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I will put more pictures of the Olofsson/Holm/Holmberg relatives here as people send them to me.

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Arnold, Irma, Gudrun and Bernt Blomqvist




Debora Holmes and her sons Tristan John Holmes, and Tennyson Luke Holmes

Jerry, I have a surprise for you! At the ripe old age of 47, I gave birth to two sons on December 19, 2007.

Tristan John Holmes is the dark-haired one (he got all the Italian genes, on the other side), and weighed 4 lb. 3 oz. at birth.
Tennyson Luke Holmes is the blonde (he got all the Swedish genes) and weighed 4 lb. 13 oz. at birth.
They were 6 1/2 weeks early but are doing fine.

Debora is the grandaughter of B.G. Holmes




Standing:    Hartvig Emanuel Holmberg and his wife Selma Eugenia Bergkvist

Sitting:  A brother of Hartvig with his wife and son.  Name unknown.
(I hope to figure this out)

If anyone knows which brother this is, please let me know.

Thank you Marcus for this picture.



Harry and Dorothy Holmberg, taken on their 50th wedding anniversary in 1985
Picture from Wendy Lindstrom, Grand daughter
Thank you Wendy.




Arnold & Ulla Blomquist.
Christmas 2006



Pictured here is Ernst Ingvar Holmberg and his children.

From left to right back row, Bruce, Rhonda, Ernie,
Front row, Ralph, Ernst Ingvar Holmberg and Viktor Homberg.



Gunvor Holmberg at her 88th birthday, holding Max Holmberg. (son of Marcus)
Lars-Olof Holmberg, and his son Marcus Holmberg.

Olof Holmberg (1907-1990) Gunvors husband, was a son of
Hartvig Emanuel Holmberg & Selma Eugenia Lindquist

The Holmbergs live in Falköping.


This picture is Ingeborg (Persson) Holmberg, wife of Ernst Victor Holmberg.
The small boy on her right is my my uncle Gostä Holmberg, and the older boy is my father Ernst Ingvar Holmberg.
This information is from Ralph Holmberg.



Elsa Maria Holmberg
Daughter of Gustav Alarik Holmberg


Hartvig Emanual Holmberg

Helmer Holmberg   &  Sonja Holmberg
Children of Hartvig Holmberg & Selma Eugenia Lindquist


Anna Elvira Holmberg
Daughter of Carl Johan Olofsson Holmberg & Julia Teodora Tollesdotter


Jarl Torbjorn Holmberg (1907-1998) & Hustra, Barbro Matilda F Johansson (1910 - )
Jarl is the son of Anna Elvira Holmberg

Hjördis Margareta (Holmberg) Johanson, Jarl, Maud Barbro (Holmberg) Peterson & Barbro
Hjördis and Maud are the children of Jarl and Barbro.


Gerda Matilda Holmberg
Daughter of Carl Johan Olofsson Holmberg & Julia Teodora Tollesdotter


Ernst Victor Holmberg
Son of Carl Johan Olofsson Holmberg & Julia Teodora Tollesdotter

Ernst Ingvar Holmberg
Son of Ernst Victor Holmberg