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Thomas B. Reynolds

M, #11734, b. 10 September 1879, d. 6 July 1884
FatherWalter S. Reynolds b. 13 Nov 1839
MotherOlive L. Houghton b. 22 Nov 1844, d. 17 Aug 1910
     Thomas B. Reynolds was born on Sep 10, 1879. He died on Jul 6, 1884.

Thomas S. Reynolds

M, #72029
     Thomas S. Reynolds married Eliza H. Houghton in Jun 8, 1834 at Fulton Co., IL, USA.

Walter S. Reynolds

M, #10556, b. 13 November 1839
     Walter S. Reynolds was born on Nov 13, 1839. He married Olive L. Houghton, daughter of Thomas Bennett Houghton and Elizabeth Elira Lamphere.


Olive L. Houghton b. 22 Nov 1844, d. 17 Aug 1910

William Reynolds

M, #110315
     William Reynolds married Christine Haughton, daughter of Donald T. Haughton and Marie G. Satterlee.

William Franklin Reynolds

M, #6808, b. August 1831
FatherLuther Cullender Reynolds b. Apr 1807, d. 1867
MotherCharlotte Rhoda Jackson b. 6 Mar 1804, d. 1889
     William Franklin Reynolds was born in Aug, 1831.

Basal Royal Rhea

M, #56100
     Basal Royal Rhea married Marjorie Kathleen Nichols, daughter of Amos Bert Pleasant Nichols and Sadie LaVisa Hooten.

Ida Rhea

F, #28205, b. 19 June 1870, d. 31 January 1903
     Ida Rhea was born on Jun 19, 1870. She married Fred Horace Petts, son of Nathaniel Boutelle Petts and Martha Jane Vail, in Feb 7, 1888. Ida Rhea died on Jan 31, 1903.


Fred Horace Petts b. 25 Sep 1863, d. 11 Feb 1946

Emory Rheborg

M, #109088
     Emory Rheborg married Mavoline Seitz, daughter of William Seitz and Elizabeth Hannah Houghton.


Mavoline Seitz b. 7 Dec 1921

Emory Dale Rheborg

M, #109098, b. 2 April 1940
FatherEmory Rheborg
MotherMavoline Seitz b. 7 Dec 1921
     Emory Dale Rheborg was born on Apr 2, 1940 in Peotone, IL, USA. He married Carol Jean Dolezal in Nov 17, 1963.


Carol Jean Dolezal b. 17 Sep 1943

Katherine Jean Rheborg

F, #109100, b. 17 July 1964
FatherEmory Dale Rheborg b. 2 Apr 1940
MotherCarol Jean Dolezal b. 17 Sep 1943
     Katherine Jean Rheborg was born on Jul 17, 1964 in Hervey, IL, USA.

Sandra Rheborg

F, #109101, b. 19 November 1951
FatherEmory Dale Rheborg b. 2 Apr 1940
MotherCarol Jean Dolezal b. 17 Sep 1943
     Sandra Rheborg was born on Nov 19, 1951 in Chicago Heights, Cook Co., IL, USA.

Jessie Rheinschild

F, #92674
FatherRob Rheinschild
MotherPam Jardine
     Jessie Rheinschild was born.

Rob Rheinschild

M, #92670
     Rob Rheinschild married Pam Jardine, daughter of Len Jardine and Judith Ann Houghton.

Gail Lynn Rheude

F, #75925, b. 28 May 1966
     Gail Lynn Rheude was born on May 28, 1966 in Brook, Newton Co., IN, USA. She married Kyle Dean Conrad, son of Adrian Bertrell Conrad and June Lea Ball, in Aug 31, 1996 at Brook, Newton Co., IN, USA.


Kyle Dean Conrad b. 16 Nov 1968

Winifred Rhinebarger

F, #80143, b. circa 1900, d. 1 October 1989
     Winifred Rhinebarger was born circa 1900 in IN, USA. She married Sereno George Houghton, son of Edgar Fairbanks Houghton and Harriet Allen, in circa 1923. Winifred Rhinebarger died on Oct 1, 1989 at Wichita, KS, USA.


Sereno George Houghton b. 1 Sep 1901, d. 5 May 1985

Alan Gillespie Rhinehart

M, #81101, b. circa 1901
     Alan Gillespie Rhinehart was born circa 1901 in PA, USA. He married Gratia Buell Houghton, daughter of Arthur Amory Houghton Sr. and Mahitbel Hollister, in Sep 19, 1925 at St. Aiden's Chapel, South Dartmouth, MA, USA. Alan Gillespie Rhinehart and Gratia Buell Houghton were divorced in Jun, 1938.


Gratia Buell Houghton b. 20 Jan 1905, d. 26 May 1939

Effie A. Rhinehart

F, #10558, b. January 1853
     Effie A. Rhinehart was born in Jan, 1853 in Ripley, Chautauqua Co., NY, USA. She married Henry R. Houghton, son of Thomas Bennett Houghton and Elizabeth Elira Lamphere, in Nov 5, 1873 at Ripley, Chautauqua Co., NY, USA.


Henry R. Houghton b. 24 Apr 1849, d. 1937

Gratia Houghton Rhinehart

F, #95389, b. 6 August 1927
FatherAlan Gillespie Rhinehart b. c 1901
MotherGratia Buell Houghton b. 20 Jan 1905, d. 26 May 1939
     Gratia Houghton Rhinehart was born on Aug 6, 1927 in New York, New York Co., NY, USA. She married Peter John Allatt in May 24, 1946. Gratia Houghton Rhinehart and Peter John Allatt were divorced. Gratia Houghton Rhinehart married third (?) Brown. Gratia Houghton Rhinehart and (?) Brown were divorced. Gratia Houghton Rhinehart married Richard P. Waters Jr in Dec 19, 1965 at New Bedford, MA, USA.

Family 2

(?) Brown

Patricia Rhinehart

F, #95709
FatherAlan Gillespie Rhinehart b. c 1901
MotherGratia Buell Houghton b. 20 Jan 1905, d. 26 May 1939
     Patricia Rhinehart was born.

Cynthia Rhoades

F, #32135, b. 17 October 1822, d. 4 December 1846
     Cynthia Rhoades was born on Oct 17, 1822. She married Euclid Houghton, son of Euclid Houghton Jr and Eunice Wakefield. Cynthia Rhoades died on Dec 4, 1846. She was buried at Rogers Cemetery, Troy, Waldo Co., ME, USA.


Euclid Houghton b. 19 Jun 1819, d. 10 Jun 1894

Mabel Rhoades

F, #32968, b. 5 February 1867
FatherRobert Rhoades
MotherEliza Jane Ward b. 3 Mar 1827, d. 16 Apr 1873
     Mabel Rhoades was born on Feb 5, 1867.

Robert Rhoades

M, #85219
     Robert Rhoades married Eliza Jane Ward.


Eliza Jane Ward b. 3 Mar 1827, d. 16 Apr 1873

Esther Lowrey Rhoads

F, #18223, b. 30 March 1901, d. 22 February 1987
     Esther Lowrey Rhoads was born on Mar 30, 1901 in Philadelphia, PA, USA. She married Prof. Walter Edwards Houghton Jr., Ph.D., son of Walter Edwards Houghton and Nancy Semple Acheson, in Jun 22, 1929. Esther Lowrey Rhoads died on Feb 22, 1987 at Old Tappan, NJ, USA.


Prof. Walter Edwards Houghton Jr., Ph.D. b. 21 Sep 1904, d. 11 Apr 1983

Levi Rhoads

M, #15033, b. circa 1794, d. 11 November 1872
     Levi Rhoads was born circa 1794. He married Elizabeth Houghton in 1817 at Gardiner, Kennebec, ME, USA. Levi Rhoads died on Nov 11, 1872 at Gardiner, Kennebec, ME, USA.


Elizabeth Houghton b. c 1802, d. 31 Mar 1852

Mary Jeanne Rhoads

F, #73319, b. 29 July 1954, d. 29 December 1999
     Mary Jeanne Rhoads was born on Jul 29, 1954. She married Jon Loyd Houghten, son of Thomas W. Houghten and Evelyn Mae Pullis. Mary Jeanne Rhoads died on Dec 29, 1999 at Port Charlotte, FL, USA.


Jon Loyd Houghten b. 1955

Virginia M. Rhoads

F, #61167, b. 9 December 1909, d. 22 April 1968
Mother(?) Houghton
     Virginia M. Rhoads was born on Dec 9, 1909 in IA, USA. She died on Apr 22, 1968 at San Joaquin Co., CA, USA.

Annie Polk Rhoden

F, #71484, b. 5 May 1887, d. 5 August 1925
     Annie Polk Rhoden was born on May 5, 1887 in Livingston, Polk Co., TX, USA. She married Eugene Lavert Houghton Jr, son of Eugene Lavert Houghton and Sarah Ann Sanders, in circa 1906. Annie Polk Rhoden died on Aug 5, 1925 at Port Neches, Jefferson Co., TX, USA. She was buried on Aug 6, 1925 at Magnolia Cemetery.


Eugene Lavert Houghton Jr b. 1 Apr 1881, d. 6 Jun 1969

A. E. Rhodes

M, #11386
     A. E. Rhodes married Ada Smith, daughter of David Smith and Elizabeth Corbin, in Sep 25, 1869.


Ada Smith b. 5 May 1850

Elizabeth Rhodes

F, #97492
     Elizabeth Rhodes married Robert William Houghton in 1969.

Fidilio F. Rhodes

M, #54829
     Fidilio F. Rhodes married Phebia Graham, daughter of Hezekiah Graham and Sarah Ann Smith, in Dec 24, 1857.


Phebia Graham b. 1832

Flora Nettie Rhodes

F, #28291
     Flora Nettie Rhodes married Charles Adolphus Vincent, son of Edward N. Vincent and Laura Jane Hitchings, in Feb 24, 1897.


Charles Adolphus Vincent b. 28 Sep 1873, d. 19 Oct 1960

Ida B. Rhodes

F, #10309
     Ida B. Rhodes married George Frazier Goodell, son of Frazer H. Goodell and Sarah Elizabeth Houghton, in Nov 12, 1878 at Windham Co., VT, USA.


George Frazier Goodell b. 16 Jan 1859

John Rhodes

M, #37559
     John Rhodes married Hannah Houghton in Jun 5, 1778 at Athol, Worcester Co., MA, USA.

Kathleen Wall Rhodes

F, #20383
     Kathleen Wall Rhodes married Robert Franklyn Snyder, son of Franklyn Snyder and Jean Ruth Bennett, in Apr 27, 1991 at Kennesaw, GA, USA.


Robert Franklyn Snyder b. 27 Jan 1956

Mary E. Rhodes

F, #87706, b. circa 1841, d. circa 1895
     Mary E. Rhodes was born circa 1841 in OH, USA. She married Ira Houghton, son of Asa Houghton and Eliza Hobart. Mary E. Rhodes died circa 1895.


Ira Houghton b. c 1833, d. 1894
     Mary E. Rhodes and Matilda (?) are possible duplicates.

Sharon L. Rhodes

F, #66718
     Sharon L. Rhodes married Wallace E. Houghton in Jul, 1964 at ME, USA.

William Edward Rhodes

M, #38931, b. 12 September 1865
     William Edward Rhodes was born on Sep 12, 1865 in Lynn, Essex Co., MA, USA. He married Eldorah May Patterson, daughter of Willard Patterson and Mary Ann Green, in Nov 20, 1887.


Eldorah May Patterson b. 11 Feb 1874

Allie Rhodus

F, #6228, b. 2 March 1867, d. 25 April 1958
     Allie Rhodus was born on Mar 2, 1867 in Parksville, Platte Co., MO, USA. She married Frank Newton Houghton, son of Charles Chandler Houghton and Elvira Lavinia Newton, in Nov 16, 1887 at Denver, CO, USA. Allie Rhodus died on Apr 25, 1958 at Shrewsbury, Worcester Co., MA, USA.


Frank Newton Houghton b. 18 Apr 1862, d. 25 Apr 1931

Christina Rose Riccardi

F, #64586
     Christina Rose Riccardi married Christopher Michael Thomas, son of Michael D. Thomas and Deborah Ann Simon, in Apr 21, 2001 at Moreno Valley, CA, USA.


Christopher Michael Thomas b. 7 Oct 1978

Christopher Anthony Ricci

M, #59473, b. 9 February 1989
FatherWilliam Ricci
MotherDiane June Goyette b. 12 Jul 1963
     Christopher Anthony Ricci was born on Feb 9, 1989.

Jennifer Maria Ricci

F, #59474, b. 22 April 1991
FatherWilliam Ricci
MotherDiane June Goyette b. 12 Jul 1963
     Jennifer Maria Ricci was born on Apr 22, 1991.

William Ricci

M, #59472
     William Ricci married Diane June Goyette, daughter of David Upton Goyette and Anne Domes.


Diane June Goyette b. 12 Jul 1963

(?) Rice

M, #40144
     (?) Rice married Martha G. Bowen, daughter of Charles Bowen and Esther Smith Houghton.


Martha G. Bowen b. 14 Nov 1820

(?) Rice

M, #44039
     (?) Rice married Elizabeth Houghton, daughter of Henry Houghton Jr and Elizabeth Rand.


Elizabeth Houghton b. 21 Apr 1731, d. 25 Jul 1822

Adalaide A. Rice

F, #38640, b. 1838
FatherErastus Rice b. 1797, d. 1856
MotherAurelia M. Barber b. 1806, d. 1888
     Adalaide A. Rice was born in 1838 in MA, USA. She married William P. Granger in 1864.


William P. Granger b. 1834, d. 1903

Adaline Rice

F, #43462, b. 1810, d. 1850
FatherDr. Asaph Rice Md b. 1777, d. 1871
MotherAbigail Sawyer b. 1786, d. 1850
     Adaline Rice was born in 1810. She married Myron Phelps in 1831. Adaline Rice died in 1850.


Myron Phelps b. 1803, d. 1878

Adeline Rice

F, #112854, b. circa 1898
     Adeline Rice was born circa 1898 in MS, USA.

Albert White Rice

M, #30809
     Albert White Rice married Mary Hovey Gage, daughter of Thomas Hovey Gage LL.B, M.A. and Mary Alice Chase.

Amos Rice

M, #45061
FatherTruman Rice b. 10 Apr 1775, d. 1850
MotherLois Farr Houghton b. 12 Dec 1788, d. 7 Sep 1874
     Amos Rice was born. He married Abigail (?)


Abigail (?)
     Amos Rice and Amos L. Rice are possible duplicates.

Amos L. Rice

M, #77488
     Amos L. Rice married Harriet Houghton in Mar 7, 1824 at Middlesex, VT, USA.
     Amos L. Rice and Amos Rice are possible duplicates.