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William Albert Richardson

M, #70979, b. 13 January 1958
FatherWilliam Albert Richardson b. 8 Jul 1935
     William Albert Richardson was born on Jan 13, 1958.

William Carl Richardson

M, #30540
     William Carl Richardson married April Marie Patterson, daughter of John Gilbert Patterson and Marjorie Laura Dean.


April Marie Patterson b. 28 Jun 1971

William Elias Richardson

M, #78139, b. 26 October 1910, d. 4 October 1961
     William Elias Richardson was born on Oct 26, 1910. He married Lura Adelaid Houghton, daughter of William Walter Houghton and Etta B. Hodgdon, in Dec 6, 1930 at Craftsbury, Orleans Co., VT, USA. William Elias Richardson died on Oct 4, 1961 at Wolcott, Lamoille Co., VT, USA.


Lura Adelaid Houghton b. 23 Dec 1910, d. 20 Aug 1993

Phyllis I. Richason

F, #61576, b. 10 May 1923, d. 13 December 1996
     Phyllis I. Richason was born on May 10, 1923 in Springfield, MA, USA. She married Raymond Carl Houghton, son of Rufus Mather Houghton and Edith Margarite Eddy. Phyllis I. Richason died on Dec 13, 1996 at Franklin Medical Center, Greenfield, MA, USA. She was buried on Dec 16, 1996 at Massachusetts National Cemetery, Bourne, Barnstable Co., MA, USA.


Raymond Carl Houghton b. 11 Jul 1919, d. 5 May 1984

(?) Richburg

M, #86577
     (?) Richburg married Annie Ruth Grissette, daughter of (?) Grissette and Annie Mae Hooten.

Bonnie Richburg

F, #86578
Father(?) Richburg
MotherAnnie Ruth Grissette
     Bonnie Richburg was born. She married (?) Haskins.


(?) Haskins

Kittie Frances Richey

F, #57658, b. 5 December 1881, d. 1 June 1882
FatherWilliam H. Richey
MotherEmma Eugenia Russell b. 10 Sep 1850
     Kittie Frances Richey was born on Dec 5, 1881. She died on Jun 1, 1882.

Minnie Clare Richey

F, #57657, b. 3 August 1873, d. 4 November 1876
FatherWilliam H. Richey
MotherEmma Eugenia Russell b. 10 Sep 1850
     Minnie Clare Richey was born on Aug 3, 1873. She died on Nov 4, 1876.

Ora Eugenia Richey

F, #57656, b. 17 December 1871, d. 10 September 1872
FatherWilliam H. Richey
MotherEmma Eugenia Russell b. 10 Sep 1850
     Ora Eugenia Richey was born on Dec 17, 1871. She died on Sep 10, 1872.

William H. Richey

M, #57655
     William H. Richey married Emma Eugenia Russell, daughter of James Hinkston Russell and Zenobia Houghton, in Nov, 1870.


Emma Eugenia Russell b. 10 Sep 1850

Annie Dale Richmond

F, #38464, b. 5 March 1860, d. 21 September 1948
FatherCharles Richmond b. 20 Aug 1821, d. 22 Jun 1893
MotherMartha A. Wait b. 1828, d. 1897
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Annie Dale Richmond was born on Mar 5, 1860 in Worcester, Worcester Co., MA, USA. She died on Sep 21, 1948 at Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA, USA.

Charles Richmond

M, #38463, b. 20 August 1821, d. 22 June 1893
     Charles Richmond was born on Aug 20, 1821 in Springfield, MA, USA. He married Martha A. Wait, daughter of David Reed Wait and Patience Thomas, in 1848. Charles Richmond died on Jun 22, 1893 at Greenfield, MA, USA.


Martha A. Wait b. 1828, d. 1897

Hannah Brightman Richmond

F, #12576, b. 31 October 1810, d. 30 December 1890
     Hannah Brightman Richmond was born on Oct 31, 1810 in Westport, Bristol Co., MA, USA. She married Walter Whitcomb, son of Samuel Whitcomb and Elizabeth Bryant, in Oct 12, 1831 at Westport, Bristol Co., MA, USA. Hannah Brightman Richmond died on Dec 30, 1890.


Walter Whitcomb

Isabelle Richmond

F, #47598, b. circa 1889, d. 21 January 1972
     Isabelle Richmond was born circa 1889 in ME, USA. She married Rev. William Kimberlin Houghton in Jun 25, 1919 at ME, USA. Isabelle Richmond died on Jan 21, 1972 at Patten, ME, USA.


Rev. William Kimberlin Houghton b. 26 Apr 1881, d. b 1940

John Richmond

M, #46112
     John Richmond married Natalie Houghton, daughter of Riley Elgin Houghton and Freda Blanche Dier, in Jun 27, 1980.


Natalie Houghton b. 21 Nov 1927, d. 1992

John L. Richmond

M, #37755
     John L. Richmond married Eunice Stone, daughter of Sherman Stone and Marcia Houghton.


Eunice Stone

Louisa Clark Richmond

F, #95239, b. 1 October 1850, d. 5 April 1878
FatherCharles Richmond b. 20 Aug 1821, d. 22 Jun 1893
MotherMartha A. Wait b. 1828, d. 1897
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Louisa Clark Richmond was born on Oct 1, 1850. She died on Apr 5, 1878.

Sarah Richmond

F, #7883, b. 19 April 1767, d. 26 March 1842
     Sarah Richmond was born on Apr 19, 1767 in Berkeley, Bristol Co., MA, USA. She married Israel Taylor Houghton, son of Israel Houghton and Mary Ann Elliot, in Dec, 1788 at Barnard, Windsor Co., VT, USA. Sarah Richmond died on Mar 26, 1842 at Woodstock, Windsor Co., VT, USA.


Israel Taylor Houghton b. 25 Nov 1767, d. 1830

(?) Richter

F, #59755



Charlotte M. Richter

F, #72291
     Charlotte M. Richter married William P. Houghton in Jun 5, 1905 at St. Clair Co., IL, USA.

May Richter

F, #88004, b. circa 1878
     May Richter was born circa 1878 in Germany. She married an unknown person in circa 1905.

(?) Ricier

M, #82308
     (?) Ricier married Blanch Houghton, daughter of Aaron Houghton and Alice W. (?), in circa 1912. (?) Ricier and Blanch Houghton were divorced before 1930.


Blanch Houghton b. c 1882

(?) Ricker

M, #111205
     (?) Ricker married Blanche Haughton, daughter of Aaron Haughton and Alice (?).


Blanche Haughton b. Jun 1881

Frederick Ricker

M, #81235
FatherFrederick A. Ricker
MotherAnnie Sophia Page b. 3 Sep 1858
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Frederick Ricker was born.

Frederick A. Ricker

M, #81232
     Frederick A. Ricker married Annie Sophia Page, daughter of Samuel Sewall Houghton and Josephine Maria Louisa Parlin, in Apr 28, 1880.

Freeman Alonzo Ricker

M, #9192, d. 31 December 1877
     Freeman Alonzo Ricker married Sarah Virginia Houghton, daughter of Levi Warren Houghton and Arzilla Blethen, in Nov 21, 1873. Freeman Alonzo Ricker died on Dec 31, 1877.


Sarah Virginia Houghton b. 9 Jun 1848, d. 22 Dec 1935

Harry Hall Ricker

M, #81234
FatherFrederick A. Ricker
MotherAnnie Sophia Page b. 3 Sep 1858
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Harry Hall Ricker was born.

Hattie Josephine Ricker

F, #81233
FatherFrederick A. Ricker
MotherAnnie Sophia Page b. 3 Sep 1858
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Hattie Josephine Ricker was born.

Elmer Rickerson

M, #84015
     Elmer Rickerson was born. He married Emogene Houghton, daughter of Edwin M. Houghton and Edith B. Miller, in Mar 28, 1942.

Jack Edride Rickerson

M, #84017
FatherElmer Rickerson
MotherEmogene Houghton b. 12 Oct 1919
     Jack Edride Rickerson was born.

Jane Louisa Rickerson

F, #84016
FatherElmer Rickerson
MotherEmogene Houghton b. 12 Oct 1919
     Jane Louisa Rickerson was born.

Dean Leslie Ricketts

M, #3829
     Dean Leslie Ricketts married Eleanor Bennett, daughter of Walter Bennett and Nellie Ince.

Phebel Ricks

F, #64442
     Phebel Ricks married John Karl Wood, son of John Wood and Emeline Crouch.


John Karl Wood b. 29 Jun 1890, d. 29 Feb 1968

Herbert Creighton Riddell

M, #111624
     Herbert Creighton Riddell married Ellen Gladys Horton, daughter of Harry Horton and Catherine Jessie Allen.


Ellen Gladys Horton b. 1893, d. 1954

Harvey Riddle

M, #70012, b. circa 1850
FatherJames McAfee Riddle b. 31 Oct 1820
MotherHarriet Ogden b. c 1824, d. a 1896
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Harvey Riddle was born circa 1850 in IN, USA.

James McAfee Riddle

M, #65821, b. 31 October 1820
     James McAfee Riddle was born on Oct 31, 1820 in Butler Co., OH, USA. He married Harriet Ogden, daughter of Abraham Ogden and Keziah Houghton, in Nov 17, 1846 at Terre Haute, IN, USA.


Harriet Ogden b. c 1824, d. a 1896

Ray Riddle

M, #107525
     Ray Riddle married Jennie Houghton in circa 1913.

Retta Diane Riddle

F, #90364, b. circa 1953
     Retta Diane Riddle was born circa 1953. She married Charles Earle Houghton, son of Col. Richard Blake Houghton and Shari Anne Shaw, in Jun 7, 1980 at Wood Co., TX, USA.


Charles Earle Houghton b. 1 Oct 1953

Sarah Riddle

F, #33045
     Sarah Riddle married Thomas Houghton, son of Rufus Houghton and Mary Gleason, in Aug 28, 1832 at Vigo Co, IN, USA.


Thomas Houghton b. c 1792, d. 1863

Robert Riddles

M, #14455
     Robert Riddles married Cynthia A. Plumb, daughter of Edward L. Plumb and Norine Lally.

(?) Rider

M, #79967
     (?) Rider married Phyliis M. Houghton, daughter of Frank Mandeville Houghton and Mary Ann Carter.


Phyliis M. Houghton b. c 1920

(?) Rider

M, #96483
     (?) Rider married Julie Houghton, daughter of George W. Houghton and Georgina Hynes.


Julie Houghton b. c 1960, d. 28 Feb 2015

Ann Rider

F, #51048, b. circa 1820
     Ann Rider was born circa 1820 in RI, USA. She married David Houghton.


David Houghton b. c 1819

Jeanette Rider

F, #66984, b. 1 July 1944
     Jeanette Rider was born on Jul 1, 1944 in Savannah, Chatham Co., GA, USA. She married William Lawrence Busby, son of Vincent Homer Busby and Islay Fern Houghton, in Apr 15, 1966 at Orlando, FL, USA.


William Lawrence Busby b. 8 Sep 1941

Josiah Rider

M, #22277
     Josiah Rider married Azubah Roper, daughter of Benjamin Roper and Azubah Willard, in Nov 21, 1808 at Princeton, Worcester Co., MA, USA.


Azubah Roper b. 24 Jun 1785

Harriet P. Ridge

F, #60235, b. circa 1845
     Harriet P. Ridge was born circa 1845 in NY, USA. She married William Alton Houghton, son of Rev. Daniel Clay Houghton DD and Juliana Alton, in circa Jun 2, 1865 at NY, USA.


William Alton Houghton b. 1845, d. 5 Jul 1891

Sarah Martha Ridge

F, #76226, b. 14 January 1802, d. 18 September 1851
     Sarah Martha Ridge was born on Jan 14, 1802 in Spartanburg, SC, USA. She married Lewis Jonathan Howton, son of Jonathan Curtis Howton and Ann Elizabeth Trover, in Aug 22, 1816 at Madisonville, KY, USA. Sarah Martha Ridge died on Sep 18, 1851 at Hopkins Co., KY, USA. She was buried at Old Beulah Cemetery, Hopkins Co., KY, USA.


Lewis Jonathan Howton b. 16 Feb 1793, d. 1 Jul 1874

William H. Ridge

M, #29470
     William H. Ridge married Annie Lucinda Brown, daughter of Dr. James F. Brown and Eunice Malvina Fairbanks.


Annie Lucinda Brown b. 1848

Cal Daniel Rieger

M, #84630, b. 25 July 1993
FatherDaniel Nelson Rieger b. 6 Jun 1959
MotherSue Ann Houghton b. 8 May 1962
     Cal Daniel Rieger was born on Jul 25, 1993 in Freeport, Stephenson Co., IL, USA.

Daniel Nelson Rieger

M, #84628, b. 6 June 1959
     Daniel Nelson Rieger was born on Jun 6, 1959 in Freeport, Stephenson Co., IL, USA. He married Sue Ann Houghton, daughter of Robert Dale Houghton and Shirley Jean Maher, in May 13, 1989 at Freeport, Stephenson Co., IL, USA.


Sue Ann Houghton b. 8 May 1962