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James A. Morgan 1881 Deed
Jackson County, Alabama

Jackson County
State of Alabama
January 14, 1881

This indenture made and entered into January 14, 1881 by and between James A. Morgan and Ann Morgan of the first part and Charles W. Adkins of the second part all of the aforesaid county and state. That for and in consideration of the sum of fifty one dollars and fifty paid in hand to James A. Morgan of the first part by C.W. Adkins of the second part, James A. Morgan do bargain, sell and deliver to C.W. Adkins a parcel of land to wit: one acre lot known as the sixth lot in plat of land laid out for a village also one acre and a half beginning at the north east corner of the above plat of land at a stake running north seventy yards to a stake, west one hundred and five yards to a third stake, South seventy yards to a stake east one hundred yards and five yards to the first named stake bounded east by the lands of Frank Raines, North and west by the lands of James A. Morgan, South by the plat of land laid off for a village lying in section (1) Township (6) Range (5) and a part of the south east quarter of the Northwest quarter containing two acres and a half to have and to hold and we of the first part do pledge and bind ourselves our heirs and our executors to defend the right and title of said land forever against all claims that may come against it, whereunto we affix our names and seal this 25th April 1881.

James A. Morgan (seal)
A.E. Morgan (seal)

The State of Alabama
Jackson County

I certify that James Morgan and Anne E. Morgan his wife whose names are signed to the foregoing conveyance and who are known to me acknowledge before me on this day that being informed of the contents of the conveyance they executed the same voluntarily on the day the same bears date. Given under this the 25th day of April 1881.
G.B. Caldwell J.P (seal)

Jackson County Deeds, Book 10: 581, County Probate Office, Scottsboro, Alabama