Frank Clarke Holmes Male

Born: 1869, Dec 6 in DeSoto County MS
Died: 1948, Aug 27 - buried in Hernando Memorial Cemetery, DeSoto County MS

An attorney and judge

Frank's Family

Spouse: Elizabeth Morgan Holmes (b. 1874, Jan 10; d. 1950, May 2 - buried in Hernando Memorial Cemetery, DeSoto County MS - Find A Grave Memorial #32458127) - m. Jul 18 1899
Children: Elizabeth Holmes [Bowdre] (b. 1900, d. 1990 - Find A Grave Memorial #32458166),
Bright Morgan Holmes (b. 1903, d. 1925 - Find A Grave Memorial #32458137),
Francis Holmes (b. ~1914, d. 2009 in CA - Find A Grave Memorial #58865338),
Frank Clarke Holmes Jr (b. 1915, d. 1978 - Find A Grave Memorial #8663100)

Lived in Hernando, MS

Frank's Heritage

Parents: Francis Holmes, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Kelley Clarke Holmes
Siblings: Finley Vance Holmes, Lizzie Raines Holmes Fant, Johnnie Elmore Holmes, Agnes (Nanee) Holmes Hathaway, Herbert Holmes, Bertha Holmes Beasley

Find A Grave Memorial # 32458150
United States Federal Census data
"Family Records," unpublished records of the Holmes family - correspondence, Bibles, interviews, etc.
Newspaper accounts of weddings and deaths, and other public documents for wills, land transfers, etc.
Beasley, Irene. (1973). AS I REMEMBER THEM ---. (Memoirs of the Holmes' family - printed for family distribution)

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