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Amelie June Pirtle

F, #61113
FatherLendell Pirtle
MotherBetty Marie Hoten
     Amelie June Pirtle was born.

Cathy Pirtle

F, #61110
FatherLendell Pirtle
MotherBetty Marie Hoten
     Cathy Pirtle was born.

Connie Lynn Pirtle

F, #61111
FatherLendell Pirtle
MotherBetty Marie Hoten
     Connie Lynn Pirtle was born.

Karen Marie Pirtle

F, #41140
FatherLendell Pirtle
MotherBetty Marie Hoten
     Karen Marie Pirtle was born. She married Monty Mahoney.

Kenneth Dale Pirtle

F, #61112
FatherLendell Pirtle
MotherBetty Marie Hoten
     Kenneth Dale Pirtle was born.

Leanna Rae Pirtle

F, #61114
FatherLendell Pirtle
MotherBetty Marie Hoten
     Leanna Rae Pirtle was born.

Marvin Wayne Pirtle

M, #61115
FatherLendell Pirtle
MotherBetty Marie Hoten
     Marvin Wayne Pirtle was born.

Rolla Eugene Pirtle

F, #61116
FatherLendell Pirtle
MotherBetty Marie Hoten
     Rolla Eugene Pirtle was born.

(?) Piskorowski

M, #111499
     (?) Piskorowski married Lana Houghton, daughter of Richard Brooke Houghton and Rei Jiu Yang.


Lana Houghton b. 4 Jul 1987

Joseph Piszczek

M, #31322
     Joseph Piszczek married Mildred Rugowski, daughter of Joseph Anthony Rugowski and Celpha Houghton, at Manitowoc, Manitowoc, WI, USA.


Mildred Rugowski b. 28 Jun 1916, d. May 1980

Elizabeth Pitcher

F, #20727, b. 1767, d. 19 February 1842
     Elizabeth Pitcher was born in 1767 in NY, USA. She married Shevah Houghton, son of Simeon Houghton and Jerusha Taylor, in Apr 21, 1785 at Westfield, Hampden, MA, USA. Elizabeth Pitcher died on Feb 19, 1842 at Palmyra, Wayne Co., NY, USA.


Shevah Houghton b. 1 May 1755, d. 8 Feb 1842

Mary Hines Pitchford

F, #67303
     Mary Hines Pitchford married Jesse Benjamin Houghton Jr, son of Jesse Benjamin Houghton Sr and Mary E. (?), in Nov 9, 1946.


Jesse Benjamin Houghton Jr b. 15 Sep 1923, d. 12 Jun 2013

Jacqueline Ann Pitkin

F, #20437, b. 5 January 1949
     Jacqueline Ann Pitkin was born on Jan 5, 1949 in Corinth, Saratoga Co., NY, USA. She married William Wesley VanNoy, son of John Delmar VanNoy and Rosamond Nadine Houghton, in Sep 27, 1969 at Corinth, Saratoga Co., NY, USA.


William Wesley VanNoy b. 28 Jan 1949

Kathleen A. Pittenger

F, #86057, b. circa 1957
     Kathleen A. Pittenger was born circa 1957. She married Douglas V. Houghton in Jun 14, 1983 at Siskiyou Co., CA, USA.


Douglas V. Houghton b. c 1959

Marty Darlene Pittman

F, #74836
     Marty Darlene Pittman married Marshall Randal Haughton, son of William Marshall Haughton and Patsy Daniel.

Edgar Pitts

M, #74375
     Edgar Pitts married Mary Jane Mills, daughter of Alexander Mills and Annetta Eisenhauer, in Dec 17, 1884 at St. John, Nova Scotia, Canada.


Mary Jane Mills b. Dec 1864

George Cyrus Pitts

M, #38638
     George Cyrus Pitts married Hester Holmes, daughter of Thomas Howell Holmes and Isabella Gilbreath.

Matthew Pitts

M, #96724
FatherRonald Paul Pitts b. c 1948
MotherTheresa Houghton b. c 1948
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Matthew Pitts was born.

Ronald Paul Pitts

M, #96721, b. circa 1948
     Ronald Paul Pitts was born circa 1948. He married Theresa Houghton, daughter of Charles Lee Houghton and Carmen V. (?).


Theresa Houghton b. c 1948

Carol Jean Pittser

F, #68197, b. 14 October 1973
     Carol Jean Pittser was born on Oct 14, 1973. She married Timothy Lee Houghton, son of Orville Lee Houghton and Judy (?), in May 7.

Erminnie L. Pitzer

F, #6504, b. 28 December 1866, d. 11 January 1948
     Erminnie L. Pitzer was born on Dec 28, 1866 in Terre Haute, Sullivan-Vigo Co., IN, USA. She married Charles Dean Houghton, son of Holland Wheeler Houghton and Louisa Bailey, in Aug 28, 1882 at Grand Centre, Russell Co., KS, USA. Erminnie L. Pitzer and Charles Dean Houghton were divorced. Erminnie L. Pitzer died on Jan 11, 1948 at Edinburg, Hildago Co., TX, USA. She was buried on Jan 14, 1948 at Waldo, KS, USA.


Charles Dean Houghton b. 25 May 1866, d. 1 Oct 1931

Minnie Pitzer

F, #5798
     Minnie Pitzer married Charles D. Kautz, son of Holland W. Kautz.

Charles Place

M, #111429
     Charles Place married Adella Julia Houghton, daughter of Luther Edward Houghton and Julia M. Weatherly, in circa 1932.


Adella Julia Houghton b. 10 Feb 1865, d. 15 Feb 1939

Charles G. Place

M, #43686, b. 1874
     Charles G. Place was born in 1874 in NY, USA. He married Cora (?) in 1883. Charles G. Place married Adella E. Houghton, daughter of Delos H. Houghton and Loretta E. Knop.

Family 1

Cora (?) b. c 1871

Family 2

Adella E. Houghton b. 1889, d. 1919

Dorothy Green Place

F, #43687, b. 1917
FatherCharles G. Place b. 1874
MotherAdella E. Houghton b. 1889, d. 1919
     Dorothy Green Place was born in 1917.

Fred L. Place

M, #102030, b. circa 1881
     Fred L. Place was born circa 1881 in KS, USA. He married Kattie Houghton, daughter of Milton M. Houghton and Mary Elizabeth Doane.

Family 1


Family 2

Kattie Houghton b. Nov 1884

Irene O. Place

F, #102031, b. circa 1904
FatherFred L. Place b. c 1881
     Irene O. Place was born circa 1904 in KS, USA.

(?) Plaistead

M, #76170
     (?) Plaistead married Nancy Houghton, daughter of Roger Leonard Houghton and Elizabeth Velma Bose.

James Plampin

M, #61012, d. 1873
     James Plampin married Eliza Augusta Houghton, daughter of Thomas Houghton and Eliza Augusta Brown, in Jul 18, 1868. James Plampin died in 1873.


Eliza Augusta Houghton b. 30 Sep 1847, d. 10 Jan 1941

Miriam Augusta Plampin

F, #48537, b. 29 September 1873, d. 1963
FatherJames Plampin d. 1873
MotherEliza Augusta Houghton b. 30 Sep 1847, d. 10 Jan 1941
     Miriam Augusta Plampin was born on Sep 29, 1873 in England. She married Alexis Charles Houghton, son of Charles Houghton and Emelie Victoire Arden, in 1900 at Detroit, MI, USA. Miriam Augusta Plampin died in 1963.


Alexis Charles Houghton b. 1 Aug 1874, d. 11 Oct 1941

Thomas Henry Plampin

M, #67340, b. 22 May 1871
FatherJames Plampin d. 1873
MotherEliza Augusta Houghton b. 30 Sep 1847, d. 10 Jan 1941
     Thomas Henry Plampin was born on May 22, 1871 in Aston, Warwickshire, England.

Elsie Planell

F, #100468
     Elsie Planell married Ramon Houghton, son of John James Houghton Jr and Maria L. Muniz. Elsie Planell and Ramon Houghton were divorced.


Ramon Houghton b. 6 Jan 1954

Emeline F. Plank

F, #27316, b. circa 1824
     Emeline F. Plank was born circa 1824 in CT, USA. She married Darius P. Houghton in Oct 24, 1850 at Woodstock, Windham Co., CT, USA.


Darius P. Houghton b. Apr 1824

Guy Plank

M, #111289, b. 7 August 1884, d. 12 February 1955
     Guy Plank was born on Aug 7, 1884. He married Lorena May Houghton, daughter of Charles Alexander Houghton and Mary Keith. Guy Plank died on Feb 12, 1955.


Lorena May Houghton b. 23 Nov 1877, d. 19 Aug 1938

James Edward Plank Jr

M, #62524
     James Edward Plank Jr married Carla Sue Houghton, daughter of Irwin Oliver Houghton and Susan Shahan, in Jul, 1989 at E. Vermont St., White Pigeon, St. Joseph Co., MI, USA. James Edward Plank Jr and Carla Sue Houghton were divorced in 1995.


Carla Sue Houghton b. 14 Dec 1963

June Marian Plank

F, #111292, b. 1916, d. 1999
FatherGuy Plank b. 7 Aug 1884, d. 12 Feb 1955
MotherLorena May Houghton b. 23 Nov 1877, d. 19 Aug 1938
     June Marian Plank was born in 1916. She married Harold L. Gates. June Marian Plank died in 1999.


Harold L. Gates b. 1912, d. 1988

Samantha Marie Plank

F, #62526, b. 3 December 1989
FatherJames Edward Plank Jr
MotherCarla Sue Houghton b. 14 Dec 1963
     Samantha Marie Plank was born on Dec 3, 1989 in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co., MI, USA.

John Planner

M, #30334
     John Planner married Mary Houghton, daughter of Robert Houghton and Mary Seigwick.


Mary Houghton b. c 1631

Harry P. Plant

M, #31280
     Harry P. Plant married Jane Houghton Fracker, daughter of William Beaumont Fracker and Laura Houghton, in Oct, 1926.


Jane Houghton Fracker b. 21 Apr 1869, d. 21 Jul 1956

Ida Alward Plant

F, #24356, b. 1859
     Ida Alward Plant was born in 1859. She married Trevis W. Skelton, son of William Woolsey Skelton and Maria Ann Houghton.


Trevis W. Skelton b. 30 Oct 1859

Donald J. Plante

M, #94459, b. circa 1958
     Donald J. Plante was born circa 1958. He married Linda Charleen Houghton, daughter of (?) Siler, in Mar 25, 1978.


Linda Charleen Houghton b. 25 Jul 1955

Marc Stephen Plantica

M, #32471
     Marc Stephen Plantica married LuAnn Thompson, daughter of Robert Dennis Thompson and Barbara Schultz.


LuAnn Thompson b. 1956

(?) Plants

M, #83653
     (?) Plants married Barbara Jean Houghton, daughter of John Houghton and Gertrude (?).


Barbara Jean Houghton b. c 1928

Constance Platan

F, #48377, b. 25 December 1942
     Constance Platan was born on Dec 25, 1942. She married Douglas B. Merrill, son of Henry Merrill Jr. and Mary Lois Igleheart, in 1967.


Douglas B. Merrill b. 15 Jul 1941

Brady William Plate

M, #81175, b. 26 November 2004
FatherSteven Troy Plate
MotherMichelle Ann Marie Houghton b. 4 Nov 1971
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Brady William Plate was born on Nov 26, 2004.

Garrett Thomas Plate

M, #75117, b. 19 July 2001
FatherSteven Troy Plate
MotherMichelle Ann Marie Houghton b. 4 Nov 1971
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Garrett Thomas Plate was born on Jul 19, 2001.

Spencer Michael Plate

M, #75116, b. 1 September 1997
FatherSteven Troy Plate
MotherMichelle Ann Marie Houghton b. 4 Nov 1971
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Spencer Michael Plate was born on Sep 1, 1997.

Steven Troy Plate

M, #75115
     Steven Troy Plate married Michelle Ann Marie Houghton, daughter of Robert Aron Houghton and Pamela Rose Rowe, in May 20, 1994.


Michelle Ann Marie Houghton b. 4 Nov 1971

Edna M. Plato

F, #94296, b. circa 1900
     Edna M. Plato was born circa 1900. She married James F. Houghton in Jan 28, 1961 at San Luis Obispo Co., CA, USA.


James F. Houghton b. c 1889