stern Braman, son of Eugene Franklin Braman and Clara Florence Clifford, in Nov 24, 1931.


Stanley Stern Braman b. 16 May 1905

Julia Mae Hackman

F, #48414, b. 1925, d. 15 April 2000
     Julia Mae Hackman was born in 1925 in Maplewood, NJ, USA. She married William Igleheart, son of George Priest Igleheart and Isabel Houghton, in 1946. Julia Mae Hackman died on Apr 15, 2000 at Simsbury, CT, USA. She was buried at Greensboro, VT, USA.


William Igleheart b. 7 Mar 1921

Irene York Hackward

F, #14813, b. 9 June 1898, d. 11 May 1979
     Irene York Hackward was born on Jun 9, 1898 in Aspen, Pitkin, CO, USA. She married Howard Arthur Packard Sr, son of George Franklin Packard and Sarah Adella Smith, in Feb 3, 1918 at Leadville, Lake, CO, USA. Irene York Hackward died on May 11, 1979 at Nampa, Canyon Co., ID, USA.


Howard Arthur Packard Sr b. 8 Oct 1891, d. 22 Jul 1957

Opal Lee Hackworth

F, #17452, b. 18 September 1928, d. 10 December 2000
     Opal Lee Hackworth was born on Sep 18, 1928 in KY, USA. She married Arlo Lester Houghton, son of Wesley Lester Houghton and Velma Fairbanks, in Apr 26, 1948 at Manchester, MI, USA. Opal Lee Hackworth married Harold St. Bernard. Opal Lee Hackworth died on Dec 10, 2000 at Tecumseh, MI, USA. She was buried at Brookside Cemetery, Tecumseh, Lenawee Co., MI, USA.


Arlo Lester Houghton b. 25 Mar 1928, d. 24 Sep 1991

John Hadden

M, #55004
     John Hadden married Mary Amerillas White, daughter of Winfield White and Dora Ethel Graham.


Mary Amerillas White b. 9 Dec 1908

Robert Alonzo Hadden

M, #110037, b. 21 November 1880, d. 17 December 1964
     Robert Alonzo Hadden was born on Nov 21, 1880 in Edwardsburg, MI, USA. He married Florence M. Houghton, daughter of Jerome M. Houghton and Susan Cole. Robert Alonzo Hadden died on Dec 17, 1964 at Chester, VT, USA.


Florence M. Houghton b. 16 Dec 1882, d. 26 Mar 1971

Hiram Haddock

M, #7666
     Hiram Haddock married Jeanette Boynton, daughter of Joseph Boynton Jr and Hannah Slater.


Jeanette Boynton b. 24 Sep 1817

(?) Hadfield

F, #66448
     (?) Hadfield married Aaron Haughton, son of Moses Haughton and Mary Wild.

(?) Hadley

F, #90894