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I will be adding more genealogy information here.

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This is a copy of page #61 of Häljebo farm, Mo Parish, Bohuslän Sweden.

To make it easier to read, I put the right half of the page below this half.

This shows the families of Olof Andersson and he wife Eva Andersdotter,
and their son Otto.  The records show Olof and Eva moving to page 62 in this record book.  (Below)

It shows Otto going to America.

On line #7 it shows Fredrik Olofsson and his family living and moving to Kville in 1886.


Here is page #62.

This shows Ivar Olsson Långström living with his wife Anna Maria Olsdotter and family.

It also shows Olof and Eva Andersson now living with them.



This 1881-1890 record below, shows Fressland farm, and at the bottom shows Fredrick Olofsson and his family living in Kason farm, under Fressland.
This record shows that the family moved here on March 24, 1890, Adela was born in Svarteborg, and Anna Karolina was born in Kville.