Finley Holmes (Jr) (III) Male

Note on the name of Finley Holmes: This Finley Holmes (born 1832) has erroneously been shown on the web with a middle name. This Finley Holmes like his father, Finley Holmes (born 1802), had no middle name. There are no public documents or tombstones that show him with a middle name.
Born: 1832, Oct 24 - GA
Died: 1849, Dec 24  - Killed by accidental discharge of his own gun at age 17.
Buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, TN.

Finley Holmes (Jr.) was born in Georgia in 1832. He was killed by accidental discharge of his own gun at age 17 on Christmas Eve in 1849. He did not marry. His first burial was on the property at Valley Grove. His grave was moved in 1877 to Elmwood Cemetery in Memphis. It was the first burial of the family in Elmwood Cemetery; and that is probably when Finley, his father, bought the grave plots there.

Finley's Heritage

Parents: Finley Holmes, Emily Goodwyn Raines Holmes
Siblings: Georgiana Jane Goodwin Holmes [Wood] Bott, Robert Raines Holmes, Alpheus Cadmus Holmes, Laurentius Holmes MD, Thomas A. Holmes, Francis Holmes, Abercrombie Holmes, Nathaniel Holmes, Marcia Elbertina Holmes [Treadwell] Beardsley, Winfield W. Holmes

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United States Federal Census data
Family Records, unpublished records of the Holmes family - correspondence, Bibles, interviews, etc.
Newspaper accounts of weddings and deaths, and other public documents for wills, land transfers, etc.
Beasley, Irene. (1973). AS I REMEMBER THEM ---. (Memoirs of the Holmes' family - printed for family distribution)

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