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James Bailey 1826

In the name of God amenI James Bailey of Laurens District in the state of South Carolina being of sound and disposing mind and memory (thanks be given to God) calling to mind the uncertainty of life, and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament, and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hands of almighty God who gave it, and my body to the earth to interred in decent Christian form at the discretion of my executors not doubting that at the funeral resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God and as to such worldly estate as it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life I give and devise and dispose of the same in the following manner viz.

It is my will that the whole of my estate of every description be given to my beloved wife during the term of her natural life or widowhood subject to the dispositions and bequests hereafter made.

Upon the marriage of either of my children it is my desire that such child shall be furnished with such articles for housekeeping as have been given to any of my children already married or with money of equal value at the discretion of their mother. And upon the death or marriage of my said wife whichever shall first happen it is my will that my personal estate shall be divided in the following manner that is to say my executors shall appoint three disinterested persons to appraise the same and divide it into lots making one lot for my said wife if living and one lot for each of my children equally namely William Bailey, Zachariah Bailey, Polly Brown, Salley Ducker, James Bailey, Silus M. Bailey, Winefred Bailey, Betsey Bailey, Levicy Bailey. But previous to such division it is my will that there be raised by my executors by a sale of my livestock and furniture of all description at their discretion for each of my daughters the sum of one hundred dollars such money not be raised until the division is a bout to take place and also that my son James and Silus shall each be furnished by my exerts. with a good saddle and bridle of the sum in cash to be raised in the same manner. It is my will also that my daughters Winefred, Betsey, and Levicy be furnished also with a good saddle a price or twenty five dollars in cash and also a bridle to be given them when they marry or arrive at the age of eighteen years old to be raised in the manner above stated.

It is my will also that the lot that falls to my daughter Salley Ducker be keep in the hands of the executors to dispose of as they think fit and it is further my desire that the lot of my property which would have fell to my son William be divided between his four children, Biath Bailey Maddesen Bailey Susanna Bailey and James Bailey shear and shear alike.

Also I desire at the death of my wife or marriage that the whole of my land and plantation be sold and the money be equally divided between my sons James Bailey and Silus M Bailey. And it is further my desire that if either of my sons James or Silus die leaving no ishue that the division of money arising from the sale of the land fall to the survivor. If any of my slave shall prove disobedient or refractory and my wife be disposed to part from them my executors shall at her request sell the same at publick auction and with the money arising therefrom purchase another slave or slaves or dispose thereof in any other way which they may deem most conducive to the interest of my family.

I constitute my friend Benjamin Brown and my sons James Bailey and Silus M Bailey executors of this my last will and testament Revoking all others which I have made in testimony whereof I hereunto set my my hand and seal this nineteenth day of January one thousand eight hundred and twenty six. Signed sealed published and delivered as and for the last will and testament of the above named James Bailey in the presents of us

John Snead
James Nickels jun
William Bailey
James Bailey (seal)

The within will of James Bailey deceased was proven before me in the court of ordinary on the 14 day of November 1826 – by James Nickels Jun’r one of the publishing witnesses to the same. D Anderson.

Appraisal Bill of the Goods and Chattels of James Bailey, Deceased--- Recorded Admin. Book 7 Page 72

A appraisement of the goods and chattels of James Bailey Dec’d December 12th 1826
The stock of cattle  80.00
The stock of sheep  22.00
The stock of hogs  170.00
The stock of horses  555.00
The stock of geese  6.25
A quantity of fodder  70.00
A quantity of corn  600.00
A quantity of wheat  20.00
Wagon and harness  100.00
A quantity of cotton  144.00
A quantity of tobacco  70.00
Hogsheads and barrels  12.50
Lot of beehives and one grindstone  5.50
Kitchen furniture  29.25
Wheels cards and real  15.00
Plantation tools  50.00
Rawhides, and leather  10.50
Guns and pouches  16.00
Saddles bridles and blankets  19.50
Household furniture  267.50
Ten Negroes  3225.00

Total  $5488.55

We do certify that the above is a just appraisement of the goods and chattels of James Bailey Dec'd as shown to us by the executors December 12th 1826.
James Hollingsworth
John Young
Wm. Hollingsworth

A further entry regarding the settlement of the estate of James Bailey.

18 Dec. 1833 Appraisal of estate of JAMES BAILEY, dec'd by J. H. Coleman, Alsey Fuller and James Young. Allotted to each legatee according to will (negroes to legatees) who are Benjamin Brown, Heirs of William Bailey, Sarah Ducker, John Hollingsworth, James C. Bailey, Silus M. Bailey, Wineford Bailey, Elizabeth Bailey and Suse (or Luvi?) Bailey.

19 Dec. 1833 Sale Bill. Jno. Cunningham, Isaac Mitchel, Austin Pasley, James C. Bailey, Felix C. Bailey, Lewis? M. Bailey, Salley Ducker, Benj. Brown, Allen Vance, J. H. Coleman, Wm. Milum, Sr., Tompson Swan, Winneford Bailey, Franklin Miller, Larkin Coleman, James Biley, W. W. Wallis, Thos, Wilks, Jno. Young, Jas, M Plooard, Wesley W. Wallis, William P. Milum, Saml. Young, Saml. Rodgers, Hagen McDowell, Lewis Smith, Saml. Brooks, Robt. Simmons, Jno. Godfree, Jno. Davis, Henry Madden, Cornelius Tribble, Ransom Fuller, Haregrove Miller, Edmond Pasley, Jno. Bailey, Burrel Dunken, Zachariah Bailey, Thos, G. Wilks, Silas M Bailey, exr.

James Bailey will (1826), Laurens County Will Book Book F pages 51-52, microform copy, South Carolina Department of Archives and History, online at, Series: S108093, Reel: 0017, Frame: 00043