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The HoldenClan Scrapbook



I am SO excited to offer these photos to you! I have just finally gotten a really good scanner and am thrilled beyond belief that I can finally share these with everyone. I must say that these photos are mostly borrowed. Some things as you'll note below aren't photos but articles, poems written (some will be transcribed as they are typed) and other little goodies. I'm just so happy! ;-)

In any case, keep checking back as I have A LOT of things I'm going to be adding. You ought to see the stack my grandmother lent to me! May the Lord bless her as I know He has. So, give me some time and you'll find that there are indeed many treasures here that even non-relatives will find helpful. Especially if you live in the Sumter County, Georgia and even surrounding counties.

Just one more thing... some pages have comments about memories or stories that were told to us. They may even have a transcribed poem on them. Just remember to keep checking back for more. There's a lot to come.

Note: The Hi means the original VERY high resolution picture and there are no comments or stories. I don't recommend looking at it unless for some reason you really need to. The 1st link is sufficient for viewing. The 1st link of obits, letters, and articles will still take awhile to load. This is so that you can actually read it. I can fix them all later but right now I'm just trying to get them up here to view.

Pictures: Obituaries Articles Letters Miscellaneous Stuff LOTS more to come........
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