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Richard Harvey gent
Exon [Exeter], Devon 1663

NOTE: King Charles I was executed at Whitehall on 30 January 1649, at the climax of the English Civil War. The English Parliament did not proclaim Charles II king at this time, instead England entered the period known as the English Commonwealth, under Oliver Cromwell. Following the death of Oliver Cromwell in 1658 Charles returned and assumed the throne in what became known as the Restoration. Charles II was crowned King of England and Ireland at Westminster Abbey on 23 April 1661. After 1660, all legal documents were dated as if Charles had succeeded his father in 1649.

In the name of God Amen the 17th day of July in the fifteenth year of the reign as Sovereign Lord Charles second by the Grace of God England Scotland France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith I Richard Harvey of the sittie of Exon Gent being sound and perfect in health mind and memory and yet calling to mind the certainty of Death and in reasonable _______ compared with the uncertainty of time and that the hours of death is _____ by man so consulting things of this life I do hereby make publish and declare my last will and testament in manner and form following. First I nominate my soul (____) unto the Hands of Almighty God that gave it and my body (its in____ _____) to the Earth from whence it came not doubting but when both by the second coming and power of Jesus Christ my Redeemer at the day of Judgment which I steadfastly believe they shall be steadfastly reunited and raised with the Saints in Glory And for this Estate which God in his infinite mercy has given and made me steward of by rescuing the same from the hands of Io_sine Despots [?] in manner and form following

SOLVE THIS: What is Io_sine Despots? Click on thumbnail for larger image. Will snippet

Whereas I now stand seized and possessed of and in sundry lands tenements and hereditaments by fee simple by ____ of some Holl [?] by lease or other means conveyance sufficient in the law in the county of Cambridge and Norfolk as well as by inheritance and otherwise I give appoint the same unto my well beloved Uncle Abraham Holditch of Totnes in the County of Devon no doubt [?] deserving the same To hold to him and his assigns for and during the years of his natural life his with full power to and for the said Abraham Holdich to make and grant my estate and estates thereof and thereupon further until the summe of four hundred and fifty pounds of lawful money of England be And shall be raised ______ towards the satisfaction as well of ____ debts by me owing to the said Abraham Holdich and for and towards the recompense to and for my said debt for his great labor pains and industries in _____ and _____ the said estate and after the death of said Abraham and satisfaction of the said four hundred and fifty pounds to him ____ and allowed as aforesaid I give and bequeath the same and all appurtenances to Elizabeth Holdich wife of the said Abraham Holdich my beloved Aunt to hold to her for the terms of her natural life if she shall happen to survive the said Abraham Holdich the said summe of four hundred and fifty pounds being satisfied according to the bequest above mentioned and after her death I give and bequeath the same unto such issue male as by the body of Abraham Holdich on the body of Elizabeth my said Aunt shall be begotten to hould to such issue male and his assigns forever but if [failure?] of such issue male shall happen to be between my said Uncle and Aunt then my will and pleasure is I do give devise and bequeath all and singular the said lands tenements and hereditaments to Elizabeth Holdich my beloved kinswoman daughter of the said Abraham Holdich to hold to her and her assigns for and during the terms of her life Provided no _____ share all the several Estate and Estates herein and hereby given bestowed and bequeathed be subject to the payment of all my other debts legacies

Item I give and bequeath unto John Winsor ___ of the parish of East Dereham in the County of Norfolk clerk forty shillings and a pound to preach my funeral sermon

Item I give unto Margaret the wife of James Shoringham of East Dereham aforesaid forty shillings for her _____ and _____

Item I give unto John Marshall of East Dereham aforesaid _____ all my wearing clothes

NOTE: Richard Harvey of Exeter left lands in Cambridgeshire and Norfolk (possibly in Shipdham and East Bradenham, as there are records in the archives of a sale by the trustees of the estates 1834-1858) to found a hospital for the poor in Chard, Somerset which still exists. According to Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry his Uncle Richard Harvey left property to a charity because his family and heirs had taken the parliamentary side and rebelled against Charles I. Possibly this was attributed to the wrong Richard, and it was this Richard in 1663 who withheld legacies from his family. Read more about Richard Harvey's will in Reports of Cases Decreed in the High Court of Chancery: During the Time Sir Heneage Finch, Afterwards Earl of Nottingham, was Lord Chancellor. [1673-1680], Great Britain Court of Chancery, Heneage Finch Nottingham, William Nelson, 1725, original from Oxford University, digitized Sep 14, 2006, available online from Google Books (Search Sir Heneage Finch).

Item I give nominate and appoint the rest residue and remainder of my Estate in fee simple poppy? as _____ Leasehold and otherwise with its privileges and positions thereunto ____ after the provisions of the said several Estates and farms before hereby given and promised to the poor of the town and borough of Chard the place of my nativity to be fitted endowed and devised for the use of the poor house and hospital and otherwise wherein support ? for the better establishment thereof I ask ? William Bragg Esq. aforesaid Abraham Holdich and Henry ______ gent my honored and loving friends be appointed guardians and advisors instructing that the said Estate not be im_____ or otherwise _______ ____ my desire is that a _____ number of poor and truly indigent may share in the Re____ of the Estates and lands so given and bequeathed according to the said guardians and Executors and Survivor and Survivors of them Each thaxox? therein having the Letters or Badges of R House ? their habits as to bond of possession? And I also hereby ____ my will further that if my said Uncle Abraham Holdich shall be with consent of one or two or more of my _______ or Executors mayndede? And disposed to whose assigns and otherwise convey the lands and promised house and hereby _____ himself and his assigns then the _____ thereof being payed, and employed in other Lands being now devised to the said Town of Chard shall be and remain to the use of the said poor of Chard and as before limited and to be used _____ and managed by those guardians and Trustees and according to the appointments aforesaid

Item I give and bequeath to the poor of Shipdham Forty shillings and to the poor of Monmouth? Twenty shillings

Item I give unto Elizabeth Amos of Chard in the County of Somerset the A_____ or yearly summe of forty pounds to be paid to her generously by my Executors here aforementioned for the rest of her natural life

Item I give to my good friend Bobb Board? of the sittie of Exon forty shillings to buy him a ringe and in like manner the summe of forty shillings to Mr. Peter Johnson

Item I give to Abraham the sonne of Abraham Pollard of Chard the summe of eight pounds to buy him a piece of plate

Item I give to the youngest child of George Ireholt? In like manner the summe of ten pounds to buy him a piece of plate with my coate of Arms engraved thereon

Item I give to George Pollard the brother of Abraham Pollard the ____ of forty shillings

Item I give to John the ____ of ____ _____ for his studies in Wyndham? Colledge __pon the summe of five pounds towards buying him books for him accomplishing his learnings And I also hereby give and bequeath unto my said _________ five pounds a piece for their improvements in the premises not doubting their mind and interest in the same

Finally I do hereby nominate and constitute ____ and appoint my aforesaid ____ and _____ to be the full and sole Executor of this my last will and testament And having in this manner settled and disposed of these my temporal what ____ _______ Eternals which I ____ now in the prayer of the Saints and Lord Jesus ____ _____ In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this day and year above written Rich Harvey sealed published and acknowledged in the presence of Austin Atkins? Ibbe John Woods James ____ William Sin____

Nicesimo Die Octobrise Ano Dommi (ibbe) Memorand Richard Harvey the year and day aforesaid did _____ my full and _______ ___ it and now it ______ witness my hand in the P____ and testimony Richard Harvey John Winter John Shoringham John Marshall

Probatum Tuit Testamentum [In Latin, not transcribed, but refers to London and Executor Abraham Holdich]

Richard Harvey will (1663), Prerogative Court of Canterbury PROB/11/312, image 423, National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, downloaded from