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John Holdridge 1877 Conveyance

The State of Alabama
Marshall County
Know all men by these presence that in consideration of further indulgences upon the the following debt which I justly owe to A.G. Henry merchant in trade at Guntersville, Alabama to wit one note dated 18 March 1877 due 1st Nov 1877 for fifty-two 53/100dollars which advance is bona fide for the purpose of making a crop and without such advance it would not be in my power to provide the necessary provisions to make a crop the present year end the same the prompt payment of said debt and further advances and the expenses thereinof sustained I John Holdridge of the county of DeKalb situate in Alabama having bargained and sold and do hereby bargain and sell and convey to said A.G. Henry or his assigns the following described property to wit-- one mare and chestnut sorrel and one dark old mule and also the entire crop of cotton, corn and all the produce which I may raise or cause to be raised in or on my account or presence during the year 1877 upon the lands of Andy Russell my acres over the line in DeKalb County Ala with lands in said County we do ---- covenant and agree with the said A.G. Henry as follows to wit -- 1st that I own and posses all of said property -- and that no part thereof of said crops are otherwise encumbered there as herein stated nor shall my land have a lien or advances [due to any other and not?] A.G. Henry or his assigns as [fairly enforced ?] to his hands to cultivate or either any portion of said crop at any time they may think perform crop for the expenses of source out of proceeds of sale crop and if I fail to pay by the first day of Nov 1877 in part or in whole the aforesaid debt or for said advances on the expenses incident to this mortgage and of the loan or the expenses and if the ----- ---- ----- ---- the happening of such default the said A.G. Henry or his assigns in person or by his agent are hereby empowered to take possession of said crop and property or so much thereof as they may deem sufficient for the purpose and sell the same for cash either at private sale or auction for its then reasonable cash return or to the highest bidder either for cash either in the county of Marshall after having given it about ten days notice of time and place and timing of sale _____ with a description of property by advertisement put up at the court house door and in the public house in said county and sell off by the proceeds of said sale as follows to wit: 1st to the payment of all expenses incident to the execution of the mortgage and of the jurors hereby confined inclusive of any incurred in between possession of said property or crops so that the --- ------- of amount or principle and interest that may be due and unpaid upon said debt and advances and lastly pay any surplus of such proceeds to me or my assigns. This mortgage should be considered due and may be in imfr---- when any attempt is made to dispose of any of the property herein named. But if no default shall be made in the payment of the debts advances or expenses for said then this conveyance is to be --- and said ad----- to remain in full force and effect. Witness my hand and seal this the 18th day of May 1877.

John Holdridge (seal)
attnd [?]
F.S. Henry
The State of Alabama
Marshall County

I john D. Taylor a Notary Public in and for said county and state do hereby certify that F.S. Henry a subscribing witness to the foregoing conveyance and known to me appeared before me this day and being sworn states that John Holdridge the grantor in the conveyance voluntarily executed the same in his presence and in the presence of of the other subscribing witness on the day the same bears date that he attached the same in the presence of the grantor and of the witnesses and that such other witnesses subscribed hid name as witness in his presents. Given under my hand and seal this the 24th day of May 1877.

John D. Taylor
Notary Public
Filed and recorded May 25, 1877
P.S. Brandon
Judge of Probate

DeKalb County Deeds, Book I: 462-464, County Probate Office, Fort Payne, Alabama