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Holtz Immigration
The beginning of the Holtz Family in America began with the immigration of Christian Holtz along with some members of his family.  His son, William Friedrich Holtz and his wife, Maria Pohl came from Mecklenburg, Germany on the S/S Lessing to the port of NY, arriving on November 16, 1882.  His daughter Christine Wilhelmine Holtz and her husband, Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Siebert came between 1867 and 1874.  His daughter, Wilhelmina C. Holtz came with her husband  Wilhelm Johann Dahlheim in 1874.  The town of Irondequoit which was located next to Lake Ontario on the south shore and just to the north of Rochester, New York, was their settling place.  They acquired approximately 70 acres of land which was the typical size in this area at this period of time.  It was bordered on the north and east by Cooper Road and on the West by St. Paul Boulevard.  
Picture that follows is in front of the home of Friedrich Holtz, son of Maria and Friedrich.  Mary (Maria) moved into the house of her son, having lived on a home on Cooper Road for many years with her husband William Friedrich Holtz who died on December 8, 1905.  Friedrich, known by the name of Fritz, had this house built on St. Paul Boulevard about 1910.  They lived at this same house until their deaths.
Taken in 1929, at home on St. Paul Blvd., Rochester, NY, Left to right: Carl Kettenburg, John Kettenburg, Emma Holtz Kettenburg, Fredericka Lawson Holtz, Friedrick "Fritz" Holtz, William "Willie" Holtz, young Frederick "Fred" Kettenburg, Emma Behrens Holtz, baby Dorothy Holtz, Friedrick Holtz, and Mary (Marie) "Grandmother" Holtz

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