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Nathan Smith

M, #7601, b. 1812, d. 6 February 1851
     Nathan Smith was born in 1812 in Sterling, Worcester Co., MA, USA. He married Cornelia Smith Wilder, daughter of Calvin Wilder and Hannah Newton, in 1840. Nathan Smith died on Feb 6, 1851.


Cornelia Smith Wilder b. 8 Jun 1820, d. 25 Mar 1883

Nathaniel Smith

M, #86337
     Nathaniel Smith was born in Colrain, MA, USA. He married Sarah Snow, daughter of Samuel Snow and Jerusha Sawtell, in Jan 19, 1843.


Sarah Snow b. 24 Jun 1820, d. 4 Mar 1898

Neal Smith

M, #76681
FatherDavid Charles Smith b. 29 Jan 1863
MotherElizabeth Rosenberger
ChartsDesc Chart John Houghton NJ
     Neal Smith was born.

Nicholas Smith

M, #33451, d. 6 December 1900
     Nicholas Smith married Ellen Jennette Houghton, daughter of Paschal Paola Houghton and Mary Ann Nye, in Jul 4, 1859. Nicholas Smith died on Dec 6, 1900 at Gray's Lake, IL, USA.


Ellen Jennette Houghton b. 23 Jul 1835, d. 26 Sep 1928

Nicholas Arthur Smith

M, #7613, b. 5 March 1886
FatherCalvin Wilder Smith b. 10 Oct 1843
MotherMary A. Clark
     Nicholas Arthur Smith was born on Mar 5, 1886.

Olga Gertrude Smith

F, #49220, b. 10 July 1897
FatherCharles Edwin Smith b. 25 Apr 1857, d. 30 Apr 1943
MotherEleanor Gray Hart b. 31 Jul 1858, d. 1 Mar 1939
     Olga Gertrude Smith was born on Jul 10, 1897 in Sambro, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Olive Smith

F, #87159
     Olive Smith married John Cook, son of Isaac Cook and Mary Houghton, in circa 1793.


John Cook b. 1751

Ophie Mae Smith

F, #88865, b. circa 1902
     Ophie Mae Smith was born circa 1902 in LA, USA. She married Merritt David Mullen, son of Merritt Newton Mullen and Sarah H. Houghton, in May 23, 1928 at Gretna, Jefferson Parish, LA, USA. Ophie Mae Smith was and Merritt David Mullen were buried at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Arlington Co., VA, USA.


Merritt David Mullen b. 4 Aug 1898, d. 6 Apr 1957

Orpha Emily Smith

F, #6168, b. 25 May 1857, d. 28 October 1946
     Orpha Emily Smith was born on May 25, 1857 in OH, USA. She married Walter Scott Houghton, son of Luther Wallace Houghton and Abbie Jane Lyon, in Jan 1, 1879. Orpha Emily Smith died on Oct 28, 1946 at KS, USA.


Walter Scott Houghton b. 4 Mar 1853, d. 20 Feb 1934

Orville Aaron Smith

M, #77402
     Orville Aaron Smith married Maggie May Houghton, daughter of Leonard Oliver Houghton and Jennie Mary Whitcher, in Dec 25, 1915 at Danville, Caledonia Co., VT, USA.


Maggie May Houghton b. 1 Sep 1894, d. 24 Dec 1991

Osmond Smith

M, #11377, b. 16 June 1853, d. 8 February 1888
FatherDavid Smith b. 28 May 1825, d. 2 Apr 1897
MotherElizabeth Corbin b. 13 Oct 1824, d. 2 Jun 1896
     Osmond Smith was born on Jun 16, 1853 in St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada. He married Lucy Bruce in Aug, 1879. Osmond Smith died on Feb 8, 1888 at Chester, Lunenburg Co., Nova Scotia, Canada.


Lucy Bruce

Rev. P.P. Smith

M, #41402
     Rev. P.P. Smith married Lucy Ann Houghton, daughter of William Houghton and Elizabeth Crutchfield, in 1849.


Lucy Ann Houghton b. 1810, d. 1856

Parthenia Smith

F, #56225, d. 25 May 1886
     Parthenia Smith married John Hooten, son of John H. Hooten and Mary Reeves, in Dec 17, 1862. Parthenia Smith died on May 25, 1886.


John Hooten b. 6 Oct 1811

Patricia Smith

F, #68879, b. 12 September 1945
FatherWilliam M. Smith b. 16 May 1922
MotherArlene May Haughton b. 1 May 1923, d. 22 Apr 1986
     Patricia Smith was born on Sep 12, 1945 in La Grange, IL, USA.

Patricia Ann Smith

F, #113263
     Patricia Ann Smith married Don Earl Mortz, son of Earl Mortz and Mary Lafferty.

Paul Smith

M, #15158, b. 6 August 1781
     Paul Smith was born on Aug 6, 1781. He married Lucinda Houghton, daughter of Philemon Houghton and Mary Packard, in Jul 9, 1807 at Marlboro, Windham Co., VT, USA.


Lucinda Houghton b. 15 Sep 1792

Pearl Ann Smith

F, #57457
     Pearl Ann Smith married Gordon Miller Sherman, son of Elmo Frank Edward Sherman and Grace Houghton Hull, in Feb 14, 1959 at Oswego, NY, USA.


Gordon Miller Sherman b. 31 Oct 1932

Peter Smith

M, #76708
FatherJoab Smith b. c 1793
MotherHollander Malott
ChartsDesc Chart John Houghton NJ
     Peter Smith was born.

Philip Wilder Smith

M, #7614, b. 9 February 1892
FatherCalvin Wilder Smith b. 10 Oct 1843
MotherMary A. Clark
     Philip Wilder Smith was born on Feb 9, 1892.

Plumber Smith

M, #102898, d. 14 December 1862
     Plumber Smith married Amanda Maria Houghton, daughter of John Houghton and Rebecca (?), in Dec 14, 1860 at Exeter, NH, USA. Plumber Smith died on Dec 14, 1862 at Fredricksburg, VA, USA.


Amanda Maria Houghton b. 5 Mar 1838, d. 21 Mar 1917

Polly Smith

F, #15173
     Polly Smith married Sylvester Woods, son of Asa Woods and Betty Smith, in before 1822.


Sylvester Woods b. 9 Aug 1792, d. 2 Aug 1822

Rachel Smith

F, #43510, b. circa 1849
FatherJacob Smith b. c 1803
MotherAlpha Houghton b. Dec 1815, d. 22 Aug 1905
     Rachel Smith was born circa 1849 in NY, USA.

Ralph Edwin Smith

M, #49212, b. 12 October 1881, d. 16 March 1955
FatherCharles Edwin Smith b. 25 Apr 1857, d. 30 Apr 1943
MotherEleanor Gray Hart b. 31 Jul 1858, d. 1 Mar 1939
     Ralph Edwin Smith was born on Oct 12, 1881 in Sambro, Nova Scotia, Canada. He was killed on Mar 16, 1955 at Sambro, Nova Scotia, Canada.



Ralph Houghton Smith

M, #6659, b. 26 October 1880, d. 2 September 1883
FatherBoston Waldo Smith b. 7 Jan 1851, d. 9 Sep 1908
MotherCaroline Augusta Houghton b. 9 Nov 1854, d. 14 Feb 1944
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Ralph Houghton Smith was born on Oct 26, 1880 in Minneapolis, MN, USA. He died on Sep 2, 1883 at Minneapolis, MN, USA.

Ralph Wilder Smith

M, #7610, b. 3 November 1871, d. 13 August 1873
FatherCalvin Wilder Smith b. 10 Oct 1843
MotherMary A. Clark
     Ralph Wilder Smith was born on Nov 3, 1871. He died on Aug 13, 1873.

Raymond Smith

M, #17985
     Raymond Smith married Tricia Jean Shermeta, daughter of David Shermeta and Linda Louise Johnson, in before 1989.


Tricia Jean Shermeta b. 11 Oct 1971

Raymond Smith

M, #82353, b. 15 April 1928, d. 14 June 1952
FatherJohn Cameron Smith b. 18 Jan 1904, d. 4 Dec 1979
MotherOlga Masil Houghton b. 5 May 1906, d. 4 Dec 1979
     Raymond Smith was born on Apr 15, 1928 in Port Neches, Jefferson Co., TX, USA. He died on Jun 14, 1952 at Beaumont, Jefferson Co., TX, USA.

Raymond Paul Smith

M, #17986, b. 6 October 1989
FatherRaymond Smith
MotherTricia Jean Shermeta b. 11 Oct 1971
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Raymond Paul Smith was born on Oct 6, 1989.

Rebecca Smith

F, #3326, b. January 1789, d. 27 July 1874
     Rebecca Smith was born in Jan, 1789 in Marlborough, MA, USA. She and Jabez Houghton declared their intentions of marriage on Jan 18, 1813 Harvard, Worcester Co., MA, USA. Rebecca Smith married Jabez Houghton, son of Capt. Asa Houghton Jr and Dorcas Moore, in Jan 21, 1813 at Stow, Middlesex, MA, USA. Rebecca Smith died on Jul 27, 1874 at Lancaster, Worcester Co., MA, USA. She was buried at Lancaster, Worcester Co., MA, USA.


Jabez Houghton b. 4 Nov 1790, d. 30 Jul 1842

Rebecca Smith

F, #54837, b. 1796
FatherJohn Smith b. 4 Jun 1762, d. 19 Mar 1852
MotherRebecca Griffith b. 24 Aug 1767, d. 4 Jun 1819
ChartsDesc Chart John Houghton NJ
     Rebecca Smith was born in 1796. She married Alex McClelland.

Rebecca Smith

F, #76705
FatherAbsolom Smith b. 20 Nov 1757, d. 28 Dec 1834
MotherSusannah (?)
ChartsDesc Chart John Houghton NJ
     Rebecca Smith was born.

Richard Smith

M, #76692
FatherMelancthon Smith b. 1817
MotherMargaret Hill
ChartsDesc Chart John Houghton NJ
     Richard Smith was born.

Richard T. Smith

M, #95053, b. circa 1866
     Richard T. Smith was born circa 1866 in MI, USA. He married Virginia M. Heath.


Virginia M. Heath b. c 1889

Robert Smith

M, #82604
Step-fatherEverett Taylor Houghton b. 8 Sep 1910, d. 14 Mar 2004
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Robert Smith was born.

Robert B. Smith

M, #38678
     Robert B. Smith married Lillian Thayer, daughter of David M. Thayer and Sarah A. Bowman.

Robert Stiles Smith

M, #14198
     Robert Stiles Smith married Anna Lestina Houghton, daughter of James Royal Houghton and Lestina Maria Hicks, in Jun 19, 1888 at Stamford, VT, USA.


Anna Lestina Houghton b. 6 Jul 1866, d. 1952

Rosalie Smith

F, #4871
FatherAllen Smith
MotherElizabeth Houghton b. 16 Jun 1819
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton

Roy Chester Smith

M, #37141
     Roy Chester Smith married Mary Abigail Houghton, daughter of Frank Melvin Houghton and Nellie Viola Kempton, in Dec 21, 1921.


Mary Abigail Houghton b. 29 Aug 1897

Ruben Smith

M, #86879, b. circa 1856
     Ruben Smith was born circa 1856 in NY, USA. He married Emma Houghton, daughter of Samuel H. Houghton and Elizabeth (?), in circa 1880.


Emma Houghton b. c 1862

Ruby Grace Irene Smith

F, #85607, b. 16 April 2005
FatherDaniel Gilbert Kenneth Smith
MotherDenise Laurie Anderson b. 1 Sep 1976
     Ruby Grace Irene Smith was born on Apr 16, 2005 in Markham, Ontario, Canada.

Rubye S. Smith

F, #99186, b. circa 1919
     Rubye S. Smith was born circa 1919. She married Scott Bradbury Houghton, son of Mark Howard Houghton and Alma Gray Bradbury, in Oct 5, 1979 at Harris Co., TX, USA.


Scott Bradbury Houghton b. 27 Jan 1917, d. 6 Jul 1999

Ruel Smith

M, #7694
     Ruel Smith married Sarah S. Boynton, daughter of Sylvanus Boynton and Martha Adams.

Salome Smith

F, #52124, b. 10 August 1839, d. 18 February 1927
     Salome Smith was born on Aug 10, 1839 in Herkimer, Herkimer Co., NY, USA. She married Carlos C. Houghton, son of Hiram Houghton and Cynthia Danforth, in Apr 2, 1863. Salome Smith died on Feb 18, 1927 at Steele, Kidder Co., ND, USA. She was buried on Mar 1, 1927 at Oakwood Cemetery, Rochester, Olmsted Co., MN, USA.


Carlos C. Houghton b. 9 Oct 1836, d. 2 Feb 1916

Samuel Smith

M, #98562
FatherGerald D. Smith b. c 1949
MotherNancy Margaret Houghton b. 3 Aug 1950
     Samuel Smith was born.

Samuel Smith

M, #100824
     Samuel Smith married Carey Lynne Dickinson, daughter of James Russell Dickinson and Sandra Ruth Cotter.


Carey Lynne Dickinson b. 28 Oct 1964

Sarah Smith

F, #4075, b. 1759, d. 12 May 1837
     Sarah Smith was born in 1759 in Petersham, Worcester Co., MA, USA. She married Edward Houghton, son of Capt. Nehemiah Houghton and Eunice Curtice, in Aug 8, 1781. Sarah Smith died on May 12, 1837 at Middlebury, VT, USA. She was buried at West Cemetery, Middlebury, VT, USA.


Edward Houghton b. 21 Jul 1760, d. 29 Sep 1820

Sarah Smith

F, #4418, b. 30 December 1796, d. 18 November 1882
     Sarah Smith was born on Dec 30, 1796 in Woodbridge, CT, USA. She married James Houghton, son of Elias Houghton and Sarah Gilbert, in Sep 25, 1820 at Preston, NY, USA. Sarah Smith died on Nov 18, 1882 at Whitingham, Windham Co., VT, USA. She was and James Houghton were buried at Whitingham Cemetery, Whitingham, Windham Co., VT, USA.


James Houghton b. 16 Oct 1798, d. 6 Jun 1868

Sarah Smith

F, #10939, b. circa 1804
     Sarah Smith was born circa 1804 in England. She married Noah Houghton, son of Daniel Houghton and Susannah Pierce.


Noah Houghton b. 30 Oct 1789, d. 3 Aug 1873

Sarah Smith

F, #32070, d. 23 January 1810
     Sarah Smith married William Sawyer Jr., son of William Sawyer Sr. and Mary Houghton, in Jul 7, 1748 at Bolton, Worcester Co., MA, USA. Sarah Smith died on Jan 23, 1810.


William Sawyer Jr. b. c 1711, d. 14 Jul 1794

Sarah Smith

F, #54828, b. 19 November 1764
FatherJohn Smith b. c 1730, d. c 26 Apr 1826
MotherAnne Houghton b. 1734
ChartsDesc Chart John Houghton NJ
     Sarah Smith was born on Nov 19, 1764 in Amwell Twp, Hunterdon Co., NJ, USA.