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120th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Field and Staff 

History of the 120th OVI
Arkasas Post and the 120th

Chicasaw Bayou and the 120th
Alphabetical list of soldiers of the 120th OVI with link to their Company.

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Field and Staff
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 Last updated 27 July 2015

Field and Staff of the 120th OVI
Arranged according to rank.
All signed for 3 years.
Date beside name is date of Entering the Service and the
information about service is taken from
Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio, 1888, Vol 8
The county where they seem to be living at the time of entering the service is in the right hand corner.
Those who died in service are marked with a
red *.
For more on Camp Ford where the Snaggy Point captives were held, see history section and links

 Mustered in Oct. 17, 1862, at Camp Mansfield, O., by Alexander E. Drake, Captain 2d Infanry, U.S.A.
Consolidated with the 114th O.V.I. Nov. 27, 1864

Names, on this page only, are by rank

FRENCH, Daniel - Colonel
SPIEGEL, Marcus M. - Colonel
BEEKMAN, John W. - Lt. Colonel
SLOCUM, Williard Lt. Colonel
McKINLEY, John F. - Major
TAGGART, William W. - Surgeon
STANTON, Byron Surgeon
HAMMOND, John W. - Ast. Surgeon
STOUFFER, Christopher C. - Ast. Surgeon
GILL, John C. - Ast. Surgeon
SHERMAN, Henry S. - Adjutant   [Previously in Company B]
FRAUNFELTER, Elias Adjutant   [Previously in Company F]
PETTY, John S. - Adjutant   [Previously in Company C]
DEAN, Ezra Regimental Quartermaster
VAN OSTERN, William V. - Regimental Quartermaster  [Previously in Company A]
BIXLER, Emanuel H Regimental Quartermaster [Previously in Company E]
EMERSON, W. A. G. - Chaplain
JONES, Benjamin T. - Ser. Major   [Previously in Company G]
MACKEY, John D. - Sergeant Major   [Previously in Company A]
ROUCH, Mahlon Sergeant Major   [Previously in Company A]
ALTHOUSE, George W. - Quartermaster Sergeant   [Previously in Company H]
REINOEHL William W.- Commissary Sergeant
GARBER, John H. - Hospital Steward
McKEE, George B. - Hospital Steward    [Previously in Company E]
KUHN, Philip Principal Musician   [Previously in Company I]
RICHIE, Joseph H. - Principal Musician    [Previously in Company I]



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