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Stacey Smith

M, #20528
     Stacey Smith and Sandra Lee Finch were partners before 1991.


Sandra Lee Finch b. 21 Jul 1973

Stella Smith

F, #10446, b. before 1910
FatherCharles P. Smith d. b 1911
MotherOresta I. Cole b. 16 Aug 1865
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Stella Smith was born before 1910.

Stella Blanche Smith

F, #6255, b. 16 May 1865
     Stella Blanche Smith was born on May 16, 1865 in IL, USA. She married Alba Chambers Piersel, son of Rev. Levi Benjamin Piersel and Isabelle Houghton, in Jan 1, 1896.


Alba Chambers Piersel b. 25 Nov 1867

Stella Mae Smith

F, #73213, b. 23 January 2002
FatherTaylor Andrew Smith b. 21 Oct 1974
MotherNoelle Veilleux b. 8 Jan 1976
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Stella Mae Smith was born on Jan 23, 2002.

Susan J. Smith

F, #31334

Sydney Smith

M, #8209
     Sydney Smith married Abigail Whitcomb Houghton, daughter of Aaron Houghton and Betsey Moore.


Abigail Whitcomb Houghton b. 24 Feb 1818

T. A. Smith

M, #79646, b. circa 1883
     T. A. Smith was born circa 1883 in CA, USA. He married Carrie B. Houghton, daughter of Elias Elwell Houghton and Carrie Hunt, in circa 1926.


Carrie B. Houghton b. Apr 1898

Taylor Andrew Smith

M, #73211, b. 21 October 1974
FatherHoughton Strien Smith III b. 6 Mar 1947
MotherMarsha Ann Ellenbecker b. 18 Jan 1947
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Taylor Andrew Smith was born on Oct 21, 1974 in Moorhead, MN, USA. He married Noelle Veilleux.


Noelle Veilleux b. 8 Jan 1976

Terry D. Smith

M, #99333, b. circa 1947
     Terry D. Smith was born circa 1947. He married Sandra L. Houghton in May 25, 1991 at Dallas Co., TX, USA.


Sandra L. Houghton b. c 1953

Terry J. Smith

M, #94461, b. circa 1947
     Terry J. Smith was born circa 1947. He married Judith A. Houghton in Sep 12, 1969 at Sacramento Co., CA, USA.


Judith A. Houghton b. c 1949

Terry Westley Joe Smith

M, #68180
     Terry Westley Joe Smith married Karen Renee Carson, daughter of Loyd Elton Carson and Virginia Lee Rice.

Theodore Smith

M, #79651, b. circa 1889
MotherMinnie Wandell b. 29 Dec 1868, d. 23 Dec 1945
     Theodore Smith was born circa 1889 in NJ, USA. He married an unknown person in circa 1910. He and an unknown person were divorced before 1930.

Thomas Smith

M, #27706
     Thomas Smith married Sandra Lynn Houghton, daughter of Billy Calhoun Houghton and Phyllis Eldred, in Dec 22, 1984.


Sandra Lynn Houghton b. 1 Sep 1953

Thomas Smith

M, #32759
     Thomas Smith married Emily Wheeler, daughter of Washington Wheeler and Cecelia Houghton, in 1865.


Emily Wheeler b. 1844

Brother Thomas Smith OFM

M, #92560

Timothy Smith

M, #8485, b. 19 April 1797
FatherJames Smith b. 1763, d. 9 Aug 1844
MotherElizabeth Houghton b. 29 Dec 1771, d. 1 Apr 1857
     Timothy Smith was born on Apr 19, 1797 in Chester, Lunenburg Co., Nova Scotia, Canada. He married Ann Nass. Timothy Smith died at Chester, Lunenburg Co., Nova Scotia, Canada.


Ann Nass b. 1804

Tomme Smith

F, #90986


     Tomme Smith and (?) Smith are possible duplicates.

Tota Bell Smith

F, #57549, b. 1862, d. 1864
FatherLewis Beriah Smith
MotherElecta R. Spencer b. 18 May 1828, d. 2 Aug 1906
     Tota Bell Smith was born in 1862. She died in 1864.

Tyler Michael Smith

M, #27707, b. 21 October 1983
FatherThomas Smith
MotherSandra Lynn Houghton b. 1 Sep 1953
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Tyler Michael Smith was born on Oct 21, 1983.

Vivian Smith

F, #27516, b. 3 March 1924
     Vivian Smith was born on Mar 3, 1924. She married Garth Orlo Houghton, son of Orlo Henry Houghton and Vanchie Pauline Van Houten, in Jun 14, 1942.


Garth Orlo Houghton b. 3 Apr 1924

Wade Smith

M, #27190, b. 2 April 1986
FatherAlvin Smith Jr.
MotherCatherine Leeth b. 23 Mar 1954
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Wade Smith was born on Apr 2, 1986.

Waldo Huntington Smith

M, #6662, b. 9 December 1884, d. 16 April 1905
FatherBoston Waldo Smith b. 7 Jan 1851, d. 9 Sep 1908
MotherCaroline Augusta Houghton b. 9 Nov 1854, d. 14 Feb 1944
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Waldo Huntington Smith was born on Dec 9, 1884 in Minneapolis, MN, USA. He died on Apr 16, 1905 at Minneapolis, MN, USA.

Wilfred Kellog Smith

M, #47256, b. 8 June 1906, d. 9 April 1970
     Wilfred Kellog Smith was born on Jun 8, 1906. He married Mary Elizabeth Craven, daughter of Harvey Bernard Craven and Alice Houghton, in Jul 23, 1933 at Lakeland, FL, USA. Wilfred Kellog Smith died on Apr 9, 1970.


Mary Elizabeth Craven b. 24 Mar 1911

Wilfred Kellog Smith Jr.

M, #47257, b. 10 October 1936
FatherWilfred Kellog Smith b. 8 Jun 1906, d. 9 Apr 1970
MotherMary Elizabeth Craven b. 24 Mar 1911
     Wilfred Kellog Smith Jr. was born on Oct 10, 1936.

William Smith

M, #33374
     William Smith married Atta Lyman, daughter of Tertius Lyman and Eunice Houghton.


Atta Lyman b. 13 Oct 1797

William Smith

M, #45475, b. December 1880
Adoptive motherMary E. Houghton b. Jul 1837
     William Smith was born in Dec, 1880 in NH, USA.

William C. H. Smith

M, #75532, b. 6 December 1873
FatherChurch C. Smith
MotherEunice Elizabeth Harrington b. 22 Oct 1845
     William C. H. Smith was born on Dec 6, 1873.

William Clare Smith

M, #17987, b. 18 August 1993
FatherRaymond Smith
MotherTricia Jean Shermeta b. 11 Oct 1971
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     William Clare Smith was born on Aug 18, 1993.

William D. Smith

M, #94258, b. circa 1955
     William D. Smith was born circa 1955. He married Debra A. Houghton in Apr 7, 1973 at San Diego Co., CA, USA.


Debra A. Houghton b. c 1956

William H. Smith

M, #10902
     William H. Smith married Lydia Vaughn, daughter of Joseph Vaughn and Juliet Letitia Church, in Feb 21, 1872.


Lydia Vaughn b. 14 Nov 1846

William H. Smith

M, #53490
     William H. Smith married Dora D. Houghton, daughter of William Michael Seneca Houghton and Mary F. Doney, in May 16, 1877 at Williamson Co., GA, USA.


Dora D. Houghton b. 1855

William H. Smith

M, #53988



William H. Smith

M, #76691
FatherMelancthon Smith b. 1817
MotherMargaret Hill
ChartsDesc Chart John Houghton NJ
     William H. Smith was born.

William M. Smith

M, #68878, b. 16 May 1922
     William M. Smith was born on May 16, 1922. He married Arlene May Haughton, daughter of Merle Calvin Haughton and Ruth Safford, in Sep 9, 1944 at Flushing, MI, USA.


Arlene May Haughton b. 1 May 1923, d. 22 Apr 1986

Sir William Smith of Great Moorsham, Yorkshire

M, #112480, b. 11 February 1612, d. January 1644
FatherSir John Smith of Wilmslow, Cheshire b. 30 Aug 1588, d. 1616
MotherLady Margaret Dean b. 1588
     Sir William Smith of Great Moorsham, Yorkshire was born on Feb 11, 1612 in Great Moorsham, Yorkshire, England. He married Lady Ann Rylanse. Sir William Smith of Great Moorsham, Yorkshire died in Jan, 1644 at Wilmslow, Cheshire, England.


Lady Ann Rylanse b. 30 Jan 1612, d. 1642

William R. Smith

M, #99276, b. circa 1944
     William R. Smith was born circa 1944. He married Marcia Ann Houghton, daughter of James Allan Houghton and Cleo Anna Moore, in Apr 26, 1974 at Dallas Co., TX, USA.


Marcia Ann Houghton b. 16 Jul 1948

William Robert Smith

M, #68880, b. 6 June 1947
FatherWilliam M. Smith b. 16 May 1922
MotherArlene May Haughton b. 1 May 1923, d. 22 Apr 1986
     William Robert Smith was born on Jun 6, 1947 in Berwyn, Cook Co., IL, USA.

Zell Floyd Smith

M, #61324, b. 8 August 1899, d. 24 July 1981
Mother(?) Houghton
     Zell Floyd Smith was born on Aug 8, 1899 in KS, USA. He died on Jul 24, 1981 at Kern Co., CA, USA.

Zelma Louise Smith

F, #90386, b. circa 1933
     Zelma Louise Smith was born circa 1933. She married Johnny R. Houghton.


Johnny R. Houghton b. c 1928

Ziba Houghton Smith

M, #37556, b. 22 February 1846
     Ziba Houghton Smith was born on Feb 22, 1846 in Ashfield, MA, USA. He married Sarah Howes.


Sarah Howes b. 21 Apr 1846

William James Smithson

M, #83532, b. 31 July 1911, d. 23 November 1989
     William James Smithson was born on Jul 31, 1911 in Toronto, Canada. He married Pearl Houghten, daughter of Allen William Houghten and Olive Lillian Teats. William James Smithson died on Nov 23, 1989 at Clinton Grove, Macomb Co., MI, USA. He was buried at Clinton Grove Cemetery, Mt. Clemens, MI, USA.


Pearl Houghten b. c 1912

Christine Smock

F, #81443, b. 3 July 1973
     Christine Smock was born on Jul 3, 1973. She married Riley Floyd Pyles, son of Sherrell Pyles and Carole Marion Shellenberger.


Riley Floyd Pyles b. 11 Nov 1971

Margaret Smock

F, #97229, b. circa 1931
     Margaret Smock was born circa 1931. She married Allen John Houghton, son of Alvin Hale Houghton and Martha L. Houghton.


Allen John Houghton b. 3 May 1934, d. 4 Nov 1999

Harold L. Smoot

M, #38628
     Harold L. Smoot married Louise Nance, daughter of Albert G. Nance.


Louise Nance

Phyllis Jean Smoot

F, #107466
     Phyllis Jean Smoot married Gary Lee Houghton, son of James McNary and Dorthia Current.


Gary Lee Houghton b. 10 Mar 1938, d. 22 Sep 2004

Victoria Lyn Smoot

F, #66352, b. 2 April 1955
     Victoria Lyn Smoot was born on Apr 2, 1955 in Spokane, Spokane Co., WA, USA. She married David Wesley Nugent, son of Dale Franklin Nugent and Hallie Erdine McMichael, in Nov 9, 1996 at Beach at Surfside Estates, Pacific Co., WA, USA.


David Wesley Nugent b. 6 Feb 1951

Wayne Gerald Smuda

M, #80765, b. circa 1953
     Wayne Gerald Smuda was born circa 1953. He married Sally Kay Houghton in Aug 17, 1986 at Walworth Co., WI, USA.


Sally Kay Houghton b. c 1956

Grizilla Brown Smullen

F, #46983, b. May 1846
     Grizilla Brown Smullen was born in May, 1846 in PA, USA. She married Orville Houghton, son of Elijah Houghton Sr and Harriet Dopking, in circa 1872.


Orville Houghton b. Jun 1843, d. 20 Feb 1923

Ernest McBride Smurr

M, #44109, b. 15 February 1865, d. 28 January 1901
     Ernest McBride Smurr was born on Feb 15, 1865 in Wooster, OH, USA. He married Annie Bush Compton, daughter of Randall Stivers Compton and Laura Houghton. Ernest McBride Smurr died on Jan 28, 1901 at North Little Rock, AR, USA.


Annie Bush Compton b. 30 Nov 1867, d. 2 Dec 1929

Hugh Nial Smyth

M, #109426, b. 20 March 1862, d. 17 October 1924
     Hugh Nial Smyth was born on Mar 20, 1862 in El Dorado Co., CA, USA. He married Anna Marie Stackpole, daughter of Isaac Stackpole and Betsey Stickney Houghton, in Dec 30, 1885 at El Dorado, El Dorado Co., CA, USA. Hugh Nial Smyth died on Oct 17, 1924 at Paradise, El Dorado Co., CA, USA.


Anna Marie Stackpole b. 15 Jan 1861, d. 21 Sep 1931