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Corey Alexander LaBarge

?, #31183, b. 13 October 1992
FatherTimothy Joel LaBarge b. 31 Aug 1967
MotherJean Margaret Thompson b. 12 Sep 1968
     Corey Alexander LaBarge was born on Oct 13, 1992 in Shelby, OH, USA.

Lawrence LaBarge

M, #106559, d. before 2013
     Lawrence LaBarge married Barbara Houghton, daughter of George A. Houghton and Genevieve (?). Lawrence LaBarge died before 2013.


Barbara Houghton b. c 1929

Timothy LaBarge

M, #31182, b. September 1987
FatherTimothy Joel LaBarge b. 31 Aug 1967
MotherJean Margaret Thompson b. 12 Sep 1968
     Timothy LaBarge was born in Sep, 1987 in Norfolk, VA, USA.

Timothy Joel LaBarge

M, #31181, b. 31 August 1967
     Timothy Joel LaBarge was born on Aug 31, 1967 in Shelby, OH, USA. He married Jean Margaret Thompson, daughter of Paul Thompson and Luella Pearl Fenton, in May 23, 1987 at Shelby, OH, USA.


Jean Margaret Thompson b. 12 Sep 1968

(?) LaBay

M, #102314
     (?) LaBay married Michelle Houghton, daughter of Frank Pierce Houghton III and Annette Amberlock.


Michelle Houghton b. c 1974

Alfreda Labbee

F, #56868, b. April 1878
     Alfreda Labbee was born in Apr, 1878 in MI, USA. She married Walter Cyrus Houghton, son of Samuel Houghton and Louise LaMonte, in circa 1897.


Walter Cyrus Houghton b. 30 Dec 1877

(?) LaBree

M, #91370
     (?) LaBree married Suzanne Houghton, daughter of Arthur Ellsworth Houghton Jr and Rita Frances Chancey.


Suzanne Houghton b. 30 Dec 1964

Mary Elizabeth LaCass

F, #31725, b. 4 February 1888, d. 28 October 1961
     Mary Elizabeth LaCass was born on Feb 4, 1888 in Clayton Twp, Genesee Co., MI, USA. She married Howard Maynard Houghton, son of George Elisha Houghton Jr and Emma Naomi Decker, in 1908. Mary Elizabeth LaCass died on Oct 28, 1961 at Clayton Twp, Genesee Co., MI, USA. She was buried at Flushing, MI, USA.


Howard Maynard Houghton b. 21 Feb 1887, d. 20 Aug 1954

Donald E. LaCasse

M, #40357, b. circa 1946
     Donald E. LaCasse was born circa 1946. He married Judith McConnell, daughter of Thomas W. McConnell and Madelyn Ann Andrews.


Judith McConnell b. c 1950

George T. Lacey

M, #83979, b. February 1873
     George T. Lacey was born in Feb, 1873 in IL, USA. He married Amy F. Wiley in Oct 14, 1895. George T. Lacey and Amy F. Wiley were divorced.


Amy F. Wiley b. 21 Apr 1868, d. 1948

Debbie LaChance

F, #32497
     Debbie LaChance married Christopher Robert Thompson, son of Robert Dennis Thompson and Barbara Schultz.

Vera Lacher

F, #95247, b. circa 1950
     Vera Lacher was born circa 1950. She married Alfred Ballentine Houghton, son of Alfred Macy Houghton and Evelyn Chase.


Alfred Ballentine Houghton b. 7 Apr 1943, d. 4 Dec 2008

Jane Lack

F, #49230

Adalade Rebechah Lackey

F, #22620, b. 22 September 1844
FatherLeander Lackey
MotherRebeckah W. Houghton
     Adalade Rebechah Lackey was born on Sep 22, 1844 in Sutton, Worcester Co., MA, USA.

Azubah Lucretia Lackey

F, #22621, b. 23 March 1849
FatherLeander Lackey
MotherRebeckah W. Houghton
     Azubah Lucretia Lackey was born on Mar 23, 1849 in Sutton, Worcester Co., MA, USA.

Ida Lackey

F, #45514, b. September 1864
ChartsDesc. Chart John Houghton
     Ida Lackey was born in Sep, 1864 in VT, USA. She married Revilo Gardner Houghton, son of Alvin W. Houghton and Esther H. Runnels, in circa 1885.


Revilo Gardner Houghton b. 15 Aug 1857, d. 1927

Laura Lackey

F, #72435
     Laura Lackey married J. P. Houghton in Apr 9, 1897 at Lawrence Co., IL, USA.

Leander Lackey

M, #22615
     Leander Lackey and Rebeckah W. Houghton declared their intentions of marriage on Apr 27, 1834 Sutton, Worcester Co., MA, USA. Leander Lackey married Rebeckah W. Houghton in May 13, 1834 at Grafton, Worcester Co., MA, USA.


Rebeckah W. Houghton

Mark A. Lackey

M, #96134
     Mark A. Lackey married Jennifer Kay Houghton, daughter of Delmas Allman Houghton and Sharon Kay (?).


Jennifer Kay Houghton b. c 1972

George Taylor Lacy

M, #72234
     George Taylor Lacy married Amy Wiley Houghton in Oct 14, 1895 at Henry Co., IL, USA.

Effie Jean Ladd

F, #73181, b. 8 March 1900, d. 30 January 1971
     Effie Jean Ladd was born on Mar 8, 1900 in Chickasha, OK, USA. She married Harry Bittenbinder Houghton, son of John Houghton and Fanny C. Kocher, in Feb 11, 1938 at Oaklahoma City, OK, USA. Effie Jean Ladd died on Jan 30, 1971 at Oaklahoma City, OK, USA. She was buried at Fairlawn Cemetery, Oaklahoma City, OK, USA.


Harry Bittenbinder Houghton b. 15 Jan 1876, d. 19 Nov 1954

Lafayette J. Ladd

M, #63438, b. circa 1853
     Lafayette J. Ladd was born circa 1853 in Lyndon, Caledonia Co., VT, USA. He married Ann N. Houghton, daughter of Daniel Houghton and Myra B. (?), in Feb 26, 1881 at St. Johnsbury, Caledonia Co., VT, USA.


Ann N. Houghton b. c 1862

Nancy Ladd

F, #73182

Sarah Ladler

F, #107011

Emeline Ladu

F, #40712, b. 28 September 1818, d. 21 May 1913
ChartsDesc. Chart John Houghton
     Emeline Ladu was born on Sep 28, 1818 in Renssalaer Co., NY, USA. She married Simeon Spencer, son of Ithamar Amos Spencer and Caroline Matilda Houghton. Emeline Ladu died on May 21, 1913 at Unadilla, Otsego Co., NY, USA. She was buried at Evergreen Hills Cemetery, Unadilla, Otsego Co., NY, USA.


Simeon Spencer b. 12 Dec 1813, d. 2 Aug 1879

Lydia Ladue

F, #105137, b. 5 January 1830, d. 22 March 1902
     Lydia Ladue was born on Jan 5, 1830 in OH, USA. She married William Leonard Haughton, son of Henry William Haughton and Mary Ann Sarah Lawrence, in circa 1850. Lydia Ladue died on Mar 22, 1902.


William Leonard Haughton b. 14 Mar 1825, d. 22 Sep 1917

Carl Henrik Lae

M, #49579, b. 22 February 1972
FatherIngmar Frithdjof Lae
MotherDona Alma Billings b. 23 Mar 1943, d. 5 May 2002
     Carl Henrik Lae was born on Feb 22, 1972 in Oslo, Norway.

Ingmar Frithdjof Lae

M, #49577
     Ingmar Frithdjof Lae married Dona Alma Billings, daughter of John Franklin Billings and Ruth Torbett Houghton, in Dec 9, 1967.


Dona Alma Billings b. 23 Mar 1943, d. 5 May 2002

Vilhelm Lae

M, #49578, b. 7 September 1969
FatherIngmar Frithdjof Lae
MotherDona Alma Billings b. 23 Mar 1943, d. 5 May 2002
     Vilhelm Lae was born on Sep 7, 1969 in Long Beach, CA, USA.

Henry Lafance

M, #71388
ChartsDesc. Chart John Houghton
     Henry Lafance married Muriel Houghton, daughter of James David Houghton and Theresa Chase.


Muriel Houghton b. 1907, d. 1999

(?) Lafferty

M, #97375
     (?) Lafferty married Wendy Houghton, daughter of Leonard Keith Houghton and Joyce Laverne Stainbrook.

Thomas Laffey

M, #46309
     Thomas Laffey married Bertha Mellen, daughter of James Mellen and Ella Gertrude Houghton.


Bertha Mellen b. 1876 or 1877

Katherine Evelyn Laffin

F, #12780, b. 12 January 1875
ChartsDesc. Chart John Houghton
     Katherine Evelyn Laffin was born on Jan 12, 1875 in Ellsworth, Hancock, ME, USA. She married Benjamin Bradford Whitcomb, son of Col. John Fairfield Whitcomb and Madelina G. Haynes, in Oct 14, 1902 at Ellsworth, Hancock, ME, USA.


Benjamin Bradford Whitcomb b. 3 Dec 1872

Joseph LaFollette

M, #12239
ChartsDesc. Chart John Houghton
     Joseph LaFollette married Phebe Goble, daughter of Judge Robert Goble and Mary (?), in May 1, 1771.


Phebe Goble b. 12 May 1743

Jeanne LaFond

F, #73839, b. 20 December 1930, d. 13 November 2012
     Jeanne LaFond was born on Dec 20, 1930 in Cheboygan, MI, USA. She married Emmett Edward Houghten, son of Emmett Houghten and Alida Helen Louise Gutow, in 1949 at Angola, IN, USA. Jeanne LaFond died on Nov 13, 2012 at Weidman, MI, USA. She was buried on Nov 16, 2012 at Fairview Cemetery.

Joseph O. Lafond

M, #106336, b. circa 1901
     Joseph O. Lafond was born circa 1901 in MA, USA. He married Agnes G. Houghton, daughter of Charles Houghton and Gertrude N. Webster.


Agnes G. Houghton b. c 1908

(?) LaForce

M, #97348
     (?) LaForce married Evalyn R. Houghton, daughter of Allen Percy Houghton and Mae Yager.


Evalyn R. Houghton b. c 1915

(?) LaFortune

M, #96640
     (?) LaFortune married Ann Houghton, daughter of John Augustine Houghton and Julia Veronica Hartnett.


Ann Houghton b. c 1935, d. b 2012

Aldia A. Lafortune

F, #107135, b. 14 April 1926, d. 3 April 2013
     Aldia A. Lafortune was born on Apr 14, 1926 in Winchendon, MA, USA. She married Lawrence Joseph Houghton Sr, son of John Augustine Houghton and Julia Veronica Hartnett. Aldia A. Lafortune died on Apr 3, 2013 at Catholic Medical Center, Manchester, Hillsborough Co., NH, USA.

Scott Richard Lafreniere

M, #80889, b. circa 1963
     Scott Richard Lafreniere was born circa 1963. He married Heather Michell Houghton in Jun 5, 1993 at WI, USA.


Heather Michell Houghton b. c 1970

Doris E. LaFromboise

F, #88283, b. 1931, d. 23 May 2005
     Doris E. LaFromboise was born in 1931 in Springfield, MA, USA. She married Earl S. Houghton in circa 1978. Doris E. LaFromboise died on May 23, 2005 at Mercy Medical Center, Springfield, MA, USA. She was buried at Hillcrest Park Cemetery, Springfield, MA, USA.


Earl S. Houghton b. c 1933

Carolin Maria Laggett

F, #29017, d. 1898
     Carolin Maria Laggett was born in Hereford, England. She married John Howe, son of Isaac Howe and Rebecca Houghton, in Jun 5, 1842. Carolin Maria Laggett died in 1898.


John Howe b. 27 Jul 1816, d. 22 Nov 1890

(?) Lagos

M, #77851
     (?) Lagos married Katrina R. Houghton, daughter of Charles Frederick Houghton and Hellon Leola McLamb.

(?) LaGoy

M, #85349
     (?) LaGoy married Gail Ebair, daughter of Alfred R. Ebair and Frances Burpee.


Gail Ebair

Beatrice LaGrange

F, #70403, b. 8 March 1906, d. 13 December 2002
     Beatrice LaGrange was born on Mar 8, 1906 in CT, USA. She married Thomas H. Houghton, son of Charles W. Houghton and Agnes Grey. Beatrice LaGrange died on Dec 13, 2002 at Lawrence, MA, USA.


Thomas H. Houghton b. 12 Mar 1904, d. 9 Jun 1987

Carol Ann Lahr

F, #71635
FatherWilliam A. Lahr b. c 1895
MotherAnna Houghton b. c 1902
     Carol Ann Lahr was born.

Joyce M. Lahr

F, #71637, b. circa 1929
FatherWilliam A. Lahr b. c 1895
MotherAnna Houghton b. c 1902
     Joyce M. Lahr was born circa 1929 in MI, USA.

William A. Lahr

M, #71634, b. circa 1895
     William A. Lahr was born circa 1895 in MI, USA. He married Anna Houghton, daughter of John Houghton and Amy J. Sayles, in 1921.


Anna Houghton b. c 1902

William W. Lahr

M, #71636, b. circa 1926
FatherWilliam A. Lahr b. c 1895
MotherAnna Houghton b. c 1902
     William W. Lahr was born circa 1926 in MI, USA.