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Harriet Howell

F, #45650, b. March 1858
     Harriet Howell was born in Mar, 1858 in MO, USA. She married James S. Houghton in circa 1876 at Volcano, Amador Co., CA, USA.


James S. Houghton b. 11 Aug 1832, d. 16 Sep 1909

James P. Howell

M, #83825
FatherJames R. Howell
MotherLeonore Aida Houghton b. 1 Apr 1933
     James P. Howell was born. James P. Howell was the life partner of Kathy Brady.


Kathy Brady

James R. Howell

M, #83822
     James R. Howell married Leonore Aida Houghton, daughter of Paul Cyrus B. Houghton and Eleanor Louise Mansfield.


Leonore Aida Houghton b. 1 Apr 1933

Joyce Howell

F, #49475, b. 17 March 1927
FatherCoe John Howell b. 6 Jan 1897
MotherAmy Jacobson b. 6 Dec 1897
     Joyce Howell was born on Mar 17, 1927.

Laura J. Howell

F, #86512
     Laura J. Howell married Reuben Daugherty, son of Philip Dodridge Daugherty and Mary Elizabeth Houghton, in 1874.


Reuben Daugherty b. 4 Oct 1852, d. 17 Mar 1924

Lillian Howell

F, #49476, b. 1896, d. circa 1899
FatherDeWitt Clinton Howell b. 4 Jun 1855, d. 4 Jun 1907
MotherAgnes Marie Houghton b. 16 Oct 1853
     Lillian Howell was born in 1896. She killed circa 1899.

Maude Forest Howell

F, #21002, b. 1883, d. 1961
     Maude Forest Howell was born in 1883. She died in 1961. She was buried at Old North Burying Ground, Putney, Windham Co., VT, USA.

Melda Pearl Howell

F, #96455, b. 20 December 1911, d. 9 April 1991
     Melda Pearl Howell was born on Dec 20, 1911 in Nephi, UT, USA. She married Raymond Edward Houghton, son of Thomas Edward Houghton and Lillian Maud Newell, in May 19, 1930 at Nephi, UT, USA. Melda Pearl Howell died on Apr 9, 1991 at Nephi, UT, USA. She was buried at Vine Bluff Cemetery, Nephi, UT, USA.


Raymond Edward Houghton b. 2 Jan 1910, d. 23 Feb 2000

Michael J. Howell

M, #94331, b. circa 1951
     Michael J. Howell was born circa 1951. He married Darline Gayle Houghton, daughter of (?) Kupper, in May 12, 1979 at San Bernardino Co., CA, USA.


Darline Gayle Houghton b. 25 Feb 1947

Mildred Louise Howell

F, #95612
     Mildred Louise Howell married David Augustus Howton Middelton, son of George Washington Howton and Mame Lee Middleton.

Rachel Anne Howell

F, #26395, b. 5 July 1980
FatherGary Edward Howell b. 23 Sep 1957
MotherCharlotte Elaine Blair b. 1953
     Rachel Anne Howell was born on Jul 5, 1980.

Sarah Howell

F, #43999, b. circa 1790
     Sarah Howell was born circa 1790 in NY, USA. She married Plutarch Houghton, son of Shevah Houghton and Elizabeth Pitcher, in Nov 17, 1824 at Palmyra, Wayne Co., NY, USA.


Plutarch Houghton b. c 1789

Sarah Elizabeth Howell

F, #26396, b. 19 April 1982
FatherGary Edward Howell b. 23 Sep 1957
MotherCharlotte Elaine Blair b. 1953
     Sarah Elizabeth Howell was born on Apr 19, 1982.

Vivian Agnes Howell

F, #49479, b. 15 April 1904
FatherDeWitt Clinton Howell b. 4 Jun 1855, d. 4 Jun 1907
MotherAgnes Marie Houghton b. 16 Oct 1853
     Vivian Agnes Howell was born on Apr 15, 1904 in Woodhull, IL, USA. She married John Lowell in 1936.


John Lowell

William Edward Howell

M, #26393, b. 1911, d. 1983
     William Edward Howell was born in 1911. He married Jean Elizabeth Patterson, daughter of John Campbell Patterson and Rachel Alice Houghton, in Jan 28, 1956 at NH, USA. William Edward Howell died in 1983 at Worcester, Worcester Co., MA, USA. He was buried at Paxton, Worcester Co., MA, USA.


Jean Elizabeth Patterson b. 17 Jun 1921, d. 20 May 1992

Penna Howell?

F, #41589, b. circa 1807
     Penna Howell? was born circa 1807 in VT, USA. She married Perez Houghton, son of Timothy Houghton and Olive Moore, in Oct 26, 1845 at Thetford, VT, USA.


Perez Houghton b. 18 Oct 1810, d. 13 Mar 1854

Benjamin T. Howes

M, #38250
     Benjamin T. Howes married Maria Adelaide Holt, daughter of Ralph J. Holt and Sally Ann Towne.

Cena Howes

F, #54718, b. 1 September 1788, d. 1 March 1869
     Cena Howes was born on Sep 1, 1788 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA, USA. She married William Snow, son of Jonas Snow and Mary Graham, in Jan 10, 1810 at Yarmouth Point, Barnstable Co., MA, USA. Cena Howes died on Mar 1, 1869 at Madison Co., NY, USA.


William Snow b. 16 Nov 1785, d. 13 Jun 1861

Daniel Howes

M, #83711, b. July 1866
     Daniel Howes was born in Jul, 1866 in NY, USA. He married Minnie E. Houghton, daughter of (?) Houghton, in circa 1888.


Minnie E. Houghton b. Oct 1868, d. b 1930

Jarrad James Howes

M, #27873, b. 29 April 1987
FatherPaul Howes
MotherCinday Johnson b. 8 Mar 1957
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Jarrad James Howes was born on Apr 29, 1987.

Jordan Tyler Howes

M, #27872, b. 27 June 1984
FatherPaul Howes
MotherCinday Johnson b. 8 Mar 1957
ChartsDesc. Chart Ralph Houghton
     Jordan Tyler Howes was born on Jun 27, 1984.

Joseph Wilder Howes

M, #49411, b. 5 November 1813, d. 13 May 1890
     Joseph Wilder Howes was born on Nov 5, 1813. He married Julia Wright, daughter of Jonathan Edwards Wright and Fanny Wyman Houghton, in Jul 6, 1837 at Hardwick, Caledonia Co., VT, USA. Joseph Wilder Howes died on May 13, 1890 at Boston, Suffolk Co., MA, USA.


Julia Wright b. 11 Jan 1817

Paul Howes

M, #27871
     Paul Howes married Cinday Johnson, daughter of Ronald Johnson and Elaine Houghton, in Dec 20, 1980.


Cinday Johnson b. 8 Mar 1957

Sarah Howes

F, #37558, b. 21 April 1846
     Sarah Howes was born on Apr 21, 1846 in Ashfield, MA, USA. She married Ziba Houghton Smith.


Ziba Houghton Smith b. 22 Feb 1846

Viola L. Howes

F, #83712, b. February 1895
FatherDaniel Howes b. Jul 1866
MotherMinnie E. Houghton b. Oct 1868, d. b 1930
     Viola L. Howes was born in Feb, 1895 in NY, USA. She married Ernest Morrish in circa 1923.


Ernest Morrish b. c 1891

Shella Howg

F, #27925
     Shella Howg married Scott Allen Manning, son of Ronald Manning and Doreen Houghton, in Apr 14, 1990.


Scott Allen Manning b. 19 Aug 1966

George Howk

M, #6197
     George Howk married Mabel Lepha Pratt, daughter of Asa E. Pratt and Mabel Smith, in Oct, 1893.


Mabel Lepha Pratt b. 4 Nov 1870

George L. Howland

M, #42675, b. 23 May 1838
     George L. Howland was born on May 23, 1838 in Roseboom, Otsego, NY, USA. He married Ellen L. Houghton.

James Walter Howland

M, #78342
     James Walter Howland married Nellie Gertrude Houghton, daughter of George Ernest Houghton and Martha Viola Anderson, in Dec 24, 1952 at Belmont Community Church, Rutland, VT, USA.


Nellie Gertrude Houghton b. 7 Sep 1931

Wilber R. Howland

M, #29189
     Wilber R. Howland married Florence E. Houghton, daughter of Herbert L. Houghton and Mary Louisa Drown, in Apr 17, 1912 at Cabot, VT, USA.


Florence E. Houghton b. 1 Jul 1894

Derinda Howlett

F, #96095
     Derinda Howlett married Jack Houghton, son of William McKinley Houghton and Alice Roosevelt Webster.


Jack Houghton b. c 1940

Annie (Newell) Howley

F, #78082
     Annie (Newell) Howley married third George Welton Houghton on Aug 30, 1886 at Bradford, VT, USA.


George Welton Houghton b. Oct 1817, d. 21 Nov 1904

Mary Frances Howley

F, #79191, b. circa 1887
     Mary Frances Howley was born circa 1887 in NY, USA. She married James Orrin Houghton, son of George Farr Houghton and Ann Aurelia Nichols, in circa 1906.


James Orrin Houghton b. 30 Mar 1880

Sarah Elizabeth Howson

F, #29927, b. 17 November 1888, d. 1947
     Sarah Elizabeth Howson was born on Nov 17, 1888 in Blackburn, Lancashire, England. She married Albert Houghton, son of Henry Houghton and Sarah Alice Haworth, in circa 1908. Sarah Elizabeth Howson died in 1947 at CT, USA. She was buried at Maplewood Cemetery, Norwich, CT, USA.


Albert Houghton b. 2 Jan 1882, d. 1947

James Howten

M, #99199, b. circa 1830
     James Howten was born circa 1830 in Ireland. He married Ann (?).


Ann (?) b. c 1841

James Howten

M, #99203, b. circa 1866
FatherJames Howten b. c 1830
MotherAnn (?) b. c 1841
     James Howten was born circa 1866 in DE, USA.

Rosanna Howten

F, #99201, b. circa 1862
FatherJames Howten b. c 1830
MotherAnn (?) b. c 1841
     Rosanna Howten was born circa 1862 in DE, USA.

Thomas Howten

M, #99202, b. circa 1863
FatherJames Howten b. c 1830
MotherAnn (?) b. c 1841
     Thomas Howten was born circa 1863 in DE, USA.

Steth Howtin

M, #89965, b. between 1766 and 1784
     Steth Howtin was born between 1766 and 1784.

David Augustus Howton Middelton

M, #95611, d. before 2009
FatherGeorge Washington Howton
MotherMame Lee Middleton
     David Augustus Howton Middelton was born. He married Mildred Louise Howell. David Augustus Howton Middelton died before 2009.

(?) Howton

F, #95613
FatherDavid Augustus Howton Middelton d. b 2009
MotherMildred Louise Howell
     (?) Howton was born.

Abraham Howton

M, #62300, b. 20 June 1791, d. 12 August 1840
FatherJonathan Curtis Howton b. 3 Apr 1757, d. 29 Jul 1829
MotherAnn Elizabeth Trover b. 1765, d. 1830
     Abraham Howton was born on Jun 20, 1791 in VA, USA. He married Assella Dorcas Castleberry in Mar 19, 1812 at Princeton, Caldwell Co., KY, USA. Abraham Howton died on Aug 12, 1840 at Fayette Co., AL, USA.


Assella Dorcas Castleberry b. 2 Jun 1795, d. 1880

Abram Howton

M, #65150, b. 8 December 1814, d. after 1880
FatherAbraham Howton b. 20 Jun 1791, d. 12 Aug 1840
MotherAssella Dorcas Castleberry b. 2 Jun 1795, d. 1880
     Abram Howton was born on Dec 8, 1814 in KY, USA. He married Adeline Assella Barnes. Abram Howton died after 1880 at MS, USA.


Adeline Assella Barnes

Ada F. Howton

F, #104106, b. circa 1921
FatherJohn Wesley Howton b. Jul 1893
MotherMaggie B. Mattox b. c 1902
     Ada F. Howton was born circa 1921 in AR, USA.

Addie A. Howton

F, #65170, b. 25 November 1875
FatherElijah Howton b. 29 Jan 1832, d. Jan 1884
MotherLoutissa Ann Manasco b. 1 Mar 1836, d. c 1878
     Addie A. Howton was born on Nov 25, 1875. She married G. L. Speckles in Dec 26, 1897.

Alfred Andrew Jackson Howton

M, #80861, b. 25 October 1818
FatherCurtis Howton b. 20 May 1796, d. 31 May 1863
MotherDorcus Franklin b. 13 Nov 1796, d. 1 Oct 1886
     Alfred Andrew Jackson Howton was born on Oct 25, 1818.

Alfred Franklin Howton

M, #63239, b. 1 September 1885, d. 9 February 1969
FatherJonathan Howton b. May 1852, d. c 1926
MotherElizabeth Franklin
     Alfred Franklin Howton was born on Sep 1, 1885 in Coonewar, Lee Co., MS, USA. He married Ila Smith in Jan 1, 1907. Alfred Franklin Howton married Savannah Isabelle Marlow in Aug 23, 1919 at Sabine, TX, USA. Alfred Franklin Howton died on Feb 9, 1969 at Hemphill, TX, USA. He was buried at Pinewood Cemetery, Sabine Co., TX, USA.

Family 1

Ila Smith

Family 2

Savannah Isabelle Marlow b. 24 Dec 1888, d. 5 May 1966

Alfred Leon Howton

M, #93258, b. 11 January 1922
FatherRiley Arthur Howton b. 22 Jan 1880, d. 14 Jul 1961
MotherArmenty Purdy b. 23 Aug 1883, d. 1 Apr 1969
     Alfred Leon Howton was born on Jan 11, 1922 in Olney, KY, USA. He married Marietta McGregor in Jan 29, 1955 at Dawson Springs, KY, USA.


Marietta McGregor b. 20 Jul 1918, d. 8 May 2004

Alpha D. Howton

F, #80917, b. 5 March 1865
FatherJonathan Carroll (Cack) Howton b. 1837, d. 1925
MotherMartha L. Parsons b. 9 Oct 1840, d. 16 May 1883
     Alpha D. Howton was born on Mar 5, 1865.

Annabella Howton

F, #86086, b. circa 1858
FatherJohn M. Howton b. c 1832
MotherMary Jane (?) b. c 1835
     Annabella Howton was born circa 1858 in PA, USA.