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Records from the James Towe Family Bible

This Bible was given to me by Barbara Palmer, from Ercel Palmer, from Jennie Towe Harris.

P. 1

1875 was a cold an a wet winter [.] it was said that was the coldest winter that we had in 43 years an on the 18th of Jan we had a large Snow an it was verry cold for several days before[.] an I [am] now in my 60 year of Age James Towe 


I Bought of Abaham White estate at Publick Sale Addison and Mary his Wife at hertford and I bought them at $1305.00

800 for Addison

525 for Mary


Year of 1857 Jan 1st  Jas Towe 

Bought Justus at Publick Sale at Perry Store and Paid Four Hundred dollars and the the right was no count and the Bright was no count an I Bought him a ? an paid $612


P. 3 (marriages)

James Towe and Martha Ann Boothe were married near Gatesville, by John Walton. Esq. November 30th 1843


Henry Stokes and Elizabeth Francis Towe were married January 16, 1868 by the Rev’d Lumsden


Thomas Blunt and Mary C Towe was married October 9th, 1873


John Cartwright and Alice Towe was married on the 12th of Nov 1874 by Rev. Thenady Near Oke Grove



William Cherry Tow the Son of James Tow an Martha Tow was Born the the 4th day of October 1844 at 10 oclock in the morning


Elizabeth Francis the Daughter of Martha an James Tow was Born the 4 day of Nov 1846 about 3 oclock in the Evening


James Henry Towe the Son of James an Martha Tow was Born the 20th of January 1848 a bout 10 oclock in the morning.


Jno. Martin son of Jas. & Martha Tow was born April 21st 1850


Mary Caroline daughter of Jas & Martha Tow was born November 28th 1852


Alice Daughter of Jas & Martha Tow was born Feb 11th 1854


John Martin son of Jas & Martha Towe was born the 19 of April 1856


P. 5

Martha Louisa daughter of James & Martha Towe was born June 20th 1858.


Eugenia Boothe daughter James & Martha Towe was born Oct 5th 1860


Martha Estola daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Stokes was born Nov of 1868


Ann Elizabeth daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Stokes his Wife was born Dec 3rd 1871


Charles [a slave] son of Patty was born October 1847


Roland, son of Patty, was born April 21, 1850


Easter daughter of Patty was born Oct 4th 1852


Cdney [Sidney] daughter of Paty was born the 5 day of January 1856


Ada daughter of Rachel was born in November 1849


Edna daughter of Rachel was born November 19th 1851


Ida M. Skinner was born July 25th 1859



My Dear Aunt Caroline Hollowell Departed this Life on the First day of April a bout one oclock in the Ev. Year of 1859[.] and all of her Friends was a round her when she left this world[.] an she was one of the smartest Ladies that ever was raised in world to my Notion an her Friends spoke of her as such as she was kind to the poor and she left a devoted Husband and one daughter Almira Hollowell  [this appears to be written by James Towe]


Martha Towe died May 1888


Joseph Martin Towe departed this Life October 25th at 15 minutes after 7pm 1866


My Grandma Absilla Boothe departed this life April 3rd at 10 minutes after nine in the morning in the year of our Lord 1867


Old Aunt Sallie Douglas a colored woman departed this life on the 13th of Apr. 1870. She was an excellent nurse a pure Christian[.] she left a great many friends behind both white & black.            James Towe


My Dear Pa Departed this life Auggus the 16, 1886 10 minutes after 4 oclock in the Eavning


P. 7

Jennie D Towe Harris died Sept 10 1932 at 10:30 pm



Daisey was Foled on the 10th of May 1886 out of Dolley an Commet an Towe horse



Written in the back cover:

Sillje a chesnut colt – out of Jennie by Sis – was foalded one 6’clock on Wednesday the 24th of March 1869.

a bay colt out of Jennie by a dark Pony was folded in the 16th of May 1870 monday night


This Bible was published in 1846, very large pulpit-sized Bible.

These scriptures are highlighted or circled: 

Rev. 14: 13-14

Rom 5:19 and Chapter 6

John 14 marked “my favorite chapter" Amina G Santos (?)

The picture to the left shows some of the entries. On the far left of the left page, you can make out the entries for the first three children: William Cherry Towe, Elizabeth Francis Towe, and James Henry Towe.



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