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Hollis e-mail List Website
Our members are descended from: Hollis, Holly, hollys, Hollas (and variations of surname) related families.

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This is a Genealogy site.


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This site is a part of the Homepage of The Hollis e-mail list Members, maintained by Bill Cook has been created to allow our Hollis list members to post and share documents and photos and any file information that they wish to contribute to our list website.
We are asking ALL MEMBERS to please participate with this site to keep it new and interesting.

Please send any Photos, files, info, or links on your families to:
Bill Cook.

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This page last modified:
Thursday, 15-Mar-2012 13:35:21 MDT

Adoniram B. Hollis

Ai Hollis

Albert Hollis (NY)

Albert O. Hollis

Albert A. Hollis

Albert B. Hollis

Alexander Hollis

Alfred B. Hollis

Alonzo Hollis

Alonzo K. Hollis

Andrew J. Hollis (wife Hester)

Andrew J. Hollis (wife Francis)

Aseph L. Hollis

Burns I. Hollis

Barney T. Hollis

Bartlett Hollis

Benjamin F. Hollis

Benjamin Hollis, Jr.

Bierly Hollis

Calvin D. Hollis

Carey P. Hollis

Cavendish J. Hollis Alias ?

Charles W. Hollis

Charles D. Hollis

Charles F. Hollis

Charles H. Hollis

Charles L. Hollis

Charles L. Hollis

Charles S. Hollis

Charles T. Hollis

Clarence Hollis

Clark Hollis

Clark Hollis wife Lydia

Clifford G. Hollis

Cornelius L. Hollis

Daniel Hollis Alias Charles Williams

David Hollis

David Hollis

David A. Hollis

David H. Hollis

Delano Hollis

Earnest Hollis

Eban Hollis

Eben C. Hollis

Eben H. Hollis

Edmund C. Hollis

Edward Hollis

Edward B. Hollis

Edward G. Hollis

Edwin A. Hollis

Edwin C. Hollis

Edwin F. Hollis

Edwy ? L. Hollis

Elbert H. Hollis

Elijah D. Hollis

Enoch Hollis

Enoch Hollis, Jr.

Ephraim J. Hollis  

Francis Hollis

Francis Hollis

Francis Hollis

Francis M. Hollis

Francis M. Hollis

Francis S. Hollis

Frank H. Hollis

Frank R. Hollis

Galen Hollis

Gardner H. Hollis

George C. Hollis

George C. Hollis

George C.M.R. Hollis

George E. Hollis

George F. Hollis

George F. Hollis

George H. Hollis

George L. Hollis

George Hollis

George E. Hollis

George P. Hollis

George Hollis, TN

George W. Hollis

George W. Hollis

George W. hollis

George W. Hollis

Gilbert Hollis, Jr alias Hollis Gilbert

Harlin S. Hollis

Harry S. Hollis alias Harry Hagan

Harry S. Hagan alias Harry Hollis

Heber R. Hollis

Henry Hollis

Henry Hollis

Henry A. Hollis

Henry C. Hollis

Henry P. Hollis

Henry R. Hollis

Henry S. Hollis

Hiram Hollis

Jere Hollis

Jeremiah Hollis

Jesse J. Hollis

John A. Hollis

John B. Hollis

John Conlin alias John Hollis

John C.W. Hollis

John E. Hollis

John F. Hollis

John Hollis (Filed in Ala)

John Hollis alias Edwin B. Allison

Edwin B. Allison Alias John Hollis

John Hollis (filed in CA)

John Hollis (filed in MN)

John Hollis (filed in MO)

John Hollis (filed in Wisc)

John J. Hollis

John J. Hollis (filed in NY)

John M. Hollis

John N. Hollis

John O. Hollis

John P. Hollis

John P. Hollis

John W. Hollis

Joseph A. Hollis

Joseph H. Hollis

Joseph Hollis

Joseph O. Hollis

Josephus C. Hollis

Joshua Hollis

Judge R. Hollis

Lemuel Hollis

Leonidas Hollis

Leroy S. Hollis

Lewis A. Hollis

Lewis P. Hollis

Loren Hollis alias John Wells

John Wells alias Loren Hollis

Louis Hollis

Lucius L. hollis

Luther H. Hollis

Lymon Hollis

Malissa Stringer Hollis Widows Pension Application

Magnus O. Hollis

Malcomb L. Hollis

Moses W. Hollis

Myron Hollis

Myron W. Hollis

Nathan S. Hollis

Nelson Hollis

Newton Hollis

Othneil P. Hollis

Perry B. Hollis

R.H. Hollis alias Robert Reed

Robert Reed alias R.H. Hollis

Raymond E. Hollis

Reuel A. Hollis

Richard Hollis filed NY

Richard T. Hollis

Richard T. Hollis

Richard Hollis spouse Jane

Richard Hollis spouse Rebecca

Robert Hollis spouse Celine ?

Robert Hollis filed Ohio

Robert  J. Hollis

Robert Hollis

Robert Hollis spouse Mary

Samuel Hollis

Samuel Hollis

Samuel M. Hollis

Samuel S. Hollis

Sarah Wood nee Hollis

Silas Hollis

Taber Hollis, Jr.

Thomas G. Hollis

Thomas H. Hollis

Thomas Hollis

Thomas Hollis, Mass Inf

Thomas P. Hollis

Tillman Hollis

Tracy O. Hollis

Willard H. Hollis

William C. Hollis

William F. Hollis

William G. Hollis

William H. Hollis

William H.H. Hollis

William Hollis, ALA

William Hollis, ILL

William Hollis, NY

William Hollis, OH

William Hollis, PA

William J. Hollis

William J. Hollis, TN

William K. Hollis

William L. Hollis

Willis S. Hollis

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Please send any files, photos, info or links on your families to: Bill Cook

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