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Paulene Lorene Flippo

F, #90549, b. circa 1918
     Paulene Lorene Flippo was born circa 1918. She married William James Houghton Jr, son of William James Houghton.


William James Houghton Jr b. 16 Nov 1923, d. 24 Dec 1999

Einar T. Flodine

M, #77463, b. circa 1889
     Einar T. Flodine was born circa 1889 in Sweden. He married Emma C. Hale.


Emma C. Hale b. c 1893

Charles Florer

M, #60626
     Charles Florer married Calista Houghton, daughter of Harry Houghton and Johanna O'Hern.


Calista Houghton b. 30 Nov 1904, d. 27 Feb 1984

Rodrigo A. Flores

M, #94667, b. circa 1950
     Rodrigo A. Flores was born circa 1950. He married Elizabet A. Houghton in Jan 11, 1972 at Santa Cruz Co., CA, USA.


Elizabet A. Houghton b. c 1949

Martha Florey

F, #66005

Edwin Frank Florman

M, #83669, b. 16 February 1904, d. 19 August 1996
     Edwin Frank Florman was born on Feb 16, 1904 in Venice, IL, USA. He married Mavis Clara Jones, daughter of Stanley Vaughn Jones and Mary Jane Brownrigg, in Sep 4, 1947. Edwin Frank Florman died on Aug 19, 1996 at Fairfax, VA, USA.


Mavis Clara Jones b. 22 Jun 1913, d. 12 Dec 1997

Mary Kathryn Florman

F, #82951, b. 15 September 1948
FatherEdwin Frank Florman b. 16 Feb 1904, d. 19 Aug 1996
MotherMavis Clara Jones b. 22 Jun 1913, d. 12 Dec 1997
     Mary Kathryn Florman was born on Sep 15, 1948 in Georgetown Hospital, Washington, DC, USA. She married Olaechea Julio Cesar Villalba in May 11, 1988.


Olaechea Julio Cesar Villalba b. 15 Sep 1948

Mannie Virginia Flournoy

F, #45712, b. 4 November 1876, d. 21 May 1960
ChartsDesc. Chart John Houghton
     Mannie Virginia Flournoy was born on Nov 4, 1876 in Flournoy, Tehama Co., CA, USA. She married Oscar William Houghton, son of Francis Houghton and Grace Williams, in circa 1893 at Corning, Tehama Co., CA, USA. Mannie Virginia Flournoy died on May 21, 1960 at Corning, Tehama Co., CA, USA. She was buried at Newville, CA, USA.


Oscar William Houghton b. 10 Dec 1872, d. 22 Apr 1945

Anna Flowerdue

F, #89528
     Anna Flowerdue married William Houghton, son of William Houghton and Dorothy (?), in Nov 6, 1682 at Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.


William Houghton b. 20 Feb 1656/57

Warren D. Flowers Jr

M, #101802, b. circa 1974
     Warren D. Flowers Jr was born circa 1974. He married Kerris E. Houghton, daughter of Paul George Houghton and Rita Elaine Barron, in Nov 15, 2002 at Ector Co., TX, USA.


Kerris E. Houghton b. c 1971

Susanna Floyd

F, #14791, b. 4 October 1919
ChartsDesc. Chart John Houghton
     Susanna Floyd was born on Oct 4, 1919. She married Dr. Robert Houghton Hepburn, son of Dr. Thomas Norval Hepburn M.D. and Katharine Martha Houghton, in Jan 17, 1943.


Dr. Robert Houghton Hepburn b. 4 Apr 1913, d. 26 Nov 2007

Theresa Floyd

M, #79155

Martina Fluger

F, #54549, b. 25 July 1963
     Martina Fluger was born on Jul 25, 1963. She married Edward Allen Beverly Jr, son of Edward Allen Beverly and Mila Rosetta King, in Apr 29, 1980 at Weisbaden, Germany.


Edward Allen Beverly Jr b. 25 Sep 1956

(?) Flygare

M, #24890
ChartsDesc. Chart John Houghton
     (?) Flygare married Joan Holker, daughter of Richard Holker and Isabel May Ostvig.


Joan Holker

Benedict D. Flynn

M, #95817, b. circa 1919
     Benedict D. Flynn was born circa 1919. He married Priscilla Houghton, daughter of David Hazelton Houghton and Alma Jeanne Nourse.


Priscilla Houghton b. c 1920

Beverly Flynn

F, #41301
     Beverly Flynn married George Edward Houghton, son of Albert E. Houghton and Carolyn Joyce Hanson, in Feb 28, 1985.

Catherine A. Flynn

F, #45024, b. January 1877
     Catherine A. Flynn was born in Jan, 1877 in MA, USA. She married William R. Houghton, son of Henry Houghton and Margaret (?), in circa 1898.


William R. Houghton b. Jan 1871

Eva Flynn

F, #74332
     Eva Flynn married Frank G. Allen.


Frank G. Allen

Jamison Flynn

M, #106303
     Jamison Flynn married Caron Michelle Houghton, daughter of Robert Philip Houghton and Evelyn Esslinger.


Caron Michelle Houghton b. c 1971

Mary Flynn

F, #41640, b. 1839, d. 1902
     Mary Flynn was born in 1839. She married W. P. Houghton. Mary Flynn died in 1902. She was buried at St. Charles Cemetery, Farm St., Blackstone, MA, USA.


W. P. Houghton b. 1824, d. 1902

Sean Timothy Flynn

M, #26718
     Sean Timothy Flynn married Paige Olsen, daughter of Gary Lynn Olsen and Julie Kay Turpin.


Paige Olsen b. 11 Nov 1961

Timothy Enwright Flynn

M, #78334
ChartsDesc. Chart John Houghton
     Timothy Enwright Flynn married Dora Henrietta Houghton, daughter of Wendell Houghton and Anna Grover, in Jul 8, 1915 at Brattleboro, VT, USA.


Dora Henrietta Houghton b. Jun 1890

Sherry Fobair

F, #108140
     Sherry Fobair married Robert Houghton, son of Edward Levan Houghton and Ethel P. (?).


Robert Houghton b. c 1938

Catherin L. Fogerson

F, #95620, b. circa 1954
     Catherin L. Fogerson was born circa 1954. She married Wayne Charles Houghton Jr, son of Wayne Charles Houghton and (?) Lee, in Mar 27, 1982 at San Bernardino Co., CA, USA.


Wayne Charles Houghton Jr b. 7 Aug 1945, d. 13 Dec 2005

(?) Fogg

M, #50727
ChartsDesc. Chart John Houghton
     (?) Fogg married Georgianna A. Houghton, daughter of Nason S. Houghton and Elizabeth N. Cowdry.


Georgianna A. Houghton b. c 1853

Ann Elizabeth Fogg

F, #53100, b. 28 January 1839, d. 15 May 1921
     Ann Elizabeth Fogg was born on Jan 28, 1839 in VA, USA. She married William Jackson Houghton, son of Elijah Houghton and Sarah R. Compton, in Feb 10, 1859 at Rappahannock Co., VA, USA. Ann Elizabeth Fogg died on May 15, 1921 at Remington, VA, USA.


William Jackson Houghton b. 17 Apr 1834, d. 8 Jan 1909

Annie Louise Fogg

F, #45480, b. 4 March 1888
FatherCharles Herman Fogg b. 22 Aug 1859, d. 27 Dec 1888
MotherAnnie Louise Mansfield b. 3 Jun 1869, d. 20 Oct 1957
     Annie Louise Fogg was born on Mar 4, 1888 in NH, USA.

Catherine Charlotte Fogg

F, #11775, b. 18 July 1822, d. 17 July 1891
ChartsDesc. Chart John Houghton
     Catherine Charlotte Fogg was born on Jul 18, 1822 in Thomaston, Knox, ME, USA. She married Marcellus Houghton, son of Rev. Josiah Houghton and Joanna Richards, in Nov 25, 1841 at Winthrop, Kennebec, ME, USA. Catherine Charlotte Fogg died on Jul 17, 1891 at Concord, Middlesex, MA, USA.


Marcellus Houghton b. 20 Sep 1819, d. 17 Dec 1895

Charles Herman Fogg

M, #76297, b. 22 August 1859, d. 27 December 1888
     Charles Herman Fogg was born on Aug 22, 1859 in MA, USA. He married Annie Louise Mansfield. Charles Herman Fogg died on Dec 27, 1888.


Annie Louise Mansfield b. 3 Jun 1869, d. 20 Oct 1957

Darwin C. Fogg

M, #37330, b. 10 February 1838, d. 1 May 1907
ChartsDesc. Chart John Houghton
     Darwin C. Fogg was born on Feb 10, 1838 in Hancock, NH, USA. He married Susan Field Ellis, daughter of Henry Thayer Ellis and Sarah Jane Field, in May 1, 1901. Darwin C. Fogg died on May 1, 1907 at Keene, NH, USA.


Susan Field Ellis b. 1 Jun 1853, d. 8 Jul 1911

Edith Ann Fogg

F, #28661, b. 12 May 1918
FatherEdward Fogg d. 1920
MotherElizabeth Metcalf b. 21 Jun 1890
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Edith Ann Fogg was born on May 12, 1918.

Edward Fogg

M, #28645, d. 1920
     Edward Fogg married Elizabeth Metcalf, daughter of Ralph Metcalf and Edith Olena Simpson, in Jun, 1912. Edward Fogg died in 1920.


Elizabeth Metcalf b. 21 Jun 1890

Elizabeth Fogg

F, #28646, b. 6 March 1914
FatherEdward Fogg d. 1920
MotherElizabeth Metcalf b. 21 Jun 1890
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Elizabeth Fogg was born on Mar 6, 1914. She married Emile L. Schanno.

Sylvia W. Fogg

F, #5508, b. March 1856
     Sylvia W. Fogg was born in Mar, 1856 in Hartford, Oxford Co., ME, USA. She married Charles Remington Houghton, son of Moses Houghton Jr. and Lucy Ann Swift, in May 27, 1885 at Woodstock, ME, USA.


Charles Remington Houghton b. 17 Oct 1841, d. 7 Nov 1907

Walter C. Fogg

M, #5363
     Walter C. Fogg married Anna G. Houghton, daughter of Albert Houghton and Louisa Rolph, in 1891.


Anna G. Houghton b. 16 Apr 1858

Francis Willard Fogle

M, #33712, b. 20 December 1919, d. 12 July 1981
FatherGeorge Morris Fogle
MotherGeorge Alma Parrish b. 19 May 1896, d. 20 Feb 1944
     Francis Willard Fogle was born on Dec 20, 1919 in Clay Co., IN, USA. He married Margaret Phelps in circa 1936. Francis Willard Fogle married Ruth Baker. Francis Willard Fogle died on Jul 12, 1981 at Palmetto, FL, USA. He was buried at Skyway Memorial Gardens, FL, USA.

Family 1

Margaret Phelps

Family 2

Ruth Baker

George Morris Fogle

M, #33708
     George Morris Fogle married George Alma Parrish, daughter of Albert Luther Parrish and Betty Frances Girdley, in Feb 15, 1915 at Terre Haute, Vigo, IN, USA. George Morris Fogle was buried on Feb 2, 1928 at Centerpoint Cemetery, Centerpoint, Clay Co., IN, USA.


George Alma Parrish b. 19 May 1896, d. 20 Feb 1944

George Morris Fogle

M, #33715, b. 5 April 1922, d. 24 June 1935
FatherGeorge Morris Fogle
MotherGeorge Alma Parrish b. 19 May 1896, d. 20 Feb 1944
     George Morris Fogle was born on Apr 5, 1922 in Clay Co., IN, USA. He died on Jun 24, 1935 at Centerpoint, Clay Co., IN, USA. He was buried at Centerpoint, Clay Co., IN, USA.

Richard Frederick Fogle

M, #33709, b. 29 October 1915
FatherGeorge Morris Fogle
MotherGeorge Alma Parrish b. 19 May 1896, d. 20 Feb 1944
     Richard Frederick Fogle was born on Oct 29, 1915 in Brazil, Clay Co., IN, USA. He married Emma Jane Searcy in Apr 23, 1948 at Willard, Huron, OH, USA.

Robert Lewis Fogle

M, #33711, b. 7 May 1917, d. 28 November 1928
FatherGeorge Morris Fogle
MotherGeorge Alma Parrish b. 19 May 1896, d. 20 Feb 1944
     Robert Lewis Fogle was born on May 7, 1917 in Clay Co., IN, USA. He died on Nov 28, 1928 at Centerpoint, Clay Co., IN, USA. He was buried at Centerpoint Cemetery, Centerpoint, Clay Co., IN, USA.

Sabrena Kish Fogle

F, #90514
     Sabrena Kish Fogle married Norman Donald Houghton, son of James Norman Houghton and Mary Lou Davis.


Norman Donald Houghton b. 7 Nov 1967

Susan Fogle

F, #33422
FatherRichard Frederick Fogle b. 29 Oct 1915
MotherEmma Jane Searcy
     Susan Fogle was born. She married (?) Lindberg at Oakland, CA, USA.


(?) Lindberg

Walter Leo Fogle

M, #33716, b. 3 July 1925, d. 7 August 1988
FatherGeorge Morris Fogle
MotherGeorge Alma Parrish b. 19 May 1896, d. 20 Feb 1944
     Walter Leo Fogle was born on Jul 3, 1925 in Linton, Greene, IN, USA. He married Mary Jo Bolt in Feb 17, 1951 at Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN, USA. Walter Leo Fogle died on Aug 7, 1988 at Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN, USA. He was buried at Crown Point Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion, IN, USA.


Mary Jo Bolt

Evelyn Jeannette Foisy

F, #63232
     Evelyn Jeannette Foisy married Sheldon Greenan, son of Leo J. Greenan and Verona A. Farrelly.


Sheldon Greenan b. 4 Jun 1918, d. 28 Feb 1967

Olabode T. Folarin

M, #94685, b. circa 1949
     Olabode T. Folarin was born circa 1949. He married Felecia Y. Houghton, daughter of (?) James, in Aug 16, 1975 at Los Angeles Co., CA, USA.


Felecia Y. Houghton b. 16 Nov 1957

Charles Foley

M, #75729, b. 17 April 1890
ChartsDesc. Chart John Houghton
     Charles Foley married Mary Ann E. Meagher, daughter of John Meagher and Emma Jane Harrington. Charles Foley was born on Apr 17, 1890 in Portland, OR, USA.


Mary Ann E. Meagher b. 7 Jul 1867

Daisy Lou Foley

F, #86205, b. 6 July 2001
FatherKevin Foley
MotherLaura Suzanne Houghton b. 1 Mar 1973
     Daisy Lou Foley was born on Jul 6, 2001.

David Foley

M, #80161
     David Foley married Christina Houghton, daughter of Daniel V. Houghton.

James Peter Foley

M, #94924, b. circa 1947
     James Peter Foley was born circa 1947. He married Lou Ann Houghton in Oct 26, 1985 at Los Angeles Co., CA, USA.


Lou Ann Houghton b. c 1956

Jordan Foley

?, #80168
FatherDavid Foley
MotherChristina Houghton
ChartsDesc Chart Elijah Houghotn of VA
     Jordan Foley was born.