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Carl Buckhout

M, #99554, b. circa 1890
FatherAlfonzo Buckhout b. c 1857
MotherNettie Houghton b. c 1869
     Carl Buckhout was born circa 1890 in USA.

Barbara June Buckley

F, #80562, b. 31 January 1931
     Barbara June Buckley was born on Jan 31, 1931 in Clearfield, Los Angeles Co., CA, USA. She married William Julius Matter Jr, son of William Julius Matter and May Evelyn Degryse, in May 28, 1949 at Long Beach, Los Angeles Co., CA, USA.

Charles Donald Buckley

M, #38676
     Charles Donald Buckley married Anna May Sargent, daughter of Frank Sargent and Anna Frances Monahan.

Ella G. Buckley

F, #11179
     Ella G. Buckley married Edward Wallace Bremner, son of Philip E. Bremner and Susan Hatt, in Apr 16, 1882.


Edward Wallace Bremner b. 4 Jan 1859

Ellen Frances Buckley

F, #40349, b. April 1861
     Ellen Frances Buckley was born in Apr, 1861 in Ireland. She married Patrick Houghton in circa 1889.


Patrick Houghton b. Mar 1850, d. b 1930

Elmira Buckley

F, #1807, b. 30 January 1820, d. 24 December 1905
     Elmira Buckley was born on Jan 30, 1820 in Catherine, Schuyler Co., NY, USA. She married Abraham Day, son of Abraham Day and Hannah Sawyer, in Jun 16, 1838 at Rutland, Tioga, NY, USA. Elmira Buckley died on Dec 24, 1905 at Castle Dale, Emery Co., UT, USA. She was buried on Dec 27, 1905 at Lawrence Cemetery, Lawrence, Emery Co., UT, USA.


Abraham Day b. 24 Sep 1817, d. 28 Apr 1900

Mary Buckley

F, #102068, b. circa September 1766, d. 24 December 1841
     Mary Buckley was born circa Sep, 1766 in Saddleworth, Cheshire, England. She married Samuel Haughton in Jun 21, 1787 at Saddleworth, Cheshire, England. Mary Buckley died on Dec 24, 1841 at Marple, Cheshire, England. She was buried at All Saints, Marple, Cheshire, England.


Samuel Haughton b. c 1767, d. 19 Nov 1842

Mary H. Buckley

F, #85116, b. September 1892
FatherMichael Buckley b. Feb 1868
MotherKatie Houghton b. Jul 1873
     Mary H. Buckley was born in Sep, 1892 in LA, USA.

Mary Michaela Buckley

F, #47034, b. 20 January 1944
     Mary Michaela Buckley was born on Jan 20, 1944 in Glens Falls, Warren Co., NY, USA. She married Michael Houghton Cunningham, son of John James Cunningham and Dorothy Agnes Houghton, in Sep 7, 1968 at Church of the Assumption, Queensbury, NY, USA.


Michael Houghton Cunningham b. 31 Jan 1942

Michael Buckley

M, #85115, b. February 1868
     Michael Buckley was born in Feb, 1868 in LA, USA. He married Katie Houghton, daughter of Catherine Houghton, in circa 1892.


Katie Houghton b. Jul 1873

Sally Buckley

F, #34063
     Sally Buckley married Ephraim Sawyer, son of Lt. Col. Ephraim Sawyer and Susannah Richardson.


Ephraim Sawyer b. 27 May 1753

Celestia Buckley/Bulkley

F, #101098
     Celestia Buckley/Bulkley married Franklin Perry Whitmore in May 10, 1875.


Franklin Perry Whitmore b. 15 Nov 1834, d. 15 Feb 1902

Ethel I. Buckman

F, #70792, b. 27 July 1921
     Ethel I. Buckman was born on Jul 27, 1921 in Farming Twsp, Cedar Co., IA, USA. She married Richard Earl Haughton, son of Earl Milburn Haughton and Mabel Adele Wagner, in Jun 11, 1958.


Richard Earl Haughton b. 10 Jan 1917, d. 17 Jul 1999

Sarah Elizabeth Buckman

F, #66087
     Sarah Elizabeth Buckman married Hiram Corliss Wilson, son of James Wilson and Betsey Corliss, in Dec 24, 1850.


Hiram Corliss Wilson

Damaris Buckmaster

F, #3923, b. 8 March 1593
     Damaris Buckmaster married John Houghton, son of John Houghton, at England.


John Houghton b. 19 May 1593

Alice Josephine Bucknam

F, #5524, b. 6 December 1858, d. 15 February 1927
     Alice Josephine Bucknam was born on Dec 6, 1858 in Gorham, ME, USA. She married Rev. Frederick Mason Houghton, son of Moses Houghton Jr. and Lucy Ann Swift, in Feb 9, 1885 at Oxford, ME, USA. Alice Josephine Bucknam died on Feb 15, 1927.


Rev. Frederick Mason Houghton b. 20 Oct 1855, d. 30 Dec 1898

Mrs. Henrietta Buckner

F, #84261
     Mrs. Henrietta Buckner married Hiram Houghton, son of Luther Houghton and Sabra Billings, in Nov 17, 1886 at Jacksonville, FL, USA.


Hiram Houghton b. 6 May 1829, d. 17 Aug 1897

Mary Brown Bucknole

F, #59602, b. 23 May 1859
     Mary Brown Bucknole was born on May 23, 1859 in Devon, England. She married Henry Chapin Shew, son of Dr. Joel Shew M.D. and Maria Louise Barney, in Jul 20, 1882 at Toronto, Canada.


Henry Chapin Shew b. 14 Apr 1849, d. Jan 1921

Cheryl Ann Bucks

F, #17797, b. 11 September 1970
FatherGary Lee Bucks b. 27 Dec 1942, d. 5 Feb 1970
MotherCharlene Marie Houghton b. 2 Sep 1942
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Cheryl Ann Bucks was born on Sep 11, 1970. She married Robert Hicks in before 1990.


Robert Hicks

David Lee Bucks

M, #17796, b. 6 November 1966
FatherGary Lee Bucks b. 27 Dec 1942, d. 5 Feb 1970
MotherCharlene Marie Houghton b. 2 Sep 1942
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     David Lee Bucks was born on Nov 6, 1966. He married Dawn Pawlack in before 1988.


Dawn Pawlack

David Lee Bucks Jr.

M, #17802, b. 9 August 1990
FatherDavid Lee Bucks b. 6 Nov 1966
MotherDawn Pawlack
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     David Lee Bucks Jr. was born on Aug 9, 1990.

Gary Lee Bucks

M, #17793, b. 27 December 1942, d. 5 February 1970
     Gary Lee Bucks was born on Dec 27, 1942. He married Charlene Marie Houghton, daughter of Wesley Lester Houghton and Frances Effie Simons, in Sep 2, 1960. Gary Lee Bucks died on Feb 5, 1970.


Charlene Marie Houghton b. 2 Sep 1942

Gary Lee Bucks Jr.

M, #17794, b. 27 May 1961
FatherGary Lee Bucks b. 27 Dec 1942, d. 5 Feb 1970
MotherCharlene Marie Houghton b. 2 Sep 1942
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Gary Lee Bucks Jr. was born on May 27, 1961.

Stacy Marie Bucks

F, #17795, b. 14 December 1963
FatherGary Lee Bucks b. 27 Dec 1942, d. 5 Feb 1970
MotherCharlene Marie Houghton b. 2 Sep 1942
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Stacy Marie Bucks was born on Dec 14, 1963. She married Peter Sinadinos in before 1990.


Peter Sinadinos

Tiffany Bucks

F, #17801, b. 17 September 1988
FatherDavid Lee Bucks b. 6 Nov 1966
MotherDawn Pawlack
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Tiffany Bucks was born on Sep 17, 1988.

Kenneth C. Bucksbee

M, #103159, b. circa 1950
     Kenneth C. Bucksbee was born circa 1950 in Halstead, PA, USA. He married Shirley Mae Roe, daughter of Clarence Roe and Genevieve M. Houghton, in circa 1974.


Shirley Mae Roe b. 15 Jan 1938, d. 7 Sep 2011

Natalie Budd

F, #17050, b. 24 April 1900


Captain Henry Seymour Houghton b. 3 Jan 1896, d. 30 Apr 1970

Norma Jean Budd

F, #56163
     Norma Jean Budd married Donald Eugene Price, son of Frank Price and Lucy Hooten, at Winslow, AR, USA.

Phillip O. Buddington

M, #98406, b. circa 1917
     Phillip O. Buddington was born circa 1917. He married Anita Houghton, daughter of Harry Leon Houghton and Edith Esther Rowley.


Anita Houghton b. c 1918, d. 22 Nov 2007

Ruth W. Budge

F, #60285, b. 11 March 1891, d. 17 August 1966
Mother(?) Houghton
     Ruth W. Budge was born on Mar 11, 1891 in MA, USA. She died on Aug 17, 1966 at San Mateo Co., CA, USA.

Jennifer Budy

F, #26573, b. circa 1963
     Jennifer Budy was born circa 1963. She married Hal Chatwin, son of Jerald H. Chatwin and Margaret Goldade, in Dec 22, 1992 at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., UT, USA.


Hal Chatwin b. 24 Nov 1961

Daniel John Budzinski

M, #25659, b. 29 July 1940
     Daniel John Budzinski was born on Jul 29, 1940. He married Darla Jeanniene Ganow, daughter of Roland Houghton Ganow and Ethel Eudora Potter, in May 28, 1966.


Darla Jeanniene Ganow b. 21 Dec 1944

Rolanda Alexia Budzinski

F, #59259, b. 16 August 1968
FatherDaniel John Budzinski b. 29 Jul 1940
MotherDarla Jeanniene Ganow b. 21 Dec 1944
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Rolanda Alexia Budzinski was born on Aug 16, 1968. She first married Daniel John Jr. Her second marriage was to Daryl Hover on Jul 20, 1991.


Daniel John Jr b. 21 Jul 1971

Alfred M. Buechner

M, #42627, b. 25 October 1905, d. 7 April 1967
     Alfred M. Buechner was born on Oct 25, 1905 in Rome, NY, USA. He married Faith Perkins, daughter of Philip Sheridan Perkins and Lettie Belle Houghton, in Aug 8, 1936 at Hartwick Seminary, NY, USA. Alfred M. Buechner died on Apr 7, 1967 at Hartwick Seminary, NY, USA. He was buried at Hartwick Seminary Cemetery, Hartwick Seminary, NY, USA.


Faith Perkins b. c 1909

Eliza A. Buel

F, #54286, b. 8 December 1824, d. 27 April 1875
     Eliza A. Buel was born on Dec 8, 1824 in Garethiam, NH, USA. She married Philander Prentis Houghton, son of Jacob Houghton and Betsey Axdel, in Feb 18, 1857 at St. Johnsbury, Caledonia Co., VT, USA. Eliza A. Buel died on Apr 27, 1875 at Londonderry, VT, USA. She was buried at Lyndon Town Cemetery, Lyndon, Caledonia Co., VT, USA.


Philander Prentis Houghton b. 5 Feb 1812, d. 19 Feb 1879

Jennette Buel

F, #77406, d. 7 April 1884
     Jennette Buel died on Apr 7, 1884 at Danville, Caledonia Co., VT, USA.

Henrietta Buell

F, #5293, d. 8 June 1908
     Henrietta Buell married Samuel Handy, son of Luther Russell Handy and Eunice Houghton, in Oct 16, 1844. Henrietta Buell died on Jun 8, 1908. She was buried at Hagar Cemetery, Hagar, MI, USA.


Samuel Handy b. 15 Jan 1820, d. 21 Aug 1893

Rev. Marcus Darius Buell D.D.

M, #6132, b. 1 January 1851
     Rev. Marcus Darius Buell D.D. was born on Jan 1, 1851 in Wayland, NY, USA. He married Edith Houghton A.M., daughter of Edwin Wells Houghton and Eleanor Jane Daugherty, in Dec 31, 1874.


Edith Houghton A.M. b. 15 May 1851

Margaret Buell

F, #10411, d. 1849
     Margaret Buell married Alonzo Curtis Houghton, son of Thomas Houghton and Eunice Curtis, in Sep 12, 1838. Margaret Buell died in 1849 at MI, USA.


Alonzo Curtis Houghton b. 26 Mar 1812, d. 8 Jul 1876

Angel M. Buenafe

M, #80580
     Angel M. Buenafe married Charlyn Joan Kinsel, daughter of Charles Howard Kinsel and Amy Iona Degryse, in 1947.


Charlyn Joan Kinsel b. 18 Sep 1929

James Buerge

M, #98651
     James Buerge married Katherine Delaplain, daughter of Francis X. Delaplain and Margaret Houghton.

Alicia Anne Buettner

F, #30631, b. 24 May 1965
     Alicia Anne Buettner was born on May 24, 1965 in Athens, Greece. She married David Woodward Houghton, son of Milton Jerome Houghton and Karen Ackley, in Sep 24, 1995 at Glenview, IL, USA.


David Woodward Houghton b. 5 May 1960

Frederick W. Buffington

M, #5426, d. 3 January 1895
     Frederick W. Buffington married Nellie Maria Houghton, daughter of Timothy Gardner Houghton and Ladocia Oakley Stebbins, in Oct 9, 1884. Frederick W. Buffington died on Jan 3, 1895.


Nellie Maria Houghton b. 23 Oct 1859

John Allen Buffinton

M, #70295, b. 16 August 1954
     John Allen Buffinton was born on Aug 16, 1954 in Providence, RI, USA. He married Marcia Julie Quinn, daughter of George Francis Quinn and Evelyn Mae Dow, in Oct 31, 2000 at Newport, RI, USA.


Marcia Julie Quinn b. 21 Apr 1956

Thankful E. Buffum

F, #22681, b. 10 April 1823
     Thankful E. Buffum was born on Apr 10, 1823 in Richmond, NH, USA. She married Charles Hammond Houghton, son of Jonathan Houghton and Abigail Wyman, in Oct 5, 1838 at Readsboro, Bennington Co., VT, USA.


Charles Hammond Houghton b. 20 May 1816

Eleanor Buford

F, #18146
     Eleanor Buford married Herbert Vincent Jones, son of John Archibald Jones and Mary Vincent Scott, in 1907.


Herbert Vincent Jones b. 10 Nov 1878, d. 27 Aug 1949

Kyle William Bufton

M, #26709, b. 19 December 1958
     Kyle William Bufton was born on Dec 19, 1958. He married Denise Ludlow, daughter of Donald William Ludlow and Mary Ann Larsen, in May 4, 1979.


Denise Ludlow b. 20 Jul 1959

Jane Nelson Bugbee

F, #31684, b. 2 April 1842, d. 8 March 1913
     Jane Nelson Bugbee was born on Apr 2, 1842 in Bennington, Bennington Co., VT, USA. She married Richard Myron Houghton, son of Myron Houghton and Electa Harrington, in circa 1864. Jane Nelson Bugbee died on Mar 8, 1913 at Bennington, Bennington Co., VT, USA. She was and Richard Myron Houghton were buried at White Chapel Cemetery, Bennington, Bennington Co., VT, USA.


Richard Myron Houghton b. 23 Feb 1839, d. 13 Nov 1917

Marion Pearl Bugbee

F, #65862, b. 1903
     Marion Pearl Bugbee was born in 1903. She married Edgar Forrest McClay, son of Ernest Arthur McClay and Mary Adeline Houghton.


Edgar Forrest McClay b. 23 Jan 1890, d. 27 Sep 1975

Lillie Buhler

F, #3441, b. 22 June 1917, d. before 1987
     Lillie Buhler was born on Jun 22, 1917 in Highland, Utah, UT, USA. She married Lawrence Day, son of Orville Cox Day and Otes Clysta Strasburg. Lillie Buhler died before 1987.


Lawrence Day b. c Aug 1919