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Potter Family Genealogy

by W. Arthur Potter

These images are from a pamphlet compiled by William Arthur Potter, who married Hattie Morgan on July 30, 1905. She was the daughter of Thomas Warren Morgan and Lou Ella Holdridge, and granddaughter of James Adkins Morgan.

Arthur Potter wrote a Potter Family Genealogy sometime before 1948. Copies of the pamphlet have been passed around for generations among the Potter, Morgan and Holdridge families. In 1948, he sent some additional typed notes about the Holdridge and Morgan families to LaDoris Morgan, his niece. His address at the time was Raymondville, Texas. He wrote in the letter that he obtained his information from family bibles, family records, tombstones, and talking with family members. La Doris Morgan Whitney photocopied these notes and letters and sent them to James Rector Holdridge in August 1986. They are a part of the research records I received after my father's death. Arthur Potter's early research preserved family history, which was a great help to the next generation of Holdridge and Morgan researchers. I have had several requests for copies of the Potter Genealogy, so I have posted them here.

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