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William Holdridge Revolutionary War Service
Accounts Audited file #3685

Pursuant to an Act of the General Assembly passed the 16th day of March 1783, We, the commissioners of the treasury have this day delivered to Mr. William Holdridge this our indented certificate for the sum of five pounds sterling for duty done in the militia per accounts audited. The said William Holdridge his executors, Administrators or assigns will be entitled to receive from this office the sum of seven shilling on the demand or for one years interest on the principal Sum of five pounds, and the like interest annually.

The said William Holdridge his Executors, Administrators or assigns, will be entitled also to receive and shall be paid if demanded, the principal sum of five pounds on the twenty-first of June 1787. And the said William Holdridge his executors, Administrators or Assigns may make any Purchases at any Public Sales of Confiscated Property; (except such as may be ordered by the legislature for special purposes) and this indent shall be received in payment.

For the true Performance of the several payments in Manner above mentioned, the PUBLIC TREASURY is made liable, and the FAITH of the STATE pledged by the aforesaid ACT. Given under our hands at the TREASURY OFFICE in Charleston the twenty first Day of June One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty five.

Peter Bouquart

J. Mitchell

Commissioners of the Treasury

L 5.0.0 Principal

L 0.7.0 Annual Interest

No. 69

Book T

N. 54 69 T

M. William Holdridge his account of militia duty as private before the reduction of Charlestown amt to

Curr L 35.0.0

St L 5.0.0

Five Pounds St.


Tss [?]

J Mc N.G. [?]

State of South Carolina

For William Holdridge [Dv? not Jr or Sr]

Duty of Col. Andersons return

Curr L 35.0.0

St. L 5.0.0

Received 21 June 1785 full satisfaction for the above amount in an indent No. 69 Book T witness Jno Davis.

William Holdridge X his mark

69 T

Pay the within principal by indent to Christopher Willimon


Samuel DaCoste

William Holdridge X his mark

Received 31 May 1786 one other [?] years interest on the within indent.

C. Willimon

Received 19 July 1788 two years interest on this indent due [illegible words here] and the amount principal in an new indent No. 36 CI.

Syphwon [name not legible]

Transcribed by Cindy Holdridge Smith from Accounts Audited of Claims Out of the Revolution in South Carolina, South Carolina Archives Microcopy no. 8, Scholarly Resources Inc., Columbia, SC, filmed in 1976. File William Holdridge #3685.