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Elias B. Hollis

John Hollis, 1732

John and Esther Hollis, 1732 John Hollis and Jane Mason Joseph T. Hollis
Malcolm R Hollis Moses Hollis -1728 VA. Thomas Hollis

Tyree Hollis

William Hollis / Elizabeth Kil...William Hollis / Rutha Robertson

Elias B. Hollis

GGGG-grandfather Elias B HOLLIS (b. 30 Aug 1801, d. bet 1870-80) m. Rebecca West GREEN (b. 9 Oct 1816, d aft 1870)
GGG-grandfather Moses L HOLLIS (b. abt 1838, d. 1869) m. Zilla Flemming PERRYMAN (b. 14 Mar 1836, 10 Apr 1924)
GG-grandmother Lucy Caldenia HOLLIS (b. 22 Jul 1868, d. 26 Sep 1941) m. Dr. James Britton SMITH (b. 20 Jul 1867, d. 5 Jun 1925)

Cindy Posted 4/09/2005
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John Hollis-abt. 1732 England

From: Bill Cook

Posted: 4/04/2005

GGGG Grandfather: John Hollis b: abt. 1732 in England married Mary ?
GGG Grandfather: William Hollis, married Nancy Reed
Grt Grt Grandfather: Robert Jessie Hollis, Sr. married Nancy Duncan
Grt Grandfather: Robert Jessie Hollis, Jr married Easter Paralee Eddings
Grandmother: Mary Catherine Holls, married William Rgile Hancock
Mother: Rosa Bell Hancock married Samuel Wilburn Cook
William Arthur Cook, Sr. - Me, John Hollis Descendants

Susan Hollis...5/11/2010
This is my children's ancestry...
Grandparents: Billy Neel Hollis and Bobette T. Taylor
GG: Jessie Benjamin Hollis, MD and Maureen Abigail Alexander
GGG George Washington Hollis and Nancy Sapp of Hollis, Oklahoma
GGGG Lewis T. Hollis and Susannah Edwards
GGGGG(Robert Jessie Hollis Sr. and Nancy Duncan)
GGGGGG(William Hollis and Elizabeth Reed)
GGGGGGG(John Hollis) (In parenthesis added by me, Bill)

Jack Hollis 6/07/2010
GGGG Grandfather, John Hollis b: about 1732 m: Mary?
GGG Grandfather, Micajah Hollis m: Frances "Fannie" Hodges.
GG Grandfather, Jeremiah Hollis m: Sarah A. "Sallie"Puckett
G Grandfather, William Taylor "Tanner" Hollis m: Louisa Americus Yeager
Grandfather, James Worth Hollis m: Brunette Furr Winters(widow of Ned Winters)
Father, Larkin Aubrey Hollis m: Alicade Foster.
Jack Hollis (Me)
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John Hollis and Esther Hollis

Harriet Hollis Bredehoft 5/12/2010

John and Esther Hollis Moses Hollis
Moses Hollis, Jr.
Brunson Hollis
Hubert Hollis
Raymond Powell Hollis
Clanye Elton Hollis
Harriet Hollis Bredehoft
John and Esther Hollis
Moses Hollis
Elijah V Hollis
Elijah V Hollis, Jr. and Mary Hollis
Martha Hollis Kennedy
Nancy Kennedy Hollis
Clanye Elton Hollis
Harriet Hollis Bredehoft

James Harris Williams 6/12/2010
7th great-grandfather John Hollis ca 1707-1768, m. Esther Cantebury ca 1707-aft 1768
6th great-grandfather Nottley Hollis 1731-1782, m. Anastasia Taylor ca 1731-1795
5th great-grandfather Moses Hollis ca 1752-1799, m. Elizabeth Akin 1744-1827
4th great-grandmother Sarah Sallie Hollis ca 1773-1858, m. James Doster 1780-1848
3rd great-grandmother Lurena Luance Dosrer 1806-1871, m. Solomon Land 1802-1859
2nd great-grandmother Sarah Elizabeth Caroline Land 1831-1895, m. Littleton Berry Abbett
Great-grandmother Lurena Frances "Fannie" Abbett 1853-1816, m. Jeremiah Burson "James" Adcock 1848-1882
Grandfather John Berry Adcock 1870-1937, m. Loretta Jane Gray 1878-1937
Mother Hazel Lee Adcock 1907-1969, m. Harris Sellars Williams 1903-1968
Self James Harris Williams 1930- Posted 6/12/2010
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John Hollis and Jane Mason

I descend from Captain John Hollis of Bermuda.
He was a Captain in the Brittish Navy. John Hollis m. Jane Mason (1782, Bermuda)
John Hollis m. Sarah A Tynes (1838, Bermuda)
John Nelson Hollis m. Susan C Smith (1868, Bermuda)
Herber Edwin Payton m. Eugenie Ann Hollis (1903, Bermuda, moved to Minnesota, USA)
Lyal St. John m. Edith Payton (1927, Minnesota, USA)
Elmo Miller m. Harriet Ann St. John (1954, Minnesota, USA and a few more states)
James B. Sweet m. Cynthia Ann Miller (myself) (1979, New Mexico, USA and a few other states)
-Cyndi Sweet 6/04/2010
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Joseph T. Hollis, married to Pauline.

Fom: Michael William Hollis

Posted 4/19/2005

Hi, Bill....My grandfather was Joseph T. Hollis, married to Pauline. Had 2 kids,

Ruth and Thomas H. Ruth died single in 1986.My father (Thomas) married Elizabeth Dangler, had 5 boys: Thomas Henry Jr., Wayne Barry, William Richard, Jay Randell, and Darrin Joseph.Wayne and Jay presently live in Florida; Tom Jr. had 2 kids, Dawn Marie and Michael.William (me) has 2 daughters, S.R. and Daniell. My Dad died in 1981; my mom in 1982.

This branch of the family is based in New Jersey; my Dad grew up in Metuchen, by way of Jersey City; he raised us in Edison, NJ.

I'd be very interested in anything else,...
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Malcolm R. Hollis

Rena Hollis Pemble 5/11/2010
I have found nothing on my dads family - Malcolm R Hollis born in 1909 (feb 25) Tennessee - He died in 1981 or 82 . do not have his parents names but one brother and sister included but not all: Lucille and Cletus If anyone can help that would be appreciated.
Rena Hollis Pemble5/11/2010
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Moses Hollis, 1728, Virginia

Following is my wife's Hollis line:
Annie Lee Hollis, born 1882, Lamar County, Alabama, married Andrew Owens Hankins
Daniel Murray Hollis, b. 1859, Marion County, AL, married Seannie Kennedy
Hubert Hollis, b.1838, Marion County, AL, married Sarah Guyton
Brunson Hollis, b. 1804, Fairfield County, South Carolina, married Martha Holladay
Moses Hollis Jr., b. abt 1768, Camden district, SC, married Mary Knighton
Moses Hollis Sr., b. abt 1728, Fairfield County, Virginia
Glen Fine 7/29/2013

Thomas Hollis
Ellen Ramsacker

Date: 8/4/2013 5:49:06 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
From: Utah Hollis

8th GGF: Thomas Hollis 1602- m Ellen Ramsker 1606-1640
7th GGF: Thomas Hollis 1634-1716 m Mary Whiting 1638-
6th GGF: John Hollis 1669-1735 m Hannah Sampford 1680-
5th GGF: Isaac Hollis 1700-1774 m Unknown
4th GGF: CAPT J B Hollis Sr 1727-1794 m Ann Cunningham 1727-1774
3rd GGF: James B Hollis II 1759-1843 m Sarah Choate 1772-1816 (DAR # 074009)
2nd GGF: John H Hollis 1805-1857 m Elizabeth Wiley 1809-1862
1st GGF: James “Mack” MacDaniel Hollis 1832-1906 m Mary Ann Bivens 1839-1910
Grandmother: Minnie Belle Hollis 1876-1953 m Roy Allen Cox 1892-1965
Father: Hollis Roy Cox 1919-1986 m Molinda Edline Ross 1925-
Self: Hollis Utah Cox Sr 1944- m Debra Dawn Campbell 1953-
Son: Hollis Utah Cox Jr 1979-1984
Granddaughter: Holly Evelyn Rose Cox 2012- Named for me (Last “Hollis” in line?)
Utah Hollis Posted 9/14/2013

Tyree Hollis and Elizabeth Lavender

Linda A. Matherson 5/11/2010
Hi Bill, Haven't talked to you in awhile. I'm still working on my Hollises. Need to find old Tyree hollises parents. I'm beginning to wonder if he even had any! lol Maybe someone out there can help.
Tyree Hollis b. 1793 S.C. married Elizabeth Lavender b. S.C. abt.1806 married Greene Co. Al. 12-15-1829
Tyre Josephus Hollis b.abt.1840 Greene Co. Al. married Sarah Ann Rhone b.abt.1860 Al married 07-09-1886 Al
Lenie Frances Hollis b.05-03-1890 Hale Co Al. married Edgar Lee Jarvis b.02-11-1888 married Tuscaloosa Co. Al.
Ethel Lee Jarvis b. 10-24-1913 Hale Co.Al. married Clinton Mack Matherson b. 12-31-1904 Tuscaloosa Co. Al.
Linda A. Matherson (Me)
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William Hollis and Rutha Robertson Hollis

Shirley D. Horn Bray

Posted 7/25/2005

GGG Grandfather - William Hollis (b. abt. 1788, d. Oct. 5, 1865) m. Rutha Robertson (b. March 1793, d. Feb. 4, 1869).
GG Grandfather - John R. Hollis (b. Feb. 19, 1833, d. Nov. 13, 1901) m. Malissa Stringer (b. Sept. 18, 1838, d. Sept. 17, 1910).
Grt. Grandfather - William Jefferson Hollis (b. Oct. 13, 1858, d. Aug. 4, 1942) m. Mary Frances Penny (b. July 24, 1860, d. March 5, 1940).
Grandmother - Tennie Lora Hollis (b. July 22, 1891, d. Aug. 27, 1967) m. Jessie Ransom Horn (b. Sept. 10, 1876, July 7, 1956).
Father - Jessie Ray Horn (b. Feb. 5, 1928, d. January 13, 1997) m. Allie Mae Stuckey
Myself - Shirley D. Horn (b. 1950) m. Donald R. Bray
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William Hollis and Elizabeth Killion

Rosie Fuller-Hays Rosie Fuller Hays
Posted 6/07/2010
Subject: Re: [HOLLIS-LIST Families] Ancestry - Roll Call
Date Posted: 6/07/2010
5th GGF: William Hollis 1765-1840 m Elizabeth Kil... abt 1760
4th GGF: Robert Hollis 1780-1819 m. Mary Poly Rice 1790-1861
3rd GGF: Craven P Hollis 1819-1899 m Unknown abt 1823 - 1858?
2nd GGM: Laura Hollis 1857-1896 m. James M Van Horn 1853-1935
GGM: Mary K Van Horn 1881-1966 m William I Morrison 1878 - 1937
Grandmother: Lillian L Morrison 1901-1973 m Theodore L Byer 1896-1953
Mother: Juanita "Bonnie" Byer 1923 - m Plorrel C Hays 1926-1952
Self: Rosie Fuller-Hays Posted 6/07/2010
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