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William H. Burgess

M, #11900, b. 2 February 1869
FatherNairn Burgess Jr.
MotherHelen C. Houghton b. 22 Jun 1841
     William H. Burgess was born on Feb 2, 1869. He married Katherine Clark.

Joanna Burgh

F, #7289, b. 6 June 1755
     Joanna Burgh was born on Jun 6, 1755 in Hollis, NH, USA. She married Jonathan Houghton, son of Lieut. Jonathan Houghton and Sarah Houghton, in Jan 24, 1774. Joanna Burgh died on Nov 19, 1841 at Westminster, Windham Co., VT, USA. She was and Jonathan Houghton were buried at Westminster West Cemetery, Westminster, Windham Co., VT, USA.


Jonathan Houghton b. 8 Mar 1752, d. 30 Aug 1831

Ann Catherine Burgoine

F, #8462, b. 1816, d. 1876
     Ann Catherine Burgoine was born in 1816 in Clearland, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada. She married Nathaniel Houghton, son of Richard Houghton and Lucy Melvin, in Jan 4, 1838. Ann Catherine Burgoine died in 1876.


Nathaniel Houghton b. 20 Apr 1805, d. 14 Sep 1874

(?) Burk

F, #66654
FatherHenry Burk b. c 1793
MotherHannah Houghton b. c 1795
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     (?) Burk was born.



Henry Burk

M, #66652, b. circa 1793
     Henry Burk was born circa 1793 in VT, USA. He married Hannah Houghton, daughter of Abel Houghton and Relief Dole.


Hannah Houghton b. c 1795

Sarah Burk

F, #41702, b. circa 1718
     Sarah Burk was born circa 1718 in NC, USA. She married Joshua Houghton, son of William Haughton and Mary Luten.


Joshua Houghton b. c 1711, d. 7 Sep 1790

Cynthia Burkart

F, #24872, b. 7 January 1954
     Cynthia Burkart was born on Jan 7, 1954 in South Bend, IN, USA. She married Steven James Reed, son of Paul Edward Reed and Sally Jean Brine, at Mishawaka, IN, USA.


Steven James Reed b. 13 Jun 1966

Steve Burkart

M, #32428
     Steve Burkart married Linda Santkuyl, daughter of Joseph Santkuyl and Jean Ellen Thompson.


Linda Santkuyl b. 1948

(?) Burke

M, #60325
     (?) Burke married (?) Houghton.


(?) Houghton

(?) Burke

M, #83869
     (?) Burke married Lillian A. Houghton, daughter of William H. Houghton and Mary J. Harrop.


Lillian A. Houghton b. Jan 1892, d. a 1928

(?) Burke

M, #96430
     (?) Burke married Dorothy M. Houghton, daughter of Oscar Rolland Houghton and Pearl Roeder.


Dorothy M. Houghton b. c 1917, d. b 2008

(?) Burke

M, #106078
     (?) Burke married Teresa L. Latrash, daughter of Frederick Waldo Latrash and Patricia Houghton.

Bessie V. Burke

F, #86550, b. circa 1922
FatherJudd Burke b. c 1899
MotherMary Houghton b. c 1900
ChartsDesc Chart Elijah Houghotn of VA
     Bessie V. Burke was born circa 1922 in VA, USA.

Charles E. Burke

M, #86552, b. circa 1926
FatherJudd Burke b. c 1899
MotherMary Houghton b. c 1900
ChartsDesc Chart Elijah Houghotn of VA
     Charles E. Burke was born circa 1926 in VA, USA.

Dexter Burke

M, #29313, b. 17 December 1817
     Dexter Burke was born on Dec 17, 1817 in Andover, Essex Co., MA, USA. He married Emily Densmore in Mar 5, 1862 at Sharon, Windsor Co., VT, USA.


Emily Densmore b. 23 Nov 1836, d. c 1885

Edwilda Burke

F, #60324, b. 25 June 1870, d. 22 June 1949
Father(?) Burke
Mother(?) Houghton
     Edwilda Burke was born on Jun 25, 1870 in IL, USA. She died on Jun 22, 1949 at Los Angeles Co., CA, USA.

Elizabeth Burke

F, #37580, d. circa 1792
     Elizabeth Burke married William Houghton, son of Joshua Houghton Sr and Nancy Bailey, in Mar 3, 1788 at Greene, GA, USA. Elizabeth Burke died circa 1792 at Greene Co., GA, USA.

Elizabeth Louise Burke

F, #43473
     Elizabeth Louise Burke married Robert Graham Reynolds, son of Dr. Charles Waugh Reynolds Md and Sarah Graham Graves, in Dec 24, 1936.


Robert Graham Reynolds b. 17 Sep 1907

Gloria Burke

F, #84135
     Gloria Burke married Russell M. Houghton, son of Charles Houghton and Iva A. Merritt.


Russell M. Houghton b. 28 Apr 1921, d. 25 Nov 1996

Hugh Gene Burke

M, #59324
     Hugh Gene Burke married Lee Star Vanderhoef, daughter of Dean Vanderhoef and Jeanne Ann Lambert, at Vienna, VA, USA.

Judd Burke

M, #86549, b. circa 1899
     Judd Burke was born circa 1899 in VA, USA. He married Mary Houghton, daughter of Wilburt Hayes Houghton and Rovilla Parnell, in circa 1920.


Mary Houghton b. c 1900

Judson Burke

M, #109288, b. 18 March 1899, d. 26 June 1982
     Judson Burke was born on Mar 18, 1899 in Rappahannock Co., VA, USA. He married Alice Belle Houghton, daughter of Wilburt Hayes Houghton and Rovilla Parnell. Judson Burke died on Jun 26, 1982 at Front Royal, Warren Co., VA, USA.


Alice Belle Houghton b. 22 Jul 1903, d. 15 Feb 1988

Julian Burke

M, #28177, b. 26 February 1850, d. 9 November 1897
     Julian Burke was born on Feb 26, 1850. He married Mary Eliza Haughton, daughter of Edward Haughton and Catherine E. Harris, in Dec 24, 1872. Julian Burke died on Nov 9, 1897.


Mary Eliza Haughton b. 8 Mar 1853, d. 20 Jun 1944

Katherine Burke

F, #28178, b. before 1897
FatherJulian Burke b. 26 Feb 1850, d. 9 Nov 1897
MotherMary Eliza Haughton b. 8 Mar 1853, d. 20 Jun 1944
     Katherine Burke was born before 1897 in Dallas, TX, USA. She married William James Moran in before 1952.

Luease M. Burke

F, #86551, b. circa 1923
FatherJudd Burke b. c 1899
MotherMary Houghton b. c 1900
ChartsDesc Chart Elijah Houghotn of VA
     Luease M. Burke was born circa 1923 in VA, USA.

Mary A. Burke

F, #61700, b. 7 June 1910, d. 16 August 2001
     Mary A. Burke was born on Jun 7, 1910 in Fitchburg, MA, USA. She married Woodbury Eleazer Houghton, son of Hiram Woodbury Houghton and Irene Orcutt. Mary A. Burke died on Aug 16, 2001 at Christopher House, Worcester, MA, USA. She was buried at Hill Side Cemetery, MA, USA.


Woodbury Eleazer Houghton b. 21 Jan 1909, d. 1963

Mary L. Burke

F, #86553, b. circa 1928
FatherJudd Burke b. c 1899
MotherMary Houghton b. c 1900
ChartsDesc Chart Elijah Houghotn of VA
     Mary L. Burke was born circa 1928 in VA, USA.

Nancy Burke

F, #74861, b. 29 April 1784, d. 29 April 1847
     Nancy Burke was born on Apr 29, 1784 in Greene Co., GA, USA. She married Reuben Houghton, son of Joshua Houghton Sr and Nancy Bailey, in 1810. Nancy Burke died on Apr 29, 1847 at Greene Co., GA, USA.


Reuben Houghton b. 1778, d. 1840

Robert Lee Burke

M, #874
     Robert Lee Burke married Joan Torrance, daughter of Erwin W. Torrance and Florence Murcrey, in Nov 8, 1952.


Joan Torrance b. 10 Feb 1932

Rose Burke

F, #50179, b. May 1869
     Rose Burke was born in May, 1869 in KS, USA. She married (?) Houghton.


(?) Houghton

Sarah Burke

F, #30118
     Sarah Burke married Amos E. Fyfe, son of Amos Fyfe and Nancy Ward, in Jul 23, 1857.


Amos E. Fyfe b. 5 Apr 1822, d. 17 Aug 1885

Sarah Burke

F, #19786, b. 1 March 1772
     Sarah Burke was born on Mar 1, 1772. She married James Houghton, son of Joshua Houghton Sr and Nancy Bailey, in Aug 11, 1788 at Greene, GA, USA.


James Houghton b. 5 Jul 1767, d. 31 Jan 1798
     Sarah Burke and Sally Houghton are possible duplicates.

Tim Burke

M, #73103
     Tim Burke married Dawn Duncan, daughter of Warren Duncan and Rose Mary McCauslin.


Dawn Duncan

Alfred E. Burkett

M, #64338, b. 11 May 1960
     Alfred E. Burkett was born on May 11, 1960. He married Elaine Suzanne Jones, daughter of William Henry Jones and Tennie Sue Houghton, in Sep, 1978.


Elaine Suzanne Jones b. 3 Mar 1962

King Burkett

M, #93492
FatherLemuel Burkett
MotherSarah Haughton
     King Burkett was born.

Lemuel Burkett

M, #93489
     Lemuel Burkett married Sarah Haughton, daughter of William Haughton Jr. and Mary Elizabeth Evans, at Chowan Co., NC, USA.

Marie Elizabeth Burkett

F, #101610, b. 20 May 1927, d. 1 April 2011
     Marie Elizabeth Burkett was born on May 20, 1927 in Braintree, MA, USA. She married (?) Houghton. Marie Elizabeth Burkett died on Apr 1, 2011.


(?) Houghton

Sarah Burkett

F, #93491
FatherLemuel Burkett
MotherSarah Haughton
     Sarah Burkett was born.

William Burkett

M, #93490
FatherLemuel Burkett
MotherSarah Haughton
     William Burkett was born.

Anna Emma Burkhart

F, #12790
     Anna Emma Burkhart married William Howard Whitcomb, son of Oscar Eden Whitcomb and Mary L. Hicks, in Jan 14, 1903.


William Howard Whitcomb b. 3 May 1866

Richard Luther Burkhart

M, #54373
     Richard Luther Burkhart married Karen Houghton, daughter of John Cunningham Houghton Jr and Ruby Ardell Tuttle.


Karen Houghton b. c 1933

Barbara Ann Burkholder

F, #68963
     Barbara Ann Burkholder married George Dale Haughton, son of Merle Calvin Haughton and Ruth Safford, in Oct 27, 1962 at Traverse City, MI, USA. Barbara Ann Burkholder and George Dale Haughton were divorced.


George Dale Haughton b. 13 May 1941

Wanda Burkholder

F, #20478, b. 31 January 1947
     Wanda Burkholder was born on Jan 31, 1947 in New Port News, York, VA, USA. She married Raymond Collins Houghton, son of Robert Claude Houghton and Dorothy Heffner, in Dec 2, 1980 at New Port News, York, VA, USA. Wanda Burkholder and Raymond Collins Houghton were divorced in 1992.


Raymond Collins Houghton b. 3 Dec 1952

Cynthia Burkinshaw

F, #72914, b. 3 September 1946
     Cynthia Burkinshaw was born on Sep 3, 1946. She married Richard Eugene Crow II, son of Richard Eugene Crow and Mary Anne Houghton.


Richard Eugene Crow II b. 26 Jan 1951

Sarah Burkley

F, #43244, b. circa 1797, d. 1866
     Sarah Burkley was born circa 1797 in VA, USA. She married Richard Houghton, son of Elijah Houghton and Sarah Jackson, in circa 1810 at Culpeper Co., VA, USA. Sarah Burkley died in 1866 at Bloomington, McLean Co., IL, USA.


Richard Houghton b. c 1794, d. 1875
     Sarah Burkley and Sarah L. Houghton are possible duplicates.

Margie Gail Burks

F, #69794, b. 3 April 1929, d. 10 July 2013
     Margie Gail Burks was born on Apr 3, 1929 in Rusk Co., TX, USA. She married Troy Lee Houghton, son of Herman Monroe Houghton and Lucy Irene Clardy. Margie Gail Burks married Billy Pinkerton. Margie Gail Burks died on Jul 10, 2013 at Tyler, TX, USA. She was buried on Jul 13, 2013 at New Emmaus Cemetery.

Family 1

Troy Lee Houghton b. 1 May 1931, d. 25 Mar 1996

Family 2

Billy Pinkerton d. b 2013

Emily Burleson

F, #78626
FatherShadrach Burleson b. 19 Sep 1805, d. 5 Jun 1883
MotherEunice Houghton b. 18 Aug 1804, d. 25 Apr 1879
     Emily Burleson was born.

Shadrach Burleson

M, #57816, b. 19 September 1805, d. 5 June 1883
     Shadrach Burleson was born on Sep 19, 1805 in Pownal, NY, USA. He married Eunice Houghton, daughter of Joseph Houghton and Eunice Stark, in Feb 8, 1823 at Waterford, NY, USA. Shadrach Burleson died on Jun 5, 1883.


Eunice Houghton b. 18 Aug 1804, d. 25 Apr 1879

Alice Elaine Burley

F, #96237, b. 24 April 1931, d. 11 September 2007
     Alice Elaine Burley was born on Apr 24, 1931. She married Ivan Jerome Houghton, son of Byrel Noah Houghton and Clara J. Smith, in Sep 2, 1967 at Muskegon, MI, USA. Alice Elaine Burley died on Sep 11, 2007 at Whitehall, MI, USA.

Larry M. Burlin

M, #101447, b. circa 1960
     Larry M. Burlin was born circa 1960. He married Lori Ann Houghton, daughter of Charles Everett Houghton III and Mary Ann Keene, in Nov 18, 1989 at Harris Co., TX, USA.


Lori Ann Houghton b. 25 Apr 1964