William Holmes

Born: Ireland
Died: 1799 in Fairfield County SC
Arrived in America about 1785View old map of County Down
in northeast Ireland

    Just after the American Revolution, William Holmes came to America. His cousin, Finley Holmes, traveled with him. Both were young men, and they landed at the port of Charleston, South Carolina. Upon arrival, both William and Finley moved inland up to the Richland Territory near where the city of Columbia was to be located.

A land purchase in 1795 by William in Fairfield County and confirmed in 1835 - see Purchase and Resurvey of Land • 1795/1835 Fairfield County SC   below. A map by Robert Mills of the Fairfield District, SC surveyed in 1820 shows where that plantation might have been located (in 1820 it would be with his son, William B. Holmes). On that map of William's land also is shown the "Holmes Store" located on the old highway north out of Columbia at Neckley's Creek - near the Little River. Since this map was published, the road to Columbia [SC state road 215] has been rerouted to the west with the rerouting starting about 1½ miles south of Jenkinsville to 3 miles north of Jenkinsville. The old portion of the road [east of SC 215] where the Holmes' Store was located is now named St. Barnabus [Church] Road (or State Road S-20-247 on some maps).

To the North of William's land holdings (on Neckley's Creek near the Little River) is a Presbyterian church located on the Little River, the Ebenezer A. R. P. Church (first called Little River, then called Ebenezer, now called the Old Brick Church). In 1793, “Wm. Holmes” was one of the charter members of that church. In the history of Early Methodism in the Carolina, he’s the “pious Associate Reformed elder,” who's the father of Rev. William B. Holmes and Rev. Joseph Holmes.   From Chreitzberg, A. M. (1897). Early Methodism in the Carolinas. Nashville: Publishing House of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. pp. 211.

William's Family

Spouse: Mary Holmes
Children: Ann Holmes Hawthorn, Jane Holmes, Mary Holmes Martin, Harry (or Henry) Holmes, William B. Holmes, Joseph Holmes"

William's Heritage

Parents: unknown
Siblings: unknown

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