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John H. Holdridge, Drummer
CSA 14th Alabama, Company G

John H Holdridge was a musician drummer in the 14th Regiment, Co. G, Hillabee Blues.

14th Aalabama Infantry Flag

14th Alabama Infantry Flag
Courtesy ADAH

He enlisted 24 July 1861 in Hackneyville, Tallapoosa County, Alabama.[1] He was enlisted by Capt Brooks for the duration of the war. Drummer's pay for the war was $12 per month, plus additional clothing allowances. "The Hillabee True Blues were mustered into service in a farmer's field in the small hamlet of Hackneyville in northwest Tallapoosa County."[2] The name Hillabee Blues came from an Indian Muskogee name for this gathering spot near Hillabee Creek.

After enlistment the men camped out in Dadeville, the county seat of Tallapoosa County, before proceeding on to Auburn. From The Dadeville Banner, Brooks and McDonald, Proprietors, "Independent Now and Forever", August 2, 1861:

"HILLABEE TRUE BLUES The following is a list of the officers and men of the above named company, which camped in our town on the 25th instant, en route for Auburn, Alabama, where they will remain until a Regiment is formed: Henry Brooks, Capt. John L. Craig, 1st Lieut. R A McCord, 2d. J M W Bell, 3rd. John Terrell, 1st Sergeant. Silas R Hecks, 2d. Jas M Gardner 3d. T J Dillard, 4th. James Holland, 1st Corporal, W P Hancock, 2d. H W Brooks, 3rd. S M Hancock, 4th. Wm Parks, J P Craw, Hiram Nelson, J W Andrews, J H Holdridge, M D Yates, G W Smith, W J Thompson, John B. Barr, N M H Jarvis, T D Shaddox, J J B Beckett, John W Smith, Jas M Hawk, Thos J Lee, Saml P Dillard, Wm M Adair, John H Dillard, W J T Jarvis, Robt W Craig, Jacob H Wolf, W L Shaw, W R McWhorton, Sam Graves, D C Craddock, B P Hammock, G W Blair, W P Hancock, J C Young, C F Shaw, G T Crowder, S J Dillard, J H Wolf, A S Osburn, W G Hammock, J C Bradly, W J Saffold, S W Channell, Rice Henderson, M H Gamble, W H Thomas, Jas M Kembrough, H W Baker, M G Gardner, W D Collins, Frederick Wommock, W C P Teel, T M Dean, James Baker, Jas Pike, Eli Baker, Wm Garrett, J M Amason, Jas M Shaw, John B Mann, E W Black, Jas M Partridge, J H Taylor, R H Cain, W A Bailey, A J Reynolds, David Smith, John Clayton, W T Patterson, W H Green, R M Jones, W G Wolf, Thomas B. Smith, J F Mezzels, B A Thomas, Oren Allen, Joel Furgason, Isaac Shaddox, W S Coza, Peter A Crofford, Alva A Wolf, Jas A Gauf, U B Belangela, Jas W Holdridge, J M Beckett, John L Bailey, Robt D Wright, Leroy Alexander, Wm Lindsey, John M Phillips, John Baker, Marcus M Jones, John E. Smith, A J Barnes, B F Lindsey, Joseph Lindsey, Samuel Barnes."

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John served throughout the war until the surrender at Appomattox. He did not get any furloughs home. He appeared on the muster roll and was paid for March, April, May, June, July, August, Oct, Nov and Dec 1862. He appeared on the muster roll for Jan, Feb, March, April, Sept and Oct 1863. He appeared on the muster roll for Sept and Oct 1864.

In at least one long march early in the war, the men were forced to leave their clothing by the wayside. There are a number of entries in his record for clothing. He was paid 11.53 clothing money. He appeared on a receipt roll for clothing date Aug 11, 1863. He appeared on a receipt roll for clothing Sept 29, 1863, and for clothing 4th quarter 1863, date Dec 31. He appeared on a receipt roll for clothing 2nd quarter 1864, 3rd quarter 1864, date July, 3rd quarter 1864, date August. He appeared as musician, non-comm. staff and band on a receipt roll for clothing 4th quarter 1864, date of issue Oct 1 to Dec 31, 1864. He signed with his name J.H. Holdridge, not with his mark.

Battle of Chancellorsville

Map by Hal Jespersen, (Click image to enlarge)

He appeared on a register for the medical director's office, Richmond, Virginia, admitted March 21st 1863, but this was probably for illness. He appeared on a report of casualties of the 14th Regiment, Alabama Infantry, under Wilcox's Brigade in the battle of Salem Church, Virginia, May 3, 1863, wounded severely. He was on the register of the Receiving and Wayside Hospital No.9, Richmond, Virginia, admitted May 6, 1863, sent to the Chimborazo Hospital May 6, 1863, Richmond, Virginia, with a gun shot wound to the right hip. He returned to duty June 16, 1863.

He appeared on a register of General Hospital, Howard's Grove , Richmond, Virginia, Feb 10, 1865, GS right lung Minnie ball, returned to duty March 24, 1865. [4 days before the Appomattox Campaign]

During the war the 14th was attached to Longstreet's Division, R.H. Anderson's Division, and Mahone's Division of the Army of Northern Virginia.

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