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Descendants of Anna Maja Olofsdotter

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Anna Maja (Olofsdotter) Långström and Ivar Olsson Långström

Generation No. 1

1. Anna Maja6 Olofsdotter (Olof5 Andersson, Anders4, Anders3 Nilsson, Nils2 Halfvardsson, Halvor1 Nilsson) was born Feb.27.1844 in Duveskär, Svarteborg, and died Feb.16.1936 in Tveten Mo. She married Ivar Olsson Långström Jan.18.1867 in Mo, son of Olof Långström and Anna Ivarsdotter. He was born May.08.1825 in Snöveröd, Naverstad, and died Sep.18.1898 in Fredrikstad Norway.

Notes for Anna Maja Olofsdotter:

Anna Maja Olofsdotter was born on February 29, 1844 at Dufveskarr, Svartborg Parish, Göteborg Bohuslän Sweden. She had 5 brothers and no sisters. Three of her brothers Anders, Alfred, & Otto went to America and changed their name to Holm. Two brothers stayed in Sweden, Fredrik Olofsson, & Carl Johan Olofsson. Carl Johan changed his name to Holmberg. There are many Holms living in America.

Notes for Ivar Olsson Långström:

Ivar Olsson Långström was born on a farm named Snöveröd in the parish of Naverstad in the Bullaren area of Sweden. He had 8 brothers and sisters. He married Anna Maja Olofsdotter the eldest daughter of Olof & Eva Andersson. He eventually moved on to her fathers farm named Häljebo, in Mo parish. He farmed there for a while but the farm was to small to support a family. During this time he also was a sheep handler. He and his sons would buy sheep on the way to Göteborg and sell them when they arrived there.


A letter written in 1889 from Bullaren to Canada contained a brief paragraph about Ivar Långström.

The letter is written June 1889. by Anna Jonsdotter Augustin, to Alfred. Anna is the mother of Jarl, Alfred, Magnus and Otto Augustin. She had two daughters too, Ellika,

married to Hilmer Långström and Ellika married Anton Eliasson.

Alfred was and died in Fort Howard and Magnus (in Canada called Martin)

amd Otto lived in Kaslo British Columbia and died there. Otto has

relatives still living in Canada.

"Greatings from Ifvar who came in here last night on his way home. He is

dealing as usual with sheeps during the summer."

This family Augustin is living at Gottersröd.


Later in his life, Ivar worked in a brick yard named Narnte in Fredrikstad Norway to support his family. He died in 1898 at the age of 73 while working in Norway at that brick factory.

Two of his sons, Carl Johan and Gustaf, went to America. Carl never married but, Gustaf married Emilia Andersson and there are many descendants of Gustaf in America. The other son, Axel Långström moved to Norway. There are many descendants of him in Norway. Ivar Långström & his family moved from Häljebo, Mo, Mo, where all of his children were born, to another farm named Deleshagen. In 1894 the family moves to Gottersröd and before that all three sons have left for US, Karl Johan February 12, 1892, Gustaf January 20, 1893 and Axel December 23, 1893. (Axel eventually moved to Norway. Not sure he ever went to the USA) After Ivars death in Norway in 1898, Anna Maja lived at Gottersröd until about 1930. Then she, Mathilda & Harry moved to Mo sockenstuga by the Mo Church. They lived there until about 1936 when they moved to the house that Harry built at Tveten.

Note, The descendants of Ivar Långströms brother Michael Långström, still farm at Snöveröd today. It is a farm about 500 American acres, and they grow grain on half of it and timber on half.

This is the record in Norway of my great grandfather Ivar Långström.

Dead 18.9.1898, buried 23.9.1898 Torsnes, Borge.

Living at Heie, Torsnes. He came from Narnte teglverk, Fredrikstad east, 9.9 1898.

He was from Moo parish in Sweden.


The Glomma area was for a number of decade center of the Norwegian brick industry.

Galtungveien, street on the northern part of the citys field, parallel with the river from Nabbetorp to the earlier cityboarder. The street pass by Narnte Teglverk and Sorgenfri Teglverk. Tegleverk: =Brickwork

There were about 20 brick factories in the area at one time.

Narnte teglverk, 1898-1974, anlagt av S. T. Capjon (jfr. Capjonbakken)

Narnte Teglverk started in 1898 and was closed down in 1974.

10-20 years ago there was made a film in Norway, partly shot at the Narnte area. There are photos from Narnte.


The river GLOMMA was never used för steamboats in its total length; only when the river was passing through bigger lakes. When GLOMMA was not covered by ice it was used for floating logs down to FREDERIKSSTAD. Logs from Scandinavia were used in the British coal mines as PIT PROPS. It was impossible for a steamer to go

against in many places very strong currents. But in those days, some 100-120

years ago there was a regular steam-boat service from GÖTEBORG up the OSLO

Fiord (In those days there was no OSLO, The official name was CHRISTIANIA).

Those steamers called at the small towns: LYSEKIL, STRÖMSTAD, FREDERIKSSTAD, etc. So your forefather to get from BULLAREN to STRÖMSTAD could have used a bicycle, a horse or use his own legs.

Children of Anna Olofsdotter and Ivar Långström are:

2 i. Augusta7 Långström, born Feb.22.1867 in Häljebo, Mo; died Aug.07.1935 in Tveten, Mo.

+ 3 ii. Axel Långström, born Dec.28.1868 in Häljebo, Mo; died Dec.26.1935 in Norway.

4 iii. Carl Johan Longstrom, born Jan.27.1871 in Häljebo, Mo; died Nov.14.1944 in Tracy MN.

Notes for Carl Johan Longstrom:

Records in Sweden show that Carl while living at Helgebo, left Bullaren for Amerika on February 12th 1992. Carl was a painter most of his adult life.

+ 5 iv. Gustaf Adolph Longstrom, born Jan.22.1873 in Häljebo, Mo; died Mar.17.1956 in Tracy, MN.

+ 6 v. Anna Hedvig Långström, born Mar.13.1875 in Häljebo, Mo; died Oct.13.1949 in Tveten, Mo.

+ 7 vi. Mathilda Långström, born Oct.28.1888 in Häljebo, Mo; died Mar.02.1949 in Tveten, Mo.


Generation No. 2

3. Axel7 Långström (Anna Maja6 Olofsdotter, Olof5 Andersson, Anders4, Anders3 Nilsson, Nils2 Halfvardsson, Halvor1 Nilsson) was born Dec.28.1868 in Häljebo, Mo, and died Dec.26.1935 in Norway. He married Teodora Amalie Samuelsen. She was born Jul.30.1876 in Lillesand, Norway, and died Feb.26.1960 in Norway.

Notes for Axel Långström:

Records in Sweden show that Axel Långström while living at Helgebo, left Bullaren for Amerika on December 23rd 1992.

At this time I can not find any records that he was ever in America.

He did move to Norway at a young age. He married there and remained there the rest of his life. There are many descendants of Axel living in Norway.

Ivar Kvanvig sent Jerry the following information on Axel.

Axel was a handsome man and it seems like he could do everything. The first I heard was that he was a church verger in fourth church in Grimstad and at the same time he was a shoemaker and he had a bee garden. After some time he became ill from asthma. the family moved to Kristiansand where he got a job as a caretaker in an assembly building. He still had his bee garden and his small workshop with his tools. I still have a box he made for me with a secret lock. The other grandfather, Fens Kvanvig had a property where he had fruit trees and pigs, Fens and Axel had a bee garden together there.

Tor Kvanvig sent Jerry the following information on Axel.

Regarding my grandfather Axel Långström, I have been told that he arrived at Lillesand Norway, as a Seaman at a young age. He and my grandmother lived in several different places in that area. For some time he was a bee keeper and a pew opener at fjære church outside Grimstad Norway.

George Kvanvig sent Jerry the following information.

He remembers hearing that Axel was a Deacon, grave digger and Ferer in the church. He lived on the south coast and then moved to Kristiansand. He was in poor health and could build many things with his hands.

Notes for Teodora Amalie Samuelsen:

After Axel died Teodora lived with Solveig because Robert Hermanson was a sea captain and he was offshore most of the time.

Children of Axel Långström and Teodora Samuelsen are:

+ 8 i. Agnes Sofie8 Långström, born Oct.24.1899 in Fjare; died Feb.24.1982.

9 ii. Ivar Långström, born 1901; died 1916.

Notes for Ivar Långström:

Tor Kvanvig sent me this information on Ivar.

Ivar Långström, the son of Axel died about 15-16 years of age due to diabetes.

10 iii. Tordis Charlotte Långström, born Jan.01.1904; died Nov.17.1975. She married Bjarne Ellingsen; born Oct.07.1908.

Notes for Tordis Charlotte Långström:

Tordis was ill for some time before she died.

Notes for Bjarne Ellingsen:

Bjarne was like Axel in that he also can do everything. he is still active at 90 years old and drives his car and is a member of some clubs.

+ 11 iv. Solveig Långström, born Jun.13.1912; died Jun.13.1990.


5. Gustaf Adolph7 Longstrom (Anna Maja6 Olofsdotter, Olof5 Andersson, Anders4, Anders3 Nilsson, Nils2 Halfvardsson, Halvor1 Nilsson) was born Jan.22.1873 in Häljebo, Mo, and died Mar.17.1956 in Tracy, MN. He married Emilia Anderson 1901 in Slayton MN, daughter of Bengt Andersson and Justina Persdotter. She was born Jul.19.1881 in Härasdmäla, Harlunda Parish, and died Mar.25.1974 in Tracy MN.

Notes for Gustaf Adolph Longstrom:

Gustaf Adolph Långström/Longstrom was born in Bullaren Sweden, Mo Parish, on a farm named Häljebo, Mo, Mo. He had 2 brothers and three sisters. He farmed and worked with his father as a sheep handler. The Swedish records show Gustaf living at Helgebo, before leaving Bullaren on January 20, 1993. He left for America on July 21, 1893. He went to Murray county, in the state of MN where he had relatives living and farming. In America the name was changed to Longstrom. He started farming there and, while farming near Slayton MN, he married Emilia Andersson, the sister of his uncle Otto Holms wife Carolina. Emilia and her family were from Härlunda Parish, Kronoberg Län, Småland Sweden. (south Sweden) Gustaf continued to farm in the Slayton, Garvin and Tracy areas of MN. When he retired from farming he and Emilia purchased a store in Burchard MN that his daughter Agnes managed for him. Gustaf raised chickens and did some gardening there. Gustaf & Emilia later moved to Tracy MN. There are many descendants of Gustaf in America. Adolph remembers his dad reading the comic book Tarzan Lord of the apes. This is how he learned to read & write. Adolph says Gustaf used to like to go to town and have a beer and a piece of apple pie. Gustaf was a very hard worker. Gustaf used his horses and wagon to haul granite for the county to pay his taxes.

Gustaf & Emilia are the way the names were spelled in Sweden on their birth records. In the USA many times Gustaf is changed to Gustave. Emilia is prounounced eh-mee-lee-ah, (i is e) so it is changed to Emelia in the USA.

Notes for Emilia Anderson:

Emilia was born in Torpet Barkin, Häradsmäla, Härlunda Parish, Kronoberg.

Emilia (Andersson) Longstrom and her family left Sweden on October 30, 1884. Records show it took them three weeks by steam boat. They arrived at Tracy MN. by train and were met by a relative that took them to his home in lake Sarah township. Family members relate their disappointment in coming to America as her father Bengt Andersson was a storekeeper and the family left a nice home back in Sweden. Records show that Bengt Andersson purchased land in section 36, lake Sarah township, Murray county MN.

Emilia's Grandfather, Per Andersson (Peter Hobert) had moved to America earlier with his wife Inga Håkansdotter, and the rest of his family of 8 children, with the exception of Emelia's mother Justina Persdotter, who was the oldest child.

Adolph remembers his mother liked to sew and patch clothes by hand and later a sewing machine. She was good at baking bread. she churned butter and put it in jars and took to town to trade for groceries.

Children of Gustaf Longstrom and Emilia Anderson are:

+ 12 i. Agnes Elvera8 Longstrom, born Jan.14.1902 in Garvin, MN; died May.24.1972 in Tracy, MN.

+ 13 ii. Clarence Monroe Longstrom, born Apr.02.1904 in Garvin MN; died Jan.12.1974 in Tracy MN.

+ 14 iii. Helen V Longstrom, born Aug.12.1906 in Garvin MN; died Aug.15.1948 in Tracy MN.

+ 15 iv. Elizabeth Olive Longstrom, born Jul.18.1909 in Garvin MN; died May.03.1978 in Balaton MN.

+ 16 v. Adolph Eugene Longstrom, born Apr.13.1916 in Garvin, MN.


6. Anna Hedvig7 Långström (Anna Maja6 Olofsdotter, Olof5 Andersson, Anders4, Anders3 Nilsson, Nils2 Halfvardsson, Halvor1 Nilsson) was born Mar.13.1875 in Häljebo, Mo, and died Oct.13.1949 in Tveten, Mo. She married (2) Karl Anton Johansson Holmberg Aug.17.1917. He was born Mar.04.1849, and died Oct.06.1924.

Child of Anna Hedvig Långström is:

+ 17 i. Ivar Hilding8 Långström, born Feb.20.1911 in Tveten; died Nov.25.1941.

Child of Anna Långström and Karl Holmberg is:

+ 18 i. Erland Valfrid8 Holmberg, born Jan.01.1918 in Håfveröd, Svarteborg; died Jun.29.1990.


7. Mathilda7 Långström (Anna Maja6 Olofsdotter, Olof5 Andersson, Anders4, Anders3 Nilsson, Nils2 Halfvardsson, Halvor1 Nilsson) was born Oct.28.1888 in Häljebo, Mo, and died Mar.02.1949 in Tveten, Mo.

Child of Mathilda Långström is:

19 i. Harry (Gunner)8 Långström, born Oct.01.1915 in Tveten, Mo; died May.30.1980 in Tveten, Mo.

Notes for Harry (Gunner) Långström:

Harry was a painter and had worked on both the Mo and Naverstad church.

Harrys father was Gustav Karlsson. Gustav later married Dagney Olsson and they had three other children, Folke, Rune and Gullan Karlsson.

Jerry Longstrom has sent some letters to Ingegerd Karlsson, (widow of Folke) and she has given him information about the family. Rune (1922-1951) & Gullan (1926-1943) never married and Folke (1921-1992) and Ingegerd had 4 children Kjell, Reinert, Kenth & Annika. They are all living in Falköping Sweden.

Harry wrote many letters to Solveig, mother of Gerd & Johnny. Jerry has copies of those letters and Laila helped him translate some of them.

Harry was very intersted in genealogy and kept track of his Långström relatives.


19151001-4879 Långström, Gunnar Harry Tveten 450 84 Bullaren

Död 30/5 1980.

Kyrkobokförd (1971) i Mo, Tanums kn, Göteborgs och Bohus län. Mantalsskriven (1971) på samma ort.

Född 1/10 1915 i Mo (Västra Götalands, f d Göteborgs och Bohus län).

Ogift man.


Generation No. 3

8. Agnes Sofie8 Långström (Axel7, Anna Maja6 Olofsdotter, Olof5 Andersson, Anders4, Anders3 Nilsson, Nils2 Halfvardsson, Halvor1 Nilsson) was born Oct.24.1899 in Fjare, and died Feb.24.1982. She married Magnus Thoralf Kvanvig, son of Jens Kvanvig and Tonette Solbjørg. He was born Apr.19.1903 in Kristiansand, and died Nov.07.1934 in Kristiansand.

Notes for Magnus Thoralf Kvanvig:

Magnus was one of seven children. he died in an accident when they were out hunting on the ocean. The motor in the boat he was in stopped running and they could not get it started and he froze to death. Magnus worked as an electrician in an aluminum factory in Vennesla which is about 12 km north of Kristiansand.

Children of Agnes Långström and Magnus Kvanvig are:

20 i. Ivar9 Kvanvig, born May.26.1923 in Vigeland. He married Else Thorsen; born Aug.13.1924; died Nov.09.1999.

Notes for Ivar Kvanvig:

Ivar spent most of his time was working as a baker in different bakeries. He was at the last bakery for 40 years. He has always been interested in sports, so he has been a member of a boxing club for many years. Ivar also liked to Ski. Now he takes it a little easy so he is doing wood carvings. Ivar Kvanvig has been a pensioner for nearly ten years. (1999)

21 ii. George Kvanvig, born Aug.22.1929 in Vigeland. He married Synnove Haddeland 1952; born Dec.22.1929.

Notes for George Kvanvig:

George came to the US after the father of his girlfriend Synnove Haddeland, sponsored him. He later married Synnove. In 1952 George was drafted because of the Korean war. He was a medic and then worked at Walter Reed hospital in Washington. When George left the service in 1965, he lived in New Jersey and started installing hardwood floors. He continued to do that when he moved to Albequerque in 1977. George retired from full time work in 1994, and is working part time doing estimating for the laying of hardwood floors.

At 14 George started barbering (4 years apprenticeship) in Kristiansand. When he was in New York he went to school and got a license and barbered for 6 months. He quit because he couild not speak english Italian in a Jewish neighborhood in New York.

When George was a young man and going to school, he walked by a Barber shop and the Barber asked him if he wanted to learn how to be a Barber. George decided to try this and started Barbering. The Barber he worked for let him practice shaving the German soldiers that came in the Barber shop. George told me that the Barber said he could cut his brothers hair for free, so when Tor came to the Barber shop for his haircut George nipped his ear, that was the last time Tor let him cut his hair....:) :).


22 iii. Tor Magnessen Kvanvig, born Apr.16.1933 in Vigeland. He married Kari Hernæs Jun.23.1962; born Oct.21.1936 in Gudbransdalen.


11. Solveig8 Långström (Axel7, Anna Maja6 Olofsdotter, Olof5 Andersson, Anders4, Anders3 Nilsson, Nils2 Halfvardsson, Halvor1 Nilsson) was born Jun.13.1912, and died Jun.13.1990. She married Robert Hermansen Jan.20.1940. He was born Aug.08.1904, and died May.15.1977.

Children of Solveig Långström and Robert Hermansen are:

23 i. Johnny9 Hermansen, born Nov.08.1940. He met (1) Bjørg Bøe. He married (2) Wenche Dahl Feb.12.1966; born Oct.14.1938.

24 ii. Gerd Hermansen, born Mar.29.1948. She married Thorolf Sønsterud Dec.21.1968; born Aug.19.1927; died Dec.10.2000.


12. Agnes Elvera8 Longstrom (Gustaf Adolph7, Anna Maja6 Olofsdotter, Olof5 Andersson, Anders4, Anders3 Nilsson, Nils2 Halfvardsson, Halvor1 Nilsson) was born Jan.14.1902 in Garvin, MN, and died May.24.1972 in Tracy, MN. She married (1) Jack Reynolds 1927. He was born 1897, and died 1946. She married (2) Edwin Joseph Almjeld Jun.24.1949. He was born Aug.22.1913, and died May.24.1976.

Notes for Agnes Elvera Longstrom:

Agnes worked as a telephone operator in Tracy, was a cook and waitress in several places, managed the Burchard store for Gustaf & Emilia, and took care of elderly people. She loved to work in the garden and had many plants in her home. Agnes had a cat and a parakeet.

Child of Agnes Longstrom and Jack Reynolds is:

25 i. Doreen9 Reynolds, born Jul.28.1928; died Feb.21.1945.


13. Clarence Monroe8 Longstrom (Gustaf Adolph7, Anna Maja6 Olofsdotter, Olof5 Andersson, Anders4, Anders3 Nilsson, Nils2 Halfvardsson, Halvor1 Nilsson) was born Apr.02.1904 in Garvin MN, and died Jan.12.1974 in Tracy MN. He married Pearl Cyr Mar.02.1930 in Garvin MN. She was born May.28.1911, and died Jan.28.1993 in Tracy MN.

Notes for Clarence Monroe Longstrom:

Clarence farmed near Tracy, Redwood Falls, and Franklin MN.

Child of Clarence Longstrom and Pearl Cyr is:

26 i. Eugene Dale9 Longstrom, born Nov.25.1951.


14. Helen V8 Longstrom (Gustaf Adolph7, Anna Maja6 Olofsdotter, Olof5 Andersson, Anders4, Anders3 Nilsson, Nils2 Halfvardsson, Halvor1 Nilsson) was born Aug.12.1906 in Garvin MN, and died Aug.15.1948 in Tracy MN. She married Roy Schumacher.

Child of Helen Longstrom and Roy Schumacher is:

27 i. Dennis9 Schumacher, born Nov.09.1932. He married Mary Ann Deblicek; born May.04.1937.


15. Elizabeth Olive8 Longstrom (Gustaf Adolph7, Anna Maja6 Olofsdotter, Olof5 Andersson, Anders4, Anders3 Nilsson, Nils2 Halfvardsson, Halvor1 Nilsson) was born Jul.18.1909 in Garvin MN, and died May.03.1978 in Balaton MN. She married Donald Ward Weidauer Nov.23.1934. He was born Jul.31.1913, and died Jan.14.1981.

Notes for Elizabeth Olive Longstrom:

Elizabeth worked as a telephone operator in Tracy, and after getting married they farmed near Garvin.

In 1942 the family moved to Seattle Washington, where she worked in the shipyards. She also cleaned homes for a while. In 1949 the family moved back to MN. She candled eggs and cleaned homes until her health would not allow her to work.

Notes for Donald Ward Weidauer:

Donald grew up in the Marshall and Garvin areas living on farms with his family. After he married, he farmed and drove cattle trucks to markets in St. Paul MN. and Sioux City Iowa. When they moved to Seattle, he drove truck for the U. S. Navy. In 1949 when he moved his family back to MN, he worked as a mechanic at a farm machinery shop in Tracy. The family moved to Balaton where he drove truck to pick up farm animals for market, did custom combining, and worked at a farm machinery shop.

Children of Elizabeth Longstrom and Donald Weidauer are:

28 i. Karen Delores9 Weidauer, born Jan.10.1940. She married Ronald Clarence Almjeld Sep.27.1958; born Aug.26.1936.

Notes for Karen Delores Weidauer:

Karen was a part time clerk at a womens dress shop while going to high school. Then she was a stenographer for a Dr. Valentine in Tracy. After she married, she stayed home and raised her family and baby sat with other children in her home. After the girls started school Karen worked in a department store. After the family moved to Worthington in 1975, she was executive secretary for United Way and was parish coordinator for the First Lutheran Church.

Notes for Ronald Clarence Almjeld:

Ronnie grew up while living on farms near Russell and Arco MN. After high school he worked for the C&NW Railroad in Garvin, Tracy, Mankato, and Worthington. He started in the track dept. and then into the clerks dept. and retired after 42 years.

29 ii. Carol Jean Weidauer, born Dec.25.1941. She married Dallas Wayne Skaug Nov.25.1961; born Sep.20.1938.

Notes for Carol Jean Weidauer:

Carol graduated from Balaton high school. She then went to beauty school in Mpls. She worked in a salon in Edina. After getting married the family moved to St. Cloud and she worked for the telephone co.

The family then moved back to Mpls. and she has been a hair dresser in her home and rents a booth in a salon in St. Louis Park. She has worked in a dress shop and also for a manufacture rep. for ladies clothing.

Notes for Dallas Wayne Skaug:

Dallas graduated from Balaton high school. He then went to St. Peter and graduated from Gustavus college, and then received his masters degree in St. Cloud. He taught at St. Louis Park high school for 12 years. He then worked at Cray research as a salesman and as a public relations rep. for 22 years.


16. Adolph Eugene8 Longstrom (Gustaf Adolph7, Anna Maja6 Olofsdotter, Olof5 Andersson, Anders4, Anders3 Nilsson, Nils2 Halfvardsson, Halvor1 Nilsson) was born Apr.13.1916 in Garvin, MN. He married Lela Edith Hudson Apr.18.1937 in Mpls. MN, daughter of Howard Hudson and Edith Fredricks. She was born Jun.08.1919 in Tracy MN.

Notes for Adolph Eugene Longstrom:

Adolph grew up living on farms around Garvin and then Tracy MN. He went to country school, riding his horse 3 1/2 miles to get there. He also went to Garvin and Tracy schools. He went to Minneapolis in 1936 and went to Barber school, and Barbered one year there before returning to Tracy and farming. He then moved his family to Seattle and worked in the ship yards there. (He drove a 1934 Chevy to Seattle and besides his family, he had his sister Liz and her children Karen & Carol. Don was already in Seattle) He moved back to Tracy and then moved to a farm by Garvin, then bought a farm between Balaton & Russell MN. In 1960 he moved to Mpls. and purchased a Barber shop at the Medical arts building at 9th & Nicolet. He remembers the first car he bought, it was a 1928 Whippet. He had a 1932 Morman and a 1934 Chevrolet as some of the early cars. He enjoyed Pheasant hunting, roller skating at Tipeota resort by lake Shetek and dances. Adolph remembers moving from farm to farm when he was 5-6 years old and driving the cattle and Liz rode horseback. When he started school he could not speak English very good, he spoke Swedish and the kids called him Swede. When Adolph went to barber school he sold a steer to pay for his barber school tuition. He sold the steer for about $90.00 and the tuition was $50.00 in 1936. The length of the barber school was 1000 hours. After finishing his barber school, there were no jobs available in Mpls., so he stayed at the school and cut hair because they were so busy they needed him. There was between 15-20 barbers at his school, and there was another across the street. Haircuts at the school were .25 cents in 1936 and he remembers the school gave him all of it so he would stay. The regular barber shops were charging .40 cents.

Notes for Lela Edith Hudson:

Lela was born in Tracy and went to school there. She lived with her parents in an area of Tracy called Broad acres. Lela worked at the Tracy depot and while living in Minneapolis, she worked at the Milwaukee depot. Then after getting marred she stayed home to take care of the children. She enjoyed dancing, roller skating and gardening. Some things she remembered about her sisters. Mae was a tough cookie when she was young, doing things like chasing Dorothy with a mouse etc. Lela and Mae had to share a bedroom and Dorothy had her own. Dorothy was queen, ha ha.

Children of Adolph Longstrom and Lela Hudson are:

30 i. Alice Yvonne9 Longstrom, born Dec.08.1938 in Tracy MN. She married (1) Robert Anthony Kosse; born Feb.10.1936. She married (2) Ronald Gene Kelm; born Mar.15.1942.

Marriage Notes for Alice Longstrom and Robert Kosse:

Alice divorced Robert Kosse in 1970.

31 ii. Jerald Eugene Longstrom, born Jun.15.1940 in Tracy, MN. He married Colleen Kay Swanson Nov.26.1960 in Russell, MN.; born Dec.31.1941 in Tyler, MN..

Notes for Jerald Eugene Longstrom:

Jerry was born in Tracy MN in 1940. His family moved to Seattle for a short time and then back to a farm south of the Tracy area. They then moved to a farm close to Garvin MN. Jerry started school in Garvin and stayed there until the 4th grade. In 1948 his family moved to a farm by Russell MN. While going to school in Russell he met Colleen Swanson, they graduated together in 1959 and both went to Mpls. to go to school. Jerry went to Business College, then to Barber College. He then barbered with his dad Adolph in a Barber shop owned by his dad, in the Medical Arts building at 9th & Nicolet in downtown Mpls. In 1964 he opened his own Barber shop in the suburb of Mound. He barbered there until he moved his family to Phoenix Arizona in October of 1968. Jerry was sick when he was 9 years old and was told he had Steven Johnson disease. (a reaction to medicine) It left his lungs with Emphysema like symptoms, and the cold and humid climate in MN did not agree with him. Jerry worked at Continental Bank in downtown Phoenix until 1976, and then he went to Real Estate School, and has been a Real Estate Broker in the Phoenix area since that time. During the time Jerry has been in real estate, he has done some other ventures. In 1983 he and his son Jeffrey started a video store that his son ran. They eventually sold this. Then Jerry went into a partnership with a friend and built custom homes. He built the home at 6941 W Eugie. In 1997 Jerry started to do some research on his great grandfather Ivar Långström. This really interested him and he has done extensive genealogy research on his Longstrom family and many others. Jerry & Colleen have been to Sweden & Norway twice to meet relatives in 1997 & 1999. Jerry has also found Colleens relatives in the US and Sweden and has found some of his mothers relatives the Hudsons, Fredericks and Kruegers in the USA. He has also worked on his great grandmother Anna Maja (Olofsson) Långström family and the Kvanvigs in Norway. Jerry has always had a hobby. He has raised tropical fish, collected baseball cards, collected movies, (reason for the video store) likes to play golf, and now has genealogy to keep him busy.

More About Jerald Eugene Longstrom:

Medical Information: has Emphysema

Notes for Colleen Kay Swanson:

Colleen was born and raised in Russell MN. She went to school in Russell and that is where she met Jerry. They graduated together in 1959. Colleen graduated as Valedictorian of her class. Colleen then went to the University of MN and graduated in 1963 with a teaching degree in Home Economics. Her first job was at the MN Women's prison, where she taught Home economics. She taught Home economics at Delano MN for a year before moving to Arizona with her family. She then started teaching at Glendale Elementary schools in 1969. She studied and received her Masters degree in 1977 from Arizona State University in Tempe AZ. She then went into administration, and became an Assistant Principal in 1977 at an Elementary school in Glendale AZ. She continued her education and in 1984 she received her Doctorate degree from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff AZ. In 1989 she became a Principal at Sine Elementary school in Glendale Arizona. She continued there until 1997 when she retired from full time work. She continued to work at the Glendale elementary school district office on a part time basis. Since retiring, she has also done some consulting work in teaching teachers around the state of Arizona, about the new AIMES test that the children will have to pass in the near future to graduate from high school. She has made a 10 day trip to Alaska to do some consulting there. In spring of 2002, she received a call from the Cartwright school district about a position with them. She applied for the job, was hired and and went to work there full time. Her title was Managing Administrator, and she was working at Frank Borman middle school. The school was on probation, and Colleen was trying to get some changes made to improve the testing scores at the school. In her 2nd year at Cartwright Colleen moved to Downs school as a Principal. This year Borman school came off probation much to the efforts of Colleen while she was there. In 2004 Colleen was prepared to stay at the Downs school, but she was offered a job with the Glendale Elementary school district, a job the school district created for her. She is now working in the finance grants department there.

32 iii. Richard Monroe Longstrom, born Sep.07.1949 in Tracy, MN; died Apr.16.2003 in Mound MN. He married (1) Barbara Rose Brewster in Mpls MN; born Feb.25.1952. He married (2) Patricia Ann Juul in Mpls MN; born Aug.21.1952.

33 iv. Ricky (Zak) Allen Longstrom, born Jun.19.1958 in Tracy MN. He married (1) Susan Mary Murphy; born Aug.19.1960. He married (2) Judy Favorite; born 1958. He married (3) Theresa Stahl Sep.03.1993; born Jul.16.1966.

Notes for Ricky (Zak) Allen Longstrom:

Ricky went to school in Orono and Watertown. He went to Eden Prairie to Vo-Tech school to learn blue print reading. He lived with his parents in Fridley, Long Lake and Watertown. Some of the jobs he has had. Oiler on cranes 20,000 pound belonged to the 49ers union, electrician with the railroad, maintenance tech. at solar plastics, in Arizona he worked as an electrician on building houses.

After leaving home he has lived in Montrose, Cokato, Pequot Lakes and Dassel MN.

He enjoyed playing Hockey and did some coaching. some of the cars he has owned, 1967 Camaro 327, Cutlass w-31, 3 jeeps, cj5- cj7, J-10 pickup. He also had a 92 GTC pickup and a 96 Tahoe.


Marriage Notes for Ricky Longstrom and Judy Favorite:

Rick & Judy have a son named Matthew born Aug.27.1988

Marriage Notes for Ricky Longstrom and Theresa Stahl:

Ricky divorced Susan Murphy. divorced Judy Favorite.


17. Ivar Hilding8 Långström (Anna Hedvig7, Anna Maja6 Olofsdotter, Olof5 Andersson, Anders4, Anders3 Nilsson, Nils2 Halfvardsson, Halvor1 Nilsson) was born Feb.20.1911 in Tveten, and died Nov.25.1941. He married (1) Alma Othelia Johansdotter, daughter of Johan Karlsson and Anna Johannsson. She was born Jun.01.1906 in Naverstad, and died Apr.03.1980 in Borlänge. He met (2) Anna Maria Sjöberg. She was born Sep.01.1905 in Bäcke Bohus län, and died Jan.07.1977 in Uddevalla.

Notes for Ivar Hilding Långström:

Ivar Hilding Långström died very young at 30 years old. He died of a ruptured appendics while living near Borlänge.

Ivar had a daughter named Maj Ingegärd, with Anna Maria Sjöberg, before meeting Alma Johansdotter.

Mo 1688-1920 143505F2 64920 SCB-kod: 143505

SD-suffix: F2

Kön: M

Födelsedatum: 1911-02-20

Förnamn: Ivar Hilding

Adress: Tveten

Kvinnans titel: Hemmadotter

Kvinnans förnamn: Anna Hedvig

Kvinnans efternamn: Långström

Övrigt 1: Fader okänd. Barnet oäkta.

Child of Ivar Långström and Alma Johansdotter is:

34 i. Anna Ingrid Viola9 Långström, born Jul.02.1934. She married (1) Verner Svensson 1953; born May.04.1930; died Oct.21.1989. She married (2) Rune Stråhle 1959; born Mar.06.1936; died 1988.

Child of Ivar Långström and Anna Sjöberg is:

35 i. Maj Ingegärd9 Långström, born Feb.18.1933 in Mo; died May.12.1986 in Angered. She met (1) Alfred Hugo Jensen; born Sep.19.1924; died 1995.


18. Erland Valfrid8 Holmberg (Anna Hedvig7 Långström, Anna Maja6 Olofsdotter, Olof5 Andersson, Anders4, Anders3 Nilsson, Nils2 Halfvardsson, Halvor1 Nilsson) was born Jan.01.1918 in Håfveröd, Svarteborg, and died Jun.29.1990. He married Isabel Frid. She was born Apr.05.1915, and died 1997.

Notes for Erland Valfrid Holmberg:

Svarteborg 1898-1920 143005F1 11310 SCB-kod: 143005

SD-suffix: F1

Kön: M

Födelsedatum: 1918-01-01

Förnamn: Erland Valfrid

Adress: Håfveröd

Mannens titel: Hemmansägare

Mannens förnamn: Karl Anton

Mannens efternamn: Holmberg

Kvinnans förnamn: Anna Hedvig

Kvinnans efternamn: Långström

Children of Erland Holmberg and Isabel Frid are:

36 i. Jan9 Holmberg, born Jul.22.1944. He married Eva.

37 ii. Lena Holmberg, born May.15.1948. She married Lars-Håkan Leckström; born Jun.10.1942.