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Pictures of Sweden & USA

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This is where the house named Håljebo was before 1946 when it was taken down.
See the old foundation blocks in the middle of the picture.
3 of Olof Anderssons children Alfred, Fredrik, & Otto were born here
All of Anna Maja Långströms children Augusta, Axel, Carl Johan, 
Gustaf, Anna Hedvig, & Mathilda were born here.

Standing in the same spot, turned to the right is the Håljebo that was built in 1946.
See tree in left center.
This is not the same tree as in the other picture of Håljebo below, but in the same place.


(1)Left to right on the ground,
Erna Holm (Albin wife holding Eugene Holm) Agnes Longstrom, Hazel Holm (Art wife holding Helen Holm)
Helen Longstrom, Adolph Longstrom, & Elizabeth Longstrom.
Standing left to right,
Victor Holm, Albin Holm, Lena Holm, John Freed & his wife Esther (Nye) Freed & child, Emelia Longstrom,
Gustaf Longstrom, & Otto Holm.

(2) Sitting on chairs, Otto & Caroline Holm, Emelia (Anderson) Longstrom, Gustaf Longstrom
Standing, Victor and Jenny Holm, Blenda (Anderson) Nordstrom,
Elizabeth (Longstrom) Weidauer and Agnes (Almhjeld) Longstrom.
On ground are Karen and Carol Weidauer.
Thanks to Albert Holm for identifying Victor & Jenny Holm.

(3)  This is Victor Holm at 19 years of age.
Victor came to the USA but his father stayed in Sweden.
Some of his family went to Canada.
My grandfather Victor first moved to Michigan in 1916.
This info from Albert Victor Holm in Maryland.
Thanks Albert!


(4)  Left to right
 Eva Svea Holm, Carl Gustaf Victor Holm, Karen Aurora Linnea Holm
They were in no hurry to give the boys a haircut.
This picture would have been taken in Kenora, Ontario, probably in 1912.


(5)  The man with a cane has some resemblance to Adolph Carlson, 
who was the husband of my great aunt Tekla Alida Holm. 
I don't know if he would have ever been in Ironwood. 
They settled in New York City.


(6)  Left to right,
 Jenny Soderstrom & Victor Holm, Verner Olousson and his mother Frida Olausson
This was taken of the house Häljebo.  It has to be prior to 1946.?

(7)  This is Victor Holm and his wife Jenny Soderstrom
with Harry Långström.
This picture has a date of July 29, 1956.


(8)  Victor and Harry in front of Harrys home in Sweden.


(9)  This is Victor's home in Bates Township, Michigan. Probably in the
early 1940s from the lack of shrubbery.
Albert Holm.


(10) On the back of this picture it says,
To Augusta Långström from Gerda

Is this the daughter of Alfred Holm?
And her daughter Gladys Klefstad in the picture below?


(11) On the back of this picture it says,
To Mathilda Långström from Gladys.