James Holmes Male

Married Mary Bryan in ~1812 and later married Jane Gaither in 1847.
Husband:   James Holmes

Born:  1794, Jun 27 - Columbia, SC
Died:  1854, Dec - Talbot County GA
Father:  Finley Holmes
Mother:  Jane (Jenny)  Downs [Downes] Holmes

James Holmes, born in 1794, was the first child of Finley (b. 1765) and Jenny Downs Holmes (b. ~1770). He was born and raised in Columbia, SC. At the age of 21 his father died and the family decided to move to Georgia. James was in charge of settling the estate. It took a year or two to do the inventory of the household items and farmlands and to sell everything. Shortly afterward he was buying land near Macon, Georgia, for the move by the family. He, along with his mother and her other children, then moved to Georgia. James, around 1812, married a Georgia girl, Mary "Polly" Bryan, and in 1817 his sister, Mary Catherine, married David Bryan - brother to Polly. At some point the families relocated to Talbot County, Georgia. Talbot County, established in 1827, is in the west central portion of Georgia 30 miles north east of Columbus, Georgia. The families of James and his sister, Mary Catherine, lived in adjoining plantations in the county. James and Polly had five children. Polly died about 1831. Around the same time, James built a plantation house in Talbot County and remained in that house until 1852. He then moved to a farm at Pleasant Hill (east of Woodland, Georgia, in Talbot County) near the plantation of his brother, William Thomas Holmes. After Polly's death, he remarried in 1847 to Jane C. Gaither, a widow. They had two children together, Oliver Skinner Holmes and James F. Holmes.

For most of his life, James farmed the land. At his death late in 1854, James Holmes estate included 60 slaves valued at over $30,000, and the plantation lands of more than 1400 acres were appraised at $9800. Add in furnishings of the plantation house, other at other items around the plantation including crops, and cash on hand, it totaled to over $50,000. According to his will, James passed on to Jane the plantation land and house and 405 acres of adjoining land. He also bequeathed to her slaves, household items, the family carriage and horses, and other various plantation items. Each of the children were bequeathed slaves. Jane lived until sometime after 1870. She is shown in the Talbot County census for 1860 and 1870, but not in the 1880 census. All of James' children by Polly and by Jane were born in Georgia and, as adults, could be found in Georgia, Alabama, or Mississippi.

  • Administrative Bond for Will of His Father, Finley Holmes - Richland District SC - July 26, 1815
  • Finley Holmes's Inventory and Estate Holdings [James Holmes, administrator] October 10, 1815
  • Finley Holmes Estate Sale December 2, 1815 Fairfield County SC - by Sheriff at Auction for 474 acres
  • Georgia Property Tax Digests - 1818, Pulaski County GA Holmes James and Holmes James (for Holmes Finley  "minor")
  • Bibb County Deeds - 1823 land transfer in Monroe County GA
  • Land Transfers - Houston County GA - 1824
  • Land Transfers - Bibb County GA - 1824, 1826, 1832, 1836
  • James Holmes Plantation House - Built about 1830 - 1835
  • 1830 Census  Bibb County GA - last line "Holmes James"  with Slaves: 16
  • 1850 Census  Talbot County GA - "James Holmes" - line 17 "James Holmes" with wife, Jane, her son, Edward Gaither, and other Gaither children
  • 1850 Slave Schedules  Talbot County GA - Slave Owner: "James Holmes"  with Slaves: 22
Find A Grave Memorial # 81419894

Wife:  first: Mary "Polly" Bryan

Born:  1785, 3 May in GA
Died:  ~1831 in Talbot County GA
Father: David Bryan
Mother: Dorcas Stokes Bryan

Children By Polly
Female  Child 1:   Sarah Bryan Holmes [Quinn] Carter

Born:  1810, 10 Mar
Died:  1898 in MS
Spouse:  Married in 1826 1st William Graham Quinn (b. 1792, d. 1850 in Dadeville, Tallapoosa County AL - Find A Grave Memorial #126515275);  married 2nd John T. Carter
Children:  by Quinn:  William Bryan Quinn (b. 1829 in Bibb County GA, d. 1905 in Noxapater, Winston County MS - Find A Grave Memorial #75489774),
James Henry Quinn (b. 1827, d. 1872 in Winston County MS - Find A Grave Memorial #130896614),
Mary Frances Quinn (b. 1831, d. 1918 buried in Sturgis, Oktibbeha County MS - Find A Grave Memorial #35605845),
John Blackstone Quinn (b. 1831 in Chester County SC, d. 1910 in Neshoba County MS - Find A Grave Memorial #39469935),
Capt (CSA) Silvanus Jackson Quinn (b. 1837 in GA, d. 1910 in Fredericksburg, VA - Find A Grave Memorial #16258772 & 5225387),
Thomas Jefferson Quinn (b. 1832 in AL, d. 1918 in TX - Find A Grave Memorial #20254727),
David Monroe Quinn (b. 1835 in MS),
Narcissus Susan Jane Quinn (b. 1848, d. 1851),
by Carter:  John Carter Jr - probably: Find A Grave Memorial #23535135   b. 1845 in Water Valley, Yalobusha County MS
  • 1850 Census   Tallapoosa County AL - line 28 "Sarah Carter" with her husband, John Carter, and his children and on lines 36-42 Quinn children "Henry Quinn, John B Quinn, Daved M Quinn, Silvanus I Quinn, Mary Ann S Quinn, Thomas I Quinn, Narcissa Quinn"
  • 1860 Census   Rankin County MS - line 6 "S. B. Carter" with her husband, John G. Carter, and a mix of his children
  • 1870 Census  Noxubee County MS - line 37 "Quinn Sarah B" with sons, David Quinn and John Carter - shows Sarah B. as born in SC
  • 1880 Census   Winston County MS - line 4 "Carter Sarah B" with daughter, Mary F. Poole

Male  Child 2:   Narcissa Jane Holmes [Thorp] [Talton] Burke

Born:  1815, Feb in GA
Died:  1859
Spouse:  Married 1st Madison Thorp,  m. 2nd ? Talton (born in GA),  m. 3rd James Burke (b. ~1820 in GA)
Children:  John Holmes Talton (b. 1842 in GA), Mary Burke (b. ~1846 in GA), Ernest Burke (b. ~1847 in AL)
  • 1850 Census  Tallapoosa County AL - line 39 "Narcissa James Burke" with husband and three children
Find A Grave Memorial #61705675

Male  Child 3:   David Monroe Holmes

Born:  1820 in GA
Died:  1855
Spouse:  Martha Robert Holmes
Children:  William Holmes (b. ~1841), Robert Holmes (b. ~1843), John Holmes (b. ~1845), Mary Holmes (b. ~1847)
  • 1850 Census  Talbot County GA - line 7 "David M Holmes"

Male  Child 4:   William D. Holmes

Born:   1820 - 1829
Spouse:  Martha Culpepper Holmes
  • possibly 1850 Census  Tallapoosa County AL - line 7 "William D. Holmes" with wife, Martha, and two children, "Mary E Holmes" (b. ~1847) and "Joseph J. Holmes" (b. ~1848)

Male  Child 5:   Finley David Holmes

Born:  1820 - 1829
Died:  1854
Spouse:  Martha Smith Holmes
Children:  James Finley Holmes, Mollie Holmes

Wife:   second: Jane O. Gaither Holmes - married in 1847

Born: 1811 in GA
  • 1850 Census  Talbot County GA - line 18 "Jane Holmes" with her husband and her son, Edward Gaither, and other Gaither children
  • 1860 Census  Talbot County GA - line 26 "Jane O Holmes" with Ed. W. Gaither and his wife and children
  • 1870 Census  Talbot County GA - line 19 "Holmes Jane" with son, Oliver and Edward Gather and his wife and children

Children by Jane

Male  Child 6:   Oliver Skinner Holmes

Born:  1851 in GA
Died:  1927, 16 Jan in Russell County AL
Spouse:  Ella B. Harp (b. 1863 in GA, d. 1920) - m. 1883 in Cusseta, Chattahoochee County GA
  • 1860 Census  Talbot County GA - line 32 "Oliver S Holmes" age 9
  • 1870 Census  Talbot County GA - line 20 "Holmes Oliver" with his mother
  • 1880 Census  Russell County AL - line 42 "Holmes Oliver S"
  • 1910 Census  Russell County AL - line 99 "Holms [sic] Oliver S." with wife
  • 1920 Census  Russell County AL - line 30 "Holmes Oliver" with wife

Find A Grave Memorial #40942073

Male  Child 7:   James F. Holmes

Born:  1852 in GA
  • 1860 Census  Talbot County GA - line 33 "James Holmes" age 8

United States Federal Census data
Family Records, unpublished records of the Holmes family - correspondence, Bibles, interviews, etc.
Newspaper accounts of weddings and deaths, and other public documents for wills, land transfers, etc.
Beasley, Irene. (1973). AS I REMEMBER THEM ---. (Memoirs of the Holmes' family - printed for family distribution)
Davidson, W. H. (1983). A rockaway in Talbot: travels in an old Georgia county, Vol 1, 2, 3, and 4. West Point, GA.: Hester Printing.

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