Elizabeth (Beth) Sarah Harrison Vance

Born: 1892, November 20
Died: 1987, November 18 - buried in Bethlehem Cemetery, Memphis, TN

Lived in Memphis, TN

Beth's Family

Spouse: Joseph Williams Vance
Children: Willa Blanche Vance Lowry, Joseph Williams Vance Jr, infant daughter

Beth's Heritage

Parents: Captain (CSA) William David Harrison, Mary Louise Alsobrook Harrison
Siblings: Willie  Cassandra "Caroline" Harrison, Annie Harrison, Thomas Alsobrook Harrison, Cary Harvey Harrison, Walter Leigh Harrison, Martha Louise Harrison Dickenson, Nettie Byrd Harrison Smith, David Lawrence Harrison

United States Federal Census data
Family Records, unpublished records of the Harrison family - correspondence, Bibles, interviews, etc.
Newspaper accounts of weddings and deaths, and other public documents for wills, land transfers, etc.

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