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 Photograph List with Notes

Covell and Hotalen pictures
Ferris pictures
Holtz, Kettenburg, Behrens, Engel, Dahlheim pictures
Karsten pictures
Koehn, Heuck, and Boye pictures
Voss, Heuck, Richter, Bluhm, and Welch pictures


Samuel, and twins, John and Jefferson Baylis with Civil war history and obituaries.
Jefferson and John Baylis in Civil War uniforms
Jefferson Bayliss in group photo, 1922, GAR Post 76, Lockport, Niagara County, NY
Jefferson Bayliss at home in the 1930's with his decendants report.
Jefferson Bayliss and his daughters
Jefferson Bayliss and more family

 Holtz, Kettenburg, Behrens, Engel, Dahlheim pictures

Immigration history and Frederick Holtz family gathering, 1929
Mary "Grandmother" Holtz, 1929 (1839-1931)
Wilhelmina C. Holtz (1849-1900) and Wilhelm Johann Dahlheim (1844-1904)
Wilhelm Holtz  (1875-1893)
John Herman Martin Holtz (1855-1930)
Friedrich Holtz (1866-1946) and his family, 1931
Marie Holtz Engel and young William Holtz, her nephew.
Frank Martin Holtz (1894-1949) and Augusta Koehn Holtz (1890-1941) SPECIAL:  Complete funeral record.
William Frank Holtz (1916-1978) and Raymond Carl Holtz (1915-1987) SPECIAL:  Pictorial history of his WWII years.
Friedrich Holtz, Emma Behrens (1893-1981), and Howard Holtz (1926-2000)
Emma Holtz (1886-1952) and John Kettenburg (1883-1962)
Carl Franz Kettenburg (1912-1967) and Frederick Carl Martin Kettenburg (1916-1988)
Frederick (1916-1988) and Marjorie Kettenburg (1919-2000)

 Ferris pictures

Dewitt C. B. Ferris (1830-1897) and Annie Okey Covel Ferris (1841-1924)
Emma May Ferris (1864-1928) daughter of Dewitt and Annie
Archer Lewis Ferris (1892-1973), Mabel Covell (1893-1984), and Emily May Ferris (1918-2009)
James S. Ferris (1837-1917) four generation photo
James S. Ferris family group photo

 Koehn, Heuck, and Boye pictures

Postcards: Koehn from 1908 to 1913
Alvina Koehn Katz and daughter, Louise Koehn Boye (bef:1859-1923)
William Koehn (1851-1928), Lena Linderman Koehn (1855-1921)
Anna Koehn (1892-?), Augusta Linderman Drier (1865-?)
August (1883-1969) and Elizabeth Koehn (1882-1960)
Koehn and Voss Group Photo
John Koehn (1856-1922), Louise Voss Koehn (1870-1941), and baby Augusta Koehn (1890-1941)
Augusta Koehn Holtz (1890-1941)
Frank Koehn (1894-1972) and Emily Welch Koehn (d: 1922)
Anna Augusta Koehn Heuck (1896-1976)
William L. Heuck (1885-1951)
Carl Koehn (1900-1976)
Frank, Francis, and Clara Boye

 Voss, Heuck, Richter, Bluhm, and Welch pictures

Christian Voss (1837-1922)
Louise Voss Koehn Heuck (1870-1941)
Charles L. Heuck (1865-1943)
Lena Voss and John C. Richter
Emma Krueger Voss (abt 1877-1933) and Louise Voss Bluhm.
Voss, Koehn, Holtz, Heuck, and Welch Gathering (1920)
Heinrich Albert Theodore August Voss(1867-1928)
Augusta Voss Buhr (1874-1949), and Carl W. Buhr (1867-1951)
Walter C. Buhr (1900-1954) and Lorraine B. Buri (1905-2001)
Lillian Buhr ( 1903-1975) and Norman Fredericks
Ernest Buhr Sr. (1898-1973) and Esther Thiele (1900-1989)
Clarence(1897-1988), Fred(1893-1970), and Herbert Voss,(1900-1975) in World War One Military service (about 1917)
Helen (1901-1968) and Mabel Voss (1904-1979)

 Karsten pictures

Heinrich Johann Ludwig Theodore Karsten (1861-1928)
Anna Caroline Wilhelmine Huebner Karsten (1879-1959)
Arthur Karsten (1904-1995)
Martha Karsten(1891-1924)
Rose Karsten(1898-1919)
Adaline Karsten(1909-1965)

 Covell and Hotalen pictures

 John Herbert Covell (father, 1872-1955)
Edward "Ted" J. Covell,(1883-1962) and Ethel McCarthy,(1885-1979)
Charles Covell (1911-2002) and Ruth Moyer (1913-1978)
Mabel Covell Ferris (1893-1984)
Ruth Covell Hotalen (1900-1982)

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