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Descendants of Halvor Nilsson

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Halvor Nilsson is as far back as I go on this family.
Here is information on the descendants of Halvor Nilsson to Olof Andersson.
There are notes here for my great grandmother Anna Maja Olofsson/Långström,
and Carl Johan Olofsson/Holmberg. I hope to add notes on the other brothers later.

There was a mistake on here before.
Halvor Nilsson married twice, in both marriages he has a son named Nils.
I have corrected that, and have the right dates on the two Nils Halfvardsson.

Descendants of Halvor Nilsson

Generation No. 1

1. Halvor1 Nilsson was born 1661, and died May.31.1739 in Örunjelt, Svarteborg. He married (1) Kirsti Jonsdotter, daughter of Jon Tohlsson. She was born 1663 in Västersäter Svarteborg, and died Jun.16.1695 in Västersäter, Svarteborg. He married (2) Anna Nilsdotter. She died 1751 in Svarteborg.

Children of Halvor Nilsson and Kirsti Jonsdotter are:

2 i. Nils2 Halfvardsson, born 1689 in Västersäter, Svarteborg.

3 ii. Jonas Halfvardsson, born 1691 in Västersäter, Svarteborg.

4 iii. Hans Halfvardsson, born 1693 in Västersäter, Svarteborg.

Child of Halvor Nilsson and Anna Nilsdotter is:

+ 5 i. Nils2 Halfvardsson, born Feb.13.1698 in Västersäter, Svarteborg; died 1769.


Generation No. 2

5. Nils2 Halfvardsson (Halvor1 Nilsson) was born Feb.13.1698 in Västersäter, Svarteborg, and died 1769. He married Kirstin Jacobsdotter. She was born 1678, and died Mar.24.1752 in Örunjelt, Svarteborg.

Child of Nils Halfvardsson and Kirstin Jacobsdotter is:

+ 6 i. Anders3 Nilsson, born Sep.13.1730 in Svarteborg; died Jan.04.1773 in Svarteborg.


Generation No. 3

6. Anders3 Nilsson (Nils2 Halfvardsson, Halvor1 Nilsson) was born Sep.13.1730 in Svarteborg, and died Jan.04.1773 in Svarteborg. He married Kristi Trulsdotter Oct.11.1761, daughter of Truls Olsson and Ingebor Bengtsdotter. She was born 1742, and died Jul.08.1798 in Svarteborg.

Children of Anders Nilsson and Kristi Trulsdotter are:

7 i. Nils4 Andersson, died 1837.

8 ii. Christina Andersdotter, born 1766 in Svarteborg.

+ 9 iii. Anders Andersson, born Nov.06.1768 in Svarteborg; died Aug.25.1838 in Duveskår, Svarteborg.

10 iv. Cornelius Andersson, born 1771 in Svarteborg.


Generation No. 4

9. Anders4 Andersson (Anders3 Nilsson, Nils2 Halfvardsson, Halvor1 Nilsson) was born Nov.06.1768 in Svarteborg, and died Aug.25.1838 in Duveskår, Svarteborg. He married Helena Olsdotter Mar.31.1799, daughter of Olof Fredriksson and Anna Svensdotter. She was born Nov.14.1773 in Svarteborg, and died Mar.18.1851 in Aspäng stora Västra, Svarteborg.

Notes for Anders Andersson:

Duvesgård changed to Duvesdår about 1821.

Children of Anders Andersson and Helena Olsdotter are:

11 i. Christina5 Andersdotter, born Dec.06.1799 in Hillebo, Svarteborg.

12 ii. Inger Andersdotter, born Feb.25.1802 in Hillebo, Svarteborg.

13 iii. Anders Andersson, born Apr.07.1803 in Hillebo, Svarteborg; died Apr.30.1804 in Suttene, Svarteborg.

14 iv. Anna Maja Andersdotter, born Dec.29.1804 in Suttene, Svarteborg.

15 v. Britta Andersdotter, born Dec.29.1806 in Duvesgård, Svarteborg.

16 vi. Oleana Andersdotter, born Jul.22.1810 in Duvesgård, Svarteborg.

17 vii. Johanna Andersdotter, born Apr.06.1812 in Duvesgård, Svarteborg.

+ 18 viii. Olof Andersson, born Apr.10.1815 in Duvesgård, Svarteborg; died Jul.1892 in MN.

+ 19 ix. Anders Andersson, born Mar.12.1817 in Duvesgård, Svarteborg.


Generation No. 5

18. Olof5 Andersson (Anders4, Anders3 Nilsson, Nils2 Halfvardsson, Halvor1 Nilsson) was born Apr.10.1815 in Duvesgård, Svarteborg, and died Jul.1892 in MN. He married Eva Carolina Andersdotter Jun.09.1843, daughter of Anders Ericsson and Maria Larsdotter. She was born Nov.24.1824 in Häljebo, Mo, and died Feb.20.1907 in MN.

Notes for Olof Andersson:

This is from the wonderful book that Helen Holm Hobert put together.

Olof Andersson was a farmer who owned land at Heljebo near lake Bullaren, the largest lake in Bohus län. He had three large farms with cattle, horses, and other animals. Unfortunately, he lost two of the farms by co-signing loans for other people. In 1892, Olof and Eva left their homeland to come to Murray County, MN. Olof died a few days later and was buried in Bethany cemetery, Lake Sarah township.

First name: OLOF
Last name: ANDERSSON
Age: 78 Gender: M
Parish: MOO County: O
Date: 1892 07 29
Destination: QUEBEC
Fellows: NEJ
Source: 48:615:4870


Notes for Eva Carolina Andersdotter:

First name: EVA
Age: 68 Gender: K
Parish: MOO County: O
Date: 1892 07 29
Destination: QUEBEC
Fellows: JA
Source: 48:615:4870

Children of Olof Andersson and Eva Andersdotter are:

20 i. Anna Maja6 Olofsdotter, born Feb.27.1844 in Duveskär, Svarteborg; died Feb.16.1936 in Tveten Mo. She married Ivar Olsson Långström Jan.18.1867 in Mo; born May.08.1825 in Snöveröd, Naverstad; died Sep.18.1898 in Fredrikstad Norway.

Notes for Anna Maja Olofsdotter:

Anna Maja Olofsdotter was born on February 29, 1844 at Dufveskarr, Svartborg Parish, Göteborg Bohuslän Sweden. She had 5 brothers and no sisters. Three of her brothers Anders, Alfred, & Otto went to America and changed their name to Holm. Two brothers stayed in Sweden, Fredrik Olofsson, & Carl Johan Olofsson. Carl Johan changed his name to Holmberg. There are many Holms living in America.

Notes for Ivar Olsson Långström:

Ivar Olsson Långström was born on a farm named Snöveröd in the parish of Naverstad in the Bullaren area of Sweden. He had 8 brothers and sisters. He married Anna Maja Olofsdotter the eldest daughter of Olof & Eva Andersson. He eventually moved on to her fathers farm named Häljebo, in Mo parish. He farmed there for a while but the farm was to small to support a family. During this time he also was a sheep handler. He and his sons would buy sheep on the way to Göteborg and sell them when they arrived there.


A letter written in 1889 from Bullaren to Canada contained a brief paragraph about Ivar Långström.

The letter is written June 1889. by Anna Jonsdotter Augustin, to Alfred. Anna is the mother of Jarl, Alfred, Magnus and Otto Augustin. She had two daughters too, Ellika,

married to Hilmer Långström and Ellika married Anton Eliasson.

Alfred was and died in Fort Howard and Magnus (in Canada called Martin)

amd Otto lived in Kaslo British Columbia and died there. Otto has

relatives still living in Canada.

"Greatings from Ifvar who came in here last night on his way home. He is

dealing as usual with sheeps during the summer."

This family Augustin is living at Gottersröd.


Later in his life, Ivar worked in a brick yard named Narnte in Fredrikstad Norway to support his family. He died in 1898 at the age of 73 while working in Norway at that brick factory.

Two of his sons, Carl Johan and Gustaf, went to America. Carl never married but, Gustaf married Emilia Andersson and there are many descendants of Gustaf in America. The other son, Axel Långström moved to Norway. There are many descendants of him in Norway. Ivar Långström & his family moved from Häljebo, Mo, Mo, where all of his children were born, to another farm named Deleshagen. In 1894 the family moves to Gottersröd and before that all three sons have left for US, Karl Johan February 12, 1892, Gustaf January 20, 1893 and Axel December 23, 1893. (Axel eventually moved to Norway. Not sure he ever went to the USA) After Ivars death in Norway in 1898, Anna Maja lived at Gottersröd until about 1930. Then she, Mathilda & Harry moved to Mo sockenstuga by the Mo Church. They lived there until about 1936 when they moved to the house that Harry built at Tveten.

Note, The descendants of Ivar Långströms brother Michael Långström, still farm at Snöveröd today. It is a farm about 500 American acres, and they grow grain on half of it and timber on half.

This is the record in Norway of my great grandfather Ivar Långström.

Dead 18.9.1898, buried 23.9.1898 Torsnes, Borge.

Living at Heie, Torsnes. He came from Narnte teglverk, Fredrikstad east, 9.9 1898.

He was from Moo parish in Sweden.


The Glomma area was for a number of decade center of the Norwegian brick industry.

Galtungveien, street on the northern part of the citys field, parallel with the river from Nabbetorp to the earlier cityboarder. The street pass by Narnte Teglverk and Sorgenfri Teglverk. Tegleverk: =Brickwork

There were about 20 brick factories in the area at one time.

Narnte teglverk, 1898-1974, anlagt av S. T. Capjon (jfr. Capjonbakken)

Narnte Teglverk started in 1898 and was closed down in 1974.

10-20 years ago there was made a film in Norway, partly shot at the Narnte area. There are photos from Narnte.


The river GLOMMA was never used för steamboats in its total length; only when the river was passing through bigger lakes. When GLOMMA was not covered by ice it was used for floating logs down to FREDERIKSSTAD. Logs from Scandinavia were used in the British coal mines as PIT PROPS. It was impossible for a steamer to go

against in many places very strong currents. But in those days, some 100-120

years ago there was a regular steam-boat service from GÖTEBORG up the OSLO

Fiord (In those days there was no OSLO, The official name was CHRISTIANIA).

Those steamers called at the small towns: LYSEKIL, STRÖMSTAD, FREDERIKSSTAD, etc. So your forefather to get from BULLAREN to STRÖMSTAD could have used a bicycle, a horse or use his own legs.

21 ii. Carl Johan Olofsson Holmberg, born Jul.31.1846 in Duveskär, Svarteborg; died Jul.31.1915 in Hede Romelanda. He married Julia Teodora Tollesdotter Mar.01.1870; born Jul.28.1852 in Hällås Kville; died Dec.21.1931 in Diseröd Romelanda.

Notes for Carl Johan Olofsson Holmberg:

Karl Johan Olofsson came from Häljebo, Mo, Mo in Mo parish.

Records show on November 8, 1870 Karl Johan and Julia Teodora moved to Grimåsen, also in Mo, page 36 in the same household record. And in the next household record, AI:4, you find them in Grimåsen on page 57 with their children Karl Klemens born on November 23, 1870, Tekla Olivia May 4, 1872, Gustav Alarik March 12, 1874 and Anders Fredrik December 18, 1877.

On March 18, 1880 they moved to Romelanda parish in the southern part of Bohuslän

And in the Romelanda inflyttningslängd B:2 (record of people moving into the parish) you find them as number 16 1880, April 9: Skogvaktare (=Forester) Karl Johan Olofsson with wife and four children, from Mo to Gjärås. Karl Johan Olofsson and Julia Teodora Tollesdotter lived in Gräsås in Romelanda in 1880.

(Researcher Kerstin Jonmyren says, Kungliga Hushållningssällskapet was the owner of both the house where the family lived and the forest, for which Carl Holmberg was employed. Kungliga Hushållningssällskapet = The Royal Rural Economy Association is a rather old Swedish association which has served as kind of a school of economics for farmers.)

Son Karl Clemens died there 1888 May 17 of epilepsy.

Tekla Olivia moved to Goteborg Domkyrkoförsamling 1892 May 5,

I have some information from a relative in the US that Tekla died in an explosion in Göteborg in 1947.

Gustaf Alarik to Goteborg Garnisonsförsamling 1892 April 22,

Anders Fredrik to Uddevalla 1887 February 19.

Following children were born in Romelanda, Gräsås:

Hartvig Emanuel 1880 Oct 1 moved to Goteborg Garnisonsförs 1897 Oct 15

Anna Elvira 1883 March

Gerda Matilda 1885 May 1

Henrika Josefina 1887 Nov 10

Jeanna Ottilia 1890 Jan 14

Ernst Victor 1891 Dec 19

Alma Teodora 1894 March 2

Helfrid Margareta 1898 February 16

Carl Johan´s surname was changed to Holmberg Abt 1882, and the family lived in Gräsås 1900.

Carl Johan Olofsson Holmberg moved from Gräsås to Hede, Romelanda, in 1908 together with his wife and the children Helfrid Margareta and Ernst Victor Holmberg. He there became a crofter. He died there 1915 July 31 of kidney trouble and asthma. His son Ernst Victor became a sailor and married 1915 Sept 25 Ingeborg Andersson born in 1886 March 6. I cannot find that they had any children there. In 1920 only the widow Julia Teodora still lived in Hede, Romelanda. As you see above Ernst Victor used the name Holmberg.

Notes for Julia Teodora Tollesdotter:

Julia Teodora Tollesdotter, The record says that she was born in Kville on July 28, 1852, and that she moved to Mo on March 23, 1870. And the certificate (dated March 4) she brought from Kville to Mo says that she came from Hällesås in Kville. (The certificate is in the Mo church record, HII:3, at Landsarkivet, but is not filmed.)

In 1920 only the widow Julia Teodora still lived in Hede, Romelanda.

Julia Teodora died 1931 Dec 21. She had in 1930 moved to a home for old people in Diseröd, Romelanda.

22 iii. Anders (Andrew) Olofsson Holm, born Jan.21.1849 in Duveskär, Svarteborg; died Mar.10.1917 in Garvin, MN. He married (1) Katarine Johanson; born Jun.19.1869 in Stockholm Sweden; died May.01.1939 in MN. He married (2) Anne Sophia Peterson Jul.27.1878; born Apr.25.1858 in Denmark; died Sep.20.1897 in Garvin, MN.

23 iv. Alfred Olofsson Holm, born May.08.1851 in Häljebo, Mo; died Jul.09.1926 in Little Fork, MN. He married Johanna Bernardina Gudesdotter; born Mar.20.1851; died Jul.13.1936 in Chisago City MN.

24 v. Fredrik Olofsson, born Nov.17.1853 in Häljebo, Mo; died Apr.12.1930. He married Adela Andersdotter Sep.08.1876; born Nov.27.1853 in Svarteborg Parish; died Dec.09.1941.

Notes for Fredrik Olofsson:

Fredrik and his family moved to Kville on October 4, 1886.

25 vi. Samuel Olofsson, born Jun.21.1857 in Häljebo, Mo; died Dec.02.1857 in Häljebo, Mo.

26 vii. Gösta Olofsson, born May.30.1859 in Häljebo, Mo; died May.30.1859 in Häljebo, Mo.

27 viii. Otto Theodor Olofsson Holm, born May.07.1862 in Häljebo, Mo; died Jan.10.1954 in MN. He married Caroline Anderson Oct.12.1887; born Nov.19.1868 in Härlunda; died Jun.21.1955 in MN.


19. Anders5 Andersson (Anders4, Anders3 Nilsson, Nils2 Halfvardsson, Halvor1 Nilsson) was born Mar.12.1817 in Duvesgård, Svarteborg. He married Beata Olsdotter, daughter of Olof Larsson and Christina Olsdotter. She was born Apr.04.1820 in Fahn, Svarteborg.

Children of Anders Andersson and Beata Olsdotter are:

28 i. Mathilda Wilhelmina6 Andersson, born 1842 in Aspäng stora Västra, Svarteborg; died Jul.08.1847 in Aspäng stora Västra, Svarteborg.

29 ii. Johan Andersson, born Apr.12.1853 in Aspäng stora Västra, Svarteborg.

30 iii. Mathilda Wilhelmina Andersdotter, born Jan.27.1848 in Aspäng stora Västra, Svarteborg.

31 iv. Eva Christina Andersdotter, born Oct.01.1850 in Aspäng stora Västra, Svarteborg.

32 v. Isak Andersson, born Nov.28.1855 in Aspäng stora Västra, Svarteborg.

33 vi. Josefina Andersdotter, born May.09.1858 in Aspäng stora Västra, Svarteborg.

34 vii. Amelia Andersdotter, born Jan.17.1861 in Aspäng stora Västra, Svarteborg; died Mar.23.1861 in Aspäng stora Västra, Svarteborg.


Outline report

Descendants of Halvor Nilsson

1 [1] NILSSON, Halvor b: 1661 # chldn: 4 d: May.31.1739 Örunjelt, Svarteborg age at d: 78 est.

.. +JONSDOTTER, Kirsti b: 1663 Västersäter Svarteborg # chldn: 3 d: Jun.16.1695 Västersäter, Svarteborg age at d: 32 est.

.. 2 HALFVARDSSON, Nils b: 1689 Västersäter, Svarteborg

.. 2 HALFVARDSSON, Jonas b: 1691 Västersäter, Svarteborg

.. 2 HALFVARDSSON, Hans b: 1693 Västersäter, Svarteborg

*2nd Wife of [1] NILSSON, Halvor:

.. +NILSDOTTER, Anna # chldn: 1 d: 1751 Svarteborg age at d: ?

.. 2 HALFVARDSSON, Nils b: Feb.13.1698 Västersäter, Svarteborg # chldn: 1 d: 1769 age at d: 71 est.

...... +JACOBSDOTTER, Kirstin b: 1678 # chldn: 1 d: Mar.24.1752 Örunjelt, Svarteborg age at d: 74 est.

....... 3 NILSSON, Anders b: Sep.13.1730 Svarteborg # chldn: 4 d: Jan.04.1773 Svarteborg age at d: 42

........... +TRULSDOTTER, Kristi b: 1742 m: Oct.11.1761 # chldn: 4 d: Jul.08.1798 Svarteborg age at d: 56 est.

............ 4 ANDERSSON, Nils d: 1837 age at d: ?

............ 4 ANDERSDOTTER, Christina b: 1766 Svarteborg

............ 4 ANDERSSON, Anders b: Nov.06.1768 Svarteborg # chldn: 9 d: Aug.25.1838 Duveskår, Svarteborg age at d: 69

................ +OLSDOTTER, Helena b: Nov.14.1773 Svarteborg m: Mar.31.1799 # chldn: 9 d: Mar.18.1851 Aspäng stora Västra, Svarteborg age at d: 77

................ 5 ANDERSDOTTER, Christina b: Dec.06.1799 Hillebo, Svarteborg

................ 5 ANDERSDOTTER, Inger b: Feb.25.1802 Hillebo, Svarteborg

................ 5 ANDERSSON, Anders b: Apr.07.1803 Hillebo, Svarteborg d: Apr.30.1804 Suttene, Svarteborg age at d: 1

................ 5 ANDERSDOTTER, Anna Maja b: Dec.29.1804 Suttene, Svarteborg

................ 5 ANDERSDOTTER, Britta b: Dec.29.1806 Duvesgård, Svarteborg

................ 5 ANDERSDOTTER, Oleana b: Jul.22.1810 Duvesgård, Svarteborg

................ 5 ANDERSDOTTER, Johanna b: Apr.06.1812 Duvesgård, Svarteborg

................ 5 ANDERSSON, Olof b: Apr.10.1815 Duvesgård, Svarteborg # chldn: 8 d: Jul.1892 MN age at d: 77 est.

.................... +ANDERSDOTTER, Eva Carolina b: Nov.24.1824 Häljebo, Mo m: Jun.09.1843 # chldn: 8 d: Feb.20.1907 MN age at d: 82

................ 5 ANDERSSON, Anders b: Mar.12.1817 Duvesgård, Svarteborg # chldn: 7

.................... +OLSDOTTER, Beata b: Apr.04.1820 Fahn, Svarteborg # chldn: 7

............ 4 ANDERSSON, Cornelius b: 1771 Svarteborg