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Jacob Reece Jenkins & Mollie Ida Jordan
Family Photos Vol. I

These photos are from my collection of Holdridge - Jenkins family photos. Many of these photos were originally in the possession of my grandmother Gladys Jenkins Holdridge, and my aunt gave them to me. Gladys Jenkins, daughter of Jacob Reece Jenkins and Mollie Ida Jordan, married James Marvin Holdridge. Jacob and Mollie had twelve children, Edgar Reece, Effie Viola, Thomas Homer, Carl Mercer, Willie Boyd, Clyde Denton, Franklin Clarence, Earl Haddon, Roy Dudley, Grace Claire, Nina Ruth, and Gladys Lois, the youngest.

The first image is a copy of a photo that was in the possession of Grace (Jenkins) Hulsey, sister of Gladys Jenkins Holdridge. The back of the original is imprinted: J.A. Arvin, photographer, Mexia, Texas. We think this photo is possibly a wedding photo, of Jacob Reece Jenkins and Mollie Ida (Jordan) Jenkins. The style of the woman's dress is from the early 1880's, and Jacob and Mollie married in 1882, in Cotton Gin, Freestone Co., Texas, only 8.5 miles from Mexia.

The second photo was also in the possession of Grace Jenkins Hulsey. Grace and Gladys could not identify the two young girls. The photo was made in Greenville, SC, by J.C. Fitzgerald, who was known to work there ca. 1887-1889.  Jacob Reece Jenkins, father of Grace and Gladys Jenkins, came from Greenville County, SC. His sister Rebecca Alethea Jenkins  married Thomas Butler Rice and moved to Texas in 1873. Jacob lived with them in Texas for six years. Their sister Mary Matilda Jenkins married Richard Rector Rice, Thomas's brother, but remained in South Carolina. The girls in the photo could be the two sisters, but the date that the Thomas Rice family moved to Texas is much earlier than the known dates that Fitzgerald worked in Greenville.   Jacob's daughter, Gladys Jenkins Holdridge, named her first son James Rector.

You are welcome to download these photos for your personal collections. If you post them to a website or share them with others, please include the provenance of the photos, and a link to this website. Please let me know if you have any other photos to share.

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Possibly Jacob and Mollie Jenkins

Possibly Jacob Reece Jenkins & Mollie Ida Jordan, married 1882

Jenkins Sisters, possibly

Possibly Rebecca Alethia & Mary Matilda Jenkins

Mollie Ida Jordan Jenkins

One of these women is Mollie Ida Jordan Jenkins

Clyde Denton Jenkins, Sr.

Clyde Denton Jenkins, Sr.

 b. Jan 1, 1892

Frost, Navarro Co., TX

Earl Haddon Jankins

Earl Haddon Jenkins

b. Oct 25, 1895,  d. March 2, 1897

Frost, Navarro Co., TX

Grace Claire jenkins

Grace Claire Jenkins

b. June 22, 1899

Frost, Navarro Co., TX

Nina Ruth Jenkins

b. April 21, 1902

Goldthwaite, Mills Co., TX

Gladys LoisJenkins

Gladys Lois Jenkins

b. March 12, 1905

Goldthwaite, Mills Co., TX

Effie Viola (Jenkins) Van Nort

Effie Viola (Jenkins) Van Nort

b. Feb 28, 1885


Grace Claire Jenkins

Grace Claire Jenkins

ca. 1918

Clyde Denton Jenkins and Bertha (Loudermilk) Jenkins

Clyde Denton Jenkins, Sr. &

 Bertha (Loudermilk) Jenkins

m. March 15, 1918

Clyde Denton Jenkins, Jr.

Clyde Denton Jenkins, Jr.

b. March 9, 1919

Marvin and Gladys Holdridge, Willie and Henry Kennedy

Marvin & Gladys Holdridge
Henry & Willie Kennedy

May 1926

Holdridge Women

Gladys (Jenkins) Holdridge, Mildred Holdridge, Ruth Jenkins, Eva Holdridge &

 Willie "Bill" Kennedy, May 1926

James Holdridge

James Rector Holdridge

with chicken, ca. 1928

Mollie Ida (Jordan) Jenkins

Mollie Ida (Jordan) Jenkins

b. Feb 10, 1862, d. Jan 2, 1928

Marvin, Gladys and James

Gladys (Jenkins), James & Marvin Holdridge, about 1929  

Grace, Gladys, Mattie Holdridge

Grace (Wilson), Gladys (Jenkins)& Mattie (McClellan) Holdridge

Jacob Reece Jenkins, Gerald Holdridge, Virginia Hulsey

Jacob Reece Jenkins,

Virginia Hulsey b. 1930 & Gerald Holdridge b. 1931

James Holdridge, Virgina and Juanita Hulsey

James Holdridge, cousins Juanita & Virginia Hulsey, and turkeys, ca. 1933-1935

Carl Jenkins

Carl Mercer Jenkins

b. Aug 26, 1888, d. Oct 6, 1934

Ruth Jenkins

Nina Ruth Jenkins

b. April 21, 1902, d. Mar 29, 1949

Ruth Jenkins and Delta Holdridge

Delta Ree Holdridge &

Nina Ruth Jenkins

Ruth Jenkins, James, Nina, Gerald Holdridge

James, Nina, Gerald Holdridge

with Aunt Ruth Jenkins